Top 10 Best Compression Socks for Men in 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Compression socks help improve exercise performance by stabilizing muscles, avoiding vibrations, and agitation to help reduce fatigue and muscle damage. Therefore, you can run and exercise better, faster and longer without getting tired. This is a great reason to try them. Plus, the energetic muscles stimulate you to exercise. Thanks to these features, the training will be easier and more effective. On top of that, compression socks also help reduce the risk of stiffness and even support muscle recovery. So, if you are prone to muscle-related injuries, you should try this item.
When you use compression socks, you get a sense of motivation, and all your actions become more flexible. Not only that, your muscles need oxygen to function during exercise so this product is designed to promote blood flow and improve muscle tissue oxidation. Finally, this type of sock will put pressure on your calf muscles. Therefore, you will feel quite comfortable because the muscles are not blocked by wind and air. Keep reading our reviews to choose a pair of compression socks that suit your activities.

Best Compression Socks for Men – [Reviews & Buying Guide]

1. Physix Gear Sport Athletic Fit Men Compression Socks

Physix Gear Sport Athletic Fit Men Compression Socks

The first item on this list is a pair of black and gray compression socks from Physix Gear Sport that is designed for sports like cycling, skiing, and running. These socks are described as a great item to help you relieve muscle pain, limit varicose veins, prevent blood clotting, and combat knee fatigue. Plus, the design of this product is quite special to support air ventilation. Therefore, your calves will still get some comfort.

The meticulous seams make these socks extremely delicate and effective. They not only give you maximum comfort while playing sports but also help you own a toned and dynamic appearance. Therefore, this is one of the most effective assistants in the hot summer season and the cold winter to accompany you to conquer the challenges of exercising.

Key Features
    • 70% nylon
    • 30% spandex
    • lycra fabric
    • 30 mmHg sleeves


  • Supporting the treatment of various diseases
  • Suitable for quite a lot of sports
  • Neutral design to suit both men and women
  • Good ventilation and quick desiccant


  • They are a bit long

2. SB SOX Women & Men Compression Socks

SB SOX Women & Men Compression Socks

These SB SOX compression socks are medium-sized to fit most customers. The perfect compression they provide will satisfy you as well as provide the best experience every time you use them to play sports or exercise. Not only that, but these socks also support oxygen circulation to restore the health of your calves, ankles, and feet. With them, you no longer worry about injuries when playing sports.

On top of that, the harmonious design of the socks makes them suitable for both men and women. Therefore, this product is quite popular with customers. The layers are extremely durable to accompany you in the process of training for many consecutive years. It is these premium materials that add strength to the product so you do not need to worry about tearing.

Key Features
    • Ankle protection
    • No-slip cuff
    • Moisture–wicking fabric
    • Arch support
    • Reinforced toe


  • Effective desiccant to enhance air ventilation
  • The design is both simple and sophisticated
  • Maximum support for the ankle area
  • Durable materials for a long time use


  • They will get a little tight if you wear them for hours

3. Laite Hebe Travel Varicose Veins Athletic Sports Running Compression Socks for Men

Laite Hebe Travel Varicose Veins Athletic Sports Running Compression Socks for Men

This pair of Laite Hebe compression socks is one of the perfect solutions to support your body to be able to feel cooler despite playing sports for many consecutive hours in the hot summer. Even in the cold winter, this product helps you maximize your muscle warms for effective movement.

Not only that, along with the perfect design of these socks are extremely great fabric. Thanks to this feature, your feet are always dry and cool, reducing unpleasant odors caused by sweat. Therefore, you also reduce the risk of joint, muscle, or even dermatological diseases. If unfortunately exposed to water, the high-quality fabrics will make the socks completely dry after only a few hours.

