Top 10 Best Rolling Trimmers in 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

If you have ever tried to use scissors to trim your photos, flyers, or invitation cards, you probably unsatisfied by the rough edges left behind. Even worse, cutting multiple postcards using scissors is a backbreaking task. The best rolling trimmers are smart investments for any photographer, Office professional, avid DIYers, and graphic designers. These machines will enable you to process large amounts of paper quickly. Better still, these machines enable you to cut papers accurately.

Unlike other paper trimmers, the rolling paper cutter will also enable you to cut multiple sheets at a time. They also work well for chipboard, plastic sheets, and other thick materials. This will save you both time and energy. Also important, are safer alternatives to guillotine paper cutters. Different from these models, rotary trimmers have the blade encased in a rugged head to prevent accidents. This unit is also easy to maintain thanks to its self-sharpening blades. To assist you in selecting your ideal rolling trimmer, we have reviewed the best selling models in the market. Go through the guide carefully and choose the model that meets your needs.

Best Rolling Trimmers – [Reviews & Buying Guide]

1. Fiskars Procision Rotary Bypass Trimmer

1. Fiskars Procision Rotary Bypass Trimmer

Stand from your competitors and deliver exemplary results using this paper trimmer. Fiskars Procision is an ideal rotary bypass trimmer that works best for anyone looking for a good medium volume rolling paper trimmer. This professional series trimmer is perfect for both home and office use. One of the stands out features with this unit is the unique dual rail system that ensures precise cut even for thick materials.

Thanks to the added versatility, this unit will also work perfectly for DIY projects where you’ll need to cut thick materials. The machine comes equipped with a rotary blade that stays sharp for years. This means you’ll not have to worry about replacing it. It also has an inbuilt smudge guard that ensures straight, accurate cuts.

Speaking of precision cuts, this trimmer also features grid line measurements on both the top and bottom of the smudge guard. This provides you with a large 14” blade deck both to your right and left. By so doing, the unit provides you with the flexibility you need to cut your desired size effectively.

Also important, this unit comes in a folding design. This ensures that it takes minimal space, making it not only easy to transport but also store. Thanks to the heavy-duty blade, the trimmer enables you to cut through foam, chipboard, burlap paper, and cork as well as cardstock layers. The rubberized feet also ensure enhanced stability.

Key Features
  • Comes with a dual rail system that ensures straight cuts
  • Equipped with heavy-duty and razor-sharp blades
  • Have guide measurements for precise cuts
  • The rubberized feet that it doesn’t skid
  • Ideal for cutting thick DIY materials
  • Versatile for both right and left-handed users
  • Has a foldable deck for easier portability and storage
  • The blades do not need sharpening or replacing
  • None found

Employees, colleagues, as well as enthusiast DIYers, will have no excuse for sloppy work with the Fiskars Procision Rolling Trimmer. With a professional design, you will have an easier time when cutting papers, chipboards, cork, and other materials. Moreover, this unit boasts of clear grid lines, making it versatile enough for both left and right-handed users.

2. CARL Heavy-Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer

2. CARL Heavy-Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer

With its heavy-duty, self-sharpening blade, coupled with precision printed measuring grade and scale, Carl paper trimmer makes an at home or office solution. With it, making flyers, invitations, memos, and handouts is now easy. For starters, this heavy-duty rotary trimmer has a locking rail mechanism and an impressive cutting capacity. Unlike the mediocre products, this unit cuts up to 36 sheets at the same time.

It features a solid metal base that is calibrated with an easily visible measuring scale and alignment grid for common sized objects. As if this is not enough, this unit comes with a magnetic paper guide, which is useful especially when making repetitive cuts.

Another handy feature that comes with this unit is the storage compartment. This compartment enables the store and organizes your blades. At this juncture, it is worth noting that this unit comes with various cutting blades to meet your needs. Unlike other models, this unit also includes spare perforating blade, a straight blade, as well as a cutting mat.

Equally, the heavy-duty blade is not only strong enough to cut a pile of paper but also enables you to cut various materials including photo paper, chipboard, cardstock as well as plastic sheets. Additionally, this unit comes with a locking rail mechanism that ensures that your material is held firmly to allow for precise and easy cuts.

