Top 10 Best Leather Padfolios in 2021 Reviews

Untidiness can be very embarrassing and make you lose concentration in your work. Whether you want to store all of the office’s accessories or impress the interviewer in your job interview, it is crucial to have a premium quality padfolio. People often pursue a long-lasting and stylish document organizer. On the other hand, there is no guarantee that the padfolio’s leather is durable enough to hold out against any pressure. The padfolio has to include enough slots for storage, sturdy zipper or strap for extra security, and a professional appearance that can give a strong impression. Besides that, it should be big enough to fit your tablet or Macbook inside without much issue. Also, the holder should be easy to clean. As good as the features mentioned, it is tiresome to find a top-notch padfolio because there are various brands in the market that have been advertised. After our research, we have come up with ten pad-folios to boost your confidence in keeping your belongings.

Table Best Leather Padfolios

1. STYLIO Faux Leather Document Organizer Padfolio Binder


Any average padfolio can be too heavy, easy to fall apart, or does not provide enough space to store your belonging. These types of padfolio only lead you to trouble during your work. With multiple places that the STYLIO Document Organizer Padfolio Binder has, it can help you get rid of the untidiness in your workplace. It comes with the overall size of 21.5 x 13.5 inches, which is a perfect size to store the object. Moreover, the design of this padfolio is elegant and functional that provides space for phone pouch, pitch proposals, 10.1″ tablet sleeve, resumes, and manila folder, which is ideal for documents. On the other hand, the product is made specifically for professionals to fit their refillable writing pad, business card slots, and pen holder. There is a 2-tier expanding folders that can fit letter in letter size and A4 size. It comes with an elastic Velcro strap to help you secure your documents and tablets. Better yet, the STYLIO Padfolio Binder is water-resistant and strengthened with accent stitching. The document holder’s material is premium synthetic leather that has been handcrafted to provide convenience for the customer. By the way, the dual zips can double the security for the padfolio.

Key Features
  • Dual zips for extra security
  • Includes an extra writing pad to make notes or draw stuff
  • Crafted with the color scheme of a smooth piano black
  • Made in the USA with top-notch materials
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Has high storage capacity
  • Comes with a reasonable price
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty against defects
  • The padfolio is pretty durable
  • There is nothing unpleasant to mention about this padfolio

2. Wundermax Vegan Leather Padfolio Portfolio Business Folder


What makes the Wundermax Padfolio an extraordinary padfolio among other products is its versatility. It has been professionally made to fit the buyer’s style, whether they are a professional, a student, or a business entrepreneur. The smooth, sleek design will provide you a strong impression. Additionally, the padfolio has been carefully crafted with a high-quality polyurethane leather that provides innovative storage. It includes a large zipper pocket, a phone pouch with zippered closure, document pockets, and a 10.1 inch iPad tablet sleeve, and five business cardholders. There is a Velcro safety strap on the tablet slot to provide extra security to the tablet. Anyway, the Wundermax Padfolio has more pockets, and more pen loops than any typical document organizers. The reversible legal-size notepad is fitting for both left and right-handed people.

Key Features
  • Big size of 13 x 10.7 x 1.38 inches for 10.1 inch iPad tablet
  • Velcro safety strap on the tablet slot to provide extra security to the tablet
  • The zipper and exterior is smooth
  • Soft tablet screen protector
  • The product is undoubtedly stylish
  • The durability of the padfolio is high
  • Comes with a perfect craftsmanship
  • Two colors for the customer to choose
  • Befitting for both men and women
  • Big pen cannot fit in the three allotted pen spots

3. Royce Leather Note Pad and Folder Portfolio Padfolio


The Royce Leather Portfolio Padfolio has made it into the list because it deserves it. The notepad and folder organizer is practical and looks exactly as it was advertised. This is the high-standard padfolio that has been made from an ultra-bonded leather. It is different from any normal document organizer because of its simplicity. For instance, the Royce Leather Padfolio features a flap with a ruled 8 12 x 11-inch pad, an ID window, an additional pocket, and a business card pocket. Notably, you can be at ease with the paper that you store in the pocket will never get crease or tear apart.

