Top 10 Best Shoe Rack Benches in 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

You probably need a lot of things for your household decoration. Also, one thing you actually need whenever you come back home, you possibly need to organize your belonging such as shoes, jackets, hats, shirts, and others. Well, the first thing that you need to take off is your shoe, which is required to place somewhere that is suitable or well organized so that you can easily take it off and wear it whenever you wanted to. However, there are many shoe rack benches that you can find to place it in your house and it makes you feel much comfort or conveniently while you have many shoes for yourself. Indeed, those shoe rack benches are made with different styles, multiple functions, large or small sizes, different materials, and so on that you will love to have it along with your life. Conveniently, those shoe rack benches provide a few other options, which are not about only shoes, but with other clothing as well. Plus, a few of the shoe rack benches are also made of high quality materials, including the design, which is a unique and outstanding design with lots of room to place your shoes inside of it. Once more, you will no longer to concern about your house mess because you can always find such of the best quality item, admirable design, lots of storage to keep your shoes safe, and even more features along with those shoe rack benches. For those people who are having shoes at home or even a family that need to offer for the shoe rack benches, here you can find yourself comfortable with the top 10 best shoe rack benches reviews.

Best Shoe Rack Benches – [Reviews & Buying Guide]

1. The SONGMICS Shoe Rack Bench Bamboo Style

1. The SONGMICS Shoe Rack Bench Bamboo Style
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There are many types of shoe rack bench, but the SONGMICS shoe rack bench is a useful item for your house as well. Since it is not much large, but it is suitable due to its size that you can place it anywhere you want it to be placed as it is a space-saving item; therefore, your entranceway is the best choice to place this shoe rack bench.

Thus, the SONGMICS shoe rack bench made with bamboo, which is a great design concept. Even better, this item gives you some advantages since it is not only a shoe rack bench, it can be a multiple rack bench such as towel rack, decoration furniture to carry plants or books, a rack bench to carry for a few more things that is possible. This shoe rack bench would cost you less at the same time that it comes back with lots of advantages that you can use it to please your daily need, whether you want your rack bench to be a shoe rack bench or some other options.

Moreover, the SONGMICS shoe rack bench bamboo is an item made with the right materials of bamboo, which results in excellent construction and it improves the stability well to carry things or heavy objects. Plus, it has multiple storage shelves up to 3 sections, each shelve can be placed for 3 to 4pairs of shoes, and it surprisingly suits your house best for keeping shoes well organized.

Within the installation of this shoe rack bench, it applies with some parts in order to form or set up much simple. Along with the installation instruction, there are only a few steps to finish the setup, including some of the rust-proof elements that can keep the rack bench for a very long time.

Key Features
  • Made with bamboo materials and metal elements
  • Three shelfs in one set
  • Quality wood that is a solid material
  • Lightweight item with only 8.8lbs
  • It can carry your weight when you sit on it
  • Suitable in every room for any house
  • Multiple options to use it
  • Instruction provided with accessories included in the package
  • Only one color of wood provided

2. Seville Classics Shoe Rack Bench WEB591

2. Seville Classics Shoe Rack Bench WEB591
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Well, we all are living in the 21st century, which is the modern society and the newest innovation. You probably own a lovely house for yourself or family and undoubtedly you might need modern furniture in the house as well. The Seville Classics shoe rack bench is one of the contemporary shoe rack benches that is the best furniture for the stylish home. It suits best with the decorated room since this shoe rack bench made with an outstanding concept and the ideal fabrics.

The Sevilles Classics shoe rack bench comes with lots of benefits, which is worth to own one. Although, it provides 9 multiple shelves storage that you can keep your shoes, heels, or boots for 9 mixed pairs with any shoes. Anyone who owns many pairs of footwear will no need to worry about where to keep your shoes.

Even better, this item is very useful and convenient to be used since it is removable for the top layer in order to put your shoes inside much easy. Plus, you can relax by sit on it or take off your shoe while you sit on it to make you feel comfortable.

You will appreciate this shoe rack bench due to the fact it is easy to set up, which is no need to use any tool to install the rack bench: follow some steps with a few minutes to finish the installation for the new Sevilles Classics shoe rack bench. After all, this shoe rack bench is completely fit in the bedroom since it made as to the modern design of the shoe rack bench.

