Top 10 Best Screen Magnifiers in 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Today, Smartphones are the most preferred devices when it comes to watching videos, movies as well as playing games. However, focusing on a small screen for an extended period is detrimental to your eyesight. First, there is the visual fatigue and discomfort that arises when you keep your eyes fixed on your phone’s screen. Secondly, placing the screen too close to your face may result in serious conditions such as myopia. Eliminate these discomforts by investing in the best screen magnifier. These Screen magnifiers act as a phone projector screen. They double or triple the screen size, allowing you to enjoy the movies in full HD.

The best part with these screen magnifiers is that they eliminate the fatigue caused by staring at a small screen. These gadgets also feature the advanced HD blue light canceling lenses that prevent UV and blue light radiations. At the same time, this technology ensures that you enjoy vivid images with mystique feeling. Get the same experience you get from your full HD TV by investing in any of the following phone screen magnifiers. We came up with the list after going through numerous models on the market. After which we narrowed down to the models made from premium construction and have optimal zooming quality. Take your time to go through the following best screen magnifiers reviews and pick the model that meets your needs.

Best Screen Magnifiers – [Reviews & Buying Guide]

1. Dizaul 12’’ Screen Magnifier for Smartphone

1. Dizaul 12’’ Screen Magnifier for Smartphone

When you think of it, you spend most of your time on your phone playing games, on social media, watching videos/movies, or reading. True, Smartphones continue to evolve, with each model coming with a bigger, HD screen. However spending too much time watching from a small screen is harmful to your eyesight. Make your experience enjoyable by investing in the Dizaul 12-inch screen magnifier.

Just as its name suggests, this screen magnifier is designed to increase the size of your phone’s screen 2-3 times its size. This results in a larger, clear, and crisp image. By magnifying the screen, you can enjoy mobile gaming, watching movies as well as browsing. Better still, this magnifier is incredibly lightweight and portable, allowing you to bring it wherever you go.

Notably, this magnifier is also designed to work with most Smartphones. This versatile magnifier is compatible with Android phones and iPhone Smartphones. For enhanced convenience, this unit also works without a battery. This makes it easy to use indoors and outdoors.

Another stand out feature is the premium construction. Different from other models, this unit is crafted from solid wood that looks as good as its quality. This ensures reliable service for years. Moreover, assembling it is a breeze and comes with a convenient carrying case that makes it easy to bring along anywhere.

Key Features
  • Premium construction makes it incredibly durable and nice-looking
  • Doesn’t require a battery so you don’t have to worry about recharging it
  • Doubles the screen size, reliving eye fatigue that arises when watching from a small screen
  • Widely compatible with all Android and iOS Smartphones
  • Lightweight, compact design for easy portability
  • Modern, stylish look
  • It is compatible with your Smartphone
  • Comes at a budget-friendly price
  • None worth noting

If you love playing mobile games, watching videos or movies from your phone then you definitely need this screen magnifier from Dizaul. It doubles your screen size, eliminating eye fatigue and glare. This enables you to spend long hours of incredibly comfortable viewing. It is also lightweight and easy to bring anywhere.

2. ORETECH Screen Magnifier

2. ORETECH Screen Magnifier

If you watch lots of videos and movies on your Smartphone, you will often experience a migraine especially when you spend an extended period. Well, watching movies on a small screen for extended periods can result in visual fatigue. The bright light from the phone may also make your fatigued. However, the ORETECH Screen magnifier offers you a perfect solution. This magnifier enlarges the screen size, eliminating eye fatigue and discomfort.

As expected, this unit comes with a lightweight, compact design making it easy to carry everywhere. It folds into a super slim size making it ideal for indoor, leisure, camping, home to office, or home to school use. Different from other models in the market, this unit magnifies your phone’s screen 3 to four times.

It makes use of the Zoom optical technology to ensure that the enlarged picture retains a crisp, clear HD quality. Similarly, this model features acrylic Fresnel lens materials that deliver radiation protection. This eliminates eye damage due to prolonged exposure to the bright screen light.

More importantly, this amplifier also relieves eye fatigue. At the same time, the amplifier doesn’t require a power supply. This makes it a viable option for outdoor use. What’s more this screen enlarger enables you to watch 3D HD videos and movies from any Smartphone.

