Top 10 Best Projection Clocks in 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Turning in the middle of the night to check the time on your phone is quite inconveniencing. Furthermore, the light emitted by your phone can literally chase away sleep from your eyes. Well, the last thing you want is to wake up the next morning feeling tired. That’s why we urge you to go for a projection clock. A projection clock is no ordinary clock. It projects the time onto the wall or ceiling to allow for easy viewing. In the following top 10 best projection clocks reviews, we have discussed the best-selling brands comprehensively to ensure easy buying.

Best Projection Clocks – [Reviews & Buying Guide]

1. Magnasonic Projection Clock with Radio

1. Magnasonic Projection Clock with Radio

We live in the 21st century where what matters are reliability, modernity, and convenience. This projection alarm clock is the real symbol of all of these. It is an advanced clock that automatically sets the date and time to provide you with accurate results every time. As if that’s not enough, this clock saves all your settings during a power outage.

You will be always on time when you have it. Simply specify your time zone and it will provide you with accurate information even when you experience a power outage. And when it comes to waking you up, the alarm clock does it in a nice way. It ensures you wake up to your favorite radio station. Besides, this alarm clock has sleep, nap, and snooze functions.

We are impressed with the fact that the LCD display of this alarm clock is dimmable. This means you can adjust it to meet your brightness preference. We also think the price of this alarm clock is amazing, especially for what it does.

It is available in two finishes; black and white. Both of these finishes are impressive and will blend with your existing fixtures and décor. Additionally, this alarm clock is CETL, ETL, and FCC/ICES certified. It is a safe unit that has been rigorously tested and approved by the relevant bodies for quality. The frequency range of the AM is from 520 – 1710 KHz, whereas for FM is from 88.0 – 108.0MHz.

Key Features
  • 3.6-inch blue LCD display: It is large enough to let you clearly view the date and time as well as the temperature.
  • Dimmer options: They include high, low, and off. They allow you to reduce the brightness of the screen.
  • Auto dimmer feature: Makes it possible to disable the screen completely for nighttime use.
  • 3.5mm Aux audio input: Allows you to listen to your favorite music via an iPad, iPhone or Android device.
  • Dual alarm feature: Lets you set separate wake times.
  • Decent and works as advertised
  • The clock has tons of features
  • Instructions are relatively easy to read
  • The radio works as promised
  • Setting the date, time, and alarms is a breeze
  • The projected image cannot be adjusted from vertical to horizontal

2. Mesqool Projection Alarm Clock for Bedroom

2. Mesqool Projection Alarm Clock for Bedroom

Mesqool is happy to introduce to you this sleek projection clock. Like the first clock on our, this unit is packed with lots of great features so you can enjoy using it to the fullest. It has an FM/AM radio, dimmer feature, alarm clock, and so on. What’s even better, these features do not seem to hike its price.

Using this projection clock is really easy. This is because you can automatically or manually scan FM radio frequency from 87.5 – 108MHz and AM radio frequency from 520 – 1710 KHz. It is worth noting that to enhance the radio signal, you need to extend the antenna to full length. Ideally, this clock allows you to preset 10 FM radio stations and 10 AM radio stations.

After doing that, all you need is a single tap to enjoy free music from your favorite radio station. So, whether you want to listen to weather forecasts, sports, morning talk shows, or get information about the traffic, look no further than this projection clock. It does more than just telling you the time.

The ultra-large screen of this projection clock is something. It makes it easy to view the time. We also like the fact that this clock allows you to charge your phone.

Key Features
  • 180-degree swivel projector: Projects non-obtrusive and clear time on the ceiling or wall.
  • 7-inch white LED display: It is incredibly large to allow for easy reading even when you are far away from the clock.
  • Three optional dimming levels: They allow you to get comfortable brightness that will not disturb your sleep.
  • Dual alarms: They make the clock suitable for you and your partner.
  • Adjustable alarm volume: The alarm volume ranges from 1 – 15 with level 15 producing sound up to 80dB; making it perfect for heavy sleepers.
  • Auto-off sleep timer: Ensures that the radio turns off automatically after the specified time. It is activated by pressing the sleep button.
  • The price is fair
  • Setting up the clock is a cakewalk
  • The ultra-large 7-inch screen is a bonus
  • The projection has focus and is adjustable
  • The dimmer feature is a plus
  • The speaker of the radio is a little too small

3. SMARTRO Digital Projection Alarm Clock – SC31B – with Weather Station

3. SMARTRO Digital Projection Alarm Clock – SC31B – with Weather Station

People have a tendency of having the best bed there is in their bedroom as well as giving the same bedrooms the best décor one can ever think of. But where most fail or rather tend to forget is to add a clock meant for the bedroom. That’s why we have taken this opportunity to introduce you to one of the digital projection alarm clocks.

