Top 10 Best Lift-Top Coffee Tables in 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Being a centerpiece for your living room, standard coffee tables are no longer enough for our homes. With the increased responsibility, you will need something that is not only attractive but also functional enough to cater for your daily needs. And, it doesn’t hurt finding something that offers you more versatility. Different from traditional coffee tables, the best lift top coffee tables offer you with advanced functionalities that you need in a modern home.

The lift top coffee tables boast of conventional design with the advantage of ingenious transitioning mechanisms. This allows you to convert it from a standard coffee table to an elevated workstation. This means besides having a place to keep your drinks as you enjoy your TV shows, these tables also transition into a workstation. This enables you to not only work from home but also dine with your guests at your sofa’s comfort. The height adjustment mechanism will also provide you with a hidden compartment where you can stow away your remote controls, magazines, books, and other essentials. This allows keep your space not only neat but also organized. So, among the multitudinous models on the market which are the best lift top coffee tables for your money? Let’s find out.

Best Lift-Top Coffee Tables – [Reviews & Buying Guide]

1. Sauder Carson Forge Coffee Table


Jazz up your living room with an enthralling finish with the Sauder Carson lift top table. It is loaded with perfect sturdiness and dimensions making it functional for most rooms. With superb design, this coffee table fits any interior décor. It’s beautiful finish coupled with a traditional look yet more functionality brings a classic vibe that you’ll love.

The best part is that you get a versatile working space and storage space. Its compact yet functional design will not only help you save space but also give you ample space to store your essentials. This means you no longer need to run to your study room to fetch your favorite novel. And, it is super functional too!

Unlike contemporary coffee tables, the upper part lifts-up and leans forward. This creates an elevated space that enables you to perform more tasks. It easily transforms into a work station where you can study, use your computer, draw, etc. better still, this unit boasts of solid construction as it infuses metal and hardwood construction. This ensures that you experience a lifetime service thanks to the unrivaled durability.

Beneath the lift top surface, you get a hidden storage compartment that enables you to stow aware all your home essentials. This includes book collections, board games, spare blackest, and other items that may clutter your space. It also comes has an open shelving that offers you additional storage or to let you display your home décor items such as picture frames.

Key Features
  • Top lift-up design to create a versatile work surface
  • Hidden storage space and open shelves for added storage space
  • Modern design with gorgeous accents
  • Solid hardwood and metal construction
  • Artistic design that blends well with your interior décor
  • Compact design while offering ample storage space
  • Beautiful finish blends well with your interior décor
  • Functional designs make it more just an average coffee table
  • None worth meaning

The Sauder Carson is about convenience and style all in one! It is time to bring a fresh breath of style to your room and get the much elusive functionality. This uniquely engineered coffee comes in a spacious top surface that lifts up and forward. By so doing, it creates a multipurpose workspace that enables you to work from home, surf the web from your laptop, and most importantly have your diner as you relax on your couch.

2. Yaheetech Coffee Table Lift Top


A good life-up coffee table ought to bring more than just functionality. Don’t get us wrong, functionality is important, but so is the stylish look. That is what you get with the Yaheetech coffee table. It boasts of a classic design that is not only functional but adds a touch of sophistication to your space. As expected the tabletop is easily lifted-up and forward to come with a versatile work surface.

The best part? Forget the ordinary lift top coffee tables, it has advanced mechanisms that enable the tabletop to be lifted or lowered down noiselessly and effortlessly. Equally, you don’t have to lean forward when using your laptop or dining as you relax on your couch.

Similarly, this ingeniously designed coffee table features a space saver that enables you to store your often-used items such as remotes, magazines, chess, laptops, etc. this space de-clutter your space at the same time keeping these essentials free from dirt. We also love the beautiful construction with the hand-finished veneers and attractive cast resin.

Trust you me, this table will serve you for years no complication whatsoever. The premium construction consists of certified MDF, sturdy wood legs a metal mechanism. This ensures a stable, solid structure that doesn’t wobble. Moreover, the chic color and clever design make it perfectly compatible with any room décor and style.