Key Features
  • Anti UV glass delivers optimal radiation protection
  • HD acrylic Fresnel lens offers distinctive HD quality images
  • Compact design with a carrying case included
  • Includes a non-slip pad to ensure your phone doesn’t slip
  • Portable and compatible with almost any Smartphone
  • Offers a wider and clear view
  • Functional, fancy design that is easy to use
  • The stand allows the user to watch at a hands-free position
  • The back support could be a little bigger

The ORETECH Screen Magnifier operates as a phone projector and magnifies the Smartphone screen 3 to 4 times. This enables you to enjoy movies, videos, and mobile gaming from a large screen. By so doing, you never have to worry about the eye fatigue and discomfort that arises due to focusing on a small screen for extended periods.

3. GLISTON 12” 3D Phone Screen Enlarger

3. GLISTON 12'' 3D Phone Screen Enlarger

As you probably know, watching a small screen is uncomfortable. Even worse, doing so for extended periods can damage your eyesight. Stay safe and enjoy beautiful images with the GLISTON 12” Screen Enlarger. This screen magnifier enlarges your phone’s display 2 to 4 times. With a 12-inch display, the images fit the human’s eye curvature, improving your comfort.

Equally, this unit boasts of a hand free and folding design. The frame is crafted from acrylic material, while the screen is made from premium ABS materials. It also includes a suction cup to ensure the stability you need when watching movies for long periods.

We love the lightweight, compact design that enables you to carry it wherever your adventures take. This unit makes a perfect gift for friends and family as it is easy to use and rugged enough for daily use. The premium construction also ensures an enjoyable experience.

Speaking of construction, the magnifier effectively prevents phone-generated radiation. This safeguards your eyesight. Additionally, this unit is compatible with iPhone and Android phones. It is also a nice choice for kids as it keeps their eyesight protected from a close viewing distance.

Key Features
  • Made from Premium Acrylic materials
  • Enlarges the phone’s display 2 to 4 times
  • Curved design fits the Eye curvature and eliminates eye fatigue
  • Lightweight, foldable design for enhanced portability
  • It requires no battery
  • Compatible with Android and iOS Smartphones
  • Rugged construction makes it ideal for repeated use
  • Also protects your eyes from the harmful radiations
  • The suction could be better

With a fancy yet functional design, this screen magnifier boosts your mobile gaming and movie watching instantly. It enlarges the phone display up to four times larger eliminating eye fatigue and radiation. Moreover its rugged construction and modern design make it a great choice for anyone.

4. Apad 12” Phone Screen Magnifier

4. Apad 12'' Phone Screen Magnifier

The Apad 12-inch phone screen enlarger packs advanced technology in a simple design. Dissimilar from other models on the market, this unit boasts of a 4-in1 design. This includes a premium screen magnifier, mini power bank, Bluetooth speaker as well as an adjustable phone stand. This incredibly stylish gadget offers you a perfect solution to enlarge your Smartphone display and amplify the sound output.

The best selling point with this unit is probably the advanced HD blue-light Fresnel lens. These lenses offer a true HD display. They magnify the screen size 2-3 times to ensure comfortable viewing. This allows for a realistic, three-dimensional viewing and helps reduce the radiation significantly.

As mentioned earlier, this unit comes with a wireless Bluetooth speaker that offers a clear stereo sound. This allows for a more immersive experience when playing games, watching movies, and videos.

More importantly, this unit is compatible with all Smartphones. This makes it a versatile option for everyone. Equally, this unit also doubles as a mini power bank. When your phone battery is about to die, you can use it to charge your phone. You’ll also love the non-skid, foldable and adjustable stand for your phone.

Key Features
  • Wide compatibility with all Smartphones
  • Foldable, nonskid and height-adjustable stand
  • Comes with inbuilt Bluetooth speakers
  • Can also be used as an emergency power bank
  • Compact and lightweight design for enhanced portability
  • Rugged construction makes it durable
  • Eliminates radiation and eye fatigue
  • Equipped with a high capacity rechargeable battery
  • Requires a battery

Premium construction, Easy to use, and Functional, the Apad screen enlarger delivers an enjoyable watching experience for everyone. From kids to adults, the user enjoys radiation and eye fatigue-free experience caused by staring on a small screen. This unit makes use of HD zoom optical technology that converts your small Smartphone into a large HD TV that takes your gaming and movie experience to the next level.

