Top 10 Best Water Filter Pitchers in 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

We all need a water filter pitcher, but don’t know this until we buy one and immediately get gutted for having not bought it earlier. A water filter pitcher is designed to get rid of all tap water contaminants. These include heavy metals, chlorine, odors, etc. Besides, a water filter pitcher tends to mineralize water, which is great because alkaline water has lots of health benefits. Research shows that alkaline water improves immunity and body balance. In the following top 10 best water filter pitchers reviews, we have provided details about some of the best brands to increase your chances of landing a quality product.

Best Water Filter Pitchers – [Reviews & Buying Guide]

1. Brita 18 Cup Extra Large Ultra Max Filtering Dispenser

1. Brita 18 Cup Extra Large Ultra Max Filtering Dispenser

Although the price of this water filter pitcher is not on the high side, it is large enough to provide water for the entire family. Furthermore, this ultra-max filtering dispenser produces much cleaner and greater tasting water to make sure everyone is happy whenever they come to the dispenser to quench their thirst.

Moreover, the filters of this dispenser are replaceable, and this means keeping the unit clean as well as observing great hygiene while using it will not be a tedious work. In a nutshell, this ultra-max filtering dispenser will not just keep you and your family hydrated but also will help you maintain proper hygiene.

We love how large this water filter pitcher is. It is no doubt a great unit for family. We also like the fact that this water filter pitcher is cost-effective as well as eco-friendly. Plus we are impressed with replaceable filters.

Since this filtering dispenser is pretty large, it is an equivalent of 300 standard 16-ounce water bottles. This means buying it will help you save money in the long run as well as conserve the environment by reducing plastic waste. Besides, with this filter pitcher, you can add a fruit to improve flavor.

Key Features
  • BPA-free Material: It does not contain toxins, thereby, making the water filter pitcher very safe to use.
  • 18 cups/1.13-gallon Capacity: It is a large capacity that makes the water filter pitcher perfect for large families.
  • Slim Design: The water filter pitcher fits nicely on countertops and refrigerator shelves.
  • Brita Standard Filter: Reduces zinc, copper, mercury, chlorine (odor and taste), and cadmium impurities. By so doing, it produces greater tasting water for the entire family.
  • Sticker Indicator: Allows you to keep track of when you last changed your water filter and when you do need to change it.
  • Easy to open, refill, and clean
  • Fits nicely in the fridge
  • Produces great tasting water
  • Made with quality and sturdy materials
  • Comes with useful carry handles
  • Replacement filters are very cheap
  • The filtering process could be faster

2. Aquagear Clear BPA-Free Water Filter Pitcher

2. Aquagear Clear BPA-Free Water Filter Pitcher

Aquagear has cleverly designed this BPA-free water filter pitcher so it can deliver great results all the time. The water filter pitcher is made in the USA, and it is completely free of BPA. Moreover, this water filter pitcher is made of 100-percent FDA-approved quality materials. The materials are also 100-percent vegan as well as 100-percent recyclable.

As if that’s not enough, the filter of this pitcher meets and exceeds the NSF Standards 42 and 53 for the reduction of contaminants. The filter is rigorously tested in Flint, Michigan for copper and lead reduction. Well, with such rigorous tests and approvals, it is no surprise that the filter of this unit gets rids of 2000-percent more contaminants compared to the filters of notable brands.

We are impressed with the fact that this water filter pitcher is clear. We also like the rigorous tests the water pitcher and its filter have undergone before reaching you. Needless to say, this water filter pitcher is very safe to use.

The dimensions of this water filter pitcher are 13.7 by 13 by 9 inches. The weight, on the other hand, is 3.02 pounds. Although it is not as lightweight as most brands out there, this water filter pitcher is still very easy to lift when pouring. Additionally, this water filter pitcher is clear, and this further makes it very easy to use.

Key Features
  • Premium Filters: Each produces up to 150 gallons of water. Ideally, each lasts 3 – 4 times longer than leading filters.
  • 5-Stage Filtration System: It has 2 micron pores, including a fluoride/lead filter. It will protect you and your family from tap water contaminants.
  • Lifetime Guarantee: Allows you to return the water filter pitcher if you are not 100-percent satisfied with it.
  • Same-day Customer Support: Ensures you are helped accordingly and in a timely manner in case you have a problem with your water filter pitcher.
  • 100-percent FDA-approved Materials: They are top-notch materials that make the water filter pitcher very safe to use.
  • Produces deliciously tasting water
  • Setup is fast and effortless
  • Very easy to refill with water
  • Solidly constructed to stand the test of time
  • Filters water reasonably quickly
  • A bit pricey, but it is worth it

3. ZeroWater 7 Cup Water Filter Jug

3. ZeroWater 7 Cup Water Filter Jug

This water filter jug comes with a lot of accessories. This means you will be able to begin using immediately it arrives. Well, these accessories are 5-stage filtration system, water filter cartridge, and water quality meter. As if that’s not enough, this 7-cup water filter jug is designed to deliver peerless performance.

