Top 7 Best Free Standing Pull Up Bars in 2021 Reviews

A freestanding pull up bar offers a great way to gain arms that are more powerful, get a broader back, and achieve a stronger core. It is versatile, and, therefore, suitable for push-ups, pull-ups, chin-ups, dips, leg raise, body twists, and knee raise, among other exercises. Most freestanding pull up bars are very lightweight and some can even be folded for easy transportation. They are also sturdy enough to hold up to different weights. Since they are designed with small footprints, freestanding pull up bars can be used both at home and in the gym. With that said, you should check the following top 7 best free standing pull up bars reviews for easy purchase.

Table Best Free Standing Pull Up Bars

1. GoBeast Pull Up Bar and Dip Stand

1. GoBeast Pull Up Bar and Dip Stand

Since this free standing pull up bar comes with a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee, you will buy it with confidence knowing that the manufacturer fully stands behind it. A versatile workout tool will provide you with more than 35 exercises. Well, these exercises include Knee Raises, Push Up, Pull Up, Chin Up, Body Twist, Dips, and Leg Raise, among others. The free standing pull up bar improves stamina, confidence, core stability, and balance. This means it is not just great for gymnastics but also for anyone who wants to stay fit.

Key Features
  • Superior construction with a maximum user weight of 300lbs
  • Dismantles into small tubular length, making it easy to store
  • Includes a large storage/carrying bag with a shoulder strap
  • It is very easy to put together and dismantle
  • Comes with a guide book with various exercises
  • Made to be portable
  • Gets delivered very fast
  • Works great for many people

Wobbles, but this does not affect its performance

2. Ader Adjustable Multi-Function VKR Power Tower Chin/Dip Ab Station

3. Ader Adjustable Multi-Function VKR Power Tower Chin/Dip Ab Station

You can do innumerable things with this freestanding pull up bar. It is a complete workout station with built-in push up bars for toning and a dip station for increasing the upper body strength. The station will also enable you perform knee raise, help you burn fat or build a ripped midsection, and a dip station to help you develop your triceps as well as to increase your upper body strength. The free standing pull up bar is recommended for users not exceeding 250 pounds.

Key Features
  • Versatile design enables you to perform over 20 strength-building exercises
  • Heavy-duty steel construction with non-slip coated grips
  • Includes a sliding, adjustable back roller
  • The attached bench folds up easily for storage
  • Impressive 250lbs capacity makes it ideal for most individuals
  • Well-constructed and very multifunctional
  • Does not take long to install
  • The weight capacity is okay
  • Comes with all the parts
  • Customer service is great
  • Wobbles, but this does not affect its performance

3. Body Max Fitness Multi function Power Tower/Multi station

4. Body Max Fitness Multi function Power Tower/Multi station

We feel that if you decide to buy a free standing pull up bar, you should go for a versatile model. That is where the Body Max Fitness Multi-Function Power Tower comes into play. It is designed to help you work out both your upper and lower body. Furthermore, it has multiple grip positions to ensure that you get the best out of it. The workout station features a sturdy base that can be set anywhere. In addition, it boasts a Dip station for triceps as well as a Leg raise station for lower abs and quads.

Key Features
  • Features generously padded back and arm cushion
  • Height adjustable design with slip resistant foot grips
  • Great multi-station workout tower that enables you work on your lower and upper body
  • The chin up and pull up design has multiple grip positions
  • It has a small footprint once assembled
  • The price is decent
  • Solid and feels sturdy
  • Great for those who want to save space
  • Allows users to do several exercises
  • The top bar for doing pull-ups could be more straight

4. papababe Power Rack Power Cage Workout Station

5. F2C Adjustable Squat Rack Cage Stand


Your home or gym needs this freestanding pull up bar. This is because it has a reinforced overhead workout bar, which makes it very versatile. In other words, the reinforced overhead workout bar makes this adjustable cage stand perfect for body-weight training such as chin-ups, pull-ups, dips, squats, leg raises, and more. What’s more, this unit boasts a 3-step powder-coated finish, which enables it to stand up well to the daily use. It is adjustable, and this means it is suitable for trainers with different heights.

