Top 8 Best Dual Camera Baby Monitors in 2021 Reviews

Walking to your baby’s room or crib every time to check whether they are doing fine can be quite hard and tiring. It can also be a little inconveniencing because you will have to stop whatever you are doing. Luckily, you do not have to go through all these as a new parent. And this is because there are dual camera baby monitors. This package includes one parent unit (monitor) and two cameras. Since the cameras are two, you can place them in two separate rooms to monitor more than one child. That being said, dual camera baby monitors are a great purchase for new parents with twins. The following top 8 best dual camera baby monitors reviews will help you settle for a suitable model in a snap.

Table Best Dual Camera Baby Monitors

1. New Babysense Video Baby Monitor with Two Digital Cameras

1. Babysense Video Baby Monitor with Two Digital Cameras


You should not miss any precious moments of your young one. That’s why we think that this video baby monitor with two digital cameras will really help you. It comes with two cameras to allow you to monitor two rooms. If you want to switch between these cameras, simply press the OK button on the parent unit. Additionally, this video baby monitor has a large 2.4” color LCD display that offers high definition and stable streaming because of its enhanced 2.4GHz FHSS technology. The video baby monitor also has a two-way talk back system, which will let you comfort your baby.

Key Features
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Warning indicator of battery level
  • Temperature warning display high/low
  • LED lights that switch off at detection of noise
  • Makes a great gift for new parents
  • The customer service is great
  • The price is not overrated
  • Very easy to set up out of the box
  • Delivers great picture quality
  • The battery life is not the best

2. AXVUE E612 Video Baby Monitor

3. AXVUE E612 Video Baby Monitor

Most new parents have agreed that they love the effort AXVUE puts in. That’s why the E612 video baby monitor is really loved by many. It works up to 800 feet to give you all the convenience you need. And its screen is 4.3” in size not to mention being LCD, so it can deliver high quality picture and sound. This unit also boasts automatic IR night vision that will enable you to monitor your little one even when the crib lights are off. Although it comes with two cameras, the baby monitor can support up to 4 cameras.

Key Features
  • Two pre-paired cameras with automatic night vision
  • TFT-LCD monitor that gives high-quality video
  • Two-way audio talk system
  • One user manual
  • The 2-way communication feature is a great addition
  • Its picture quality is great
  • The large display ensures easy viewing
  • Perfect for parents with two babies
  • Works great for the price
  • The battery does not last long enough

3. AXVUE Video Baby Monitor with Two Cameras

2. AXVUE E632 Video Baby Monitor with Two Cameras


With AXVUE dual camera baby monitor, you will have a chance to see every moment of your little one’s growth. In open space, the monitor can remain functional up to 800 feet. Furthermore, this monitor can use up to 4 cameras to deliver more outstanding results. It works with a rechargeable battery, and this further makes it convenient to use. Like the first monitor, this one is equipped with a 2-talk system that will allow you to sing or talk back to the camera unit. The parent unit of this system has a 5.0-inch LCD screen for easy viewing.

Key Features
  • Two-way audio unit
  • Supports data channeling through wireless connectivity
  • Rechargeable battery that has a power-saving mode
  • Features automatic switching linking connected cameras
  • The battery lasts up to 8 hours
  • It has five levels for the volume
  • The power-saving screen is a great addition
  • Priced great and easy to use
  • Picture quality is okay
  • The color quality could be better

4. VTech VM350-2 Video Baby Monitor

4. VTech VM343-2 Video Baby Monitor


VTech is another company that is dedicated to satisfying its customers. That said, their VM343-2 Video Baby Monitor has what it takes to become that purchase you have always dreamed of. The equipment comes with one parent unit, which is also the video monitor, as well as one baby unit, which is the video camera. Besides, it can be used with VTech VM300 or VM306 if you want to enhance its performance. Its color LCD screen is high resolution and boasts a size of 4.3”. As such, you will not have any problems monitoring what your little one is doing.