Key Features
  • 6 different colors that you can offer
  • The unique color of charcoal gray color
  • Top layer is button-tufted layer
  • Each storage shelve provides big space
  • Every shelve is a customizable shelve
  • Best suitable shoe rack bench in the changing room or closet
  • Very comfy to have a sit on the top
  • Suit best for modernity room decoration
  • Hard to move around to anyplace

3. VASAGLE Shoe Rack Bench by SONGMICS

3. VASAGLE Shoe Rack Bench by SONGMICS

You may have seen a few of shoe rack benches that contrasted to each other, but there is any design by the SONGMICS, which is the VASAGLE shoe rack bench. However, the VASAGLE shoe rack bench is designed to become a multi-tasks shoe rack bench, which performances well more than a shoe rack bench in your home. In every house with different styles and decoration design, this shoe rack bench is always suitable.

This product is made out of particle wood with strong holding metal, coat rack design, including more accessories of the hanging rail with 9 hooks so that you can find it very convenient. Additionally, it contains 3 layers of shoe rack bench, which gives a vast space to organize your belongings. You can place it anywhere in your house, but it suits best nearby the entrance hall.

Sometimes you find it hard to set up after it has arrived in your hand. Well, you will no longer need to concern about how to install it for your home since you only need to follow a few steps with the instruction. Plus, no need to read the assembly.

Every customer always asks for help whenever they use or in the installation situation. Besides, the customers will be satisfied with the customer service provided by the company of the SONGMICS in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

Key Features
  • Particle board with metal material design
  • Coat rack design with rustic brown color
  • Each hook can hold up to 6.6lbs
  • Each particle board can hold up to 176lbs
  • Saving space in every home
  • Multiple options in one set
  • Stylish furniture of vintage design
  • Affordable and flexible shoe rack bench product
  • Few reports of screws install problems

4. HOMFA Shoe Rack Bench Bamboo Design

4. HOMFA Shoe Rack Bench Bamboo Design

Beautiful furniture design is commonly used in every house likely to the HOMFA shoe rack bench made with bamboo furniture design. Probably, the product entirely made out of wood, which is an eco-friendly product. Plus, it is a self-design manufactured product as well.

Moreover, this bamboo shoe rack bench made with high-quality wood materials with a few countersink metal screws. Additionally, the metal screws are the rust protection metal, which does not contain any damages. Therefore, the whole HOMFA bamboo shoe rack bench comes with the soft surface at every layer.

Furthermore, this product has 2 layers rack in one set, which can be placed for a few pairs of shoes, boots, flip flops, and even more items. Well, the HOMFA bamboo shoe rack bench is stabilized and durable that you will appreciate its ability.

Better yet, you can always find this product is flexible since it made to suit any house. Due to its size, you can place the HOMFA bamboo shoe rack bench in any room of your home, and it comes with multiple options that you can use. Even though, it is comfortable and quick to form its pieces to become your bamboo shoe rack bench.

Key Features
  • The item is entirely made with bamboo
  • Premium quality materials with
  • The item is optional for the purpose of use
  • The steel accessories are rust protection steels
  • Package included extra accessories
  • Nice furniture decoration in every house
  • Can place any objects on its layers or surface
  • Saving space in your house
  • High heels or high boots will not be fitted

5. VASAGLE 3-tier Shoe Rack Bench

5. VASAGLE 3-tier Shoe Rack Bench

Sometimes you only need a minimum size of shoe rack bench inside of your house. Well, there is no problem according to the VASAGLE 3 tier shoe rack bench, which is a narrow size of shoe rack bench that you should need for your concern. It formed with the metal and particle board of wood that is also a unique of modern style for nowadays living. It also gives you many benefits when you spend less, but absorbs excellent outcomes from it. Although, it possibly cost a little space inside your house.

Better yet, the materials are quite durable and valuable, which is formed to help you in your daily life. It comes with two top over the layer of shelves; each shelve can stock 6 to 8 pairs of shoes, boots, sandals, sneakers, and more than that you can also place your other belongings such as bags, books, and phones over the top layer of this shoe rack bench. Within only 10minutes to take you to set up the shoe rack bench.

