Top 10 Best Girl Backpacks for School in 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Although there are unisex backpacks that are meant for everyone, most of them do not have themes that excite little girls. Well, this is where a girl backpack comes into play. Specially designed for girls, these backpacks have vibrant colors and are very cute. In fact, there are some that are glittery to make your little princess more than happy to carry them to school. These backpacks will not just keep your girl organized but also they will play a huge role in improving her overall appearance. In our top 10 best girl backpacks for school reviews, we have discussed them in detail so you can know exactly where to put your money.

Best Girl Backpacks for School – [Reviews & Buying Guide]

1. HotStyle TRENDYMAX Galaxy Backpack for School Girls & Boys

1. HotStyle TRENDYMAX Galaxy Backpack for School Girls & Boys

The capacity of this boy & girl backpack is 20 liters, and this means it is the perfect backpack for school. It can fit a 15.4” laptop, which is great, considering that only super large backpacks are capable of fitting a laptop this size. Talking of size; this backpack measures 16 by 12 by 16 inches. It is decently sized, and, therefore, very easy to handle when going to school.

Made of polyester, the durability of this backpack cannot be questioned. Moreover, the backpack is suitable for multiple ages; thanks to the adjustable straps. Plus it comes in innumerable colors. The all-over printed design is also something that cannot go unnoticed on this backpack.

The backpack is also completely backed by the manufacturer to give you peace of mind knowing that you are buying the right product. It comes with a 12-month warranty that protects it against defects in workmanship and materials. It also comes with a USA Children’s Product Certificate to confirm that it is childproof.

The backpack is recommended for multiple ages because it is neither too large for elementary kids nor too small for senior teens. It has up to 7 pockets, and this means it will provide ample space to store all your stuff. Besides, this backpack for boys and girls is available in several colors to choose from.

Key Features
  • Solid yet Lightweight Fabric: Enables the backpack to stand up to everyday use without making it too heavy to comfortably carry around.
  • Sturdy YKK Zippers: They are the strongest zippers across the globe. They hold up well to abuse and constant zipping and unzipping.
  • Padded Shoulders Straps and Back: They work together to make the backpack easy to carry on a daily basis.
  • Fun Print Design: They have vibrant colors, and this gives the backpack a trendy and stylish look.
  • Great Roominess: The backpack is extremely spacious and can store everything needed for classes.
  • Various Functional Pockets: They keep items organized and within easy reach.
  • Has the right amount of pockets
  • Very sturdy and can stand up to rough handling
  • Two side pockets perfectly fit water bottles
  • It helps keep kids organized
  • The size is suitable for elementary
  • Available in multiple patterns to choose from
  • Colors may not look exactly like the picture because of the lighting

2. Trail maker Girl’s 6 in 1 Backpack Set

2. Trail maker Girl’s 6 in 1 Backpack Set

You get a lot when you buy your little girl this backpack. It is a complete set that includes a pencil case, keychain, bottle, clip, and lunch bag. All these will keep your girl organized throughout her time in school. Best of all, the price of this backpack set is not insanely high because of the added pieces. It is still one of the most affordable backpack sets you have ever come across.

The dimensions of the bookbag are 16” by 12” by 5.25” deep. The bookbag is well-sized; hence, your kid will have no problems fitting books in it. What’s more, this set is very lightweight. So, despite the fact that it comes with several accessories, you should not be concerned about it being too heavy for your child.

Trail maker has been in business for over 50 years. It, therefore, knows what families need. It makes products that are handy for daycare to elementary and primary school. It also produces a backpack for students. So, regardless of your child’s age and level, be sure to find something that works for them at Trail maker.

We must say that the price of this backpack set is surprisingly low, considering what you get. The set is exactly what you need to get your young one to help them stay organized all through. We are also excited about the scintillating craftsmanship of the bookbag and lunch bag.

