Top 10 Best Soundbar with Wireless Rear Speakers in 2021 Reviews

In this modern era, people are trying to seek something new and fascinated to entertain their tiring day from work. Movie and music have fallen into a great category to light up people’s experiences and bring them pleasure and cheerfulness. Within this context, soundbar with wireless rear speakers has played a crucial role that allows even greater opportunity for users to reach their satisfaction. We believe you have such a broad option to choose your soundbar, however, you probably find it challenges to get the right one. In order to narrow down your decision making yet with an effective choice, we wish to assist you through conducting research and list down this 10 best soundbar for you to choose.

Table Best Soundbar with Wireless Rear Speakers

1. JBL Bar 5.1 – True Wireless Surround Speakers 4K Ultra HD Soundbar

1. JBL Bar 5.1 - True Wireless Surround Speakers 4K Ultra HD Soundbar
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This channel 4K Ultra HD soundbar will absolutely permit you to transform your common environment into an accurate wireless 5.1 home theater system for a music-listening and epic movie experience. The heavy-duty of the battery performance will make sure that you can play your music without any obstacle along the way while it will stay tuned up to ten hours. Besides it enables a convenience to connect all 4K devices and upgrade your home entertainment to Ultra HD, this stimulating and rich bass provides you placement flexibility without the hassle of wires. Also, you will never be annoyed by using many remote controls since this soundbar is manufactured to be easily set up with any today’s top TV remote control. Anyway, if you are a person who addicted discover in a game episode and need a better taste to thrill your moment, JBL Bar 5.1 will never let you feel down.

Key Features
  • Finished with two detachable battery-powered wireless speakers with 510W of system power
  • It can handle consistently 10 hours of playtime
  • Dolby Pro Logic II and DTS, Dolby digital produce high-quality sound
  • 10-inch wireless subwoofer always engage you with your movie and music
  • Three HDMI inputs to work with 4K devices will widen your experiment
  • Get the best audio performance for your music and movies
  • It is easy to connect with any devices from phone, tablet, to laptop and stream your music wirelessly
  • Trouble-free in setting up and very flexible in placement
  • Simple but produce a fashionable lifestyle
  • It does not just perform its duty well, but awesome to show off
  • It is probably the only little obstacle of this device while you have to charge them three hours before being used

2. MEGACRA Home Theater Speaker with Dual Connection Way

2. MEGACRA Home Theater Speaker with Dual Connection Way
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MEGACRA has provided its customers with an effective solution to complete their desire for digital room-filling stereo sound. Whether you have a tiny space and wish to save extra room for storing your stuff, you will never fall in trouble to arrange your digital tools. The practical of 80 Watts TV soundbar home theater speakers will allow you to stream your audio both Bluetooth and wired connection. Its music feature will fill your entire room with a light and upbeat sound. Besides the product specification of the multiple inputs and full-range speaker ability, The Company has provided mounting equipment for an exquisite and safe configuration. You will never feel a lack of confidence to invite your friends to sit around while this high-performance speaker provides an incredible sound stage and is ideal for leaping up the home entertainment system.

Key Features
  • DSP technology which enables you to enjoy a variety of sound mode
  • The three modes of output sound type will amaze and bring you to your own world
  • Built-in 2 tweeter drivers and two full-range speakers, great enough to boom your living room
  • Slick 28-Inch design is visually pleasing and slim components save precious space
  • Multiple inputs allow users to stream the audio from different types of devices both optical cable
  • Flexible in placement and easy to set up while wall mounts accessories are included in the box
  • Function accurately and easy to connect
  • An adjustable bass always permit you to feel motivated and release stress
  • There’s no disturbance or limitation about moving it to more rooms
  • Affordable price, high quality, and beat sound for any kind of occasions
  • Probably it falls to categorized in mid-range and low range speaker, however, it is great enough to lift you up in a small living room

3. Amazon Renewed VIZIO SB3651-E6B 5.1 Black Soundbar Home Speaker

3. Amazon Renewed VIZIO SB3651-E6B 5.1 Black Soundbar Home Speaker
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Amazon has dealt with a lot of tasks to find out a better solution for its customers’ needs. In such a circumstance of the epidemic, the company has collected the second-hand items and conduct a professional inspection of their quality. Thus, VIZIO SB3651-E6B 5.1 speaker takes advantage due to its budget-friendly aspect and practical capability. With this model, you can control your speakers over WiFi by using the VIZIO Smart Cast app from anywhere in your house. While the subwoofer is connected wirelessly to the main speaker bar, you can put the subwoofer at a suitable location without having to run cables all over your room to the soundbar. With a full description of the usage guide, you will never find it hards to produce a substantial sound.

