Top 10 Best Inspection Cameras for iPhone in 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Inspection cameras are connected to Wi-Fi broadcast with connection standards for fast transfer speeds. Thereby, it helps transfer images directly to your mobile device with high resolution. Besides, you can use a smartphone, an android or iOS tablet or a laptop to view images directly. Wi-Fi allows multiple devices that can be connected to view images. The main use of inspection cameras is to display information and observable images. This device is suitable for personal activities, in exploration, inspection of machinery, inspection of pipes, underground sewers or many other devices.

The sensor of inspection camera is equipped with high resolution to bring the clearest images with the best quality so that users can observe more meticulously and carefully. Plus, the support of the Led light system around the camera allows viewing even low-light areas. In addition, the highly flexible mini camera connection cord can be bent and bent depending on the area, in each observation location, such as in pipes, in machinery, or in every detail of your car. Fixed support modules for smartphones and tablets make it easier to monitor the performance of this device.

However, when choosing inspection cameras, you should consider the specifications to buy equipment that suits your smartphone, tablet, and purpose of use. Keep reading our reviews below so you can make an informed decision.

Best Inspection Cameras for iPhone – [Reviews & Buying Guide]

1. DEPSTECH Wireless Borescope Endoscope Inspection Camera

DEPSTECH Wireless Borescope Endoscope Inspection Camera

The first product on this list is one of DEPSTECH’s latest models. This inspection camera works effectively with both mobile phones using both iOS and Android operating systems. Besides, users will not need to use the adapter or cable but use the Wi-Fi directly. More importantly, this device can also be controlled through an application that you can easily download to your smartphone and tablet. The system of up to 6 LED lights can bring better performance for the device.

The inspection camera is equipped with a unique blue Led system, which helps improve the clarity of images in low-light environments. In addition, the camera is also equipped with a waterproof layer, so you can use it effectively even in wet environments. The use of 2nd generation chips delivers a speed of 30 frames per second. Therefore, the videos and images transmitted on the machine will be significantly sharper and smoother. Overall, this is a great option for everyone.

Key Features
    • Lithium-ion batteries
    • 6 LEDs
    • 2 million pixels
    • IP67
    • Wifi connection


  • Delivers sharp and realistic images
  • Easy access to different environments
  • The Led system helps to improve the lighting significantly
  • Affordable price


  • It is not suitable for recording on iOS 8.0 lower system

2. Kzyee Wireless Endoscope Waterproof Inspection Camera

Kzyee Wireless Endoscope Waterproof Inspection Camera

Unlike most inspection cameras on the market today, Kzyee’s device has a tiny camera diameter of only 5.5 mm. This is ideal for giving you access to extremely small spaces for inspection and observation. In addition, the coordination with the new chip will support the device to be operated faster, the process of recording videos and taking photos will go smoothly. Modern LED technology improves visibility in low light conditions.

Apart from the functions mentioned above, this Kzyee inspection camera is also equipped customizable resolutions to provide you true, extremely sharp images. Mobile devices users who use operating systems on Android 2.3 and IOS 6.0 can easily download and operate the HD Wifi application for this inspection camera from Kzyee. If you are looking for a good product at an affordable price, then go for this option.

Key Features
    • 5.5 mm
    • Camera 1080P
    • IP67
    • 6500k Daylight Led
    • 33FT semi-rigid cord


  • Wifi connection is optimized
  • Advanced Led lighting system
  • Easily used by many different types of smartphones
  • Diverse resolutions for high-quality images


  • The price is relatively high compared to other similar products

3. NIDAGE Wireless Endoscope Motor Engine Semi-Rigid Snake Inspection Camera

NIDAGE Wireless Endoscope Motor Engine Semi-Rigid Snake Inspection Camera

The camera head radius of this NIDAGE device is only about 0.21 inches, making it easier to reach any cramped and restricted space. This is a feature that the old generation device cannot meet. Besides, all phones using IOS (above 6.0) and Android (above 4.4) can become compatible with this inspection camera. The cable is both long and flexible, supporting maximum equipment in going into every corner, checking every detail.