Key Features
  • Water-resistant Coated Surface
  • Spacious Storage Space including hidden compartment and open bottom shelves
  • Solid Metal Lift-up Mechanism
  • Hardwood table legs ensure optimal stability
  • It is made from premium construction materials
  • Offers ample storage space
  • Super easy to assemble
  • Lightweight, sturdy and portable
  • Some wish it could have more finishes

A great complement to any modern styling, the Yaheetech coffee table is just amazing! With an ingenious design coupled with premium construction materials, this table is not only stylish but also sturdy enough for enhanced convenience. Besides availing all the features that you need in a high-end lift- top coffee table, this unit is made from the finest grade materials to ensure a long-lasting performance.

3. AmazonBasic Coffee Table


The main attribute for just any AmazonBasics product is that it pairs the best features while retaining an affordable price tag. You can expect no less with this lift top storage coffee table. It’s a top recommendation for anyone looking to space without sacrificing functionality. This stylish and practical coffee table has a lift top that is easily adjusted to a suitable height. By so doing, you can dine, write, or use your laptop while relaxing on your couch.

What’s the real story? Well, unlike ordinary coffee table this model has a solid structure that is sturdy enough for daily use. As mentioned, the table has a smooth mechanism that lifts it up and forward. This creates a raised surface that enables you to work from home on a computer. Even better, this stunning piece makes a great home addition as it blends well with most interior décor.

Are you tired of ransacking the whole living room just to find your remotes? Alternatively, do you find your magazines, board games, and photo albums cluttering your space? It is time to keep your space neat and tidy by tucking away these essentials in the hidden compartment. And, this isn’t all; the table also comes with handy open shelves at the bottom. These enable you to display your photo portraits and souvenirs.

Made from hardwood, premium metal suspension systems, and solid wood stand, this table is a tough one. The entire surface is treated to ensure 100 percent water resistance. Equally, the smooth finish is not only eye-pleasing but also easy to clean.

Key Features
  • Sturdy wood and metal hardware for enhanced durability
  • Natural finish blends well with modern and traditional décor
  • Open shelves at the bottom offer additional space and display
  • Compact, lightweight, and seamless shape
  • Has an attractive smooth finish that is easy to clean
  • Elegant yet functional design
  • Comes at an affordable price tag
  • Easily fits the needs for all spaces
  • Open shelves, this could be a turn off for people who love enclosed storage cabinets in a lift-off table

Enjoy versatile and stylish home décor with this awesomely designed lift top coffee table from AmazonBasics. As expected, it boasts of sturdy wood construction and a smooth lifting mechanism to provide a useful space for storage, display, and working. Moreover, the ingenious design blends well with both modern and classic decors.

4. SUPER DEAL Coffee Table with Lift Top


Placed in front of a loveseat or a couch, the SUPER DEAL lift top coffee table adds a modern flair and functionality to any family room, living room, or office. Ingenuity at its best; the sleek design, high-end construction materials, and attractive finish complement any interior design. Its pop up top reveals a hidden storage space to stow away all your essentials. Most importantly, the top loft up and forward to create a functional workspace to dine, surf the web, or write as you relax on your sofa.

With a superb design and attractive finish, the table becomes the main highlight for your space. Its concise appearance catches your eyeballs easily. Besides the gorgeous design, it features a rectangular outlook with a large shelf at the bottom. This offers you a versatile space to display your collectible souvenirs, family photos, etc.

In the same breath, this unit also comes with a hidden compartment that enables you to keep your space tidy. Stowaway your remotes, magazines, throw blankets, gaming consoles, and other household essentials neatly. Along the same lines, the table takes minimal footprint, making it a perfect pick all rooms

Moving the table from one place is not a problem. While it has a beefy outlook, it is incredibly lightweight. Make no mistake, the lightweight design doesn’t mean there is any shortcut when it comes to construction. Actually, this unit boasts of solid wood construction and metal hardware.

Key Features
  • Solid particleboard construction with melamine veneer
  • Powder-coated iron frame
  • Open bottom shelves and hidden storage compartment
  • Sleek crossed iron base
  • Attractive, textured finish
  • Offer a perfect blend of versatility and fun
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable, spacious, and gorgeous design
  • The bottom shelve is not divided

If you are looking for a multi-use, space-saving table, then this is it. It comes in a modern inspired design that looks great in any space. Equally, the clever design makes it more just an average coffee table. You also get to enjoy the functionality that you need without crowding your space. Besides, thanks for the veneer finish, you simply need to wipe it clean to keep it looking in top shape for years.