Key Features
  • Each slots secure your accessories to prevent it from getting crease or tear apart
  • Provide one slot for a business card pocket
  • Easy to carry and weighs only 1.88 pounds
  • The padfolio is substantially thick
  • Four colors include green, blue, black, and burgundy
  • It is simple and classy but with the highest quality
  • The padfolio has a stylish design
  • Provides a soft and supple feeling but it is still firm and sturdy
  • Looks professional and give off a strong impression
  • The paper pockets can be a bit tight

4. Gallaway Leather Organizer Holder Portfolio Padfolio


Gallaway Leather, the padfolio Australia company with the highest dependability in keeping business accessories, has come up with the business padfolio to satisfy the need of its customers. This is the premium business organizer that looks stylish and professional for your needs. Firstly, it is flexible enough to fit the top bound letter, legal pad, and size-bound letter-size notebook. The Gallaway Leather padfolio is perfect for keeping organized notes, working from home or office, and attending meetings. That being said, the document organizer has been crafted with high-quality faux leather that can help you make an impressive statement in your work. Similarly, there are multiple sections in the padfolio for writing pad, pen, business cards, and a three-slot business cardholder.

Key Features
  • Multiple sections for writing pad, pen, business cards, and a three-slot business cardholder
  • The holder has been stitched very nicely
  • Comes with a strap for extra security
  • The padfolio comes with minimalist design
  • Two colors include dark chocolate and amber brown
  • Easy to carry because of the lightweight
  • It is easy to clean
  • The padfolio is lighter than the real leather
  • Does not looks flashy but professional
  • The pocket can get stretch irreversibly so be careful when putting big stuff

5. Maruse Italian Leather Personalized Padfolio


When your old document organizer begins to tear down, you surely look for a new and functional organizer to hold an accessory. Well, the Maruse Italian Personalized Padfolio can be your supporter. It can distribute you an unquestionable convenience that most customers are looking for. This is the suitable office accessory padfolio for all ages, whether you are a sophisticated gentleman, a young businesswoman, a classy entrepreneur, or a modern writer. With multiple slots, this full grain calf leather can keep your letters in a safely stylish, elegant manner. Better still, the padfolio also includes an inside pocket for iPad tablet or Macbook with the size of 13.3 inches and an 8.5 x 11-inch notepad for essential memos or notes. Moreover, to make it a unique business padfolio, you can add up to three monogrammed initials in the bottom right corner of the leather. More importantly, this product is entirely handmade with a timeless pouch design. You can be sure that the Italian leather will develop a gorgeous patina that provides your accessories with a timeless look.

Key Features
  • Has metal zipper closure for extra reliability
  • Large size of 13 x 9.45 x 1.18 inches for 13.3 inch Macbook
  • Portable and weigh only 3 pounds
  • Made in Italy with premium quality leather
  • Total of five colors include brown, black, honey, custom black, and custom brown
  • The padfolio has splendid craftsmanship
  • Comes with a professional appearance
  • The leather looks beautiful and stylish
  • The price of the product is a bit high

6. COSSINI Vegan Leather Superior Business Portfolio


There are several features that cause the COSSINI Business Portfolio to be high on demand in the market. The customers who have used this document holder surely come into its storage capacity and reliability. The portfolio has been redesigned with a full leather interior and changing the storage size for the paper to be meticulous fit. That being said, your paper will not fall out or get crunch. It is suitable for both men and women because it is not too sleek or trendy. Interestingly, the COSSINI portfolio comes with a fully solar cell calculator as an assistant for your work. Anyway, the first impression is crucial, and with the luxurious vegan leather that is fabric-adorned, you will look smoother. There are multiple slots that can store your stuff includes pen holders, cardholders, writing pad, and specially made tablet pocket with the size of 10.1 inches. Even better, this portfolio has ultimate protection because the leather can protect your internal belongings from water, rain, dust, snow, and even coffee.

Key Features
  • The portfolio includes one LR44 battery
  • There are three-side that wrap around the zipper
  • Each slot is suitable for various accessories
  • Hand-tailored craftsmanship with premium PU leather
  • Comes with reasonable price
  • The portfolio has high durability
  • Looks exactly as the picture show
  • Has high storage capacity
  • The portfolio only has one color

7. Jaald Handmade Leather Business Padfolio


Buyers often think about the hardship that they go through when they are preparing their documents. They set their vision on buying a padfolio that can fix their problem into something greater. This is not an easy task because there are numerous document holders in the store that are available to them. On the other hand, we would recommend you to the top-notch Jaald Handmade Padfolio. The document holder is purely made from authentic buffalo leather and stitched by skillful artisans. It has been designed to help you store all of your stuff in a well-organizing place while having full functionality. On the other hand, the outer pocket is 11 x 7 inches, allow it to keep a tablet easily. The inside pocket includes two zippered pockets, a phone holder, a full-size slide pocket, and five cardholders. Also, the pouched pocket can hold the A4 papers while the back can keep the new 12.9 inch iPad pro. Lastly, each leather accessories has been sewn by hand. The Jaald padfolio’s color looks unique because it has been tanned by vegetables with natural oils, and the original strokes remain visible on the leather.

