Top 10 Best Color Laser Printers in 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

We do know that we are living in the modern world with new technology innovations such as smart devices, computers, and many things that make life easier. Besides, if you are working at an office, school, or even at home, you probably need a color laser printer in order to enhance your job whenever you need to print out your worksheet or paper sheet as well. With this technological color laser printer, you can always find an affordable one that helps you with its highest performance and fastest paper printing with many colors by the laser function.

If you are working at any place, you might make consideration for sizable printers such as small, big printer according to your area, which can be placed nicely inside of your working zone. However, those color laser printers can print out not just papers; it can print out photos, posters, and other features. Plus, it is simple to control while you want to print out anything as well, so that we are informing you here with the top 10 best color laser printers reviews.

Best Color Laser Printers – [Reviews & Buying Guide]

1. Brother HL-L3230CDW Digital Color Printer

1. Brother HL-L3230CDW Digital Color Printer

If you are looking for a simple laser printer in order to use it inside of your small office or home, you better need a good quality one, which also provides you with a few benefits, and many colors to print. Well, Brother HL-L3230CDW Digital Color Printer is a small and simple laser printer, which suited best in a small area for work. However, this digital color printer is a professional printer that has a very skillful of quality as well.

Furthermore, it performs the fast printing function and it can print up 25 sheets of paper in just a minute, which helps to reduce the time in order not to let you wait for a long time. Also, it can print many colors according to your desire or the requirement of your paper, which needs to print out properly. Therefore, this digital color printer can put up its capacity with 250sheets in the tray section, which is a high maximum load of this printer.

Brother HL-L3230CDW Digital Color Printer can also handle many types of paper with the adjustable paper section, which shows you the different sizes of the documents. Besides, you find this digital printer very convenient and usable when you try to sort out your work immediately with accurate and precise to see your paperwork as well, such as A4 paper, which is the standard paper that everyone is using it.

Even better, this digital color printer has a technological control feature of wireless and Wi-Fi operation. It made to become a supportive digital color printer for nowadays administrative assistant in the office since it also can be controlled by smart devices such as phones and computers without using any wire or cable to print out the paper. Additionally, you are able to print out the paper sheets by using a flash drive or USB with the optional port so that you have many ways to print or get the paperwork done.

Key Features
  • Wireless operation by phones or computers
  • Large input tray with 250sheets maximum capacity
  • Small dimension of 18.1high x 16.1wide x 9.9deep inches
  • Mono LCD display screen with a few control buttons
  • Saving your budget with the good quality color printer
  • Makes your job go on smoothly with fast printing for 25sheets per minute
  • New technology device, which brings you the easy way of printing
  • Loads lots of paper in its slot
  • Color cartridge can use for a short time

2. HP LaserJet Pro Printer, Model M281fdw

2. HP LaserJet Pro Printer, Model M281fdw

You already know the well-known brand of HP technology gears company. This company has made an excellent performance of the laser color printer as well, which can help you to sort out your work faster whenever you need to print papers or documents. Even better, HP LaserJet Pro Printer Model M281fdw can do many functions of printing methods such as print, scan, copy, and fax, which are the multiple ways for you to do.

It comes with the size of 16.7wide x 13.3high inch, which is a medium size of the laser color printer. It also included with a few slots such as print slot, two-sided printing slot, and paper carrier slot with the maximum of 50sheets of paper within the white color design of the printer. Therefore, there is a touch screen remote to control the printer with its size of 2.7inch, and this hardware part is also the vital part of making the printer on progress.

Moreover, HP LaserJet Pro Printer Model M281fdw can print out paper up to 22papers per minute with the black color or other colors as well. With the stock stray of this laser color printer, it can load up for 250papers as the maximum capacity for the stray slot so that you can store lots of papers without hesitation. Plus, you will not concern about the color print because this laser printer can print out with many colors that you only need to fill those colors inside of it.

Definitely, this essential laser color printer can use by Wi-Fi connection and also can be operated through smartphones or laptops, which is the technological design of the innovation of a printer. This laser color printer is compatible with the IOS and Android smart devices and it is straightforward to start the printing from these smart devices. After you offer this laser color printer, the company has already included a one-year warranty for you, but only for the hardware sector.

