Top 10 Best Water Doodle Mats in 2021 Reviews

Children tend to do everything they see without knowing what is dangerous or safe for them. It is all because they are curious about the thing they have never seen before. That is why it is better to have something to keep your children busy playing with and safe from any danger, something they can learn and have fun at the same time. Well, why not consider and go with an educational writing mat for your kid to doodle on now. As it allows them to draw from the thing they see or from their imagination, and boosting their learning at the young ages. But the markets surely have many writing mats with various designs and sizes. Because of this reason, we are going to show you the top 10 best water doodle mats in this article to help your decision.

Table Best Water Doodle Mats

1. Miserwe Neon Colors Mat


Miserwe provides educational mat and accessories to inspire your children to learn and draw. There are four drawing templates with the shape of the elephant, owl, square, and car. Adorable enough to let the child play while learning the basic alphabetic letters, numbers, and Geometrics. On the other hand, the mat is made of nylon and polyester. With these two materials, it resists the water. In the meantime, the polyester fabric works quickly to dry the wet when drawing on using aqua crayon. Hence, it is a suitable toy to look for humoring your child, while you do not have to worry about the after mess when the playtime is over. Good for exercising hand-eye coordination and color perception with rainbow and vivid color under the whiteboard. All for nurturing their creative skill in intelligence. It is high to let your children enjoy playing with their friends and family, even to play outside with their friends as the box includes a backpack for conveniently portable.

Key Features
  • Whiteboard makes the color more vivid
  • The edge of the mat is more rigorous
  • The backpack provides for storage
  • Offer different three head pen
  • Non-polluting, non-toxic, non-chemical, no ink
  • Safe and sound with no leakage on the mat
  • Suitable price with many accessories including
  • Prioritize customer satisfaction
  • Only available the decent size for one or two kids

2. Fansteck Water Doodle Mat


Fansteck mat has a square size of 40 x40 inches and drawing dimension of 32 x 32 inches (80 x80 cm). It is big enough for the parents to play with their kids together. In addition, you also get more accessories to enjoy with their friends. No conflict and no snatching, all can play together at the same time at the different angles on the mat. Inclusively, Fansteck water mat wraps up with soft rain-coat fabric, along with the protection of waterproof nylon material on the back. See the color crayon is filled with only pure water, no paint and non-toxic allow in this pen. With all this feature and quick-dry water, children can spend endless hours wanting to draw their pictures or practice their alphabet. It surely is the toy that improves their art skill, and a great help to the eco-friendly environment.

Key Features
  • Made of non-woven fabric, and a quick-drying cloth
  • Simple drawing manual for easy tracing
  • Orange storage bag and pen box providing
  • 2 big square colors and rainbow color at the rest below
  • 18 months’ warranty for the product
  • More accessories than before
  • A unique orange bag and pen case for safe storage
  • Soft fabric for child comfortably sit or place hands-on
  • Use pure and soft water, so it will not leave stain later

3. Obuby Dinosaur Coloring Mat


Another product from Obuby company, as this time the mat covers the template of a cute exotic dinosaur in a forest jungle. So it is time for adventurers for your children who love adorable dinosaurs, with the size surrounding the whiteboard in 58 x 42 inches. Furthermore, on the four sides of the board leave the hidden letters to serve as practicing the foundation of English alphabetic language. Upon it comes to contact with water, the words will reveal to your toddlers to see. Asides from that, this educational toy designs with colorful letters and cartoon animals suitable to stimulate their imagination and creativity. The absorbent mat leaves no mess or paints to the kid, much better than our traditional painting tools, as well as to save paper for a friendly environment. Enhancing the picture your children draw with the additional drawing templates and booklet to improve their ability.