Key Features
  • The heavy-duty cutting blade cuts up to 36 sheets of paper
  • Comes with a spare cutting mat, perforation blade, and straight blade
  • Has a magnetic paper guide that allows for easy repetitive cuts
  • Equipped with an effective magnetic paper guard
  • The metal base is well calibrated to ensure precision
  • Heavy-duty construction makes it ideal for demanding applications
  • Decent 18 inch makes it ideal for cutting the papers in various sizes
  • Designed to cut other tough materials such as plastic sheets and cork
  • Slightly expensive but worth every penny

If you are looking for a professional rotary paper trimmer that is ideal to use for both your office and home, then this is a great pick. It boasts of solid construction, giving it advanced cutting capacity. This makes it not only ideal for cutting ordinary paper but also other materials such as cork, photo paper, as well as plastic sheets.

3. Dahle 552 Professional Rotary Trimmer

3. Dahle 552 Professional Rotary Trimmer

Why waste your hard-earned money on something that you will rarely use? Well, the Dahle 552 Rotary Trimmer is a versatile professional paper cutter engineered to ensure fast and precise cutting. This unit boasts of a 20” cut length, which is decent to handle various applications. The unit features a solid cutting board and a rotary mechanism, which not only simplifies the process but also enhances your precision.

As expected from a high-end machine, this unit boasts of a self-sharpening blade that is capable of cutting in both directions. The heavy-duty blade slices through papers and other materials effortlessly and handles a decent capacity. This will allow you to cut up to thirty paper sheets at a go. More importantly, the blade requires no maintenance and lasts for a lifetime, so you don’t have to worry about replacing it.

Another exciting feature that comes with this unit is the dual barrel guide bar. This feature amplifies its strength, enabling it to handle other materials such as burlap papers, cork, and plastic sheets. There is also the automatic clamp that prevents shifting, allowing you to make precise, straight cuts.

For your safety, the blade is encased in a protective casing. This ensures that your fingers will not meet the razor-sharp blade. Notably, this unit also features an automatic clamp that provides even pressure; this ensures that your cutting materials do not shift as you cut through. Moreover, the baseboard is well labeled in common measurements, allowing you to cut your desired size in a jiff.

Key Features
  • Equipped with self-sharpening blade
  • Has an automatic clamping system that prevents the papers from shifting
  • Features an aluminum guide that offers strength when cutting thick materials
  • Offers a decent 20” cutting length and well-labeled baseboard
  • The non-skid base ensures stability and strength
  • Ideal for cutting various materials and rated to cut 20 sheets of paper
  • The blade cuts in both directions
  • Ideal for home, office, and commercial use
  • A bit heavier than other models

Every photo, document, flyer, and invitation card is cut with precision when using Dahle 550 professional rolling trimmer. The screened guide enables make straight and angled lines to suit your needs. It also features a side ruler that enables you to make creative designs with ease. Besides making a perfect choice for avid DIYers, this unit is also great for photographers and office professionals.

4. Fiskars 154470-1002 LED SureCut Rotary Paper Trimmer

4. Fiskars 154470-1002 LED SureCut Rotary Paper Trimmer

Fiskars 154470-1002 LED sure cut rotary trimmer is another lovely trimmer designed to make trimming your photos, cards, and regular papers easy. The stand out feature that makes this unit stand out is the LED guideline that enhances your precision. Unlike other models, this unit illuminates the cutting line enabling you to get precise measurements easily.

With it getting straight lines is not a problem. Besides the illuminated guide, this unit also comes with a solid board that has a permanent ruler and angle measurement indicated. This makes it easy to make multiple cuts on different materials including chipboards and other thick sheets. As expected this is a heavy-duty unit designed to enable you cut up to ten sheets of paper.

Similarly, this unit is equipped with a high-end blade that requires no sharpening or replacement. The self-sharpening blade is useful as it ensures a long-lasting service without the need to replace it. Additionally, this unit has a locking design that ensures that the papers do not move as you cut.

This unit is also a great pick for people who love traveling outdoors. It is one of the few foldable rolling trimmers available. This makes is very easy to carry to your destination. The compact design also makes it easy to store. Moreover, this unit comes with a solid metal base for enhanced durability and stability.

Key Features
  • Has an illuminated LED guideline for enhanced precision
  • Solid base and grid cutting mat ensures that the papers do not move
  • It cuts through 10 sheets of papers without leaving rough edges
  • The solid base folds in half for easy portability
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Enables you to cut straight, precise cuts
  • Provides enough space to make the most popular cuts
  • It is well labeled to enhance your accuracy
  • It struggles when cutting more than sheets since the LED light is not visible

If you are looking for a high-quality paper trimmer that is portable, then this model meets your needs. It is ruggedly built, foldable and lightweight. Besides the solid base, it also comes with rubber feet that increase the overall stability. More importantly, the LED guideline ensures the best in class precision.