Key Features
    • Premium fabric
    • Ventilation function
    • Durable structure
    • Neutral design
    • Dark colors


  • Ideal for many different sports
  • Optimized comfort for users
  • Quickly regain dryness
  • Support the muscle healing process


  • Slightly monotonous design and color

4. CHARMKING Men and Women Graduated Athletic Compression Socks

CHARMKING Men and Women Graduated Athletic Compression Socks

This CHARMKING product is a pair of compression socks described to be able to support you playing sports for 7 consecutive days without having to wash or wash because of its breathable features. Therefore, they save you a considerable amount of time and effort. Plus, the quality and subtlety seams make them suitable for not only fitness but also for many other purposes in your daily life. The outstanding features that these compression stockings provide are the improvement in blood flow, the reduction of muscle soreness, and the flexibility of your movements.

It is also described as one of the most effective long-term solutions for you to overcome fatigue in muscles, joints, and bones. Thereby, this product supports you to conquer harder workouts every time you play sports. Therefore, you can prevent conditions like diabetes, varicose veins, muscle swelling, or cramps.

Key Features
    • 360-degree stretch
    • 85% nylon
    • Reinforced heel
    • Arch support
    • Ankle protection


  • Improve efficiency in playing many different sports
  • Easy to use in many cases
  • Protect all parts in the leg area
  • Able to prevent unpleasant odors


  • The toe part is a bit uncomfortable

5. FuelMeFoot Women & Men Copper Compression Running Medical Athletic Socks

FuelMeFoot Women & Men Copper Compression Running Medical Athletic Socks

These FuelMeFoot compression socks are specially designed with some parts made from copper to facilitate the smooth flow of blood in your legs. Not only that, but this feature also keeps your feet and legs healthy all day by providing light strokes to support blood flow to the muscles.

Plus, ventilation is also added to the features of these compression socks thanks to the ingeniously sewn fabric. In addition, durable materials not only prevent the product from breaking despite being used for many years, but also dispel unpleasant odors caused during the workouts. Another notable feature of this pair is that it can keep you dry even in hot weather.

Key Features
    • No sup cuff
    • Ankle protection
    • Reinforced toe
    • Moisture-wicking fabric
    • Arch support


  • Muscles are greatly improved and recovered faster
  • Unique design with special functions
  • The price is relatively low
  • Increase blood circulation effectively


  • The sizes are a bit small

6. ACTINPUT Compression Medical Recovery Socks for Men & Women

ACTINPUT Compression Medical Recovery Socks for Men & Women

These ACTINPUT compression socks are designed to give you high performance every time you play sports, exercise, or even work in the office for hours. In addition, muscle injuries will be quickly recovered when you wear these compression stockings. Plus, it also helps you to increase your tolerance and endurance when working or practicing with high frequency.

On top of that, they are also seen as a support item needed to minimize the risk of injury when playing sports. In particular, these advanced materials can resist odor and absorb moisture from the soles of the feet. Therefore you will not have to suffer from unpleasant odors anymore.

Key Features
    • Fashionable colors
    • Unique pattern
    • Unmatched comfort
    • Extra ankle support
    • Arch and heel support


  • The ankle part is fully protected
  • Trendy design with elegant colors
  • Suitable for many different jobs
  • Can be widely applied


  • The price is a bit high

7. Iseasoo Copper Knee Compression High Medical Running Socks for Women and Men

Iseasoo Copper Knee Compression High Medical Running Socks for Women and Men

This Iseasoo product is a pair of high-quality compression socks that incorporate modern technological innovations. With these improvements, your calves will feel better blood circulation to be able to exercise effectively when you’re playing sports or when you need strength. In addition, high-tech apparel technology helps the fibers of these socks to be tightly linked to quickly heal your muscles.

Equally important, the product is constructed with an extremely high durability to be able to accompany you for many consecutive years without tearing. And yet, the modern materials make these compression socks hygienic for many days without washing and drying. Last but not least, the version will relieve aches and pains on the calves every time you use this product.