Key Features
  • Keychain: It is cute and fun; hence, it will keep your girl smiling all day.
  • Pencil Case: Great for storing erasers, glue sticks, pens, pencils, and crayons, among others.
  • Lunch Bag: It is kid-safe and has an insulated vinyl lining that helps keep food at the right temperature.
  • Reusable Water Bottle: It is lightweight, leak-resistant, and durable. Moreover, it teaches kids the value of being earth-friendly.
  • Large Main Compartment: The bookbag has a large main compartment that easily accommodates pencils, pens, folders, and notebooks, among others.
  • Front Zippered Accessory Pocket: It is great for storing headphones, snacks, and phones.
  • Two Mesh Side Pockets: They provide a convenient place to keep the water bottle.
  • Padded Adjustable Straps: They can be customized to perfectly fit your kid’s size.
  • Great set for kindergarteners
  • The design is stylish and well thought out
  • The Pom Pom is a cute bonus
  • Quality is great for the price
  • The backpack is nicely sized
  • The lunch bag is smaller than anticipated, but, for the price, this is a great backpack set

3. BLUEFAIRY Hearts Print School Backpacks For Girls

3. BLUEFAIRY Hearts Print School Backpacks For Girls

The approximate dimensions of each of these school backpacks are 17 inches high by 12 inches wide by 6 inches deep. They are well-sized school backpacks that provide ample storage space without being too bulky or too heavy. They come in multiple amazing colors to choose from. Well, these colors are Purple & Blue, Small – Pink 2, Pink 2, Rose Red 3, and so on.

The materials these backpacks are made of are water-resistant; meaning there is no day your little girl will come back from school with all her books and other items inside the backpack dripping wet. Another thing we must say is that these backpacks have 4 compartments of different sizes as well as 2 meshed side pockets. They have plenty of space to store all the necessities.

The colors these backpacks come in are beautiful and match the theme of most girls. They also help make the backpacks look more stylish. Furthermore, we think the price of these backpacks is reasonable. Plus we are thrilled with the sturdy construction of each of these backpacks.

These backpacks are great for elementary-aged kids. They are well-made and sturdy enough to stand up to daily use. With that being said, we are certain that both you and your kid will really love it. It is worth noting that the colors these backpacks are available in might appear slightly different in person because of the lighting.

Key Features
  • Four Different Compartments: They include one main compartment; one small front compartment, and two medium-sized middle compartments.
  • Main Compartment: Inside it, there is a laptop compartment and a small zippered pouch that’s handy for keeping small items.
  • Two Mesh Side Pockets: They should be used as water bottle holders.
  • High-Quality Zippers: They are durable and more than capable of keeping daily gear safe.
  • Adjustable Two S-shaped Shoulder Straps: They are decently padded; hence, very convenient and comfortable to carry.
  • Handle and Strap: They are on the top of the backpack and come in handy when you want to hang the backpack in the classroom.
  • Well made and durable
  • Not too big for kids
  • The fabric wipes easily and well
  • Backpacks have lots of pockets and zipper pouches
  • The handle and strap at the top are amazing
  • Would be better if the stilettos/high heels and lip prints were done away with completely

4. Cat Face Waterproof Girls Backpack Kids School Bookbag

4. Cat Face Waterproof Girls Backpack Kids School Bookbag

We think the design of this waterproof backpack for girls is out of this world. It is a clever design that enhances the look of the backpack not to mention increasing its chances of receiving a lot of compliments. As if that’s not enough, this girls’ backpack comes with a keychain. It is, therefore, safe to say that it is a complete package that will serve your kid just fine.

It is suitable for little girls aged between 5 and 12 years. Therefore, if you have a little one whose age is within this bracket, this backpack is what you should get them. We are positive they will love it right out of the package. Well, it’s not just the cute design that makes this backpack one of the best but also the functionality.

Packed with numerous pockets, this backpack will definitely accommodate all the items your little girl might want to use while in school. The approximate dimensions of this backpack are 16.5 inches high by 12.6 inches long by 7.9 inches thick (42cm high by 32cm long by 20cm thick). The backpack is available in 3 colors (pink, rose red, and black) to choose from. Ideally, it is important to note that the keychain on this backpack is sent randomly. This means the dress of the dolls may be a bit different.

The only issue we have with this backpack is that it is not available in multiple colors to choose from. Other than that, it is a great backpack that appears to be well made. It is also reasonably priced. That being said, it will be a perfect backpack if the manufacturer decides to produce it in innumerable color options.