The VASAGLE 3 tier shoe rack bench has a powerful holding performance, which can hold the load capacity for 200lbs that is a high rank of weight; therefore, it can hold your weight while you are trying to tide your shoe and sit on the top of it. You will find it comfortable whenever you have this small useful thing as your household decoration as well.

Surprisingly, the company of the VASAGLE 3 tier shoe rack bench does provide the customer service, which is the professional way to enhance customer needs and guides the customer as possible in order to serve the customer satisfaction. Finally, you will feel very convenient once you offer the VASAGLE 3 tier shoe rack bench, which shows the best performance with the company responsible and helping support for every customer.

Key Features
  • Lightweight item, which is only 17.6lbs
  • Every storage layer provides big space
  • Top particle board contains handy wood material
  • The unique color design, which is rustic brown color
  • Suitable for every home
  • Takes less time to form for a new shoe rack bench
  • Organize your shoes or belongings
  • Accessories are included in the package
  • Not a water resistant product

6. Prepac Shoe Rack Bench with 24 Storages

6. Prepac Shoe Rack Bench with 24 Storages

A few people who have a big house always having lots of decoration objects because their home provides left out free spaces so that they able to store any furniture. Every house does need a shoe rack bench in order to organize their shoes as well as any belongings. If you have a big house with much free space, then the Prepac shoe rack bench with 24 storages is the best choice for you to decide to offer one for your house decoration and assistance.

Moreover, the Prepac shoe rack bench is the multiple options product, which uses to support your need to order your shoes inside of your house whenever you come back or go out to any places. You can use this product to store shoes, books, or even clothes and this gives you lots of advantages within the 24 storage shelves. Possibly, you will not mess your environment inside of your house since many of your stuff are suitable with the Prepac shoe rack bench.

The Prepac shoe rack bench made entirely wood, which is the superb furniture to decorate for your lovely house. Exactly, the size of this product is quite large by the 60w x 20.25 x 15.5d dimension, so that it mostly fits for a large spacious house. In fact, it requires plenty of time to set up this big shoe rack bench for your household enhancement.

Equally, this shoe rack bench with 24 storages is mostly suitable for the entrance hallway, and with the big size room, you can also place this large useful item inside as well. It allows you to organize your room very well so that it becomes fresher for the environment.

Key Features
  • Many storages to store your shoes or belongings
  • Laminate materials design
  • Each storage comes with sizeable space
  • The item has four different colors
  • Store many different things in one rack
  • 5years warranty by the manufacture
  • Convenient to have it to organize shoes
  • Keep your house very tidy
  • Not fit for high shoes or stuffs
  • Not a washable shoe rack bench

7. Mr IronStone Shoe Rack Bench with 2-Tier & Hidden Compartment

7. Mr IronStone Shoe Rack Bench with 2-Tier & Hidden Compartment

One of the best things you often find about a shoe rack bench is a unique product, which gives you much comfort and worth of purchase. Well, the Mr IronStone shoe rack bench is a unique product that provides you with the benefit of its functions and design. Moreover, it suits every section inside your house, such as room, hallway, entrance hall, living room, and even more; that is why you able to place it anywhere by your desire.

Most importantly, the material that use to create this useful shoe rack bench is the premium quality material of medium density fiberboard (MDF). Along with the high quality materials, it becomes one item with the size of 31.7length x 11.8wide x 18.3high, which is a similar size that will not cost much space for your house. Additionally, the Mr IronStone shoe rack bench can load up with the capacity of 250lbs.

Indeed, the Mr IronStone shoe rack bench comes with 2 tiers, 1 large tier, and the hidden storage beneath the top seat of itself. Even better, the 2 tiers area can be placed with every shoe since each shelve of the tier can be placed up to 3 pairs of the shoe such as boot, high heel, flip flop, or even sneaker. The 1 large tier section can only be placed with 1 big shoe or boot, but mostly boot is suited best.

The superb part of this shoe rack bench is the comfortable seat at the top layer, which made with cotton that becomes the padded seat so that you can feel the comfort while you are tiding or taking your shoe. Beneath the padded seat, you can find the hidden storage that you can keep your book or valuable belongings inside the hidden storage. You may also find it very convenient once you have this shoe bench inside your house.