Key Features
  • Multiple options of viewing
  • Automatic night vision
  • Two-way audio commination system
  • Video is in full motion
  • Has great sound and picture quality
  • The price fits the bill
  • Its LCD screen is large
  • Features intuitive controls for easy use
  • Works quietly to avoid disrupting the baby
  • Could be more durable

5. Summer Baby Pixel Zoom HD Video Baby Monitor

6. Summer Infant 2.0 Duo Baby Video Monitor

Monitoring two children should not be daunting nowadays. And that’s because of the introduction of the Summer Infant 2.0 Duo Baby Video Monitor to the market. Its color LCD display boasts a huge size of 5.0”, and it is high resolution, so it can provide you with clear videos every time. The screen is also equipped with black and white automatic night vision to let you see clearly in the dark. Another stunning feature that this video monitor has is the 100-percent technology for security and privacy. Plus it comes with two wide lens video cameras that have a digital zoom for enhanced performance.

Key Features
  • Two wide lens video angle cameras with digital zooming
  • 5-inch high-resolution LCD color video display
  • The system is expandable that you can add cameras to monitor many children in different rooms
  • Indicators for low battery
  • The parent unit has a large screen
  • Provides an option to add up to 4 cameras
  • Comes with a kickstand
  • Very easy to use
  • Produces good sound and clear pictures
  • The battery life leaves a lot to be desired

6. Motorola MBP36S Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor

7. Motorola MBP38S-2 Digital Video Baby Monitor


Most Americans will tell you that the Motorola MBP36S is their number one brand. And we agree with them, considering the great features this dual camera baby monitor comes with. The dual camera baby monitor is equipped with a 4.3-inch color display, and it comes with touch controls, which make it extremely easy to use. The monitor also boasts an infrared night vision feature to ensure that even the dark does not stop you from monitoring your young one. Additionally, this video baby monitor boasts split-screen viewing, which further makes it convenient to use.

Key Features
  • Split-screen video viewing
  • High and low room temperature display
  • Wireless tech for connection and tilt, pan, and zoom with two-way talk-back
  • Low battery indicator and infrared night vision
  • Its range goes pretty far
  • Produces great picture quality
  • Picks up even the smallest noise
  • Its signal does not interfere with wireless routers
  • A little louder than normal

7. VTech VM321-2 Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision and Two Cameras

8. VTech VM321-2 Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision and Two Cameras

When you purchase this equipment, you will get two baby units (cameras) and one parent unit (monitor). The parent unit comes with a rechargeable battery unit, and it has a low battery alert to notify you when you need to change the battery. Moreover, this monitor has a high-resolution 2.8-inch color LCD screen that will let you see everything including your baby’s cute smile. The manufacturer has added an automatic IR night vision feature, which is triggered when there is total darkness. Because of this automatic IR night vision feature, you will be able to monitor your young one even in total darkness.

Key Features
  • Plays 5 different lullabies melodies
  • Room temperature sensor
  • Split-screen viewing capabilities
  • Two-way talk system
  • The zoom feature works great
  • The night vision works as expected
  • Handy for caring for the elderly
  • Gives the option of adding several cameras
  • Picks up sound very well
  • Not the best for two rooms

8. Motorola Comfort 50-2 Video Audio Baby Monitor

9. Motorola Comfort 50-2 Video Audio Baby Monitor

Most manufacturers of dual camera baby monitors do not pay enough attention to the microphones of dual camera baby monitors. But that is not the case with Motorola, as this video audio monitor comes equipped with a high sensitivity microphone to allow you to communicate easily with your baby. It also boasts a 2.4GHz FHSS that comes with a 5-inch screen to give you a wide viewing range. Moreover, this video audio baby monitor can be used at night. And this is because of its infrared night vision feature. Plus it can be functional up to 1000 feet, which is just fine.

Key Features
  • Includes two cameras and high sensitivity microphones
  • Wireless technology of connectivity
  • Alarm setting and five different lullabies
  • Full-color screen with remote digital zooming
  • Very convenient and good quality
  • Works great and priced reasonably
  • Produces clear pictures for easy viewing
  • Its screen is large
  • The sound and picture can be adjusted
  • Night vision is not the best


We believe that this article was really handy as far as choosing the best quality dual camera baby monitor is concerned. We are saying this because we researched each product before making a compilation. We also checked the price to make sure that you are not paying through the nose just to get a top quality dual camera baby monitor.

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