What we like about this water filter jug is that it comes with a lot of accessories. This is really great because you will not need to buy any extra accessory. We are also impressed with the fact that this water filter jug gets rid of a large percentage of dissolved solids.

It eliminates up to 99.6-percent dissolved solids. As such, this water filter jug will provide you with clean, safe, and great tasting water all the time. The many reviews prove that this unit works as promised. That being said, we are certain you will find it useful.

What’s more, this water filter jug is not expensive. You can, therefore, quickly get it even when you are on a budget. Its dimensions are 9.50 by 10.50 by 4.90 inches. It does not take up much space; hence, it is ideal for places where space is invaluable.

Key Features
  • 7-Cup Capacity: Although it is not the largest capacity, it is large enough to hold sufficient water to keep you hydrated.
  • 5-Stage Filtration System: Enables this water filter jug to completely get rid of nearly all dissolved solids.
  • Water Quality Meter: Provides you with accurate information about water quality.
  • Water Filter Cartridge: It helps in the purification of water so you can always drink clean and healthy water.
  • Fridge Door Design: The innovative design ensures this water filter pitcher does not take up much space.
  • Totally eliminates dissolved solids
  • The TDS meter is very useful
  • Light and easy to use
  • The water filter jug pours water nicely
  • The replacement filters last longer
  • Produces wonderfully tasting water
  • Because of the 5-stage filtration system, the water filter jug is likely to take longer to fill

4. Aquasana Powered Water Filter Pitcher, Black

4. Aquasana Powered Water Filter Pitcher, Black

The powered active filtration technology of the Aquasana Water Filter Pitcher makes it one of the best units on the market. The water filter pitcher can reduce up to 96-percent of harmful contaminants. Ideally, it reduces up to 77 of harmful contaminants. That being said, expect little to no lead, chlorine, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, asbestos or mercury in you water when you have it.

Given how powerful this water filter pitcher is, it comes as no surprise that it can filter up to 320 gallons. It is, therefore, worth considering if you have a large family. Additionally, this water filter pitcher is available in two colors. These are Black and White. The two different colors give you the freedom to choose what you think will blend seamlessly with other items.

This water filter pitcher gets rid of up to 77 harmful contaminants, and that is something you cannot ignore. What’s more, the water filter pitcher requires no installation. We also like the filters that last really long. They are cost-effective and very convenient to use.

The manufacturer recommends that the filters of this water filter pitcher should be changed after every 3 months. In our opinion, 3 months is enough time to get the most out these filters. The water filter pitcher requires no installation; meaning having it set up for use will not be a tedious activity.

Key Features
  • Claryum Filtration Technology: It retains healthy minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium, thereby, giving you much healthier water.
  • Long-lasting Filter: Lasts incredibly long and, by so doing, the filter ensures you drink clean water without spending a lot of money.
  • Slim Profile: This water filter pitcher is just 4.5 inches wide. It is slim enough to maximize counter space.
  • 16-cup Capacity: This water filter pitcher is large enough to provide your entire family with clean, healthy, and great-tasting water.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Notifies you when it is time to replace your filter. It also tracks money saved for not buying bottled water.
  • Blends nicely with existing kitchen appliances
  • Very easy to set up
  • Produces great-tasting water and saves a lot of money in the long run
  • The manufacturer’s customer service is very helpful
  • Solidly constructed with quality materials
  • It is loud, but again, it goes through the cycle faster; therefore, it does not stay loud longer

5. PUR White 11 Cup Pitcher with LED & Lead Reduction (PPT111W)

5. PUR White 11 Cup Pitcher with LED & Lead Reduction (PPT111W)

This water filter pitcher fits in the fridge nicely so you can access it quickly and easily. It is designed to provide you with cleaner drinking water every time. Needless to say, this water filter pitcher is exactly what you should buy if you are looking to save money by not buying bottled water on a regular basis.