5. Dahle 507 Personal Rolling Trimmer

5. Dahle 507 Personal Rolling Trimmer

A heavy duty-rolling trimmer is great; however, at times you may need to make a few posters, flyers, or invitation cards. While a heavy-duty trimmer may help you to do this faster, a personal rolling trimmer is a perfect pick since it will also enable you to accomplish the work done. Also, it does so without costing too much space. The Dahle 507 is the best rolling trimmer for people looking for a model to handle simple everyday needs or occasional tasks such as making wedding/birthday invitational cards.

Don’t mistake the simple design for weakness. Just because the unit isn’t built to handle heavy-duty applications doesn’t mean in any way that it sacrifices its performance. Similar to other high-end models this unit comes with a heavy-duty carbide rotary blade. This ensures fast and precise cuts every time you use it.

Still, on the blade, the Dahle 507 comes with a self-sharpening blade that cuts in both directions. This feature is especially important since you don’t have to worry about replacing the blade. With that said, this unit is not only easy to maintain but also economical to use. The blade has a rugged protective casing for enhanced protection.

Equally, this unit boasts of an automatic clamp that secures the papers in place. This ensures that the papers do not shift when cutting. With this feature, you can always be sure of a smooth glide and even edges. What’s more, this unit comes with a sturdy metal base that offers a solid foundation.

Key Features
  • German engineered to ensure best in class durability and accuracy
  • It is equipped with self-sharpening blades
  • Has automatic clamp to prevent the papers from shifting
  • Comes with a solid, metal base
  • The blade has a rugged housing to enhance your safety
  • Despite the simplistic design, it cuts up to seven papers at a time
  • Comes at a budget-friendly price
  • Rugged, easy to use and portable
  • Some parts are made of plastics, but it still withstands repeated use

Factoring all the smart design and advanced features in this rotary paper cutter is worth your money. We love the fact that it is capable of completing the most basic needs. This makes it not only ideal for home but also for a small office. The unit also works great for photographers and graphic designers looking for a simple yet efficient rolling trimmer for personal use.

6. Cutterpillar Crop Paper Trimmer

6. Cutterpillar Crop Paper Trimmer

If you are looking for the perfect paper trimmer that you can carry everywhere, then the cutterpillar paper trimmer will suit your need. It boasts of a gear-driven rotary blade, which makes precision cuts through any photo or stock paper. Besides, the best part is that you can carry it wherever your adventures take you. This unit comes in a lightweight and compact design, making it not only easy to store but also carry.

Still, on portability, this is the best choice for people who love traveling. Graphic designers, photographers, and artists will love having this unit in their arsenal. Different from other models on the market, this unit has a 6.5” base and a 17” extending ruler. This means despite the compact design it enables you to cut different sizes and shapes.

Precision trimming for everyday use; this is one of the few models that comes with an LED backlight that illuminates the cutting line. This will ensure absolute accuracy when trimming your photos, paintings, cards, and any other paper. Better still the LED light shines bright through most papers except for the thick dark materials.

When it comes to capacity, this unit doesn’t have the capacity of other heavy-duty models but it does a great job considering its size. It has the capacity of cutting up to seven paper sheets and up to four sheets of thicker card stock. This is great since you don’t have to cut each paper at a time, saving you time and energy.

Key Features
  • It is equipped with a gear-driven rotary blade
  • Has a bright LEED backlight that enlightens the cutting line
  • Comes with a clear side ruler with both metrics and imperial units
  • Lightweight, portable and large enough to accommodate papers that are up to 12” wide
  • Provides precision and quality you can depend on
  • Ideal for photographers, graphic designers, and office professionals
  • Ultra-precise and ideal for trimming photo papers, papers, and card stocks
  • It gets the job right fast and with best in class precision
  • The LED light is not visible on dark or thick materials

Scrapbookers, photographers, office professionals, and graphic designers alike will love using this paper trimmer. Despite the compact design, the unit still manages to include a rotary blade for enhanced precision. The blade is super sharp and doesn’t lose the edge for long. This means you never have to worry about replacing it. Better still, this unit will accommodate paper sizes that are up to 24 inches in length. This makes it large enough to handle the A2 landscape.

7. Rotatrim RC RCM12 Professional Paper Cutter/ Trimmer

7. Rotatrim RC RCM12 Professional Paper Cutter/ Trimmer

Rotatrim RC is a delightful professional paper trimmer that boasts of a simple yet versatile design that is capable of cutting through any paper along straight or angled lines. This unit boasts of a heavy-duty blade that doesn’t get blunt easily. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about constant blade replacement for constant use.

