Top 6 Best Wrestling Shoes in 2021 Reviews

Wrestling is a sport that requires speed and stability. You, therefore, need shoes that are designed to keep you safe while in the ring. They should support your ankle while remaining flexible, not to hinder its movement. We recommend the padded liner to minimize ankle related injuries. On the other hand, the outsole should be soft and flat to ensure a better foothold and stability.

You should be able to feel the ground with your feet while in these shoes. The material construction is also an important aspect to consider while purchasing a shoe because it determines how long it will last. Finally, a light shoe will enable you to maneuver comfortably without adding more weight to your feet. Below is a review of some wrestling shoes to help you decide the best shoes to purchase?

Table Best Wrestling Shoes

1. Adidas Men’s HVC Wrestling Shoe

1. Adidas Men's HVC Wrestling Shoe

Adidas Men’s HVC Wrestling Shoe is available in various colors, from size six to size fifteen. The color choice is a challenge because it is only available in black and grey colors. It has synthetic suede and synthetic leather overlays for lightweight durability. However, the upper mesh has only one layer to ensure that the shoe is well ventilated and minimize sweating. In wrestling, you are as stable as your sole; this is why this Adidas shoe has a full-length rubber to maximize grip on the wrestling mat.

Some shoes are not tight enough, making the feet move in the boot, which is very uncomfortable. This shoe has an elasticized lace retention cover system to increase its grip on the foot. The long laces also help in adjusting this grip. For decades, Adidas has been driven to provide the tested and approved sports gear. This is why you need to be confident in its quality as you purchase this shoe. The high-quality material construction is durable, and the shoe will serve you for many years. Everything they do, they do it for sport.

Key Features
  • Elastic ankle strap that provides a glove-like fit
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Made of durable synthetic leather and suede
  • Rubber sole to provide a good for the mat
  • Cleverly designed to offer the best comfort and stability
  • Has a thin sole, which offers excellent grip
  • They come in a light and supportive design
  • Great for wrestling, boxing, and lifting weights
  • The sizes runs a bit small

2. ASICS Men’s Matflex 6 Wrestling Shoes

2. ASICS Men's Matflex 6 Wrestling Shoes

If your feet tend to become too hot when wrestling, you may consider purchasing ASICS wrestling shoes. The mesh insoles keep your feet comfortable while allowing free circulation of air and refresh them. It also ensures that your feet remain dry by keeping the uncomfortable dampness at bay. On the other hand, the rubber outsole is thin to provide you with a great feeling and an excellent grip on the mat. While pushing yourself hard on the ring, a simple slide can cause you a match; this is why these ASICS shoes have a full-length rubber outsole to provide traction on all mats.

This shoe is very lightweight, allowing you to navigate in it easily. The padded tongue and collar make it more comfortable. If you love tightly fitting shoes, this one has laces to enable you to adjust the tightness. Also, the tongue has a pouch built into it to tuck in the excess laces so that you don’t stumble on them. The supportive hi-top silhouette reinforces your stability. If you purchase this shoe, you will have no regrets because of the high-quality fabric used to make it is very long-lasting.

Key Features
  • Synthetic mesh to improve breathability
  • Full-length rubber outsole that provides traction on all mats
  • Lightly padded collar for comfort
  • Unisex design and colors allow women to wear them too
  • It is available in various color combinations
  • It Holds up to abuse well
  • Comes with a flexible base
  • Extremely lightweight boosting your flexibility and comfort
  • The new ones are very narrow

3. Otomix Men’s Wrestling Shoes

3. Otomix Men's Wrestling Shoes

For over thirty years, Otomix has been providing wrestlers with premium shoes that offer superior grip, stability, and comfort. The outsole is soft and flat offering support and traction and protects the wrestling mat. This kind of sole is vital because the ordinary athletic shoes leave cuts and ruin the mat. The flexible rubber soles offer the best range of motion and traction. The extremely flat sole makes this shoe suitable for use while doing other workouts like weight lifting. If you are looking for a multifunctional shoe, this Otomix shoe is one of the best.

Otomix Men’s Wrestling Shoes are worth every penny because it has the best features. You can now train worry-free because around the ankle; this shoe is very supportive. The padded liner gives your ankle a cushioned grip that is comfortable and firm. It also reduces ankle related injuries. The long laces that come with this shoe allow you to tighten the shoe to suit your needs. Otomix wrestling shoe has an oversized tongue that you can pull up to tighten the shoe and added comfort. The customer care is top-rated and will attend to you at any time day or night.

Key Features
  • The thin soles offer an excellent grip
  • Available in eleven colors
  • Liner is padded for extra ankle support
  • Has a durable leather construction
  • Lightweight design for enhanced flexibility
  • Perfect for both men and women
  • The multipurpose design also makes them ideal for weight lifting, squats, and deadlifts
  • The tongue collar is also padded for extra comfort
  • The suede dries out quickly

4. 4Time All American Wrestling Shoes

4. 4Time All American Wrestling Shoes

This wrestling shoe is ready for any action; its quality is something you will love. The outsole is thin, providing you with a great feeling when you need it the most. This sole is stitched and glued up to improve its quality and increase its life. The heel has extra padding on the inside and at the ankle for comfort. It also provides better ankle support and protection against ankle injury. When you are under pressure, your feet will remain fresh and dry thanks to the breathable mesh use in making this shoe.

High-quality synthetic construction is durable, giving you good value for your money. Wrestling shoes should allow you to maneuver quickly and comfortably. This lightweight shoe will not add any extra weight to your feet that interfere with your movements. Additionally, the Velcro strap at the top of laces allows you to tuck in the laces so they won’t get untied when you are in action. The blue color and ankle-high design is very classy and elegant and will leave you feeling like a winner. This shoe offers both comfort and protection, all in one package.