PUR knows that, although home tap water may look clean, they tend to contain potentially harmful contaminants and pollutants; thanks to their journey through old pipes. Well, that’s they have created this 11-cup pitcher with LED & Lead Reduction. It has all the tools in its locker to provide you with healthy drinking water all the time.

It is important to note that not all filters are equal. So, to protect yourself and your family, you need to make sure you only get genuine PUR replacement filters. These filters are thoroughly tested not to mention being WQA certified. That being said, the filters are guaranteed to minimize lead and other contaminants, which could be in the drinking water.

This unit is reasonably priced and boasts super water filtration. This means when you have it, you will always drink clean and healthy water. Besides, the replacement filters are well made to make sure they work exactly as anticipated.

Key Features
  • Convenient Size: This 11-cup water filter pitcher fits perfectly in the fridge, thereby, saving countertop space.
  • Electronic Filter Indicator Light: Displays the filter status; making sure you know when to replace it.
  • White Color: Improves the aesthetics of this water filter pitcher. It also ensures it is able to blend perfectly with other appliances.
  • Lead-filtration System: Removes up to 99-percent of lead as well as reducing many other contaminants.
  • 11-Cup Capacity: It may not be the largest, but it holds enough water to serve a large group of people.
  • The capacity is fairly large
  • Filters are not very expensive
  • Water from the pitcher tastes great
  • Has a comfortable handle
  • Gets rid of lead as advertised
  • Tends to spill every time you pour water

6. Lake Industries 3.5 Liters Alkaline Water Pitcher

6. Lake Industries 3.5 Liters Alkaline Water Pitcher

It is obvious that everyone wants to drink clean and great-tasting water. Well, the Lake Industries 3.5 Liters Alkaline Water Pitcher seems to have what it takes to provide you with the exactly what you want. It gets rid of heavy metals, odors, and chlorine to make sure you enjoy quality drinking water every time.

Having this alkaline water pitcher is no doubt a smart move. With it, you will never ingest toxins. Furthermore, this water pitcher helps you save the money you would have spent on buying bottled water. It is, therefore, safe to say that it is economical. It is also eco-friendly; thanks to the quality materials it is made of.

The only concern about this water filter pitcher is the price. The price point is quite on the high side. However, the water filter pitcher has several impressive features. Therefore, in our opinion, we think you get value for your money.

The alkaline water pitcher weighs 2 pounds and measures 10.5 by 6.5 by 11 inches. It works great; hence, we are certain you will find it handy for staying healthy by drinking water free of toxins, chemicals, and heavy metals. What’s more, this water pitcher has numerous great features, including the 7-stage filtration system.

Key Features
  • 3.5L Capacity: Enables the water pitcher to produce lots of water for the entire family.
  • High-performance Cartridge: Gets rid of odors, heavy metals, chlorine, and 90-percent of all lead, copper, zinc, and pollutants to create great-tasting water.
  • Slim Design: It effortlessly fits in the refrigerator for quick, easy access.
  • Easy-to-fill Convenient Lid: Designed to let you fill the pitcher without taking off the lid.
  • Easy-Pour Thoughtful Spout: Ensures that no mess is created when pouring water.
  • Ergonomic Handle: Provides unrivaled comfort when the water filter pitcher is in use.
  • Produces crispy clean, tasty, and odorless water
  • Does not leak when you pour water
  • Lid does not come off unless there is no water in the upper chamber
  • Filters are easy to change
  • Has an indicator to let you know when it’s time to change the filter
  • The build quality could be better

7. Clear2o 48oz Advanced Gravity Water Filter Pitcher (GRP200)

7. Clear2o 48oz Advanced Gravity Water Filter Pitcher (GRP200)

This water filter pitcher may be very cheap but it still works great in reducing harmful contaminants like rust, sediment, and lead. It also gets rid of undesirable chemical contaminants such as cysts (giardia, cryptosporidum), and volatile organic compounds. With it, you will not have to buy small water bottles.

And with no need to buy small disposable water bottles, expect to save a lot in the long run. This water filter pitcher also helps conserve the environment. It achieves that by helping to reduce the number of bottles to throw away when empty. Well, the dimensions of this water filer pitcher are 10.00 by 6.00 by 10.00 inches.

Given the low price point, this water filter pitcher is specifically great if you are on a budget. What’s even better, the low price point does not make it less effective. It still does an excellent job of making sure all contaminants are eliminated.