Key Features
  • Jungle world pattern and colorful letters
  • 4 suction cups for stand drawing
  • Drawstring backpack for the foldable mat
  • Exquisite and durable packing box
  • Lightweight about 1.5 pound
  • Large enough for several kids to play
  • Portable and foldable for taking out
  • ABC frame has both upper and lower case
  • Might have a bit issue, but guarantee to serve you anytime

4. Obuby Sea Word Doodle Mat


If your child loves to see the underwater scenery, then the Obuby mat would be a good choice to gift for them. This magical mat surrounds lovely aquatic animals and simple patterns, to let them tracing these lines. Additionally, it has the letters inside the whiteboard that could show if we soak with water or hide when it is dry, together with 7 gorgeous colors in each row. Besides, the underneath of the mat covers with soft rain-coat fabric and high-quality nylon material to prevent water leakage to your floor or wall. The overall size is up to 47.81 x 35.43 inches, along with the painting area to 39.5 x 31.5 inches. Big enough for many children to play together no matter how different ages they are. On a different topic, Obuby offers small, medium, and big magic pen fitting for their hand as a child grows faster than an adult.

Key Features
  • High-quality polyester fiber for rigorous work
  • Coming with drawstring backpack for putting mat
  • 4 suction cups providing to hang the wall
  • Sea world pattern and colorful letters
  • Shipping with the care of your box
  • Dry quickly after drawing on the mat
  • Engage your children’s mind with hidden letters
  • Water-resistance, create no messy to your house
  • A bit expensive, but gaining the top quality

5. D-FantiX Educational Doodle Mat


The D-FantiX mat fills out with 4 different section colors, big enough to let your children draw wonderful pictures. This product inspires us to be eco-friendly, and never have to worry about running out of pigment. Because your water pen needs only tap water to refill as the news source, no ink or chemicals which could harm and create a mess for your small child. The other things, this mat quite looks simple, yet civilized and educational design to nurture their imagination, learning, curiosity, and creativity starting from their young age. For advance design, the board will reveal the 4 colors upon contact with the pen on the area where your toddlers draw on. By the way, this educational mat is surrounded by 26 alphabetic letters with each of the little charming animals. So that your kid can enjoy learning while wearing a happy smile on their face.

Key Features
  • Mat big enough for 4 children
  • Made of polyester material for the mat
  • 4 aesthetic colors to enhance picture colors
  • Excellent soft EPE cotton to place hand comfortably
  • Lightweight and free to travel anywhere
  • Can share areas with each of 4 big section colors
  • No ink or pigment for aqua pen
  • Water-resistance of the mat
  • Unscrew the head pen, instead of back pen

6. TOOLILA Snakes & Ladders with Doodle Mat


TOOLILA offers the mess-free doodle mat for your children to enjoy the endless fun game. Including the automatic function for fast dry water on the mat, so that they can repeat drawing. For the pen, it uses only tap water as the source to refill for the next draw. No ink, no paint, and non-toxic; Therefore, you do not have to worry about stains left on the children. While the firm offers the pen, they also provide animal booklets, stencils, rubber seal, and sponge pad to make the game more entertaining. Do not forget to enjoy the Snake and Ladder game, which is one of the most popular classic games in the world. Containing game accessories such as 4 game soldiers in 4 different colors and a dice. Now your house seems to look merrier with everyone around, along with connecting the deep relationship between your children and parents to the next level with these 2 games in one roof.

Key Features
  • Bonus offer for snake & ladders game
  • Gorgeous box providing as a gift for children
  • Lovely stencil and rubber seal
  • Under strict standard and control for the US market
  • Eco-friendly and child-safely
  • Twice of the fun with 2 games
  • Introduce the challenge in numbers, math, and the lucky draw
  • 2 games with only 1 price
  • Pay attention regarding the size of the mat

7. Ordenado Coloring Doodle Mat


Always prone for many hours would be hard for the toddlers to play. So instead of lying flat drawing, now Ordenado provides the sucker that can stick on the wall or glass like the whiteboard. Thus, your kid can either stand up or lie down to have fun with their friend and family. Apart from that, encouraging and improving the children’s cognition and creativity are also what many parents desire. For this reason, Ordenado company created the miracle coloring doodle mat for toddlers to enjoy leisure while learning. With alphabetic letters and blurry letters, it boosts recognition toward the foundation words and corrects their basic handwriting skill. Moreover, the 7 colors help your children’s perception by corresponding which colors suit the picture. Well, the overall size is 40 x32 inches, big enough for parents, friends, and kids to create an intimate, cooperative, and caring awareness environment together.