Key Features
  • Three paper trays, with one USB portable
  • Big size color ink cartridges
  • Sizable paper carrier slot, which can keep 50sheets of paper
  • Touch screen control section of 2.7inch on the front panel
  • New laser color printer innovation that provides you with four printing functions
  • Suitable with many colors due to your satisfaction
  • Easy to operate with the distance operation by using smart devices
  • Can also print out your paper by using USB drive as well
  • Wireless connection might have some troubles once you use it for a long time

3. Canon Laser Color Printer, ImageClass MF644Cdw

3. Canon Laser Color Printer, ImageClass MF644Cdw

Some people are having trouble or issue of printing documents or sending files to their folders inside their business offices. Probably, you should think of a new design printer with many advantages and it works efficiently to support your tasks every day, which is Canon Laser Color Printer ImageClass MF644Cdw, and this is the well-known of a worldwide brand as well. Well, it comes as a printer that fits to place on the desk and not cost much space at all.

Besides, the dimension of this laser color printer is only 17wide x 16.6high inches, which is an average size that you can find and settle it over the office desk, and you can use it very quickly, too. With the potential volume, you can also access this laser color printer with one touch screen of 5inches and the one touch screen will show you of many functions that this laser color printer can do.

Even better, Canon Laser Color Printer ImageClass MF644Cdw can be operated through wireless effort, which is a technological order. You can also print out papers, fax, and uploading files to this laser color printer quite simple by using Wi-Fi connection and smart devices. Plus, it can copy any documents or with two-sided printing, and scan which are the additional options of this printer, too. Undoubtedly, your work tasks will be supported by this laser color printer with calmness and smartly paper printing.

Moreover, this well-known worldwide brand of laser color printer is also a saving product, which made with the beneficial function of eco-conscious; therefore, it has the paper eco mode that saves paper and toner. Meanwhile, you will not cost much to buy lots of paper or ink for this laser color printer. It shows the high-quality performance printing with the amazon dash replenishment ink reorder much easy and convenient.

Key Features
  • One touch screen board of 5inches with many functions to start
  • Large room toner slot with easy pull out clipper
  • Top tray copy section with laser scanner
  • Multiple functions in the touch screen
  • Fast printing design and can access with Wi-Fi connectivity and smart devices
  • Saves much paper and toner with the eco-conscious mode
  • Secure the information or documents in a level term memory
  • Easy to reorder ink from amazon dash replacement and save 10%
  • Difficulty for the wireless connection setup with smart devices

4. Dell Laser Color Printer, Model C1760NW

4. Dell Laser Color Printer, Model C1760NW

You might work in a small office inside of your home, but you also need some gears or administration equipment as well so that you could make yourself very productive and complete any assignment or work perfective. So here is a Dell Laser Color Printer Model C1760NW, which can help you to print out paper, copy, or even scan with plenty of basis features as well. This laser color printer has an ideal design of a black edition color that is unique among other printers.

However, it can be saving space inside your area, too, so that you can place it nearby your side, which is decently reaching out range for you to start printing documents easily. Indeed, this laser color printer can print out 15papers in one minute of black color and it can also print out 12papers in a minute of a colorful paper sheet. Therefore, you can find this printer adaptable and supportive of your needs.

Besides, this laser color printer can connect to Ethernet, Wi-Fi connection, and USB port so that you be able to access the printing function with many ways that you can find with this laser color printer. Even though, it allows to operate by using mobile devices such as IOS or Android system. Therefore, you also can proceed through your computer with any systems such as standard window and the Mac computer system, which is usable and accessible in order to let you done your assignment right away.

On the other hand, Dell Laser Color Printer Model C1760NW is made with the LED technology design, which is the enhancement of this printer that can make it become a unique model as well. Additionally, this laser color printer is suitable for every color and it is saving energy as much as it can for you with the quality made of energy-saving start function. It will bring you the easy way to maintain the control buttons on the top layer of this printer and simple to operate every time.