5. Best Choice Products Coffee Table


Revamp your living space with a coffee table, which fuses classic style with contemporary design. The average is boring, and if you are looking for something that screams of style and functionality, this is it. It features three display shelves and a roomy compartment beneath its lid. This is a lift top coffee table, which transforms from a cute living room table to a functional work desk.

It is hard to keep your space neat and tidy when you have throw blankets, magazines, keys remotes, and other essentials lying over all your furniture. And this is where this table comes in. the concealed storage compartment under the top lid enables you to organize your space at the same time to keep all your essentials handy.

Similarly, everyone would appreciate a functional piece of furniture that serves more than one convenience. This cute coffee table is sure to make a center of attraction in your room. Besides the impressive look, you also get the functionality that you need in a small space. This model converts into a working station that you can use to work at home, write, or dine at your sofa’s comfort.

In terms of construction, this coffee table is an absolute winner. It is crafted from solid wood and metal hardware to ensure a wobble-free design. Actually, this is one of the few coffee tables with an impressive weight capacity of up to 100 pounds. Moreover, the espresso finish will blend well with most home decors.

Key Features
  • Solid, stylish design that complements your living space
  • Sturdy construction ensures an impressive 100 pounds weight capacity
  • Durable frame and lamination that is 100 percent water-resistant
  • Also provides you with ample storage space
  • Unique, modern design
  • Effortless assembly thanks to the straightforward setup instructions
  • Multifunctional design that offers you large storage space
  • Easy to move from one place to the other
  • Comes in only one finish

Typical tight spaces such as living rooms or dorm rooms, a lift top coffee table such as the Best Choice coffee table servers you diligently. It looks nice, at the same time brings you the functionality that you’ll need. You get enough storage to stow away your essential, a shelf to display your family frame and transitional design that lets you dine or work from home in the comfort of your couch.

6. ZENY Coffee Table with Lift Top


ZENY brand isn’t a new name when it comes to functional, sleek home and office furniture. Take advantage of the numerous advanced features that come with this lift top coffee and instantly update your living room’s look and convenience. You guessed it right; this lift top table doubles as a gorgeous coffee table and a homework station.

Made of solid wood, metal hardware, and premium side hinges, when lifted, the top reveals a spacious underneath compartment. This compartment is useful in keeping various accessories including your remote controls, throw blankets, magazines, and even your laptop. This clears the clutter from other furniture, giving your space a neat, organized look.

The table has a contemporary rectangular outlook. Underneath you will find a large open shelf that is not only functional for storage purposes. You can also utilize it to display your picture frames, dolls, and other decorative items.

Notably, this unit also boasts a sturdy structure with a beautiful structure. This makes it a perfect pick for not only your home but also your office. It is crafted from solid wood that ensures no wobbly feel while the beautiful texture makes it the main highlight for your space. More importantly, setting up the table is incredibly easy.

Key Features
  • Solid wood and metal construction ensures long-lasting use
  • Adjustable height mechanism transforms it to a gorgeous dining table or workstation
  • A smooth, attractive finish that wipes clean easily
  • Delivers unrivaled functionality and gorgeous look
  • Sturdy, durable, and functional design
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Modern, elegant design
  • Has a decent storage capacity
  • Slightly heavier than other models

If your main concerns in a lift tip coffee table are flexibility and convenience, then it’s hard to get a better deal than the Zeny lift top coffee table. This exclusively designed coffee table boasts of sturdy construction, modern design, and functionality. This makes it one of the legit models that serve you well for extended periods. What’s more, it also offers you ample storage!

7. Steve Silver Company Nelson Cocktail Table


Nelson Cocktail Table is an interactive lift top coffee table that combines practicability and fun for all homeowners. This multifunctional table also serves you well in your office. It comes with a superior adjustable height mechanism that enables you to set the top surface to your designed height. It transforms from a simple coffee table to an elevated workstation that you can use for dining or working from home.

The advanced functionality is just one of its main benefits. This stunning coffee table will be sure to add an instant splash of style wherever you place. It has a smooth finish that works like a magic to complement any interior décor. Better still; the table is available in various color tones, giving you the flexibility you need when it comes to your preferred colors. These attributes make it for your not only living room but also office lounges.