Get exceptional accuracy at the comfort of your home, office, or studio with this precision-engineered paper cutter. This unit is capable of cutting most materials that are up to 3.0mm thick. Different from other models on the market, this unit offers you a flexible two-way cut thanks to the superb steel blade.

Forget the hassle of replacing the blade now and then, this unit comes with a Sheffield steel self-sharpening blade. It also boasts of dual chrome steel guide rails that remove the need of a swivel head. At the same time, this guide rail provides a smooth gliding action to ensure precise cuts.

More importantly, it is hard to beat the versatility that comes with this unit. It is your ultimate companion tool for making wedding invitation cards, craft projects, greeting cards, as well as trimming your flyers, posters, etc. this makes it ideal for home, school, and office. We also love the lightweight design, which makes it easy to carry. Moreover, the blade works only when you press it so you don’t have to worry about your kid’s safety.

Key Features
  • Equipped with a self-sharpening precision steel blade
  • Large enough to accommodate 24” paper in length
  • Comes with dual chrome steel guide rails for enhanced strength and precision
  • Provides a flexible two-way cut and a smooth gliding action
  • Made using the finest materials to ensure strength and precision
  • The well-calibrated rulers ensure easy cutting
  • It cuts all paper types and other flexible materials that are up to 3.0mm thick
  • The blade doesn’t need sharpening
  • Not ideal for people working with a tight budget

The RCM24 professional paper trimmer machine comes in handy when you are looking to cut/resize any type of paper. Whether you are creating a memo for your employees, resizing photos, or making invitation cards, this unit will suit your needs. The tool is equipped with a self-sharpening blade that cuts through various materials effortlessly.

8. Swingline Rotary Paper Cutter

8. Swingline Rotary Paper Cutter

Swingline rotary paper cutter is a perfect combination of performance and versatility. It boasts of a contemporary design, which delivers unparalleled flexibility and performance. Of the other models that we have reviewed, this unit seems to excel best when it comes to construction. As its name suggests, it utilizes a heavy-duty rotary blade that ensures precise trimming.

The most exciting feature is probably the large sturdy metal base. Dissimilar from other models that have a wooden base, this unit is made of sturdy metal, making it ideal for people looking for a heavy-duty paper trimmer. While the trimmer comes in various cutting lengths, this specific model has a 15-inch cutting length.

This makes it an ideal choice for everyday trimming to complex projects. The unit is capable of handling even oversized documents. It also priorities your safety thanks to the concealed rotary trimmer. Also important, the trimmer can chop up to 30 sheets in a single smooth pass.

This is a welcomed feature especially for individuals who are looking to handle large projects. Additionally, the trimmer comes with a dual scale ruler, which will reasonably improve your accuracy. It indicates the measurements in both centimeters and inches for enhanced convenience.

Key Features
  • Comes with a large metal base
  • Has a 15-inch cutting length with is large enough to accommodate most projects
  • It has the capability of cutting up to 30 sheets
  • Equipped with a dual scale ruler with the measurements in both Inches and centimeter units
  • Heavy-duty construction ensures precise results for years
  • Comes with an inbuilt alignment grid
  • Perfect for use on oversized documents
  • Smart cut rotary trimmer provides superior performance
  • Replacement blades are sold separately

In terms of heavy-duty performance and accuracy, the Swingline rotary paper trimmer is hard to beat. This unit is designed to handle everyday tasks and complex tasks. With that said, it makes a decent choice to use in your home, office, school as well as for commercial purposes. As a bonus, you are also provided with a cutting mat which is useful in stabilizing the machine for enhanced accuracy.

9. H-E 24 Inch Manual Precision Rotary Paper Trimmer

9. H-E 24 Inch Manual Precision Rotary Paper Trimmer

Are you interested in a heavy-duty machine that you can use in your office, home, or school? Perhaps the H-E 24 inch rotary paper trimmer will meet your needs. This solid machine is designed to cut stacks of up to eight sheets of paper at once. By doing so, you will not only save your time but also effort. Also, it does not only cut regular paper; this model also cuts photo paper, chipboard, as well as other thick papers used to make cards.

And this is just the beginning; other numerous features make this unit stand out. For starters, it delivers commercial-grade quality at a fair price. You’ll love the superior rotary blade that retains the edge for years. The blade is made from sturdy carbide materials to ensure optimal performance for extended periods.

As a bonus, you are also provided with a spare carbide blade. This means even if the blade breaks, you will have a replacement within your reach. Another impressive capability is the 24-inch wide capability. This enables you to cut A2 sizes with ease. This makes it ideal for slicing posters, flyers, and making big cards.