Key Features
  • LED lights inside the printer
  • Mini size of 15.5wide x 11.8deep x 8.9high and lightweight of 23.4lbs
  • Entirely made of black color edition
  • LCD display screen with five control buttons
  • Easy to operate or start to print through wireless method with mobile devices and computers
  • Saving space in the home-office or small size area
  • Cost low energy and quickly print out documents through any devices
  • Works very efficient and supportive for your assignment
  • No warranty or free replacement from the company

5. Kyocera Laser Color Pinter, ECOSYS P5021cdw

5. Kyocera Laser Color Pinter, ECOSYS P5021cdw

There are many types of laser color printer, which enhance your office in order to print or copy out paper works. Indeed, here is Kyocera Laser Color Printer that can help to support your office environment into another level for a comfortable and affordable printer that you can find in the market. Exactly, this laser color printer will give a bunch of essential work of printing with black color or colorful paper.

Even better, this laser color printer is made with the highest quality material that assembled this printer to become a solid laser color printer and it can be used for an extended time, which is a durable product. Moreover, it is a professional performance laser color printer, which can print out 22papers in just a minute. Plus, you can print out your paper with any color as you like, but this depends on how many types of colors that you attach it with your laser color printer.

Also, it has quite a big size that suitable for a workplace such as an office, photocopy room, or even other large size rooms. The size of this laser color printer is about 16.1wide x 17.6deep x 5.5high. It will show you exactly how big of the printer will be so that you can consider where to place your printer properly; besides, this laser color printer has its weight only 8pounds, which is a lightweight printer as well.

Plus, Kyocera Laser Color Printer can use with Wi-Fi connectivity, USB portable, and wired network so that you can access into this laser color printer in order to get your paperwork by your computers, too. With any model of computers or every system of the computer, this laser color printer is compatible with everything. Although, you will not be concern about the possible advantages of this printer since it comes with much potential use for you to run it in your main office.

Key Features
  • Made with highest quality elements
  • Big side toner compartment and slots
  • A few buttons and narrow buttons with small display screen
  • Sizable paper stock tray of 300sheets
  • Makes lots of improvement in your work place area
  • Enhance your job very well
  • Use it with many ways for printing and comfortable use
  • Any color is all fit with this printer machine
  • Free replacement order or warranty is not included with this product

6. Xerox Color Multifunction Printer for WorkCentre, 6515/DN

6. Xerox Color Multifunction Printer for WorkCentre, 6515/DN

There is a new development of technology gears that makes our life much easier and work much faster from day to day; therefore, this innovation is included with a smart printer as well. Indeed, Xerox Color Multifunction Printer for WorkCentre is an intelligent laser color printer that will support your office with a convenient way of working faster. This smart laser color printer is made as a white color with harden material design, too.

Your task will probably move on quicker because of this smart printer with a fast printing ability, which can print out 30sheets per minute so that your documents of work will deliver just in time. However, this smart laser color printer is very productive and reliable, which is showing the best performance inside your office. It also provides multifunction operations that make you feel more comfortable with pleasure.

Furthermore, you can always print in a conventional way, scan, copy, and so on. Because this laser color printer is a smart machine, you still can use your flash drive or USB to plug into the USB port in order to print out any documents or papers easily and not to spend a long time to start the printing. Plus, there is the latest design of a touch screen interface on this smart laser color printer as well so that you can customize or control it by your desire.

Even better, Xerox Color Multifunction Printer for WorkCentre is included with wireless technology operation, which can be controlled or upload files to print out from smart devices and laptops. Even though, it is compatible with a few software such as email, google cloud print, air print by apple, and much other software. Besides, this smart laser color printer has a dimension of 19.7high x 16.5wide x 19.9deep inches. Also, you can connect the lower toner alert with amazon dash replenishment so that you can save ten percent for ink reorder and one-year warranty by the company.

Key Features
  • One large front panel touch screen including with start and home button
  • Papers or documents tray at the top part of the printer
  • Wireless connectivity part inside the printer
  • Inside has ink reorder signal with Amazon Replenishment
  • Mainly made for office environment with printing booster of 30sheets per minute
  • Easy to control with the latest touch screen interface
  • Company also provides you of one-warranty and service support
  • compatible with every smart devices and software print
  • A few rooms for hardware are needed to make the improvement

7. Samsung Intelligent Electronic Laser Color Printer

7. Samsung Intelligent Electronic Laser Color Printer

For a well-decorated home office, it always needs some modern and smart gears so that those things can support every user with the best environment of the working field. Mainly, administrative work still requires printing methods, so here is a modern color printer, which is Samsung Intelligent Electronic Laser Color Printer that fastens your job quite well with plenty of functions. Indeed, it comes with four in one printing functions such as print, copy, scan, and fax.