There are a lot of benefits in drinking filtered water. First, filtered water contains no contaminants. Therefore, it is very safe to drink. Second, filtered water tastes great and lastly, filtered water is very safe. Well, one unit designed to help you drink filtered water every time is this 48-ounce water filter pitcher.

Key Features
  • Advanced True Filter: Removes particulates and contaminants to less than 1 micron microscopic level.
  • Pleated Design: Filters use it to maximize the ability to hold dirt.
  • 48-ounce Capacity: It helps the water filter pitcher filter up to 60 gallons of water.
  • Secure Lid: It works with tight seal to ensure there are no leaks.
  • Wide Mouth Design: Makes filling the water filter pitcher a breeze.
  • Lightweight, space-saving Design: Makes the water filter pitcher very easy to hold. It also enables it to fit securely inside a fridge door.
  • Easy to fill with water
  • Fairly sturdy and easy to use
  • The water filter pitcher looks nicely designed
  • The price point is wonderful
  • Water comes out tasting clean and pure
  • Fairly light even when full
  • Not the fastest, but delivers amazing results

8. Soma 6-Cup Water Filter Glass Carafe

8. Soma 6-Cup Water Filter Glass Carafe

Most people who have tried out this water filter glass carafe believe that it is the best thing ever happened to water since oxygen and hydrogen met. It is one kind of a water filter glass carafe that has everything to make water tastes much better than ever before.

It gets rid of metals such as mercury as well as eliminating chlorine. By so doing, this water filter glass carafe ensures your water is always safe for drinking. Ideally, this water filter glass carafe is well-sized. It measures 5.8 by 5.8 by 10.6 inches. It is evident that it will not take up much space.

The water filter glass carafe is also reasonably lightweight. It weighs just 2.2 lbs. It is time to elevate your everyday life. And one of the items you need to make that possible is this water filter carafe. It may not be the largest or the cheapest on the market, but it works well for what it is designed to do.

Most water filter pitchers are made of plastic. Therefore, the fact that this unit is made of glass means it is what you should pick if you have the chance. Best of all, the glass it is made of is shatter-proof; hence, it will last longer.

Key Features
  • New and Improved Filter: Works great in reducing copper, mercury, chlorine, etc.
  • Shatter-resistant Glass: Helps improve the longevity of the glass carafe.
  • 6-Cup Capacity: The glass carafe holds up to 6 cups of fresh filtered water.
  • Innovative Lid Door: It opens automatically to make filling a cakewalk.
  • Dishwasher-safe Parts: The lid, cone, and glass are all dishwasher-friendly for quick, easy cleanup.
  • Aesthetically-appealing Design: The water filter pitcher is designed to not only look beautiful on your countertop but also to be the centerpiece for your dinner party.
  • The design is beautiful
  • The glass carafe works as advertised
  • Incredibly easy to set up
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Producing amazingly delicious water
  • The weighted lid makes refilling a piece of cake
  • If not held well while pouring, the water filter pitcher will spill water

9. Nikken 1384 1 Waterfall Gravity Water Filter Purifier System

9. Nikken 1384 1 Waterfall Gravity Water Filter Purifier System

There is a broad range of tap water contaminants. However, these contaminants will be the least of your concern if you have the Nikken 1384 Water Filter Purifier System. The purifier system has a natural carbon filter that provides a large amount of surface area for adsorption, thereby, creating a very effective filter medium.

What’s more, this purifier filter system produces alkaline water. Well, according to science, alkaline water has several health benefits. One of these is improving body balance by counteracting the increased acidity of modern diets. Another benefit is protecting the body against illnesses. That said, you should consider this water filter pitcher if you want to make your everyday life much better than ever before.

The price of this water treatment system is quite on the high side than the price points of most water filter pitchers. However, this is understandable, given that this unit is more advanced and has lots of features.

It has a high-performance unit that has received the coveted Gold Seal of Approval from the Water Quality Association of America. The accreditation is only given to those water treatment systems, which meets rigorous standards in removing various drinking water contaminants. You must note that the Nikken Waterfall may or may not have the LED feature.