5. Fanlory12″ Screen Magnifier

5. Fanlory12" Screen Magnifier

If you are looking for a premium phone screen enlarger that works optimally to meet your needs, you will not go wrong with this unit from Fanlory. This unit boasts of a 12-inch magnifier that features an HD zoom optical technology. It enlarges the display 2-3 times and delivers a clear, crisp image. Notably, this unit doesn’t require a battery. This eliminates the need of having to recharge it constantly.

To enjoy mobile gaming, you simply need to use it with a wireless keyboard. This enables you to turn a small space into a gaming station. The best thing is that it also comes in a compact design. This enables you to fold it into a compact size that takes minimal space in your backpack.

Better still, this unit comes with advanced lenses that amplify the display at the same time retaining HD, crisp videos. Unlike other models with this unit, you’ll never notice the disparity between your Smartphone’s screen resolutions to the projection on this screen.

Moreover, you will enjoy a comfortable viewing experience. This will eliminates eye fatigue and radiation. Some of the other notable features that come with this unit include the adjustable phone stand, rugged construction, and stylish design. It is also compatible with all android and iPhone Smartphones.

Key Features
  • Crafted from environmentally friendly materials
  • Doesn’t require a battery to operate
  • Extend the screen size while retaining HD quality videos
  • Wide compatibility with all Smartphones
  • Delivers an incredibly comfortable viewing
  • Comes with a non-skid, foldable phone stand
  • Protects your eyesight from blue-ray radiations
  • Offers excellent magnification for an enjoyable watching or gaming experience
  • The phone holder has no adjustable height

When you are looking to turn your Smartphone into a gaming station or mini cinema, this screen magnifier makes a smart choice. It adopts HD zoom optical, which not only deliver HD videos bit also protect your eyesight from blue ray radiation. Moreover, it magnifies the display up to four times the original size, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable viewing experience.

6. WILEVLA 3D Phone Screen Magnifier

6. WILEVLA 3D Phone Screen Magnifier

The Wilevla 3D screen magnifier provides you with a mind-blowing movie-watching experience from your Smartphone. And, it will save you the fatigue that comes with staring at your phone’s screen. Unlike the regular screen magnifier, this unit is a more versatile unit that includes Bluetooth speakers, adjustable phone stand, and a 3D display magnifier. Thanks to the advanced optics, this unit magnifies the display up to three times larger while still delivering a bright HD picture.

It boasts of an advanced acrylic Fresnel lens that delivers superior UV radiation protection. It enlarges the screen to a decent size, which prevents visual fatigue, which develops after focusing on a small screen for long durations. The Vivid images also enjoy the videos, mobile games stereo feeling.

With this unit, you can also take advantage of the hands-free call answer function. When using Bluetooth, you can talk to your family and friends for hours. Better yet, this unit comes with a high capacity battery that allows you to use it for extended periods without recharging.

This multifunctional desktop gadget is also highly portable. Coming in a lightweight and foldable design, you can bring it wherever your adventure takes you. It is also easy to use and assemble, making it a great pick for indoor and outdoor use. Other features worth noting include the Bluetooth speakers, non-skid base, and wide compatibility with all Smartphones.

Key Features
  • Multifunctional 4 in 1 HD screen magnifier
  • Includes High-end Bluetooth speakers
  • Compatible with iOS and Android Smartphones
  • Protects your eye from fatigue and myopia
  • Convenient to use both indoors and outdoors
  • Simple, stylish, yet functional design
  • Comes equipped with a high capacity lithium-ion battery
  • The Bluetooth function allows for hands-free call answering
  • Doesn’t support phones with screens above 7 inches

WILEVLA 3D Phone Screen Magnifier is designed to make your life enjoyable. Its fancy design adds to your style while its incredible performance will make your life happier. It enlarges your phone’s screen up to four times, offering you enjoyable gaming and movie-watching experience. Moreover, this unit is compatible with all Smartphones.

7. Ambater12” Curved Screen magnifier

7. Ambater12'' Curved Screen magnifier

Powerful, sleek, and functional, the Ambater 12 inch curved screen magnifier is a perfect gift for music and movie lovers. This curved screen amplifier extends your phone’s screen size up to four times. By so doing, it converts it into a mini cinema that is suitable for watching movies, videos, or reading indoors and outdoors. The increased size is at par with your eye curvature, which eliminates the Blue-ray radiation and eye fatigue.