Key Features
  • It has adjustable height, enabling you to perform various workouts
  •  Compact, foldable design saves a lot of space
  •  Solid construction using superior material for enhanced durability
  •  Has well-padded grips to ensure your comfort during your workouts
  • Great quality for the price
  • Does not take long to put together
  • Ideal for many different forms of workouts
  • Looks really good once assembled
  • Great for racked squats (back or front)
  • Instructions are not the best

5. Popsport 330LBS Pull Up Dip Station Power Tower Station

6. Gravity Fitness Bodyweight & Pull Up Rack


Gravity Fitness has designed this bodyweight & pulls up rack to provide you with a complete workout. It is a convenient freestanding pull up bar that can be folded in minutes and carried anywhere. In fact, it comes with a bag, which comes in handy anytime you are on the go and you want to carry it along. The rack weighs only 19 kilograms; hence, it will not be arduous to carry around. It, however, has a weight capacity of 110 kilograms. It is great for a full range of exercises such as dips, leg raises, front and back levers, and incline press-ups.

Key Features
  • It is made from heavy-duty metal to offer superior stability
  • The powder coat finish ensures non-scratch and anti- rust performance
  • Unique design enables you to perform numerous full body workouts
  • It is easy to assemble and take down, making it easy to carry anywhere
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Very sturdy and stays planted to the ground
  • Comes with a carrying bag
  • Customer support is excellent
  • Super light for maximum portability
  • Could have more height adjustments

6. HYD-PARTS Standing Full Body Chin up Bar

8. HYD-PARTS Standing Full Body Chin up Bar

Although the HYD-PARTS Standing Full Body Chin up Bar only weighs 60.5 pounds, it can still comfortably hold your weight. It is a versatile freestanding pull up bar that can be used for several forms of workouts. That said, it is great for abdominal muscles, leg muscles training, shoulders, chest, back, and arm. The pull-up bar is adjustable, so it can let you realize your fitness goals without much hassle. The bottom tube of the bar is 4mm in thickness and there is a steady frame tube, which can load heavy weight.

Key Features
  • Sturdy construction ensures outstanding stability
  • It has impressive weight capacity of up to 550lbs
  • The versatile design enables you to get a full body workout
  • It has 11 height adjustment and removable backrest
  • Easy to build and has a great weight capacity
  • Holds up well to the daily use
  • Eliminates the need to go to the gym every time
  • Fits perfectly in small rooms
  • Does not take up a lot of space
  • Tends to tilt forward a little when in use

7. Lucky Tree Adjustable Dip Station Stand

9. Lucky Tree Adjustable Dip Station Stand

Since stability is highly needed for the best, performance on a freestanding pull up bar, Lucky Tree has equipped this particular unit with heavy-duty steel frame. They have also included a rustproof power coat finish to make the stand durable and strong. Another great feature they have considered is the horizontal bar, which combines with the parallel bars for dips, chin up, pull up, and vertical knee raise, among others. Because of the strong build, this free standing pulls up bar boasts a weight capacity of 660 pounds. It also boasts an ergonomic design to provide you with maximum protection during workouts.

Key Features
  • It made using heavy-duty steel frame with a scratch and rust proof powder finish
  • It comes with eight height adjustments and well-padded arm cushion
  • Comfortable and safe design with sponge padded back cushion
  • Has an impressive 660lbs weight capacity while remaining lightweight
  • Does not wobble during workouts
  • Has a smooth coating
  • Adjustable to help you achieve your goals
  • Sturdy and easy to assemble
  • Very versatile and works as advertised
  • May not hold up well to the weight of very heavy trainers


Getting a quality freestanding pull up bar can consume a lot of time because of the many brands that are on the market. Therefore, you need to check out a number of reviews like the one we have here. Our reviews are detailed and unbiased because the last thing we want is to see you return a product because it has failed to meet your expectations.

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