Key Features
  • The stylish design of humanized design item
  • The top section includes a padded seat with hidden storage beneath
  • 2 tier shelves with another large shelve a part section
  • The item made with the stainless steel element
  • Multiple options to use
  • Big space in each shelve that can store many pairs of shoes
  • Comfortable to have seat on it
  • Cost less space inside your house
  • Flexible to move around
  • It might take much time to assemble

8. Finnhomy Black Shoe Rack Bench

8. Finnhomy Black Shoe Rack Bench

Are you not a person who is not much into colorful equipment? Probably the classic color design is suitable for your wish. The Finnhomy Black Shoe Rack Bench is another unique product that you can find to complete your household decoration, which is also the equipment that you need to organize your shoes or belongings. This shoe bench is not only a regular shoe bench due to the fact of its dual purposes to use. Moreover, this shoe rack bench can place on any side of your house or even your bedroom so that you can use it differently, such as to keep towels and blankets as well.

The Finnhomy Black Shoe Rack Bench made with two elements that combine into one, which are black metal and the racks, including the comfy of leather for the top seat of this shoe rack bench. Within the shelves of steels of this shoe rack bench, the steel shelves are the rust protection since it is durable and sturdy; therefore, the legs also come with plastic pads. Eventually, the Finnhomy Black Shoe Rack Bench will perform well for your satisfaction.

You might find it very likeable because this product is the strong holding bench, which can hold your weight up to 400lbs that is a much bigger size to a layover or sit on top of this shoe rack bench every time you try to take off or wear your footwear. The design of the Finnhomy Black Shoe Rack Bench comes up with the size of 32length x 12.5wide x 19.75high, which costs less space inside your house or the bedroom.

Additionally, it also includes 2 shelves of black metal with a faux leather seat on the top section of this product in order to store many shoes as possible, but approximately up to 3 or 4 pairs of the footwear are full capacity space. However, this shoe rack bench has made you find more comfortable due to its simple way of cleaning your shoe rack bench by using a towel to clean anytime you are free to do so.

Key Features
  • Comfy cushion seat made with faux leather
  • High quality of steel materials
  • The item can carry weight up to 400lbs with the seat
  • Each shoe shelve gives plenty available space
  • Flexible to move around
  • Very easy to clean by using towel to wipe
  • Customer service provided for 100%
  • Cost less time to assemble in 10minutes
  • Some products might have screw problem or rusted issues

9. C&AHOME Versatile Bamboo Shoe Bench

9. C&AHOME Versatile Bamboo Shoe Bench

Conversely, there are a few different product brands, but those product brands come with the same style with some contrasted part. However, this shoe rack bench, which is the C&AHOME Versatile Bamboo Shoe Bench is another humanized design product.
Therefore, this useful shoe rack bench provides you with the convenient lifestyle for you to organize your shoes or belongings in your bedroom, living room, main entrance, kitchen, or even basement as well. Although, the C&AHOME Versatile Bamboo Shoe Bench can also become your furniture decoration in your home so that your house will have a beautiful interior design as well.

Coming in as one of the best shoe rack bench products, the C&AHOME Versatile Bamboo Shoe Bench is entirely made with bamboo woods with the silky surface all around, which is the eco-friendly item that you can find it much enjoyable. This product comes with different sections that the under section has 2 shelves and one large sizable shelves, which these shelves parts can be stored a bunch of shoes, clothes, towels, and any other kinds of stuff that are suited best. On the top section is the particle board with a comfy buffer so that it can be your seat as well. Additionally, there is a hidden compartment under the top section, which can be stored little belongings. Moreover, this shoe rack bench contains 3 sized of small, large, and XX-large sizes.

The multiple purposes of use for the shelves can load an extensive capacity with 300lbs. On each shelve you can place your shoes up to 6 pairs of shoes; therefore, your footwear will be organized well by this shoe rack bench. At the same time, the one side large shelve section can be placed with a big shoe or high heel, but mostly suited with a big boot or a tall boot.

