Top 8 Best Duvet Inserts in 2021 Reviews

Comfort is paramount if you want to enjoy your sleep every night. While there are many ways to stay comfortable at night, the use of a duvet insert is arguably one of the most convenient. Duvet inserts are pieces of bedding meant to be inserted inside a duvet cover for optimum comfort. They are designed in such a way that they offer comfort breathability in hot nights and sufficient warmth in cold ones. For this reason, duvet inserts can be used during both the summer and winter. In the following top 8 best duvet inserts reviews, we have selected the brands that offer the best in terms of comfort, durability and price.

Table Best Duvet Inserts

1. Linenspa Duvet Insert or Stand-Alone Comforter

1. Linenspa Duvet Insert or Stand-Alone Comforter

It is human nature to get tired of their bedroom décor quickly. That is why we are happy to let you know of the availability of this top quality duvet insert on the market. The insert is available in many sizes, with the queen size measuring 88 inches by 92 inches. Besides, it is well made, and we can tell this through its many great features. For example, this duvet insert has side loops and a sewn corner to keep your duvet cover at 8 points. This means you will happily say goodbye to the traditional 4 points. The insert also features a hypoallergenic down alternative fill, and it is made of super soft, reversible microfiber. In addition, it comes with a 3-year warranty to give you peace of mind knowing that it is protected against defects and workmanship.

Key Features
  • Becomes fluffier with each wash, providing you with the comfort you need
  • Very light yet offers enough warmth and its perfectly in most duvet covers
  • It has loops on each corner as well as midway between the corners
  • It has quality stitching and seams to ensure durability
  • Made from high end polyester materials
  • Ultra soft design for added comfort
  • It is machine washable
  • It comes with side loops to ensure a secure fit
  • Not the option if you are looking for a heavy comforter

2. Utopia Bedding Comforter Duvet Insert

2. Utopia Bedding Comforter Duvet Insert

Utopia Bedding knows that you do not need to sacrifice comfort at the expense of quality. That is why we have reviewed their duvet insert. Made to last, the duvet insert not only boasts strong stitching but also it is made with top quality filling. A crisp-looking comforter has Piped Edges featuring an elegant Box Style Stitching Pattern. Well, the pattern looks beautiful and even ensures that the fill does not shift at night. By so doing, the Box Style Stitching Pattern enables the duvet insert to offer a comfortable sleep. The duvet insert will provide you with a peerless comfortable and cozy feel throughout the night. This is because it is made of a super soft material that has a siliconized fiber filling. The insert also has hypoallergenic barrier bedding, which protects it against mildew and dust mites.

Key Features
  • Box style stitching prevents the fill from shifting
  • It is made with super soft materials with siliconized fiberfill
  • The four corner tabs secures the comforter in place
  • It is machine washable in the gentle cycle using cold water
  • The price is unbeatable
  • Makes beds feel very plush
  • Warm and very comfortable
  • Does not have a chemical smell
  • Not as thick as expected

3. Equinox 350 GSM All-Season White Quilted Comforter

4. Equinox 350 GSM All-Season White Quilted Comforter

Like any top quality duvet insert, the Equinox 350 GSM All-Season Comforter comes in several sizes. And these sizes include twin (68-inch by 88-inch), queen (88-inch by 88-inch), and king (102-inch by 90-inch). The comforter is made of a super soft 100-percent brushed microfiber material. For this reason, expect it to provide you with unrivaled comfort and amazing coziness throughout the year. Furthermore, this comforter has 6D hollow siliconized fiber filling that will make you sleep much better every night. In addition to providing the best comfort, this duvet insert has elegant square style stitching that features piped edges. Well, the stitching helps keep the siliconized gel from shifting, thereby, making sure that you always have a plush and fluffy comforter, which retains its shape. The comforter will no doubt complement your room décor or style; thanks to the clean crisp look.

Key Features
  • It is made from 100 percent brushed microfiber
  • Elegant square stitching ensures that it does not shift
  • Lightweight, soft design, which provides enough warmth
  • The loops lay flat on the fabric and will only pop out when needed
  • The package comes quickly, and it is easy to open
  • Made of a soft material
  • Great quality and has nice stitching
  • Makes a great Christmas gift
  • The sizing (especially the width) could be more accurate

4. Superior Alternative Comforter, Duvet Insert

5. Superior Alternative Comforter, Duvet Insert

Very few duvet inserts excels in comfort like the Superior Alternative Comforter, Duvet Insert. It features a super soft shell that is made of the finest 100-percent microfiber as well as lofty Down Alternative Polyfill. Its microfiber shell is noiseless and luxuriously soft to give you a good night’s sleep throughout the year. The comforter also features a hypoallergenic fill to give you relief, especially if you are an allergy sufferer. It is available in many sizes including king size, which measures 108” x 90”. You can use this duvet insert on its own to get a clean, hotel-inspired look or pair it with the many beautiful duvet cover sets from Superior. Additionally, this duvet insert is well made, considering that it has baffle box construction that is made with double-needle stitching and prevents the fill from shifting.