Key Features
  • Water-Repellent Material: It is antibacterial and easy to clean. It is also ergonomic; making the backpack comfortable to carry.
  • Reflective Stripes: They are on the shoulder straps, and their role is to improve safety when walking at night or in rainy/foggy conditions.
  • Lovely Princess Design: It features a cute bowknot and helps improve the aesthetics of the backpack.
  • Keychain: It will make your little girl love the backpack more.
  • Two Side Mesh Pockets: They are great for keeping water bottles.
  • Looks exactly like the picture
  • Appears to hold up well to daily use
  • The backpack looks cute
  • Large enough to carry lots of items
  • The little doll is an amazing addition
  • Packed with lots of pockets
  • Has a strong smell when new, but this should go away over time

5. Kenox Girl’s School Rucksack College Bookbag Travel Backpack

5. Kenox Girl’s School Rucksack College Bookbag Travel Backpack

This is another cute backpack you can get your little girl. It has a gorgeous design that goes well with the personal style of most girls. Ideally, this backpack is not just great for little girls but also it can be used by college students. Its versatility is further extended to its uses in the sense that it is not just suitable for school but perfect for travel as well.

Apart from the clever design, this backpack is well-sized. It measures 17 by 12 by 6 inches; meaning it is large but not overly large to the extent that it will be bothersome to carry around. Furthermore, this travel backpack is built with comfort in mind. For this reason, you will not have issues carrying it for long hours.

It has numerous pockets; hence, keeping your stuff organized will not be a problem. Needless to say, if you are looking for a backpack that will keep your wallet, wipes, sanitary towels, and anything you might need while on the go, look no further than this brand. It keeps everything organized and within easy reach; thereby, making your life much easier than ever before.

The backpack is great, but it would be perfect if it were available in multiple colors. At the moment, it only comes in two colors. But again, we cannot complain because these colors are amazing. They are Floral and White-floral.

Key Features
  • Adorable Print Design: Plays a huge role in making the backpack look beautiful.
  • Durable Canvas: It is super strong, thereby, enabling the backpack to hold up nicely to constant use.
  • Comfortable Straps: They are padded; hence, they will not dig into your shoulders.
  • A Bunch of Pockets: They help make items much easier to organize. They also improve the versatility of the backpack.
  • Two Outside Pockets: They nicely fit a water bottle or phone. You can also keep your keys in there.
  • Small Pocket in the Front: It is deep enough to fit a bottle of body lotion or sunglasses.
  • Made of quality materials
  • The straps are well padded
  • It has plenty of room to keep various items
  • The design is beautiful
  • The price point is fairly low
  • The style and colors are true to picture
  • The outside pocket may not fit some water bottles

6. SCIONE 3 in 1 School Backpack Set for Women Teen Girls

6. SCIONE 3 in 1 School Backpack Set for Women Teen Girls

This 3-in-1 school backpack set is specially designed for women, and it has more features than anticipated. It includes a spacious lunch tote and a pen case. As if that’s not enough, this school backpack comes with a rain cover and a USB charging port. Well, all these are included to make sure you have an easy time with your new backpack.

Moreover, this backpack is designed with great comfort in mind. The straps will not create any kind of stress on your shoulders; meaning you will be able to carry the backpack for a long period without feeling fatigued. There are several compartments in the backpack to help you stay organized whether you are going to school or traveling.

The features this girl backpack comes with cannot go unnoticed. This is because they are uncommon. One of them is the USB charging port. The backpack also comes with plenty of accessories such as a rain cover, lunch tote, and pen case.

There is also a worry-free 12-month lifetime customer service, which proves that the backpack is well made and the manufacturer believes in its quality. Convenience matters a lot in this era. And this girl backpack for school brings it in plenty. That being said, it should be a frontier for you. The backpack is available in 3 different colors, which are Black, Blue, and Z Black.