Aside from being an alarm clock, this unit is a weather station. And this means you will be essentially getting two items in one when you spend money on it. Best of all, the manufacturer has not taken advantage of this thoughtful design to put a hefty price tag on this clock. It is an affordable clock that you do not need to break the bank to acquire.

The weather station is obviously a great feature that makes this projection clock adorable. There is also an 8-color cycle for the backlit.

What’s more, this projection clock boasts battery backup, which ensures that the settings are not lost in case of a power outage. That is the sole role of the battery backup. It does not power the clock. Instead, the clock is AC powered for permanent projection and time display. The clock comes in a deluxe box, and this makes it a perfect gift idea.

Key Features
  • 5V/1.2A USB output interface: Allows you to charge your iPhone or Android cellphones.
  • 3-inch backlit LCD screen: It may not be the largest screen but it displays decently-sized numbers.
  • Compact design: Ensures this projection clock takes up as little space as possible.
  • Four brightness modes: They include light, medium, low, and out. They make sure your preference is met.
  • Loop & Rainbow function: Allows you to select your favorite color for the backlit.
  • Weather station: Predicts the weather for the next 12 hours. It also provides information about the barometric and temperature trends.
  • Extremely easy to set up
  • Works as advertised after the setup
  • Customer service is excellent
  • The projection on the ceiling/wall is bright and sharp
  • Displays indoor and outdoor temperatures on the ceiling/wall
  • The backlight is pretty bright even at the lowest setting

4. PICTEK 15 FM Radio Projection Alarm Clock for Bedrooms Ceiling

4. PICTEK 15 FM Radio Projection Alarm Clock for Bedrooms Ceiling

You can either buy this projection clock for yourself or get it as a gift for a loved one. It makes a stunning gift idea for everyone, including seniors and kids. It is well-thought-out and looks very sleek. Having said that, expect this projection alarm clock to make a statement in whichever room you will have it set up.

Moreover, this is a super versatile unit that will tell you the time, let you catch up with your favorite radio station, and, at the same time, wake you up. What impresses us when used as an alarm is that it wakes you up comfortably – not like regular alarm clocks that tend to make a lot of noise.

Another thing we must say is that this projection alarm clock can remember up to 15 FM preset stations. Ideally, its FM frequency is from 87.8 – 108.0MHz. There is an included 33” antenna to help improve signal reception. The projection alarm clock is available in 3 different colors to choose from. These are 1.white, White, and

But we must as well say that this alarm clock seems to provide FM stations only, unlike most models in the market that provide both FM and AM stations. We also think the price is a bit on the high side.

Key Features
  • 180-degree swivel projector: Projects clear time onto the ceiling or wall, thereby, ensuring ultimate convenience.
  • 4-level adjustable brightness: Brightness can be adjusted in 4 different levels, and these are bright, medium, dim, and off.
  • 5-inch large LED screen: Makes viewing a no-brainer by displaying everything in large sizes.
  • Curved design: It is sleek and contributes greatly to making the projection clock a nice addition to the bedroom.
  • Snooze function: Gives you 9 additional minutes before reminding you to wake up again.
  • Four optional alarm sounds and 3 adjustable volume levels: They ensure you wake up comfortably every morning.
  • The brightness is adjustable
  • Easy to use and has a stunning look
  • The projection is super crisp and clean
  • The projection flips 180 degrees at the touch of a button
  • The wake-up sounds are impressive
  • Instructions are quite hard to understand

5. SHANLONYI Projection Alarm Clock Radio for Bedrooms

5. SHANLONYI Projection Alarm Clock Radio for Bedrooms

This alarm clock can remember up to 10 stations. And this is amazing, considering that you will never have to search for your favorite stations every time you want to listen to the radio. Whether you want to know something about the weather forecast, sports or music, this alarm clock/radio will be reliable enough to provide you with it.