The system of 6 LEDs with IP67 waterproof casing is optimized to provide perfect flexibility in many dark spaces, wet environments. This product is described as a versatile device that can penetrate different locations such as between engines, between walls, drainage pipes, or under floors. For all of the reasons mentioned above, we believe that this can be a perfect choice for your needs and demands.

Key Features
    • 33ft long cable
    • 6 adjustable LEDs
    • 450 mah battery capacity
    • CMOS lens
    • Hot links


  • Equipped with advanced technology
  • Application in many different terrains and spaces
  • The battery is quickly charged
  • The price is relatively low


  • It is a bit difficult to control

4. SEESI 3 in 1 USB Endoscope Waterproof Ultra-Thin Snake Inspection Camera

SEESI 3 in 1 USB Endoscope Waterproof Ultra-Thin Snake Inspection Camera

The inspection camera from SEESI is equipped with a cable that is both tough and durable, so it can easily access many tight spaces. In addition, this feature helps the device become more versatile when it can assist you in repairing engines, plumbing testing, or checking electronic appliances. Plus, the high-resolution camera provides users with vivid and realistic photos.

In addition, the camera’s head is designed to be compact and easy to comfortably fit into any corner you need to observe. Even complex locations like car spark plugs or cylinders can be accessed in a very simple way. Last but not least, the Led system enhances the lighting efficiency in dark spaces.

Key Features
    • 6 adjustable Led lights
    • Semi-rigid cable
    • Multi-functional accessories
    • IP67
    • USB type-C


  • Can access many tiny details
  • Durable and high-quality materials
  • LED lighting system can be customized to different brightness levels
  • Suitable to support repairs for many household appliances


  • The product is limited to some smartphones

5. Oiiwak Industrial Borescope Semi-Rigid Inspection Camera

Oiiwak Industrial Borescope Semi-Rigid Inspection Camera

This inspection camera made by Oiiwak is equipped with a small camera head with a wide-angle to optimize image quality. Not only that, this unique design also helps the device to transmit the most vivid footage to the user’s computer, laptop, mobile, or tablet. Even very intricate details such as car engines, cylinders, spark plugs, as well as some other household appliances can be easily accessed and tested. It is ideal for both professional and amateur applications in different areas and fields.

The most special feature of this device is that it is equipped with a separate screen so you will not need the help of a laptop or smartphone. Besides, the Led system can be flexibly changed to operate for many different purposes. The large battery capacity ensures the device operates well for continuous hours. With a great combination of great price and high-quality design, this product should be on your consideration list in the next projects.

Key Features
    • Carrying case
    • USB cable
    • 8GB card
    • A hook
    • Side mirror
    • User manual


  • Unique design with eye-catching colors
  • Improved with many modern technologies
  • No need to install apps or use smartphones
  • The battery capacity is larger than that of conventional products


  • The price is quite high

6. ILIHOME Professional Screen Endoscope Inspection Camera

ILIHOME Professional Screen Endoscope Inspection Camera

The ILIHOME inspection camera is combined with a dedicated screen to help you analyze images and videos more efficiently and quickly. Besides, the 8mm lens assists maximum in zooming of the frames. Together with an improved Led system, advanced camera sensor, this device easily accesses extremely dark and narrow corners. Plus, the cable is made from high-quality metal to ensure a long working time.

Many improvements of this product are integrated with high-tech software to optimize performance and frequency of operation. Besides, the screen is also ergonomically designed, and it is equipped with an auxiliary frame for you to comfortably use at any time. The provision of a variety of features makes this product a great choice for many people in different fields and applications. Purchase it and you will enjoy many amazing benefits.

Key Features
    • 2200 mAh
    • USB recharging battery
    • LCD camera
    • User manual
    • 8 Led lights


  • More LEDs than other conventional products
  • No need to download apps or use smartphones
  • Operate effectively for consecutive hours
  • Upgraded lens


  • The design is not very attractive

7. Sukey OKEER Wireless Endoscope HD Waterproof Inspection Camera

Sukey OKEER Wireless Endoscope HD Waterproof Inspection Camera

This product from Sukey OKEER is equipped with a 1200P HD camera and IP68 waterproof casing to be able to penetrate into small spaces and humid environments. Besides, 8 LEDs can be adjusted to different brightness levels, extremely suitable for operating in low-light locations. Plus, the inspection camera is designed to be compatible with a variety of mobile devices, from Android or iOS smartphones to laptops running Windows and Mac.