Bid the traditional designs goodbye and say hello to this upgraded design. The advanced 3D curved design adopts the HD zoom optics and blue-ray radiation protection. This provides an HD image at the same time minimizing the visual fatigue and discomfort.

The screen is also crafted from a premium Plexiglass lens and ABS environmentally friendly materials. The frame is forged from solid materials to ensure long-lasting service. Notably, this unit doesn’t require a battery, making it ideal to use outdoors.

In the same breath, this magnifier is incredibly foldable and lightweight. This allows you to bring it wherever you go without any hassle. The stand is also adjustable to different heights. This allows for a better view. Besides, the base is non-slip to ensure that your phone stays secure even when watching for hours.

Key Features
  • Advanced curved design with up to 4 times magnification power
  • Features HD blue ray radiation protection technology
  • Premium, ABS environmentally friendly material
  • It doesn’t require a battery
  • Compatible with Android and iOS Smartphones
  • Simple, stylish, and functional design
  • Folds into a compact size for easy portability
  • Safeguard your eye from excess fatigue and blue-ray radiation
  • Slightly higher price tag

The Ambater12” screen enlarger is designed to meet your needs. It is compatible with all Smartphones and enlargers the display up to times larger. This enables you to watch videos, read, and play games conveniently. More importantly, this unit protects your eyes from blue ray radiation damage and fatigue.

8. Enbar 12” Screen Magnifier

8. Enbar 12” Screen Magnifier

The Enbar screen magnifier is your ultimate solution to prevent visual fatigue. It comes handy especially when you are watching movies or playing mobile games. Instead of focusing on the small screen, this magnifier extends the display to four times the original size. This minimizes the fatigue involved in focusing on a small screen.

Better still, you don’t need to put the screen to your eyes. This ensures you will never have to deal with the glare that can also affect your eyesight’s wellbeing. Phones emit blue ray radiation, which could worsen your eyesight gradually. Luckily, with this magnifier, you can enjoy your games, videos, and movies without putting your vision in jeopardy.

Also important, this unit makes use of the HD acrylic Fresnel lens materials that display HD images. Different from other models that sacrifice the image quality, this unit manages to keep the image quality intact. The HD zoom optical technology is also easy on your eyes, allowing you to watch your favorite shows for hours.

Similar to other high-end screen magnifiers, this unit also comes with universal compatibility. This means that it is compatible with your preferred Smartphone brands. Moreover, it doesn’t require a battery, so you should never be bothered since you don’t need to recharge it.

Key Features
  • Offers triple to fourfold magnification
  • Premium magnification lenses and frame
  • Lightweight, portable and compatible with all Smartphones
  • Includes a solid, height-adjustable and foldable phone stand
  • The magnification enhances your viewing experience at the same time minimizing fatigue
  • Prevents Blue-ray radiation and glare
  • Comes at a fair price
  • Decent 12-inch size
  • The carrying case feels somewhat flimsy

Whichever Smartphone you have, the Enbar screen magnifier will serve you right. It has a rugged design and requires no battery. This makes it a great pick for outdoor use. More importantly, the design fits your eye curvature to ensure optimal comfort when watching movies, videos or reading.

9. Junrbx12″ Screen Magnifier

9. Junrbx12" Screen Magnifier

The Junrbx screen magnifier provides you with the best experience for watching your favorite movies, videos, and playing mobile games. This screen amplifier enlarges your phone 2 to 4 times and enables you to watch in ultra HD and 3D. Dissimilar from other models on the market, this unit comes with smart HD zoom optical technology that ensures absolute clarity. This technology also eliminates glare that contributes to eye fatigue.

In the same breath, the acrylic Fresnel lens also filters the blue-ray radiations that are harmful to your eyesight. The frame is made from solid wood to ensure optimal performance and durability. Another lovely feature we love about this unit is the height-adjustable phone holder. This allows you to select the optimal height.

Also important, this unit is compatible with most Smartphones. The universal fit is crucial, as you don’t have to have a specific Smartphone model or brand to use it. This model works with most android and iOS operated Smartphones. Also, the durable stand breaks down easily to fit in a compact carrying case included. Coupling this with the lightweight design makes this unit a must-have gadget for anyone looking for advanced convenience.

Additionally, this unit provides you with a hands-free and convenient position to enjoy your movies and games. It is a great pick for kids and adults alike. Thus, if you are looking for a gift for a friend or a family member, then this is a great pick. Moreover, this unit doesn’t use a battery, making it not only great for indoor but also outdoor use.