It provides quick print performance and also suitable for many colors that this modern laser color printer can do. Moreover, it prints out a smooth and clear view for photos or text papers as well. Well, it is easy to operate since there is an extend control section of multiple functions with the 2-line LCD screen, which can be used much accessible. Therefore, you will not need to worry about how to start the printing because it shows you in a very simple way.

Samsung Intelligent Electronic Laser Color Printer is accessible with smart devices such as IOS and Android because it is made to compatible with the direct wireless connection, such as the Wi-Fi connectivity as well. Besides, you can upload any files or documents from wherever you received and upload those documents into the printer so that it can deliver your papers in a short time. Plus, this laser color printer is made as a saving printing machine, which saves 20percent of the operation.

Also, the size of this laser color printer is about 13.1high x 16wide x 14.3deep inches. On the other hand, the carry tray of this printer is made to fit for only 40sheets so that whenever you want to print anything, you can insert lots of papers over the tray. Additionally, there is a big slot for 150papers with the input tray, too, which can be stock a large number of documents, and you will not spend many times to reload it.

Key Features
  • Extended control panel with one screen and many buttons such as start, and number button as well
  • 150papers maximum capacity of storage tray
  • 40sheets paper holder shelve
  • Disc insert slot underneath the control panel
  • One-year warranty for hardware problems within the 24h service and support
  • Eco-system that saves 20% of the operation
  • Easy and accessible to start the printing
  • Multiple functions that you can spend less effort to get your documents
  • Scan function might sometimes occur some issues

8. Lexmark C2325dw Laser Color Printer

8. Lexmark C2325dw Laser Color Printer

If you are looking for an affordable product with an ordinary design laser color printer to use inside your small area or room, this is a new design of Lexmark C2325dw Laser Color Printer that can also give you a bunch of advantages for printing work. Indeed, this laser color printer comes as standard shape or design, but it also can perform very well with the rapid print. Therefore, it can print out 25sheets per minute, which delivers you a whole document a less time.

However, this laser color printer has a security option that can keep your files or information in small safe storage, but only for a short period. Besides, it is built for excellent performance so that you be able to work out the printing quite efficiently and helpfully as well. Also, you can manage the printing control with the keypad on the front panel of this laser color printer, which includes an LCD screen as well.

Plus, it has a direct USB port in order to print out your paper more convenient without any doubt at all so that you be able to spend less time on getting your work it done. Therefore, you can still use cable wire to connect from your computer to print out any document folders, too, which is the main operation for every printer. This laser color printer can produce with black paper and color paper according to your print or your paper design.
Lexmark C2325dw Laser Color Printer is assembled of a Wi-Fi connection in order to allow you to operate easily way so that you will no need much effort to start the printing by managing over the printer. Because it makes life much easier, this is why it suits for every job requirement of printing ability. After you use this laser color printer for a while, there is a recommendation for you with a paper use per month of 500 to 5000pages that are needed to take control.

Key Features
  • LCD screen on the front panel with setting buttons
  • Under section has the output paper tray
  • Input tray on the side of the printer
  • USB portable section at the edge of front panel
  • Ordinary shape design with great performance of this color printer
  • Ethernet and wireless connection to access the printer more convenient
  • Can secure your information for a short period and provides less time printing
  • Easy to minimize the ink consumption
  • No warranty for hardware or software provided

9. Ricoh Digital Color Printer (M C250FWB)

9. Ricoh Digital Color Printer (M C250FWB)

Whenever you are working in a small office at your workplace, you probably need an ideal printer to support your everyday job so that your task will be done smoothly. However, Ricoh Digital Color Printer can be your job supervisor for a printer since it performs best quality performance with the beautiful shape, which is a part of an office decoration as well.

This digital color printer is not just a regular printer because it made as a smart laser color printer that brings you some exceptional printing features such as copy, fax, and scan. Although, you be able to sort out your job much faster and better. Moreover, it produces the standard text paper with black or color paper as well and it includes the double-sided printing method, too.