Key Features
  • Side Pockets: They are great for keeping umbrellas and water bottles.
  • Spacious Lunch Tote: Can easily fit all your sandwiches, snacks, vegetables, fruits or drinks.
  • Pen Case: Can be used as a pencil case or purse.
  • Airflow Well-Ventilated Back Design: It has multi-panel well-ventilated padding so it can provide maximum support to the back.
  • Shoulder Straps: They are breathable and adjustable, thereby, relieving stress off the shoulders.
  • Laptop Compartment: Holds up to a 15.6-inch laptop or a 14-inch/13-inch Laptop/MacBook.
  • One Spacious Compartment: It is roomy enough to fit all daily necessities and tech electronics accessories.
  • Built-in Charging Cable Inside and Built-in USB Charger Outside: They allow you to charge your phone while walking.
  • Front Compartment: It has many pockets, a key fob hook, and a pen pocket. It keeps items organized and easy to find.
  • Makes a great gift idea for daughters and nieces
  • It is a multifunctional backpack
  • The design is stylish and the color is amazing
  • The laptop compartment works as advertised
  • The backpack appears to be durable
  • The built-in USB charging port is a plus
  • The fabric gets dirty pretty quickly

7. Mibasies Kids Unicorn Backpack for Girls

7. Mibasies Kids Unicorn Backpack for Girls

If your little girl loves unicorns then this is one backpack for school you should not take your eyes off. It is a unicorn-themed bag; hence, your girl will instantly like it. But it’s not just the unicorn design that puts this backpack on the map; there are also other outstanding features such as quality materials and a separated compartment.

Besides, the size of this backpack is worth talking about. Measuring 14.5 by 13 by 6 inches, this unicorn backpack is well-sized and, therefore, can fit a lot of stuff. Ideally, the decent size improves the versatility of this backpack. That being said, the backpack is ideal for school, travel nights, kindergarten, daycare, and a visit to Grandma’s.

The innumerable colors this girl backpack comes in mean you will be able to find what exactly goes with the personal style of your girl. Some of these colors include Rainbow Glitter, Sequin Zibra, Sequin Light Pink, Chunky Glitter Black, and Pink. They are vibrant colors that will make you receive a lot of compliments.

The price of this backpack, when compared to the price of most backpacks in the same class, is a little higher. Nonetheless, it is not overly high to the extent that it makes the backpack beyond affordable. Needless to say, the price should not stop you from getting the backpack for your little girl.

Key Features
  • Separated Compartment: It is great for keeping folders and books.
  • Personalized Name Label: It is inside the school bag.
  • Premium Materials: The backpack is made of lead-free and safe materials that will not put your girl’s health at risk.
  • Baby Unicorn Pom: It is super cute and furry; making the school bag adorable.
  • Magical Unicorn Ears and Horn: They are at the top, and they help improve the look of the backpack.
  • Adjustable Shoulder Straps: They are padded; hence, they will not exert unnecessary pressure on your shoulders.
  • Side Pockets: They are meshed and ideal for keeping water bottles.
  • Zippered Front Pocket: Provides extra storage space.
  • Comfortable and looks very cute
  • The backpack is shipped very fast
  • The straps are easy to adjust
  • The two side pockets are handy
  • Has plenty of space for a lot of stuff
  • The zipper could be easier to open and close

8. Asge Backpack for Girls Kids Bookbag Women Casual Daypack

8. Asge Backpack for Girls Kids Bookbag Women Casual Daypack

One of the reasons why you should buy this backpack for girls is that its quality cannot be questioned. It will not fade, and this makes it a cost-effective girl backpack to spend money on. What’s more, this book bag daypack girl backpack is environmentally friendly and healthy. And this is another reason why you should go for it.

It is the kind of backpack you will confidently carry around knowing that you are not causing any harm to the environment. The daypack is also odorless, and this is great because most backpacks tend to have a strong weird smell when new. Although this always goes after some time, the smell, when it’s there, is just unbearable.

It is crucial to note that this daypack for girls may have a different color from the picture. But this should not be a concern because of the camera used and the lighting of the environment the photo was taken. You should also note that this girl backpack may have a 1 – 3cm error in measurements. All that being said, should the backpack fail to meet your expectations, you can return it for a replacement or refund.