Key Features
  • Advanced HD lenses deliver more dynamic and realistic HD pictures
  • Rugged and lightweight design makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Adopts the 3D screen design and doesn’t require a battery to function
  • Delivers ultimate Radiation and UV protection
  • It magnifies your Smartphone’s screen for up to four times
  • Reduces eye fatigue, allowing you to watch movies for longer
  • Lightweight, foldable design for enhanced portability
  • Wide application thanks to the universal fit
  • It is not compatible with tablets

From first glance, you are bound to fall in love with this unit. Unlike other models, that come with a flimsy build, this unit boasts of solid design and attractive look. It includes all the latest technology to ensure optimal performance and durability. The best part is that it offers a larger view of your Smartphone and is compatible with all phone brands. Thanks to the innovative design, you can use it for watching movies, reading, as well as playing mobile games.

10. M&H Boutique 12″ Screen Magnifier for Smartphones

10. M&H Boutique 12" Screen Magnifier for Smartphones

Do you find your screen too small that you feel irritated or overly fatigued when watching a long video? Alternatively, would you love to spice up your entertainment when traveling? Pick these screen magnifiers from M&H Boutique to end your woes. Besides, the best part is that it comes at a budget-friendly price. The device boasts of an ultra HD screen that offers exquisite viewing experience.

This magnifier extends the screen size to fourfold, helping to relieve visual fatigue and discomfort associated with focusing on small screens for extended periods. We love the universal fit that makes it compatible with almost any Smartphone. Better still, this unit functions as a phone projector screen making it effective in extending the display.

Equally, this ruggedly designed screen magnifier is easy to use virtually anywhere. It is made from ABS materials and features a 3D screen, making it ideal for indoors and outdoors use. Speaking of outdoor use, this unit is lightweight and folds into a compact size for enhanced portability.

Moreover, this unit comes with a universal design. This makes it ideal for all Smartphones. As if this is not enough, the magnifier boasts of optical lenses that ensure ultra HD videos. Additionally, the phone holder features a non-skid base and has an adjustable height.

Key Features
  • Magnifies the display triple to fourfold size
  • Compatible for iOS and Android phones
  • Premium construction ensures optimal performance and durability
  • No power supply needed
  • Rugged yet lightweight design for enhanced portability
  • Modern design that blends well with your style
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Eliminated eye fatigue and blue-ray radiations
  • The phone stand could benefit from a slip-resistant floor to ensure the phone stays in place

If you are working with a limited budget, the makes a great pick. It works perfectly with all Android phones and iPhones. Despite the budget-friendly price, this unit has managed to include all the crucial features. Besides reducing eye fatigue, it also prevents Blue-ray radiation. What’s more, this unit is ruggedly constructed and lightweight enough for outdoor use.

The Best Screen Magnifiers | Buying Guide

Undoubtedly, getting the best screen magnifier is crucial for anyone who spends a lot of time with his or her phones. From watching movies, reading novels, or playing mobile games, each of the above-reviewed models will suit your needs. To assist you in making a more informed decision, go through the following buying tips.

Is it compatible with your phone?

Obviously, you need a screen magnifier that works with your phone. Fortunately, most of these screen magnifiers work with most phones, regardless of the operating system. However, it doesn’t hurt double-checking. Check to see whether the brand and version of the phone you have is supported.

What about the design?

We all have our priorities, right? Well you should also ensure that you pick a model that suits your needs. Here you should look at various things from its outlook to functionality. When it comes to the look, you can pick from the modern design to classic design, depending on what you want. On the other hand, you will need to decide whether you want a battery-powered model or models that don’t need a battery.

Is it Portability?

Chances are that you will love carrying this device. It makes a great entertainment system for your travels. Therefore, you should ensure that you pick a model that is lightweight enough. It should be also made from rugged materials to ensure premium performance indoors and outdoors. We recommend going for a model that is folded into a compact size, allowing you to carry it wherever you go.


The best screen magnifiers are cool devices that enable you to have fun indoors and outdoors. They help you transform your Smartphone into a handy entertainment system for watching movies, watching music videos, reading, as well as playing games. To protect your eyes from fatigue and radiation that is associated with using your phone for extended periods. We hope that our detailed guide on the best models available on the market today will assist you in picking a model that works for you. All the best!

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