Last but not least, you are going to feel confident while having the C&AHOME Versatile Bamboo Shoe Rack Bench due to the customer support by the company or manufacture. The company provides the best customer satisfaction within the 24/7 service in order to guide the customer needs. Most importantly, if there is any issue toward your shoe rack bench, refund or replacement is immediately served for you.

Key Features
  • High-quality materials, which are harmless and user-friendly
  • Optionally use with this shoe rack bench
  • The item gives a huge maximum load capacity
  • Hidden storage is beneath the top section with a buffer seat
  • Saving space in your house
  • Suitable in every part of the house
  • Available seat for you while you are tiding the footwear
  • Nice furniture design in your home
  • Some screw tighten parts have little problems

10. The Roundhill Furniture Shoe Rack Bench

10. The Roundhill Furniture Shoe Rack Bench

Logically, you likely obsess with a small item or tiny decoration object for your house, or even your apartment. Well, this is an ideal item for you to offer it one for your house. The Roundhill Furniture Shoe Rack Bench is the shoe rack bench that suited best in your home, mostly suited for an apartment since you might live in a small square feet condition. You can always place it nearby the entryway of your home, which looks very suitable and comfortable to use whenever you arrive back home; therefore, you can organize your shoes or stuff inside of this shoe rack bench.

Meanwhile, the design of this item made with a robust wood design, including the two choices of colors are white and cherry colors. Furthermore, the Roundhill Furniture Shoe Rack Bench comes with 2 sections in one item, which are the under shelve section and the top section. The top part of this shoe rack bench equips with hidden storage so that you can store your keys, shocks, and even more small objects. Overall, in the upper layer of the top section, you can also put down any belongings such as a bag, phone, or book.

In this case, the lower section that is a shelve section can be stored with multiple shoes up to 4 pairs of shoes. Regular size shoes such as high heels, boots, sneakers, or flip flops are compatible on the shelve. Indeed, the Roundhill Furniture Shoe Rack Bench made as a tiny regular size of 35.5length x 13wide x 18high so that it will not cost much space inside of your house or apartment.

For the installation, you need a few efforts and times in order to set up your new shoe rack bench for the comfortable life. However, some parts might be hard such as tighten the steel to form a rack as well. Even though, the package includes all parts, instruction, and accessories for you with no doubt for the missing pieces.

Key Features
  • Small item, but it comes with solid materials
  • The item is using the slat design
  • Cherry color design, which is an ideal item
  • The beneath hidden storage loads up much free space
  • Costs less space inside of your place
  • Your place will not be messy
  • Life hack with the hidden storage
  • Very convenient to replace or move around
  • Assembly is might be difficult

Features and Factors for Buyer guidelines

Before you make any decision to offer one these shoe rack bench, you probably need to search through for some features or parts that can ensure you more about these products. By seeing these top 10 shoe rack benches above, you now can consider which one of these products is a worth spend for you. Due to the assist, you might need to look for some features before you make any purchase.

Product Material

Every one of these shoe rack benches has a unique design, which becomes the highest quality product of shoe rack bench. However, the materials are the major important part of the product that shows an excellent performance such as durable, secure holding, rust protection, and solid wood. Among all these high-quality materials will show you the right shoe rack bench product.

The Design

Another essential thing about the shoe rack bench is the design of the product. The design should provide more advantages such as size, capacity, and furniture outlook design. Equally, the shoe rack bench should be designed with plenty of shelves space, including multiple purposes to use and suitable in everywhere for your house. After all, you will be satisfied with every unique design.


Indeed, you might want to use your shoe rack bench in many different ways. Sometimes you use it for your room, bathroom, basement, or anywhere else that you find it best with your desire. Moreover, the shoe rack bench needs to be removable or replaceable so that it can be a flexible item inside your house.


To sum up, the shoe rack bench is handy for your household since it organizes not just only your shoes; it holds your other belongings as well. Besides, it makes you feel comfortable when you have in inside of your house because whenever you want to go out or arrive home so that you can also sit on your show bench to take off your footwear or to relax for a while. Consequently, you will find it very convenient for your room or house decoration as well. Lastly, it shows the flawless of the ability, best quality, and the long term use. Altogether, you are going to love it once you own it. Good Luck and Happy buying your product!

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