Key Features
  • Finished in black which provides a classic appearance
  • A full 5.1 surround sound enables better quality of your personal theater
  • There are LEDs on the bar that notifies when the tool receives inputs
  • The product weight is only 13.62 pounds
  • Sleek design with a Google Chromecast built-in
  • With 90 days guarantee period, you can have more than enough time to grab a full testing session for
  • Renewed product yet thoroughly cleans
  • All of the needed accessories are included in the package
  • Unlimited performance leads you to better entertainment level
  • Even it is a renewed-product but its work fits its price
  • With a renewed product, you may find some shortcoming, yet it is fully functional and compatible

4. Polk Audio MagniFi Max SR Surround Sound Bar Home Theater

4. Polk Audio MagniFi Max SR Surround Sound Bar Home Theater

Polk Audio ManifFi Max SR surround innovation develops a large soundstage and detailed stereo image. It delivers a natural three-dimensional audio experience that you would involve only from a concert or movie theater by eliminating cross-talk discovered in all various other TV speakers and audio bars. You can personalize different voice volume in the audio bar. The device will automatically procreate a definite, crisp dialogue and never lose out even a tiny word of your favored TV show and flick. We cannot find it awkward with this audio speaker. At the same time, you can stream songs from your preferred applications over Wi-Fi, connect to your Google Home audio speaker, and order your songs with voice regulates through Google Assistant.

Key Features
  • Sleek 7 patent tweeters and drivers generate absolutely breathtaking sound
  • Two wireless speakers, plug and play wireless subwoofer, are included
  • Unique voice adjustment allows you to control the voice levels autonomously, optimizing sound clarity
  • Wireless streaming of tunes with Google Chromecast hook up to a host of connected devices
  • Optical port for Set-Top Box and Blu-Ray players great choice even you don’t have a digital device
  • Alternatives for limitless connection
  • You can enjoy the true maximum-performance home theater soundbar
  • No need to install programs for the remote due to its smart remote technology
  • Distinctive wall connector framework for horizontal modification to ideally locate the soundbar
  • The optical cables are straightforward to set up with simple steps
  • You probably find a connectivity issue at the beginning, but for a while of using, it would work well with your connected devices

5. BOMAKER TV Sound Bar, 150W Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

5. BOMAKER TV Sound Bar, 150W Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

Bomaker has designed a TV soundbar layout without cords, and enable a better possibility in placement. The dual-orientation system creates the background of a soundbar that sits under your sofa or next to a TV cabinet. This 2.1 channel soundbar consists of four equalizer configurations to fit your program and standardize the sound theme for the quality to enhance music, movies, and game soundtrack. Whether you prefer to connect your input devices wired or wireless, the speaker never lets you feel down since it provides users many such options: Bluetooth 5.1, Coaxial, USB, or Aux. Even if you wish to get it mounted on the wall or place it on the table, just order the product, and you will get all the needed tools packed within the box.

Key Features
  • The 150W with a 120db sound power pressure will produce exceptionally thriller audio quality
  • Four preset sound mode which allows you to modify the bass based on your preferences
  • Straightforward in setting up and follow with its particular trait of multiple inputs
  • Shinny and contemporary look provide attraction to your living room
  • Driven by responses based full-range speaker systems and two tweeters
  • Conveniently relocate the subwoofer around to adjust the perfect sound quality
  • Cables from the soundbar to the subwoofer are not required effortless in moving the tool
  • Worry-free of the quality while you can get a 2 years warranty
  • No more limited sound volume or absence of bass
  • Coherent dialog for TV series and talk show for the further enjoyment
  • The soundbar does not work with universal remote, and you can only use the remote control of the soundbar itself