Key Features
  • Extra ankle padding to provide ankle support and protection
  • Breathable upper mesh to allow circulation of air
  • Velcro strap to tuck the lace
  • Stitched up soles making the shoe last longer
  • The tongue collar is padded for added comfort
  • Has pivot points that allow for quick turning
  • Available in numerous colors and styles
  • The outsole provides lots of traction
  • Takes a while to put on or take off

5. Brute JS25 Elite Wrestling Shoes

5. Brute JS25 Elite Wrestling Shoes

If you are looking for the lightest shoe in the market, Brute JS25 Elite Wrestling Shoes is the one for you. This shoe weighs approximately 7.25 oz. The ultra-lightweight mono mesh reduces its weight. This is a signature shoe of mat legend John Smith, OSU Head Coach. This shoe design is perfect for any wrestler despite their level because of its exclusive and unique features. The upper part is designed with an air mesh to improve performance and breathability. This also ensures that your feet stay dry and fresh, even under pressure.

If you are picky when it comes to colors, this one offers a ton of color choices as it has just silver, red, and sun. The insole provides a sock-like feeling keeping your feet comfortable. The outsole of this shoe is designed with contoured rubber that provides enhanced grip and traction on the mat. Hook-and-loop strap further enhances your ankle’s support. This shoe looks exactly like a sock, so if you are looking for a light and comfortable shoe, look no further. Even numerous extreme high top wrestling boots look very cool but lack the best combination of traction, comfort, and support. This is not the case when you buy new Brute JS25 Elite wrestling shoes. This company has been manufacturing high-quality shoes for very many years.

Key Features
  • Mono mesh reduces the weight of the shoe
  • Breathable upper mesh for comfort
  • Forefoot strap for stability and compression
  • Reinforced ankle support
  • Provides a high range of motion
  • Fits comfortably allowing for a stable footing
  • Made from superior materials
  • Comes with a high grip outsole for added stability
  • Minimal color variety

6. Nike Men’s Speedsweep VII Wrestling Shoes


Nike Men’s Speedsweep VII Wrestling Shoes feature a thin sole that grips the mat well, giving you tons of traction and a firm platform from which to push off. The high vamps provide you with plenty of ankle support without restricting your movement. You will have a long run with this shoe because it has a split suede upper for durability. The leather upper also with mesh is breathable, providing ventilation to your feet and minimizing the uncomfortable feeling of dampness. When you are starting to wrestle, you will need extra support until you reach the next level. These are perfect for offering that support.

The lacing system gives you complete snugness over the full length of your foot, keeping you from sliding around in the shoe and maximizing your energy efficiency. You can also tuck the laces into the built-in pouch to avoid tripping. This shoe has durable, high-quality leather construction. It will, therefore, run for several seasons, saving you money. The leather upper also allows you to refurbish the shoe, making it look as good as new throughout. The best feature about this shoe is that the exact size comfortably fits, so you don’t have to struggle through sizes while purchasing it.

Key Features
  • EVA sock liners for plenty of foot cushioning
  • Gum rubber outsole reinforces its grip on the mat
  • The fabric is extremely lightweight
  • The split suede upper part is very durable

Provides a perfect fit for enhanced comfort

Made using breathable and sweat-wicking materials

Suitable for both men and women wrestlers

Comes with a reinforced ankle for additional stability


It’s a bit expensive compared to other shoes

Factors to consider when purchasing the right Wrestling Shoes

Purchasing the best wrestling shoes is important for any aspiring or pro wrestler. These shoes provide stability and the much-needed flexibility for tackling the opponents. They are also ergonomically designed for enhanced comfort as well as keeping your feet safe. Be as it may, below are some of the useful considerations that will assist you in picking the model that suits your needs best.

Ensure that the shoe provides a good fit

As a wrestler, you will need to stay on your feet; therefore, it is crucial to pick something that provides a stable and snug fit. Shoes that are too big might feel loose. This makes it hard to keep your footing, making it easy for the opponent to knock you off the ground. On the other hand, shoes that are too tight might feel uncomfortable or worse hurt your feet. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that you pick the right sizing.

Pick a shoe with decent ankle support

Stability is the best defense for any wrestler. A shoe that doesn’t have ankle support might not offer you a stable stance. A model with decent ankle support will lock your ankles allowing for a stable footing. When you can stay upright, you will have a better chance of tackling your opponent.

Construction materials

Additionally, you’ll need to go for a shoe that is made from high-end materials. As with any other physical exercise, your feet tend to sweat when wrestling. As you probably know, this increases the risk of sliding. To avoid this, ensure that you pick a shoe with a breathable upper. This will prevent sweating, allowing you to maintain a firm footing on the mat. Next, you need to consider the sole. A model with good traction will boost your stability. We recommend going for a model with a rubber outsole. Besides offering good traction rubber soles offers a decent bounce. It is also lightweight and provides a decent cushioning, eliminating any discomfort.


While Wrestling may seem easy, it involves lots of techniques and skills. You need to time your movement and stay firmly on the ground. Meaning, if you have the wrong wrestling shoes, tackling your opponent isn’t easy. The best wrestling shoes reviewed in this post are designed to offer a stable footing at the same time allowing you to dance around the opponent to distract them. This will give you a better chance of knocking them down. These shoes are also comfortable and lightweight to allow you to stay upright. They are great for not only pro wrestlers but also beginners who are looking forward to starting their careers. Happy buying!

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