Nothing is disappointing that purchasing furniture that is substandard in terms of construction. Luckily, with this unit, you don’t have to risk throwing your hard-earned money to the drain. It has solid wood with a veneer finish. This ensures solid construction that you can depend on for years.

Equally, lifting the top will provide you with extra space to stow your belongings. From your remote controls, magazines, keys, game console, to your throw blanket, the concealed storage compartment keeps your room organized. Moreover, you also get a large bottom to shelve for additional storage or displaying other decorative items.

Key Features
  • Cherry wood with veneers construction ensures optimal stability and durability
  • Provides ample storage space without taking too much floor space
  • Attractive finish with a touch of casual styling
  • Smooth transition from a coffee table to a workstation
  • Comes in an incredibly gorgeous design
  • Highly versatile and durable
  • It is crafted by a reputable brand
  • Sturdy and provide enough storage space
  • Although the setup instructions are clear it takes some time to assemble

With a stylish, modern design, this gorgeous lift top table will instantly grab your guest’s attention. Don’t settle for average when you can stand out from the rest. This table will become the center of attention and give you the flexibility you need. It enables you to store your essentials while also its convenience in transforming into a workstation takes its functionality a step further.

8. Mainstay Coffee Table with Lift-Top


When it comes to versatility and appearance, very few products come close to the Mainstay lift top coffee table. The main selling points are probably stunning and solid construction. Don’t let the catchy look deceive you; always ensure that you pick a model that serves you diligently for prolonged periods. The best part is that this unit doesn’t disappoint you when it comes to these two attributes. More importantly, this product cheaply priced when compared to its peers.

As its name suggests, this coffee has a lifting platform that enables it to transition from a regular coffee table to an elevated workstation. This enables you to use your laptop, write, or read while still seated on your sofa. Be it your living room, or a small studio apartment, this table makes an excellent addition.

Besides, when it comes to construction, you can expect no less than the best. It is crafted from solid composite wood and metal frame. This ensures best in class stability and durability. Despite its affordable price, this is one of the models with the highest weight capacity. In the same breath, the manufacturer has also managed to ensure that it retains a lightweight design.

What’s more, we love the espresso finish that instantly transforms your room. The attractive finish works perfectly with most decors at home or in the office. Additionally, it is crucial to mention that you can find it in other various color tones. The smooth finish is also water-resistant and wipes clean easily.

Key Features
  • Ample storage for your books, magazines, remote controls, gaming consoles, etc
  • Smooth transition from a standard coffee table to a working station
  • Versatility also serves as a beautiful dining table
  • Solid composite wood construction
  • Effortless assembly by only attaching the legs
  • Comes in various color tones
  • Durable and lightweight design
  • Provides you with ample working and storage space
  • While it comes at a higher price brings you all the premium features you need

Construction check, functionality check, and design check; what else could you ask from a lift top coffee table? You will also get ample storage thanks to the hidden compartment. This enables you to keep your space free from clutter for a neat clean look. Moreover, this model is easy to assemble and comes with various color choices.

9. Progressive Furniture Daytona coffee table


If you have a certain taste for a modern style that doesn’t compromise functionality, the progressive furniture Daytona lift top table meets your needs. This is an exquisite piece, which will not only match your décor but also make your space look stunning. Besides aesthetics, this unit is super functional. Different from other models, it features a double lift top, which gives you generous storage space.

Notably, unlike other models that come with an overwhelming finish, this unit comes with a lighter shade that blends well with just any background. Also, it doesn’t come with just only one finish; you can select the various color tones and pick a model that meets your needs.

Next, whether you are looking to utilize each space or get an antique vibe, this unit meets your needs perfectly. To start, its top is engineered to provide enough space to accommodate all your needs. It is large enough to accommodate your laptop, accessories, and provides you ample space to write or read your magazine.

This glamorous addition also boasts of high-end construction from pinewood. This ensures optimal stability and convenience. The table also features an attractive finish that works perfectly for most spaces. Moreover, the unit requires minimal assembly, saving you time, effort, and money since you don’t need to call a professional to do the setup.