Key Features
  • The leather feels pretty and soft
  • Suitable for organizing all sort of documents
  • It has a sturdy zipper to provide extra security
  • Sturdy but only weighs 14 ounces
  • Large external dimension of 10 x 13 x 1.5 inches for tablet or iPad
  • Fitting for boys and girls, artisans and professionals
  • Comes in a unique dark brown color
  • Gives off a wonderful smell
  • The slots of the elastic pen loops are large

8. Executive Office Solutions Synthetic Leather Business Padfolio


If you have low-budget and are thinking of buying a practical document holder to organize your accessories, the Executive Office Solutions Business Padfolio is your first choice. There are many attributes that can help you in various situations. Compare to regular padfolio; this product can provide tighter security and more slots for your belonging. Therefore, this padfolio has been highly appreciated by the buyers because of its convenience. The padfolio comes in a typical size of 12.8 x 9.9 x 0.75 inches. More than that, you will give off a great first impression with this notebook case in your resume folder or job interview. Plus, the document holder is suitable for men and women with multiple features include business card holders, letter-size paper pad, double paper or document compartment, and pen or pencil holder for almost thickness. Importantly, the leather of the product is light, and it comes with a non-bulky design.

Key Features
  • Made with PU faux leather
  • The padded cover makes the padfolio thicker
  • Combination of sleek and basic design
  • Sturdy and light enough to carry around with the weight of 1.4 pounds
  • Comes with an eye-catching design
  • Look exactly as it was described
  • Two colors include brown and black
  • Recommended for low-budget customers
  • This padfolio does not have a zipper

9. NERO MANETTI Professional Business Leather Padfolio


Buy yourself the NERO MANETTI Professional Leather Padfolio, and the first impression that you give in your interviews or meetings will be good. The document holder has been inspired by a sleek Italian design. This professional portfolio folder has been handcrafted to provide flawless attention to detail with PU vegan leather for a high-end look. The superb craftsmanship allows the whole padfolio to be water-resistant and protect paper from getting wrinkles. The combination of lightness, functionality, and elegance made the NERO MANETTI padfolio a perfect document holder for businessmen, businesswomen, lawyers, and even students. In addition, the holder comes with two versatile cardholders, adhesive phone wallet, 1.5-inch penholder that can fit up to 2 pens, and 50-page notepad with an 8.5 x 11-inch size. Last but not least, this professional business padfolio has a slim and compact design, but it is big and stylish enough to store your accessories. It is also travel-friendly because it can fit into most briefcases and bags easily.

Key Features
  • Overall dimension of 13 x 10.2 x 0.8 inch with two versatile cardholders
  • The cover is flexible enough to be flip 360 degrees for a quick note-taking
  • Designed in Italy with premium quality material
  • Provides smooth black cover
  • Comes with a reasonable price
  • Professional padfolio for men and women
  • The product has high durability
  • Has high storage capacity
  • The padfolio does not have a snap closure or zipper

10. Armiger Professional Business Document and Card Holder Padfolio


What makes the Armiger document holder an exceptional padfolio among other products is the professional design that has a place to keep everything. There is a pocket to hold your pen, notepad, cards, and other essential documents and items. Namely, the padfolio is crafted with high-end leather that provides a splendid look and matches with most accessories and outfit. The weight of this padfolio is roughly 2 pounds meaning that you can carry it around easily. You will have a professional look and give off a perfect impression. Moreover, the leather padfolio can fit compactly inside a backpack, briefcase, and satchel. Besides that, each of the slots has enough space to fit the accessories that it is made for. After sometimes, you will clearly see the capability of this padfolio, which is the one that you are looking for.

Key Features
  • The color scheme of the padfolio is nice and pleasant
  • Each of the slots has enough space to fit the accessories that it is made for
  • The notepad is refillable
  • The padfolio includes letter size notebook
  • Five colors include burgundy, British tan, black, and chestnut brown
  • Recommended for tight budget buyers
  • Comes with a very sharp looks
  • The padfolio is well-made and durable
  • Does not comes with a zipper


In conclusion, the ten padfolios that we have mentioned are the best-selling document organizer that has been suggested by most of the buyers. The large size, extra slots, and many more sections made the padfolio suitable for everyone with a different profession. However, there are many padfolios in the market that have an identical design but far different quality. You have to be wary when buying for the document holder. We have listed various types of padfolio with different sizes and price tags for you to choose from. We hope that you can find the padfolio that will help you in keeping your stuff.

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