In addition, it also actively assists in daily tasks such as repairing vehicles, renovating houses, checking the plumbing, and observing internal components. Also, free 18-month warranty and attentive customer care is a big advantage of Sukey OKEER. For all of these reasons, this can be an affordable yet very effective option to consider. All of the materials are high-quality and premium to ensure that the product can last for many years without normal wear and tear. You can use it in a variety of conditions under different elements without worrying about these problems.

Key Features
    • Semi-rigid cable
    • Worry-free warranty
    • 1200P HD camera
    • IP68
    • 600 mAh lithium battery
    • CMOS sensor


  • It is much cheaper than conventional products
  • The Led system is significantly improved
  • Can be widely used
  • Easy to use and store


  • It is not suitable for some smartphones

8. Pancellent Wireless HD Endoscope Snake Inspection Camera

Pancellent Wireless HD Endoscope Snake Inspection Camera

This product is the latest inspection camera model produced by Pancellent. With full HD resolution and high-end sensor, you will get the most vivid, and clearest images. These breakthroughs also provide you with a variety of choices for image quality as well as video quality. Plus, a unique function bar is an interesting highlight of this device.

The other upgraded features of this inspection camera from Pancellent are 8 led bulbs with IP68 waterproof layer. Thanks to these upgrades, the device can give you clear movies in the water or dark places. It is also described as a great low-cost solution to combine with other tools such as vehicle detector, custom detector, and in drilling industries.

Key Features
    • USB endoscope
    • WiFi module
    • Function stick
    • User manual
    • IP68


  • Compact design for easy transport and storage
  • It is quite cheap
  • Easily combined with many other devices
  • Led lighting system is improved


  • It is a bit difficult to connect wifi

9. FOCLEN Digital Handheld Industrial Endoscope Inspection Camera

FOCLEN Digital Handheld Industrial Endoscope Inspection Camera

The inspection camera from FOCLEN is improved with many high technologies to work well in many harsh environments. Besides, it is also equipped with an advanced screen to monitor the inspection process more carefully and accurately. A modern camera system makes it possible to capture objects with true color even in low-light spaces. Not only that, this cord also has the ductility necessary to be able to bend softly when checking machinery or motors.

One outstanding advantage of this inspection camera is the huge battery capacity, up to 2600 mah, which helps it work smoothly for many continuous hours. Besides, the button is designed for you to use more convenient and simple. Therefore, you do not need to master complex manipulations. No matter which project you are planning to do, take this product into consideration to make everything simpler.

Key Features
    • Color screen
    • IP67
    • Rock-solid materials
    • 8.0mm diameter probe
    • 16GB TF card


  • No need to use a smartphone or application
  • Unique design with eye-catching and trendy colors
  • Durable materials for long-term use
  • Easy to operate


  • The price is quite high

10. Baqsoo Wireless Endoscope Snake Waterproof Inspection Camera

Baqsoo Wireless Endoscope Snake Waterproof Inspection Camera

The final product in this list is an inspection camera of Baqsoo with a modern system of 8 LEDs and a battery capacity of up to 2600 mah. The flexible cable is made of durable material for easy bending and access to tight areas. In addition, the IP67 waterproof supports the camera in humid environments such as pipes or sewers. The whole construction is very durable and sturdy to ensure long-lasting use. You can use it for many years to come without any problems and issues.

Plus, digital zoom capabilities are significantly improved with modern technologies that make capturing images much more detailed and sharper. Last but not least, the focal lengths and camera lenses are optimized for effective and realistic images. They help you to be more convenient during observation and inspection. Compared to all of the products mentioned on this list, the Baqsoo is a perfect upgrade to bring the best performance.