Its time format is in 12 hours; meaning the alarm clock is very easy to read and understand. Furthermore, the projection range of this alarm clock radio is from 7 – 10ft and the auto-off sleep timer is in several intervals, including 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, and off. Needless to say, you will find it really easy to settle on what best suits you.

The manufacturer produces this projection clock in two colors – White and Black. This means finding the color that blends well with your décor is a breeze. What’s more, we like the fact that the auto-off sleep timer is in multiple settings.

It is worth noting that this projection clock requires 2 AAA batteries. The batteries are not for powering it but rather for preventing it from losing the preset information should there be a power outage. The clock measures 8.3 by 1.4 by 3.4 inches and weighs 1.03 pounds. Based on the aforesaid measurements, it is safe to say that this clock does not take up much space.

Key Features
  • Dual AM/FM Radio: Provides you with both FM and AM stations. It ensures you are aware of the current situation before getting out of the house.
  • USB port: Charges Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, tablet, and smartphone. Best of all, it does that at a high speed.
  • 7-inch LED display screen: Large enough to make sure you have no problems at all viewing the time.
  • 3 bright settings: They ensure you get the preferred light intensity for a comfortable sleeping experience. The settings include low, medium, and bright.
  • Snooze feature: It gives you some extra time to enjoy your sleep before the alarm wakes you up again.
  • Prevents you from turning at night to see the time
  • Has an attractive look
  • Compact; hence, can fit almost anywhere
  • The digits projected onto the ceiling are clear and easy to read
  • Comes with an instruction manual and detachable power cord
  • Not the easiest to use

6. La Crosse Technology Pop-Up Projection Alarm Clock

6. La Crosse Technology Pop-Up Projection Alarm Clock

La Crosse Technology is a reputable manufacturer that is known across the globe for producing top-performing products like this projection alarm clock. As expected, this alarm clock is packed with lots of features that work in tandem to improve the overall performance. Some of these features are collapsible legs, indicators, alarm and snooze duration, and temperature display.

This projection alarm clock projects the current time onto the ceiling or wall. By so doing, the projection alarm clock eliminates the need to turn in order to view the time. It places it right where you will view the time the moment you open your eyes. Additionally, the alarm clock is very versatile and will make your life much easier than ever before.

The low price point of this unit cannot go unnoticed, especially when you consider that it is manufactured by a notable company.

The alarm clock comes with a 5.0-volt power cord so you can begin using it right out of the box. Ideally, the manufacturer recommends that you get 2 AAA batteries to prevent the clock from losing the preset programs because of a power outage. The alarm clock measures 6.5 by 2.6 by 1.8 inches and weighs 12.5 ounces.

Key Features
  • Projection button: When pressed, the light pops up and adjusts to the ceiling or wall viewing.
  • Collapsible legs: They make the projection alarm clock highly portable.
  • Rotation button: It changes the direction of the projection, thereby, promoting convenience.
  • Alarm and Snooze duration setting: The alarm feature enables the clock to wake you up at the pre-set time, whereas the snooze function all you to sleep for some extra minutes before the alarm wakes you up again.
  • Indicator function: Alerts you when the battery is low. It also lets you know of an active alarm.
  • USB charge port: Enables the projection clock to power your smartphone or other mobile devices.
  • Compact and easy to set up
  • The display looks amazing
  • The projection feature is very cool
  • The price is hard to beat
  • The light from the clock is decently bright
  • Would be better if the USB port was much stronger

7. Hosome Projection Alarm Clock for Bedroom, Office

7. Hosome Projection Alarm Clock for Bedroom, Office

One thing most people hate is straining to view the time. Fortunately, Hosome knows that, and, therefore, creates a cool projection alarm clock that allows you to view comfortably without straining or suffering from fatigue afterward. As if that’s not enough, the manufacturer produces this clock in different finishes to make sure there is something for everyone.

The alarm clock is powered both by an AAA battery and a USB port. These two power supply modes make the clock very reliable and perfect for daily use. The USB cable is included, which is great. You will, however, have to buy 3 AAA batteries because they are not included in the package. The price of this alarm clock is very affordable; meaning even when on a budget, you will still be able to purchase it without altering your financial plans.