Key Features
    • Padded heel
    • Graduated compression
    • Clima-pro system
    • Non-slip cuff
    • Reinforced toe


  • Integrated with modern technical improvements
  • Elegant design with a harmonious color scheme
  • Improve user-health when playing sports
  • High-quality fabric layers enhance airflow and moisture resistance


  • They are quite difficult to wash

8. ZfiSt Athletic Compression Nursing Performance Medical Socks

ZfiSt Athletic Compression Nursing Performance Medical Socks

These compression socks from ZfiSt are described as a versatile product that can support a wide range of patients. First of all, they are suitable for people with diabetes, varicose veins, and muscle aches. Not only that, even doctors and nurses can use them to work more effectively. And yet, they also effectively support pregnant women and patients with liver fluke. These socks will improve blood circulation and limit varicose veins.

On top of that, the durable materials ensure that these socks can work well for you for a long time. This is introduced as one of the most exciting gifts that you can give to friends and other members of your family.

Key Features
    • Non-slip function
    • Ankle protection
    • Moisture-wicking fabric
    • Breathable and comfortable structure
    • Bright colors


  • Unique design with eye-catching colors
  • Suitable for many types of patients
  • Easy to use and wash regularly
  • Minimize muscle pain when exercising


  • The size needs to be improved

9. Rymora Compression Sport Work Women & Men Socks

Rymora Compression Sport Work Women & Men Socks

This pair of Rymora compression socks possesses a design that is both simple and sophisticated enough to show its versatility to the user. These socks are designed to stimulate and enhance the amount of oxygen in the blood as well as help the blood circulation to the muscles go smoothly. Moreover, this product is extremely beneficial for the process of blood circulation to the muscles, so the exercise can achieve the maximum effect.

Equally important, these socks from Rymora are perfect for reducing blood stasis and reducing muscle swelling so users no longer have to worry about edema. In particular, this pair of socks is introduced as the perfect product for those who work in the room for many hours in a row or travel enthusiasts. The temperature of your muscles is always kept stable so they can work best when you play sports.

Key Features
    • Added padding
    • Non-slip cuff
    • Seamless toe
    • Graduated compression
    • Lightweight fabric


  • Improve the performance of muscles
  • Relieve the pain quickly
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Can be used for many occupations


  • They are a bit uncomfortable

10. CS CELERSPORT Women and Men Nursing Compression Socks

CS CELERSPORT Women and Men Nursing Compression Socks

The final product on this list is a pair of compression socks from CS CELERSPORT that carry a simple and sophisticated design for effective user support. Their unique design helps prevent unpleasant symptoms such as cramps, muscle tension, knee fatigue, and varicose veins. Besides, durable materials are an advantage not to be missed because they protect you from scratches.

Not only that, the special structure makes them suitable for many different sports such as jogging, marathon, and tennis. Plus, their design focuses on ankle compression to minimize dangerous injuries. At the same time, this feature also prevents unpleasant odors caused by sweat. Besides, they are equipped with a quick desiccant feature to help the surface to be dry after only a short time

Key Features
    • 58% nylon
    • 33% polyester
    • 9% spandex
    • Smooth toe
    • Extra protection


  • Suitable for many different customers
  • High-quality fabric for a long-term use
  • Effective moisture restriction to keep feet dry
  • Easy to wash regularly


  • The price is relatively high

How do compression socks work?


In simple words, compression socks are used to provide the veins with better support that is necessary for your body to function normally. In some cases, the muscles in your legs contract, which squeezes the veins and pushes blood back up to your heart every time. Nevertheless, during inactive times, such as extended standing or sitting or when the walls of these veins become weaker, the constant downward pull of the gravity would lead to many health issues.

By hugging the leg and foot’s muscles, compression socks can be effective in narrowing and straightening vein walls. As a result, it would help keep the valves in the veins aligned, thus enabling them to stay open and move blood flow to your heart before they are shut. This is very important because those valves that are located too far and do not meet are unable to close properly. As valves do not shut, blood can flow both down and up. In many cases, this results in blood pooling in your lower leg or foot, leading to discomfort, swelling, and a feeling of heaviness around affected areas.