Key Features
  • Enabling stand up doodle with 4 suction cups
  • Offering stamps and pen case for storage
  • Various cute animals as alphabetic letters
  • Have printed alphabetic letters to practice over it
  • Have simple line drawing for the kid
  • Help to develop flowing handwriting
  • Convenient storage with folding to a small compact
  • Including animal booklet for follow-along
  • Too tight to remove the lid, but it is to prevent water spilling

8. HOMILY Water Doodle Mat


Avoiding the argument between your child because of a shortage of pens, the HOMILY mat can help you through this issue. It provides various 6 pens with 2 brushes, 2 round head pens, and 2 pointed pens. With these distinctions, the company intends to allow 2 to 3 kids to use it at the same time without waiting or snatching from each other. Simultaneously, parents can feel much more interaction and intimacy along with their children as well. Apart from that, HOMILY also includes cute animal stick figures for easy drawing accord to the steps of these figures. Adding with the alphabet and counting number drawing figures can serve as the basic knowledge for their future study. The boards that can improve the reading and writing ability of the toddlers as educational accessories. Anyway, the mat can self-disappear the marks when scribbling on. With the special feature of the fine weave, it keeps the outer lining and inner cushion intact together to serve the good quality.

Key Features
  • Fastness and clear on animal picture pattern
  • Excellent protection of paper box package
  • Exquisite soft EPE cotton around the mat
  • More multiple accessories provided
  • Save space indoor for folding multiple stacks
  • Easy to carry out when folding to small size
  • Easy to refill water on the pen
  • 6 different paintbrushes for drawing
  • Color might slightly change under influence of lights

9. BRYUBR Aqua Magic Doodle Mat


Worry about the mess after your child makes a ruckus, then take a look at the BRYUBR product to keep cleaning for your children. As mentioned, this doodle mat design to use with our pen that fills only cleaned water instead of paint and ink. So no matter how they want to draw on the wall or the floor, it will come out only water and no color spilling. Impressively, the BRYUBR drawing mat is manufactured from a nylon shell, to enhance the resistance to the water. Because of that, they can reuse it many times they want without requiring to clean up. Plus, with the waterproof of this product, you can fold to put it back in the storage immediately without leaving leftover-water. Besides, the overall size of this is 34 x 22.5 inches, large enough for 2 children to play on. Providing with many basic shapes and animal shapes to enhance their creative and imaginative drawing.

Key Features
  • Premium quality fabric for durably
  • Providing hang buckle for safe storage
  • Passing a rigorous testing and certification process
  • The compactable mat leaves no wetting on the floor
  • Dry fast of the mat for endless hours of coloring
  • Mess-free on kid’s clothes, hand, and face
  • Have ecstatic and vibrant colors
  • Good for exercise hand-eye coordination
  • The pen needs to open backward to refill water

10. Shape Mart Water Drawing Mat


No more doodling that messed up by your children anymore, the Shape Mart mat has arrived to let your draw on this with cute alphabet letters and numbers. It is large enough for the room of 2 to 3 toddlers to write on to satisfy their creativity and imagination. The magic feature of this one is that the scribble on the mat will disappear after 5 to 10 minutes, and can be used for many times they want without caring for cleanliness. Interestingly, even this crayon is created by taking consideration to avoid their habit of eating anything they see. Simply put it is safe to chew or eat because it is an aqua pen that refills from the cleaned water for their next drawing. Besides, it is a lovely entertainment and comes with stamps, water brush, drawing booklet, and many other accessories. So that your kid will not get bored easily and keep playing for a long time.

Key Features
  • The mat reacts to rainbow color when wet
  • Providing storage bag to put the folding mat
  • Animal around the perimeter for practicing trace
  • Waterproof nylon of the back mat
  • No ink, no-paint, non-toxic
  • Environment clean both in your house and outside
  • Portable to take it for traveling or outdoor activity
  • The pen head can stay wet for a prolonged time
  • Requiring to soak pen head in warm water to swell it


Many doodle mats have their unique features and materials to meet all the customers’ desires with great care to your children. You can choose the size depending on either the number of children or possibly their friends come to play in your house, taking the consideration of the character they like, and looking at what accessories you want to own. You might take time to check the quality you want to possess, but we guarantee that all the product is made from the best materials to meet the standard from the US observation. We hope that this article will find a suitable choice for your love for the children, be happy and fun with your family. Your satisfaction is a token of gratitude to us.

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