6. VMAI Surround Sound System for TV & Home Theater

6. VMAI Surround Sound System for TV & Home Theater

Enjoy the latest Bluetooth 5.0, and DSP technology of VMAI surround sound system. The soundbar has included a 4x much more steady link, more excellent compatibility, and 2x transmission speed that allow you delight in the dynamic home audio experience. You can hear the audio and feel the distinction through its unique attribute of the twin side deep and in proportion bass response ports. Moreover, this soundbar superb past the various other soundbars for numerous factors; this is a low profile to ensure that when it is placed in front of the TV, it doesn’t limit the infrared sensor, yet enables the remote to operate effectively. There are various ways to regulate your soundbar while it supports universal remote. The button on the soundbar permits you to change quantity and input, or advance audio setting using the push-button control. We are sure that the dazzling audio high quality of this powerful bass modern technology will certainly contribute to intense crystal clear sound and low frequencies.

Key Features
  • Delightful matt pure black construct
  • The 5.0 Bluetooth connection is very secure and stable even you play the music from a far distance
  • Wall mountable great way to save more space of the cabinet surface
  • Multiple input options: Aux, optical, HDMI (ARC), USB
  • Instant pair, fast transmission, and range up to 50 feets
  • No delay in the sound when it is connected to your phone, laptop, or tablet
  • Stylish design provides a family room layout with an awesome and stunning atmosphere
  • It is just like a breeze for the installation
  • Premium sound quality will absolutely impress you and your family members
  • It’s going to put itself to sleep when it’s not being used
  • There is only one HDMI port, probably complicated stuff for those who would love to link to multiple devices using the same port type

7. WOHOME 2.1 Channel Soundbar with Subwoofer, Upgraded Model S18

7. WOHOME 2.1 Channel Soundbar with Subwoofer, Upgraded Model S18

The audio bar, WOHOME 2.1 Channel Soundbar, built-in four pieces of 15w 2-inch full-range speakers, in overall 60w, result in 95dB loud crystal-clear sound and extensive. It loads the surround sound in your area, excellent for huge space. A single 5.5-inch wired subwoofer can enhance low-frequency noises, include deep and abundant bass to your film, TV shows, music, and gaming. It will certainly allow you to swim in the sea world of songs. This upgraded design can be gotten in touch with Bluetooth, optical, USB, and AUX input. Within the opening location, the wireless array can be reached up to 30 feet, which is sufficient for your area space. The kind of soundbar is also advised to accompany different models of TVs such as Vizio, LG, Samsung, Ondia, Sony, Philips, etc. With an uncomplicated setup and use guideline, the terrific sound will certainly fill up the area. You will discover a substantial distinction if you turn on your TV without this speaker.

Key Features
  • 2 Bass reflex tubes enhance the low-frequency sound
  • The classic design of remote and buttons control panel advantageously for modification
  • It could even function with Amazon Echo via Bluetooth device
  • Use AUX cable to connect for traditional TVs
  • Use AUX, Bluetooth, or optical connections for smart TVs
  1. It is a nice present for you and your family members
  2. Get the latest version of Wohome soundbar which is updated in 2020
  3. The bass is going to make you indulge yourself in the music world, persist over the rhythm
  4. You can cherish wireless music streaming at any part of your home
  5. Lifetime technical support email to Amazon directly at any time you face obstacle with the product
  • The soundbar is not congruent with universal remote TV, yet it is still adequate to use with its original remote

8. TOPVISION Detachable Stereo Soundbar, Strong Bass Wired and Wireless Bluetooth 5.0

8. TOPVISION Detachable Stereo Soundbar, Strong Bass Wired and Wireless Bluetooth 5.0

A combinable and removable attribute of the TOPVISION is considered an exceptional factor for comparing with other items. This stereo soundbar’s artistic style has made it instantly show up in three display screen settings: integral, split, and wall-mounted. It is advisable to fit the soundbar straightforwardly under the TV or install it on the wall, which enables you to save space and minimize the clumsiness. The benefit of matching well with most TV sizes, the bass is raising your residence to the home theater. Traditional and contemporary devices functionally with Bluetooth 5.0 or wired connections. It also includes 3.5 mm, Coaxial, Optical, and RCA AUX inputs. With a lifetime technical assistance, the best option for you, whatever issues that trouble you with TOPVISION product, you can constantly get a timely and specialist solution from the US.