More than just treating existing health issues, using compression socks would be helpful in improving blood circulation and keeping your veins healthy. In fact, many people enjoy boosted comfort while wearing these products.

Important factors to take into consideration when choosing compression socks for men

Before making a decision, keep in mind to take into consideration the following factors to choose the best compression socks for your needs and preferences:


Compression socks are often divided into two main types, which are different in terms of compression levels, length, and size.

Thrombo-embolic deterrent or TED compression socks offer the same pressure levels throughout. They are often recommended for post-surgical patients with the aim of assisting health blood flow in prolonged periods of inactivity. Keep in mind that the degrees of compression in this type can be considerably lower than graduated models because they are particularly designed for bedridden people.

Graduated compression socks are probably the most common options for many people available on the market. In addition, they are very versatile and can be used to treat and prevent many health issues, such as varicose veins, spider veins, swelling or edema, DVT or deep vein thrombosis, as well as generalized discomfort triggered by pregnancy or extended periods of sitting and standing. This type of compression socks is specially made to fit mostly at your ankle and have reducing pressure levels from the leg upwards.


There are many styles of compression socks for men. Each of them provides different pros and cons.

  • Below-the-knee and knee-high products are ideal for daily use. They can be used for achy, swollen feet and legs since you can easily put them on. Nevertheless, the support for venous insufficiency from above your knee is insignificant.
  • Thigh-high styles are great for those who have problems around their knee. Since they would ride down easily, silicone bands are often provided to keep them staying in place.
  • Waist-high styles provide full-length compression from toe to hip.
  • Compression sleeves are ideal for those who often wear sandals or want to keep their feet and toes in the open air. Nevertheless, they would be less useful in keeping your blood from moving around the feet and ankles. Therefore, you should avoid this option for swollen areas.
  • Athletic compression socks offer extra flexibility and padding in some areas. They are specially made for active people with added durability and breathability.

Levels of compression

The compression level, measured in mmHg, is the pressure that compression socks would have on your vessels. The decision on this factor will depend on personal needs. It is important to discuss with your healthcare provider to choose the right option. In general, it can be divided into four types.

  • Mild compression, from 8 to 15 mmHg: This type is ideal for keeping healthy legs and relieving generalized fatigue and discomfort. In addition, you can use it to lower the risks of varicose veins and spider veins.
  • Moderate compression, from 15 to 20 mmHg: These products can prevent and alleviate spider veins and mild varicose. They might alleviate swelling, pains, aches, as well as might be used by those people who often travel in the long distance to avoid deep DVT.
  • Firm compression, from 20 to 30 mmHg: These socks are used for many venous disorders. They would be effective in preventing and dealing with moderate to serious spider or varicose veins by alleviating swollen areas triggered by blood pooling in your lower extremities.
  • Extra-firm compression, from 30 to 40 mmHg: You should only use this type under the supervision of a qualified physician. They are often prescribed in the management and treatment of serious venous disorders.


It is not simple to choose the right size for your compression socks. However, this is an important factor to ensure the overall effectiveness. If your socks are too tight, they would cut off flows of blood and worsen your issues. On the other hand, if the socks are too loose, they will not provide the expected benefits. To pick a suitable size, you need to measure different points of your body, including the ankle’s narrowest circumference, the calf’s widest circumference, as well as the length between your knee’s crease and foot’s base. It is advisable to take measurements in the morning because any potential swelling would be at its minimum levels.


Most compression socks for men are a combination of different materials such as nylon, spandex, cotton, and lycra. They are blended in various thicknesses and patterns. Several models, especially waist-high and athletic types, come with silver textiles, which are integrated into the material as silver nanoparticles. This material can be bonded to the socks’ fabric during the manufacturing process. It is known as a natural antimicrobial that would prevent and interrupt the development of odor-causing fungus as well as bacteria.


Compression socks are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Many studies show that wearing compression socks helps you minimize muscle aches and fatigue during and after a workout. We hope the above reviews can help you buy the right pair.

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