Key Features
    • 2600 mAh
    • IP67
    • Semi-rigid cable
    • Wireless transmitter
    • WiFi Endoscope
    • User Manual


  • Easy to control and operate
  • The battery capacity is larger than that of competing products
  • Can be combined with many different devices
  • Many support gears included


  • It is a bit hard to use the apps

Key features to consider when choosing the best inspection cameras for iPhone

Below are some main features that you need to check carefully before purchasing the right inspection camera for your iPhone:

Inspection Cameras for iPhone


Commercial-grade models are able to take high-definition videos and pictures, such as 1920x1080p, 1600x1200p, 1280x720p, or 640x480p. The live-recording and zoom capabilities can also capture better shots of those spots that you are checking. Similar to digital cameras, there are many differences in pixels, frames, and focal distance to consider.


To capture high-quality pictures and videos, inspection cameras come with a system of LEDs around its circumference to light up the surrounding areas. Many LEDs are equipped with adjustable settings for brightness. However, it is important to know that brighter lights mean that batteries would drain more quickly.

Rechargeable battery

Inspection cameras are often powered by rechargeable Li-Ion batteries. Most inexpensive units can operate at around 2 hours, while mid-range products would last anywhere between 3 and 4 hours. High-end cameras can work for more than 5 hours.

App compatibility

To view your recorded videos and images in real time, you will have to download a compatible app. An ideal option should be user-friendly and easy to use, although there might be a learning curve at the beginning. Make sure that the software of your iPhone is compatible with the app.

Semirigid cable

A semirigid cable is typically long and has the shape of a snake. It is rigid and durable enough to push in tight areas without buckling. In addition, this part is flexible enough to move around curved spaces like pipes. It would be between 10 and 30 feet in length.


Inspection cameras can record both videos and pictures, which would be viewed in real time or saved to the cloud or the memory of your iPhone. In general, if you need to produce high-quality pictures, then it is better to ensure a balance between brightness and zoom. When you zoom in too close, it would lead to degraded and blurry pictures. On the other hand, the highest brightness level can be too bright and spoil the quality of your details or images.


Many inspection cameras for iPhones are waterproof, particularly because they are usually used to examine drains and pipes. However, this can be a relative term. A simple tip to check for this feature is to take a look at the IP code. This is basically the level of protection of a device against solid and liquid ingress, which are the first and second number respectively. Most of the inspection cameras come with waterproof ratings somewhere from IP67 to IP69. That means that they are dustproof and would protect against liquids at different levels of pressure. For a fully immersing model, it is advisable to go for those products with a rating of more than IP68.


Inspection cameras are equipped with useful attachments in addition to the device itself. Keep in mind that not all models can fit over a camera, so make sure to consider carefully when you have to go down a pipe or drain. Hook attachments are the most popular options. They are suitable for securing things in the drains like jewelry. In addition, these units would serve as a makeshift snake for dislodging a blockage. Another choice is the magnet attachments. They can be effective in reaching nails or keys.

Practical applications of inspection cameras for iPhone

There are many applications of an inspection camera. These include:


Clock aficionados, tinkerers, or home mechanics can benefit a lot from an inspection camera for iPhones. They can examine and diagnose tight areas in devices and machinery, as well as magnify those spots to plan the coming modification or repair.

Home use

Inspection cameras are suitable for those homeowners who often do a lot of maintenance and repairs. They are able to examine different areas, such as inside walls, under the cabinets, drains, as well as gutters.


HVAC contractors can use inspection cameras to diagnose different parts of the HVAC system. This can save a lot of effort and time, especially when the unit cannot be separated for examination.


Those mechanics who often work on trains, planes, ships, and other vehicles can use an inspection camera to diagnose their work. Apart from streamlining examination, this can also reduce the crouching and bending during these sessions, thus keeping their back and knees from pain or discomfort.

Facilities managers

Building supervisors and facilities managers would deal with all utility and mechanical problems of a property. Inspection cameras can support them in finding out the underlying cause of a problem more quickly.


Another application of the inspection camera is the plumbing industry. In general, plumbers can use these devices to check the whole drains and pipes for rust, leaks, or blockages.


Today, inspection cameras are increasingly popular in family life. It not only helps you to have unique photos and videos, but also actively supports the repair of home appliances. We hope the above reviews can assist you as much as possible to buy the best inspection camera. Read the guide carefully before making the decision to ensure everything is right.

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