More importantly, this unit boasts of heavy-duty construction. Unlike the mediocre products on the market, this unit makes use of sturdy materials that last for years. It is obvious that the machine will stand the test of time. Additionally, the unit comes with rubber feet to ensure stability during use.

Key Features
  • High-end rotary paper cutter with automatic paper fixing function
  • Heavy-duty blade stays sharp for years
  • Has an inch and centimeter-scale for enhanced accuracy
  • Smooth glide ensures precise cuts with no rough edges
  • It is capable of cutting up to eight sheets of regular papers
  • Has a decent cutting width of up to 36 inches making it ideal for various applications
  • Weighing only 11lbs, this unit is easy to transport
  • Also includes an extra carbide rotary blade
  • Some wish it could handle more sheets of paper

When coming up with this rotary trimmer, H.E thought pretty about everything. It comes in a decent size and is capable of handling more than just cutting regular paper. The unit is ideal for trimming pictures, making cards as well as flyers. We also love the solid construction and safety features which makes it not only deliver professional results but also safe to use.

10. United RT26 26″ Rotary Paper Trimmer

10. United RT26 26" Rotary Paper Trimmer

Office professionals, graphic designers, and photographers looking to get their hands on a reliable rotary cutter don’t need to look further. The United’s RT26 paper trimmer is designed to bring you unmatched durability, accuracy, and safety. This is a rugged trimmer with the capability co slicing through up to 15 sheets at a time. As expected with any other premium rolling paper trimmer this model comes with a high-end blade that ensures accurate cuts.

Notably, this unit features a locking rail mechanism that ensures that your papers remain secured. This allows for a smooth glide, that ensures smooth, even edges. And, you can cut a pack of papers at the same time. As mentioned, this unit is rated to handle up to 15 sheets of paper. It can also cut thick papers such as photo papers, and chipboards.

Another crucial feature we love in this model is the paper gauge that allows you to make repetitive cuts. This feature comes in handy when making multiple cuts, and reduce the time you will need to keep readjusting the papers.

In the same breath, this unit comes with a heavy-duty baseboard that ensures that the materials you are cutting are held tightly. It also comes with an easy to read ruler and alignment grid that simplifies the process even further. The preset measurements include the most common sizes although you can easily customize to suit your needs.

Key Features
  • It is equipped with a self-sharpening rotary blade
  • The blade is housed in a rugged cutting head for enhanced safety
  • Comes with a rugged steel base
  • Has a locking side guide for easy alignment
  • It cuts up to fifteen sheets at a time
  • Comes with a precise alignment grid
  • Large enough to handle most cutting needs
  • Superior construction ensures enhanced performance
  • It is not foldable although the slim design occupies minimal space for storage

The United RT26 trimmer makes precise cuts thanks to the unique rail system and self-sharpening blade. With this model, you will never have to worry about replacing your blades. Even better, the blade is sharp enough to handle up to 15 sheets of paper and other hard materials such as chipboards. You can also slice through laminated items, card stock, and other materials without any problems.

The Best Rolling Trimmers | Buyer’s guide

We aim to ensure that you get the right product for your needs. While each of the above models will meet your needs, it is important to ensure that you get the most appropriate choice depending on your needs. The following buying tips will enable you to narrow down your choice.

The blade type

It goes without saying, a good rolling trimmer needs to have a high quality, sharp blade. A high-end blade will not only increase the trimmer’s efficiency but also enables you to get precise cuts. We recommend going for a model with a self-sharpening blade. This will eliminate the need for having to replace them quite often. Additionally, a sharp blade is capable of cutting multiple sheets at a time.

Does it meet your needs

You’ll need to consider various things before making your selection. Remember these trimmers aren’t made equal. For a starter, think of the workload. Here you’ll need to consider the number of sheets you typically need to cut. You also need to think of the material thickness. Doing so will enable you in picking a model that works for you perfectly.

Pick a durable model

Also, make sure that you pick a durable model. As you can tell from the above models, these units do not come cheap. Therefore, it is crucial to pick a model that delivers a service that you can depend on for years. To do so, ensure that the unit is made from solid materials. We recommend avoiding any model with plastic parts. Rather, go for a model made from sturdy materials such as wood or metal.


There are numerous benefits to owning the best rolling trimmers. Whether you are Photographers, graphic designers, and office professionals the above-rated paper trimmers will come to your aid. Unlike the guillotine paper trimmers, rotary paper trimmers are easier to use, economical, and safe. While it will depend on your workload and your budget, you will not go wrong with any of the products reviewed in this guide. Happy shopping!

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