The only issue we have seen in this daypack is that it is available in one color only. We think it would be better if it was available in a plethora of colors so buyers can easily find what seamlessly matches their style. Also, the price of this backpack is a bit on the high side.

Key Features
  • High-Quality Nylon Fabric: It is a water-repellent fabric; hence, it keeps the content of the school bag dry during rainy days.
  • Ergonomic Straps: They are adjustable and removable for ultimate convenience.
  • Robust Zippers: They do not slip easily and are waterproof.
  • Classic and Simple Design: Improves the versatility of the girl backpack. It makes it ideal for leisure, school, and outdoor.
  • High-Density Nylon Lining: Ensures better tear and water-resistant.
  • Large Multi-Compartment Design: It has a dedicated tech spot tablet sleeve, a front attachment clip, and mesh beverage pockets.
  • The straps are comfortable to wear
  • Made of thick material that seems durable
  • Has a phone charging port
  • The cute decoration of the backpack is amazing
  • The backpack has many compartments
  • The zippers are good
  • Stains easily

9. Le Vasty Sequin School Backpack for Girls

9. Le Vasty Sequin School Backpack for Girls

Le Vasty believes that every young princess deserves to have the cutest and most adorable backpack there is. That’s why it is glad to bring you this school backpack for girls. It is not just adorable and cute but also it is very reliable, and, therefore, will help your little princess achieve greatness at school or any adventure she takes part in.

We think the price of this girl backpack is great. We are also thrilled with the number of pockets the backpack has. Another thing about this backpack that makes us happy is that it comes in various colors to choose from. These are 02 Teal, 01 Pink, Rainbow, Hot Pink, Blue, and 05 Purple.

The dimensions of this school backpack are 11.6 inches wide by 4.7 inches deep by 16.5 inches high. They make the backpack spacious enough to use as a preschool bookbag, traveling backpack for kids and girls or elementary school backpack. Having said that, if you are looking for a backpack that’s ideal for camping, outdoor, hiking, fishing or traveling, this is what you should buy.

Because of its versatile and adorable look, this backpack for girls makes a stunning gift idea for Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Graduation, Birthday, etc. It is reasonably priced not to mention being totally unique. For this reason, we are certain whoever you are buying it for will really love it. The backpack will not just provide them with a nice way to stay organized but also will improve their gorgeousness.

Key Features
  • Glitter Flipable Mermaid Sequins: They have star patterns for enhanced visual appeal.
  • High-End Polyester: Ensures that the backpack is not just good-looking but also durable.
  • Big Main Compartment: It has a laptop sleeve and can hold up to a 14-inch laptop.
  • Inner Zipper Pocket: It is for storing cards and small items.
  • Front Pocket: It is for such accessories as a notebook and phone.
  • Two Side Pockets: They are for storing water bottles and umbrellas.
  • Seems to hold up well to regular use
  • The sequins stay in place
  • It is exactly as pictured
  • Holds all the necessities
  • The backpack has two compartments inside
  • The back is padded for maximum comfort
  • The water bottles could be larger

10. Meisohua School Backpacks Set Unicorn Backpack

10. Meisohua School Backpacks Set Unicorn Backpack

Buying a backpack set for your little princess is a good move. It is cost-effective and very convenient. The Meisohua Unicorn School Backpack Set gets the nod because it is a complete set that will make the life of your daughter a breeze. The 3 pieces include a pencil bag, a lunch box, and a backpack.

The size of the backpack is around 11.5 inches long by 5.1 inches wide by 15 inches high, whereas, the dimensions of the lunch bag are approximately 9.4 inches long by 6.3 inches wide by 6.3 inches high. The pencil bag, on the other hand, measures 7.8 inches long by 2.3 inches wide by 2.3 inches high.

This backpack comes in several colors. As such, you will be able to choose what best suits your needs. The colors are vibrant; hence, any that you will choose, we are positive your little girl will love it. Additionally, this is a complete backpack set that comes with everything.

The backpack has a large capacity and plenty of storage space to make sure your daughter is able to keep all the items she is likely to use at school. The backpack is suitable for daily use, camping, and traveling, among others. What’s more, it makes a wonderful gift for Birthday, Christmas, and Halloween.