Key Features
  • Warm breathable materials make it an all season comforter
  • It is made using hypoallergenic polyester fill, preventing allergies
  • The durable box stitch does not only look great but also prevent the fill from shifting
  • It holds up extremely well without requiring any extra care
  • Really great for the price
  • Stains get out incredibly easily
  • Looks great on the bed
  • Smooth and soft to the touch
  • Not the ideal duvet insert for hottest months

5. AmazonBasics Microfiber Duvet Cover Set

6. AmazonBasics Microfiber Duvet Cover Set

The AmazonBasics Microfiber Duvet Cover Set has all the great features that will give your bedroom a fresh new look. The duvet cover set will add an extra layer of cozy warmth to help take comfort to another level. This duvet cover fits over any duvet with the same size, and it features a hidden button closure for securing in place. It is made with 100-percent polyester microfiber, so it can offer long-lasting strength as well as a natural resistance to wrinkles and shrink. The 100-percent polyester microfiber also provides a noticeably soft hand feel. Additionally, the duvet cover set boasts comfort breathability and insulating warmth. It is great for a master bedroom, kid’s room, and guest room. This is exactly what you need if you are looking for a stylish duvet cover that will provide you with everyday comfort.

Key Features
  • It is made from lightweight hypoallergenic polyester fabric that offer exceptional softness
  • It is large enough to cover an extra-large twin duvet
  • The materials are wrinkle resistant, maintaining the perfect shape for years
  • The corner ties also ensures a secure fit, boosting your convenience
  • It has ties in the corners inside
  • Super soft and comfortable
  • The price is competitive
  • Arrives looking clean for instant use
  • Has a soothing and beautiful color
  • A little thinner than expected

6. Chezmoi Collection 3-Piece Down Alternative Comforter Set

8. Chezmoi Collection 3-Piece Down Alternative Comforter Set

If you want to be a satisfied customer at the end, then you need to buy from Chezmoi Collection. The manufacturer makes top quality products like this 3-piece down alternative comforter set. It is made to offer year-round comfort. In addition, to achieve that, it is not just comfortable but also well made. That being said, the comforter set has a box stitching design that prevents any shifting. In addition, it is made of 100-percent hypoallergenic, allergy-free poly fiber. The duvet insert is available in many different colors (black, white, sage, navy, cream, lavender, teal, chocolate, khaki, gray, light pink, chambray blue, and Paloma gray). With that said, expect to find a suitable color that will match your décor. It is also available in several sizes including twin, king, oversized queen, oversized king, and queen.

Key Features
  • The four corner tabs secures the comforter in place
  • It is made 100 percent microfiber polyester and filled with 100% hypoallergenic poly-fiber
  • The diamond stitching looks attractive and ensures that the fill doesn’t shift
  •  The solid color complements and add elegance to your bedroom
  • The material is soft and warm
  • Stitched squares enhance the appeal
  • Great for both cold and hot nights
  • Seems to be well made
  • The price is unbeatable
  • Tends to come with loose threads

7. IKEA MYSKGRAS White Duvet Insert

9. IKEA MYSKGRAS White Duvet Insert

This thinner duvet insert with less filling is the perfect package if you want to enjoy your night’s sleep. The manufacturer has neither bleached it with chlorine nor used any optical brightener. As such, expect the comforter to provide you with a safe, comfortable place to lie on. It is made with a quality material, so it can last longer, making sure that you experience year-round comfort. Moreover, its quilt is machine washable up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit (Hot). That being said, the duvet insert is great for those allergic to dust mites, given that the 140-degree Fahrenheit temperature is hot enough to kill dust mites. It is available in two sizes (twin and full/queen) to choose from. Its filling material is 100-percent polyester, while the fabric used to make it is 100-percent polypropylene.

Key Features
  • Superior construction from hypoallergenic Polypropylene materials
  • It is light in weight but provides enough warmth during the cold months
  • It is machine washable without the risk of shrinking
  • Features corner straps that helps hold it in a secure fit
  • Hot washable for easy elimination of dust mites
  • Dries fast after cleaning
  • Great for hot sleepers or summer months
  • Fluffs up nicely when put inside a duvet cover
  • Arrives fast and well packaged
  • Does not have ties to prevent it from bunching at the bottom

8. downluxe Down Alternative 3-Piece Comforter Set with 2 Reversible Pillow Shams

10. downluxe Down Alternative 3-Piece Comforter Set with 2 Reversible Pillow Shams

What makes downluxe one of the best is their commitment to satisfying their customers. For instance, the manufacturer has backed this duvet insert with a 100-percent money back guarantee because they believe you deserve the most comfortable and elegant comforter set. The duvet insert is easy to care for, given that it is machine washable in the gentle cycle with cold water. Once you are done cleaning it, you can dry it on the sun or tumble dry on low. It boasts a stylish print design that enables it to rejuvenate your bedroom and pair with any sheet color. Besides, it offers medium warmth, so it can remain useful throughout the year. It is made with 100-percent brushed microfiber for solid performance. The comforter comes in a wide range of color options and three different sizes (twin, queen, and king).

Key Features
  • The diamond stitching looks attractive and ensures that the fill doesn’t shift
  • The stitching keeps the filling where it should be , maintaining a perfect shape
  • The microfiber is warm, comfortable and machine washable
  •  The hypoallergenic materials makes it ideal for people with allergies
  • Very nice for the money
  • Feels great and breathes fine
  • Stitching seems very good
  • Does not slip around or bunch up
  • Not the best for winter


It is imperative that you get quality sleep every night. The above duvet inserts will help you achieve that. They are hypoallergenic, meaning they are a great choice for allergy sufferers. Besides, their comfort is unmatched to ensure maximum satisfaction. That being said, we are sure that you will be happy with your purchase.

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