What we like about this projection clock is that its time format is both in 12- and 24-hour system. We are also impressed with the humanized design.

The alarm of this clock is designed in such a way that you can set it to work every day but weekends. It is important to note that when this clock is powered by battery, the projection or backlight will automatically turn off after 5 seconds. Overall, this is a multifunctional clock that will make your everyday life a breeze.

Key Features
  • Snooze function: Allows you to sleep for 9 more minutes before the alarm wakes you up again.
  • 2-level volume adjustment: Makes it easy to set the clock at the preferred volume.
  • 3 adjustable projection brightness settings: They allow you to set a suitable brightness setting that is easy on your eyes.
  • 180-degree swivel projector: Makes the projection clock very convenient use by letting you set it at the right angle.
  • 4 adjustable backlight brightness settings: They also promote convenience by allowing you to enjoy a customized setting.
  • The projected time can be clearly seen on the ceiling
  • The brightness can be adjusted
  • The clock is easy to set up
  • The 2-volume settings are exceptional
  • The clock has two power supply modes
  • Would be better if the alarm gave more time between “beeps”

8. iRedBeau Projection Alarm Clock, Suitable for Night

8. iRedBeau Projection Alarm Clock, Suitable for Night

We love it when manufacturers promise to stand behind their products and offer the necessary support whenever assistance is needed. iRedBeau is one of the humblest manufacturers you have ever seen. It encourages the buyers of this alarm clock to contact immediately should there be an issue. And this should give you peace of mind knowing that your product is fully backed.

It’s not just the manufacturer that thrills us but also we are fully impressed with the overall performance of this projection alarm clock. It can memorize all settings should there be a power outage. This means when the power comes back, you will not need to change anything. Another reason why we like this projection clock is that it allows you to customize settings so you can get the results you want without a hassle.

But we feel that this projection clock would be much better had it been equipped with AM/FM radio. It only has FM radio but unlike other comparable products that have both FM and AM.

The time format of this projection clock is both in 12 and 24 hours, which is great, considering that most projection clocks in the same class only have their time formats in the 12-hour system. On the other, the clock’s sleep timer selections are 5, 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, and 90, which is great as well. Plus the optimal projection range of the clock is 2 – 3m (6.6 – 9.8ft).

Key Features
  • 18-month warranty: It shows that the manufacturer believes in the quality of the product.
  • AU mode: When pressed, the LED display will automatically enter the low brightness mode in the evening.
  • 180-degree swivel projector: Projects time clearly onto the wall or ceiling.
    Ultra-large 7-inch curved screen: Lets you read the time with ease even when you are far away.
  • Two separate alarm clocks: They make it possible to set the alarm at different periods.
  • Very simple and easy to use
  • Comes in handy at night
  • The projection can project both ways
  • The projection is super clear
  • Eliminates the need to wake up at midnight to check the time
  • The snooze and off buttons are a little too close to each other

9. LC.IMEEKE Projection Alarm Clock with 2 Alarm Sounds

9. LC.IMEEKE Projection Alarm Clock with 2 Alarm Sounds

You do not need to check the time on your phone in the middle of the night when a high-performance projection clock, like this unit, is on the market. It is available in numerous colors to choose from. These include Blue, White, and Red. The different color options make it easy to settle on your favorite color.

Like other projection clocks we have already reviewed, this unit comes with a radio, and it can remember up to 15 FM preset stations. This means you can save your favorite stations for easy access every time you want to listen to sports talk/news, morning talk, traffic, and many more. The FM frequency of the radio ranges from 76.0 – 108.0MHz.

Compared to other models in the same class, this projection clock is a little heavier. However, it is not overly heavy to the extent that it cannot be carried from place to place.

In general, we can say that this is a great projection clock with all the amazing and basic features. It works great, and that can be proven by the high ratings and reviews it has. What’s its price is within an affordable range for sweat-free buying experience. So, if you are looking for a night clock, this one fits the bill just fine.