Key Features
  • Main Compartment: It has a laptop compartment and two exterior pockets inside.
  • Two Pockets on the Front: They are great for keeping a pencil or a snack.
  • Two Side Pockets: They can carry a water bottle or an umbrella.
  • Pencil Bag: It is large enough to accommodate keys, pencils, and other essentials.
  • Padded and Adjustable Straps: They make the girl backpack easy to carry.
  • Lunch Bag: Big enough to carry a lunch box, a bottle of drink, a cup of yogurt or fruits.
  • The quality is much higher than expected
  • The backpack is well made yet lightweight
  • The straps have enough padding
  • The lunch bag is well made
  • The lunch box has insulation on the inside
  • The entire set is very cute
  • The package could be better. Customers have complained about receiving the backpack with either the lunch bag or the pencil case missing.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Girl Backpack for School

Whether your little princess is just starting to go to school or has been going to school, you must invest in the best quality girl backpack for school. A quality backpack for girls will not just spare you the hassle of having to buy a new backpack after just a short while but also it will make your girl proud. Unfortunately, finding a high-end backpack for girls is not a straightforward task. That’s why we have brought you the following factors. Through them, you will be able to know which backpacks are the best and which ones should be avoided.

The Material Used

There is no way a girl backpack can be of great quality if it is made of flimsy material. Therefore, when buying a backpack for your princess, make sure you check the fabric it is made of. Check the quality to confirm if it is first-class. Well, one of the things that prove that particular material is of good quality is thickness. This means good material is normally very thick and takes a lot of usage and abuse to develop holes. So, if you are buying a backpack and find its material to be very thick, that’s the brand to pick. It will definitely stand up to everyday use.

The Design of the Backpack

We mentioned earlier that the design of a girl backpack should be vibrant and very cute. The design should also feature amazing colors that go with the personal style of girls. All that being said, make sure you pay enough attention to the design of the backpack you are interested in before you buy it. This will prevent you from bringing home a backpack that your little girl does not adore. Fortunately, settling for a girls’ backpack with a vibrant design and amazing style should not be tedious because all the backpacks in the above reviews are really amazing; hence, the only hardest decision you have to make is which one will best meet your little one’s needs.

Included Accessories

We have noticed in the above reviews that there are single backpacks and backpack sets. In our opinion, a backpack set is a better choice because you get everything when you buy it. You get a lunch bag for keeping your lunch box or a bottle of drink. You also get a pen case, which your girl can use to keep pens and pencils or give it to you to use as a purse. Nonetheless, we understand that different people like different things. Therefore, it is unsurprising to note that some people prefer a single backpack to a backpack set. And if you happen to be one of those people, you need to buy a backpack that comes with a rain cover in case it is not waterproof.

Storage Space

Choosing your girl a backpack with plenty of storage space is highly recommended. This is because the more the storage space, the easier it is to keep necessities and other items organized and easy to access. Therefore, when buying a backpack, go for a brand with multiple pockets such as side outside pockets, front pockets, and inner pockets. Also, make sure the backpack for your girl has several compartments including a laptop sleeve. A backpack with multiple pockets and compartments carries a lot of stuff; thereby, promoting convenience. Nevertheless, you must note that a backpack with several pockets and compartments is likely to be expensive. So, be ready to spend more if you have made up your mind to buy it.

The Ergonomics of the Backpack

The last thing you want to see or hear is that your lovely princess is unable to carry her bag for long because the shoulder straps tend to dig into the shoulders, thereby, causing unbearable pain. You also do not want to see your little one come back home with her back full of sweat because the backpack cannot wick away moisture. All that being said, go for a backpack with well-padded shoulder straps. Besides, the shoulder straps should be adjustable to perfectly fit the size of your girl. You should also make sure that the back (the part that comes to contact with the user’s back) of your girl’s backpack is well-ventilated to prevent moisture buildup.


Getting your girl a great quality backpack is very important. Well, a great quality backpack is one made of durable materials that are more than capable of standing up to abuse and everyday use. Such a backpack also has a stunning design and is very cute so it can put a smile on your girl’s face every time she is carrying it to and from school.

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