Key Features
  • Double lift top for a seamless transition from a coffee table to a workstation
  • It features full lower shelves for additional storage
  • Boasts of an attractive Regal brown finish
  • The striking design combined with unmatched versatility
  • Beautiful design that works well with most decors
  • Solid construction for enhanced durability
  • Offers ample storage and weight capacity
  • Super easy to assemble
  • Some wish that it had lockable caster wheels to make it easy to move

This lift top coffee from Progressive Furniture collection is an impressive addition to your home. It is not only functional but also easy on your eyes. We love the fact that it includes all the features that you need in a highly versatile lift top table including a hidden storage compartment, lower shelf, and simple height adjustment system. It is attractive too.

10. LAZYMOON Coffee Table with Lift Top


A versatile lift top table that acts as a great lounge for a house with kids or offices, the LAZYMOON coffee table never disappoints. It is engineered with solid wood and particleboard to ensure optimal durability and safety. This fancy table is also tested to ensure it withstands lots of pressure. Equally, the solid construction materials boast of decent weight capacity, making it a perfect choice for everyday use.

Next, this table boasts of an attractive finish that blends well with most homes’ decors. The dazzling appearance makes it a focal attraction for your home or any other place where you place it. It is also compact and versatile enough to use not only in your office but also in studio apartments, dorm rooms as well as other places where space isn’t a luxury.

Along the same lines, this unit also enables you to organize your space. It has a premium transition mechanism that lifts it and forwards it to create a functional workstation. By doing so, it exposes an ample storage space where you can store away your magazines, remote controls, books, and other necessities.

The lift-up mechanism is made from solid metals to ensure seamless operation for years. In addition, the table also has a three-part open shelve that lets you display your collectibles and other decorative items. The unit also weighs less than thirty pounds making it one of the easiest lift top coffee tables available on the market.

Key Features
  • Premium adjustment mechanism to create a versatile workstation
  • Features large storage hidden compartment and lower compartment
  • Chic and attractive design for home and office
  • Crafted from solid wood, metal frame, and chipboard
  • Simple, convenient, and attractive design
  • Fast and quick assembly
  • It is available in different gorgeous finishes
  • Provides enough storage space
  • The composite wood is prone to water damage

Versatile, intuitive, lightweight, and durable design; all these features ensure that you get a practical, fun, and beautiful lift top table in your home’s comfort. Unlike an ordinary coffee table, this dazzling lift top table brings you the versatility you need to save space and take advantage of the seamless translation to a workstation. This enables you to dine, browse the web as you unwind on your love seat.

The Best Lift Top Coffee Tables | Buyer’s Guide

In this guide, we have only included the top-selling models. Be as it may, picking the best model might be still a challenge considering similar features. That’s why we have come up with this guide. To make your life easier, we are going to look at some of the crucial features that should help you in coming up with an informed decision.

What is the main purpose for purchasing it?

Why do you need a lift top coffee? There are various reasons why you may opt for a lift top coffee table. One you may find your living room crowded with lots of items and you need something functional to help you store them. On the other hand, you may love dining or work on your sofa’s comfort. If you are looking to keep your space organized, pick a model with enough storage space. For people looking with a working station, ensure it adjusts to the right height to use your laptop comfortably.

Does it have the right Shape and Size?

As you can tell from the reviewed products, these tables come in various sizes and shapes. And this is a great thing. The versatility ensures that you don’t feel restricted. Howbeit, before settling on the best model, you will need to consider the existing furniture in your room. Additionally, when it comes to size, consider the available space. You also need to consider the tasks and ensure that the unit provides enough top surfaces.

Look at the Construction-material

It is understood, nobody wants to lose money. On the other, cheaply made products may damage your gadgets. This is why you will need that you go for only well-made coffee tables. Don’t get us wrong, it is always crucial to consider the style but so should you when it comes to construction materials. Ensure that the table is made of high-end materials such as solid wood and metal hardware. It should also be easy to assemble.


Thanks to the compact designs, unrivaled functionality, and gorgeous look, the lift-top coffee tables’ popularity has grown exponentially. No family room, living room, or studio apartment should miss this ingeniously designed product. picking any of our above-reviewed products will not only make your room stand out but also offers you the flexibility to tidy up your space but the versatility to work from your couch. All the best!

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