Ricoh Digital Color Printer comes with a large capacity paper tray, which can insert plenty of paper sheets as possible onto the maximum requirement. Plus, the printing ability of this laser color printer can produce 25sheets per minute, which is the highest amount of papers for one document folder so that it will save you much time with the eco time-saving operation.

Even better, you can access this laser color printer through your mobile devices in order to print out any files of your work. It is also compatible with computers and all systems such as Mac, Windows, and Linux. Therefore, you can connect your software such as air print and google cloud print into this printer so that you be able to get your documents or paper sheets.

Key Features
  • Curve compartment with twice paper shelves on top
  • Lower compartment comes with paper storage
  • Big touch screen with multiple number buttons, and setting buttons
  • Immense paper deliver tray under the top shelves
  • Saving your office space with slim shape design
  • Easy to start the printing with the manageable control panel of 4.3inch
  • Accurate printing and made with beautiful shape design
  • four in one printing method and can operate through wireless network
  • No free replacement or guarantee from the company

10. OKI Data Laser Color Printer (C531DN)

10. OKI Data Laser Color Printer (C531DN)

Meanwhile, you are struggling with your budget, but you still want something that can help you to get over your task or assignment on time. Well, you can find a new laser color printer, which costs you less price and gives you some benefits. OKI Data Laser Color Printer is your assistant that can produce or hand in your worksheets very comfortable.

This laser color printer is made as an ageing figure and easy to maintain for printing paperwork. Indeed, it is fitted with optional colors so that you can get your text paper with black color or a colorful paper as well. Even better, it produces 27 to 31papers in one minute, which supports your assignment to complete in the early time.

Therefore, OKI Data Laser Color Printer has its weight of 53pounds. It also includes an LED light that brings this laser color printer brighter and pleasant looking. Also, you will find this printer with a low voice operation and fast paper produce and it also provides with bright color paper for you to see or read it correctly.

Furthermore, you can operate this printer function with your computer as well, such as Mac or even Windows, which set up your effort much smooth and comfortable without doing much work to it done. This laser color printer is made as a durable material, too, which allows you to use it for an extended time with much essential use.

Key Features
  • Separate operate buttons and mini display
  • Two tiny lights signal of printing information
  • Free hall print-out section at top layer
  • Front opening shied of paper input tray
  • Save your budget with the low cost laser color printer
  • Use it for a long time with sturdy material
  • Quick start to print out your paperwork
  • Customer service is provided by the company
  • Might be hard to set up for this new printer

Consider some reasons before buy you the best laser color printer | Buyer Guidelines

You always want to make a worthy investment for anything mainly any product to use for your work or support. Also, every office or home office requires a laser color printer in order to improve the job, even more, faster and convenient. Before purchase the best printer, you better need to see some reasons for the best one:

Multifunction Features

Your high-quality laser color printer should have made with a few significant function features such as copy, scan, fax, and standard printing. Therefore, you be able to use it very optional and clear your task onto a certain level. Additionally, it can load up lots of papers inside the tray and it should be included the fastest printing function, too.

Smart Operation System

For the best laser color printer, it needs to be a smart printer that you can control or maintain it with smart devices such as IOS or Android device and all computer systems. Moreover, it also suitable for technological software such as air print and google cloud print so that you can print out your documents without touching or take plenty of times to start the printing operation. Furthermore, it has to include the ecosystem of the time-saving or paper-saving as well.

Great Shape Design and Durable Material

If you are working in a small area or office, you should consider a space-saving laser color printer with a beautiful shape, too. Besides, you also want to use a proper laser color printer, which can use for a long time and made with firmness material so that it is not easy to break or stop working. Plus, a great shape design of a printer can enhance your office decoration to look much better as well.


You already know that you have many works to do every day as a job, but you might need an assistant to support your task in order to finish on time. Every document or paperwork is required to print out all day for almost 24hours and that is why you should get yourself the highest quality printer with many advantages such as features, smartly system, or good looking printer. Therefore, you better try to find the best laser color printer at all time and hopefully you will buy the right one. Happy Buying with the best of Luck!

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