Key Features
  • 182-degree swivel projector: Projects time clearly onto the ceiling and wall for easy viewing.
  • AU mode: Allows the clock to automatically adjust the brightness of the screen according to the light in the room.
  • Dual alarm: Separates the time you wake up from that of your partner.
  • Snooze function: Gives you 9 extra minutes to sleep before the alarm wakes you up again.
  • Sleep timer function: Lets you fall asleep to the radio. It automatically turns the radio off after the preset time.
  • Built-in backup battery: Enables the alarm clock to save the preset programs in case of a power outage.
  • The curved digital screen looks nice
  • The screen is large enough to allow for easy viewing
  • The brightness is spot on
  • Will prevent you from using your cellphone at night
  • Setting the time is quick and easy
  • For projection to work as advertised, you really need to focus it

10. SHANLONYI Projection Alarm Clock Radio for Bedrooms

10. SHANLONYI Projection Alarm Clock Radio for Bedrooms

Adults who want to get the perfect display of time in the bedroom should go for this alarm clock. It projects time up to 10ft; making sure you are able to see it clearly in the dark. Given its purpose, this projection alarm clock makes a stunning gift idea for school-going kids. They can use it as an alarm clock to wake up in a timely manner.

Although the projection clock is only available in two colors, they are outstanding colors, which blend nicely with any décor and existing fixture. Furthermore, this alarm clock has up to 10 preset stations. Well, this is not the highest number, but it is decent enough to meet your demands. You can turn the radio on to soothe you to sleep and, at the same time, activate the auto-off sleep timer so the radio can automatically turn off after a specified time.

The auto-off sleep timer of some projection alarm clocks starts at 5 minutes to 90 minutes. Unfortunately, the auto-off sleep timer of this particular unit starts at 10 minutes. Nonetheless, we do not think this is a major issue.

The time format of this unit is in the 12-hour system and the projection range is from 7’ – 10’. The unit weighs 15.2 ounces and measures 8.3 by 1.4 by 3.4 inches. What’s more, the alarm of this clock is so effective that it can be used by heavy sleepers. If convenience is all you are looking for, this projection alarm should not miss from your bedroom.

Key Features
  • 7-inch display: It is ultra-large to make sure you have an easy time viewing the numbers.
  • USB fast-charging port: Allows you to charge your cellphone or mobile devices quickly.
  • Digital AM and FM radio: Entertains while in bed waiting to catch sleep.
  • Snooze feature: Makes the projection clock a handy purchase for those slow to wake up.
  • Alarm sounds: The clock has two sounds; Radio and Buzzer. The buzzer is great for heavy sleepers.
  • Looks good on the nightstand
  • Comes with an instruction manual and detachable cord
  • Instructions are very easy to understand
  • The USB charging port is useful
  • Perfect for those who find it hard to wake up early
  • Programming is not very straightforward

Features of a Good Projection Clock

In this section, we bring you key features your projection clock should definitely have. They are;


LCD Display
It must be noted that a bad LCD display can make viewing difficult and quite frustrating. Therefore, make sure your clock is equipped with a large LCD display that allows for easy viewing even when you are far away.
Swivel Projector
The projector of your clock should rotate 180 degrees to allow you to set it at a better angle for quick and easy viewing. A projector that does not rotate can lead to a number of inconveniences, and this might go against the reasons why you bought the clock.
Battery backup
A good projection clock should be equipped with a battery backup that enables it to store all the preset programs in case of a power outage. By so doing, such a clock will spare you the hassle to set everything again once the power comes back.

Buyer’s Guide of the Best Projection Clocks

Before buying a projection clock, you must check out the following factors.

Ease of Use

Because of the many advanced features, a projection clock might be difficult to use. You may find that setting certain programs, such as the AM radio, is not straightforward. Therefore, make sure that before you purchase a unit, it is one that’s really simple to use.

Compact Design

A projection clock with a compact design is highly recommended because it does not take up so much space. Such a clock will fit nicely on your nightstand. Needless to say, do not settle on something bulky that is less portable and likely to cause inconveniences here and there.

Projection Range

Choosing a projection alarm clock with the widest projection range is the smartest buying move you can ever make. This is because the wider the projection range, the easier it is to focus and get clear time. Ideally, a wider projection range allows you to set the time on the ceiling and still view it without any issues.


Projection clocks are designed for bedrooms. They make life easier by eliminating the need to turn and reach for your phone every time you want to check the time. In the above article, we believe that we have written everything you need to know about these well-thought-out time-tellers. So, all you need to do is to read keenly and then choose what you think is suitable for your needs.

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