  • Step by step manual guide is attached within the box, worry-free of setting up
  • Great opportunity to engage yourself in all-around stereo with a powerful bass
  • Full-range speakers offer a true feeling of sports game and music
  • The music will automatically be played once the USB is inserted
  • Up-to-date, gleaming, and function well
  • The soundbar might not have been the best option to use with high-grade TV, and you cannot control with your TV remote

9. Samsung 2.1 Sound Bar with Wireless Active Subwoofer Home Theater System

9. Samsung 2.1 Sound Bar with Wireless Active Subwoofer Home Theater System

We believe that the brand name of the product itself has already provided a sense of quality and durability to users. Samsung 2.1 Sound Bar was indeed manufactured to ease and enhance users’ experience when watching their favorite show or listening to their best-loved music. Playing your audio directly from the connected device wirelessly, plus a straightforward configuration without wire, helps users put the space in a tidy and professional look. Now, you can diversify your dazzle sound system quickly without even a cord mess. You will enjoy the Dolby Digital echo and the intensity of the audio system expansion. With this popular brand soundbar, be ready to celebrate your content with a smoother and more powerful sound.

Key Features
  • The slim metal design fits with any type of home decoration
  • Connect via Bluetooth and HDMI port provides a more realistic and immersive audio experience
  • Sound share excludes the need for a cable network between the audio bar and the TV
  • The active wireless subwoofer finished in 6.5-inch and 130-watt
  • The polished black finish make it a great deal to invest
  • A powerful bass allows you to enjoy with richer and deeper audio
  • Untroubled with wires get in the way of your bass and room space
  • Experience the feeling of entertainment that you have never gotten before
  • Quick and effortless in setting up
  • Convenient to fine-tune the bass and treble, with movies, dialog presets, and others
  • It would help if you combined it with Samsung HW-M360 soundbar to upgrade to a 4.1 channel for a real surround sound system

10. Klipsch BAR 48 Sound Bar

10. Klipsch BAR 48 Sound Bar

The Klipsch BAR 48 Sound Bar contains a devoted center channel speaker for grown in voice clarification and audio system capacities to end up taking your movie and TV browsing towards the next standard. This model is engineered with a mixture of beautifully handcrafted, high-quality wood fibers and the latest innovative technology. The real dialog option will never let you miss a single word presented in your movie. Be ready to enjoy and hear every nuance with crystal-clear precision through a wireless subwoofer. The true right and left stereo come along with a built-in center channel, ensuring to respond in delivering a room-filling with heart-pounding bass. This one intends to bounce the audio signal around and extend the sound system to your ears in a pleasant manner.

Key Features
  • HDMI connection for efficient plug-in and playback remedy
  • The ergonomic design of the remote control will engage with you even more
  • 2.8 inches tall, such soundbars fit nicely underneath your TV, irrespective of wall installation or tabletop usage
  • Dialog Enhancement display to assist in making voices clear
  • The elegant look of the wooden design will take role to decorate your space
  • It is very stylish, and it looks like high-tech
  • Excellent sound quality compare to the other related products
  • Perfect for amusing a small group of people in a living room
  • You will get a powerful, dedicated, and dynamic sound that you have wished for
  • It will bring you the sound as big as the picture on your screen
  • This soundbar has no capacity for Dolby Atmos


For lots of individuals, soundbars are the best way to obtain much better audio quality from a TV. They are basic to mount, without all the speakers and aggravating wires that come with a surround-sound system. The soundbar is a fully-featured-in-one speaker platform that provides high-grade sound without requiring the complexity, space, and high expense of a theater receiver and surrounds sound speaker configuration. They provide decent authenticity to music and the show. We believe every expenditure has good alternatives.

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