Key Features
  • Advanced Filtration Feature: Has lots of numerous filters, which offer great defense against tap water contaminants.
  • Natural Carbon Filter: It is one of the many filters. Its role is to capture microscopic particles.
  • PiMag Water Technology: It adds natural mineral as well as adjusting pH value to 8.5 – 9.5 range.
  • Corrosion-protected Magnets: They produce a magnetic field that surrounds the direction of water flow to reduce the agglomeration of sediments.
  • Convenient Design: The water treatment system does not need electricity to work. It also does not require a plumbed-in water source.
  • Require very low maintenance
  • Increases the alkalinity of water
  • Spares you the hassle of having to buy bottled water
  • Easy to use and does not need electricity
  • The water tastes perfectly
  • The price is pretty expensive

10. BWT 2.7 Litre White Mineralised Water Jug

10. BWT 2.7 Litre White Mineralised Water Jug

This mineralized water jug measures 10.63 by 4.72 by 11.42 inches. It is obviously not the smallest in its class, but it is compact enough to not take up much space. Having said that, expect it to be very convenient to use. Furthermore, the thoughtful size makes this water jug perfect for nearly all refrigerators.

From the quality of this water filter pitcher, it is easy to notice why BWT is known almost in every corner of the world. The water jug is not expensive yet it works great in keeping water pure and perfect for daily drinking or making of coffee. Like other models we have already discussed, this water filter pitcher will help you save a huge sum of money in the long run.

We think the capacity of this water jug is amazing. Despite having a low price point, this water jug holds quite a lot. That being said, it makes a great purchase for a pretty large family. We also like the features this water filter pitcher is equipped with.

With it, you will not see the need to buy bottled water, which normally prove costly in the long run. Disposing off lots of bottled water also will not be the case because those bottles will not be there in the first place. It is, therefore, not an overstatement to say that this water jug helps save money and the environment.

Key Features
  • Electronic Display: It lets you know when you need to replace the filter.
  • Convenient Shape and Size: They enable this water jug to perfectly fit in any refrigerator.
  • Active Granules: They get rid of taste disrupting and undesirable substances like lead, copper, and chlorine.
  • Ion Exchangers: They get rid of calcifying and heavy metals. They, however, put magnesium back in the water.
  • 2.70-liter Capacity: This water jug holds enough pure and great-tasting water for the whole family.
  • The lid is thoughtfully seated and stays on
  • Fills through the lid
  • Lets you know when it is time to replace the filter
  • Good for the price
  • Customer service is responsive and very understanding
  • Since the pitcher is sent from Europe, shipping may take longer for those in the US

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Water Filter Pitchers

Reading a buyer’s guide before buying a product is also important. It further sharpens your knowledge about what you are looking for. Well, a water filter pitcher is no exception. So, aside from the reviews we have provided above, make sure you have a look at the following factors.

Availability and Cost of Replacement Filters

Before buying a water filter pitcher, make sure you know how much the replacement filters cost. The price of replacement filters of some water filter pitchers are quite on the high side; hence, such water treatment systems should be avoided. Also, you should check whether the replacement filters of the unit you are interested in are readily available. This is because the last thing you want is to stop using your water filter pitcher because replacement filters are not on the market.

The Capacity of the Pitcher

Larger water filter pitchers are great for large families. However, these water filter pitchers tend to take up much space on the counter not to mention being highly unlikely to fit perfectly in the fridge. So, unless you have a large family, you should pick a reasonably sized water filter pitcher. This kind of water filter pitcher is neither too large nor too small. It fits nicely in the refrigerator yet holds sufficient water to keep everyone hydrated throughout the day.

Ease of Use

A water filter pitcher that spills when you are pouring should be avoided. Also, it is obvious that the last thing you want is to have a daunting moment filling your water filter pitcher with water. Needless to say, go for a unit, which is thoughtfully designed. That is a unit with a convenient pour spout and a hole on the lid. A hole on the lid eliminates the need to remove the cover/lid every time you want to refill your water filter pitcher.

The Materials Used

A good water filter pitcher should be made of 100-percent safe and healthy materials. These materials should be BPA-free if they are plastic. Moreover, you should strive to buy a water filter pitcher made of 100-percent FDA-approved materials. Such materials have undergone rigorous tests for quality and safety; hence, they are fully trusted. Well, buying a water filter pitcher made of 100-percent BPA-free and safe materials will give you peace of mind knowing that you are giving chemicals zero chance to get into your body.

Other factors you should consider are ease of cleaning, build quality, and how fast the water filter pitcher you want to buy gets water filtered.


A water filter pitcher is one of the few items that pay for themselves in the long run. They eliminate the need to buy bottled water; meaning, with them, you will be able to save a lot in the long run. They are also eco-friendly because they greatly reduce the number of empty water bottles disposed off in the environment. Having one at home will, therefore, significantly improve your everyday life.

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