Top 10 Best Chemical Sprayers in 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

A cut above average sprayers, chemical sprayers make a perfect choice when you are looking for a solid sprayer that enables you maintains your property as a whole. Whether you are looking to eliminate annoying weed problems, ward off pesky insects, sanitizing your floors or even apply bleach, a chemical sprayer comes in handy. Unlike the traditional sprayers, the best chemical sprayers are crafted from premium materials that handle extremely toxic chemicals without corroding any of its parts.

Additionally, these sprayers come equipped with advanced features that make chemical applications safe and easy. To start, we love the non-clogging nozzles that allow you to apply various chemicals precisely. The nozzles are also adjustable from the injection stream to mist sprays for enhanced effectiveness. Equally important, these sprayers have extended hose, long spray wands, as well as well-padded back straps to enhance your comfort. With so many models on the market, you might find it challenging finding the best chemical sprayer. However, our guide will streamline the process and assist you to find an appropriate choice.

Best Chemical Sprayers – [Reviews & Buying Guide]

1. Chapin 20000 1 Gallon Lawn sprayer

1. Chapin 20000 1 Gallon Lawn sprayer

Traditional garden sprayer makes demanding chemical spraying tasks mind blogging. Cut the time spend and improve efficiency with this dedicated chemical sprayer from Chapin. With a robust construction and advanced spraying mechanism, the Chapin 20000 lawn sprayer enables you to apply pesticides, herbicides, and insect repellents on your garden. As a best-seller, the unit features exclusive features that enhance its performance. This results in a nice and steady mist that spreads far and evenly.

To start, the sprayer comes with a premium pump that is built to ensure unmatched precision. With only a few strokes, the sprayer provides a decent spray, saving you time and effort. Secondly, this pump comes in a compact design with well-padded shoulder straps. This enables you to cover a large area without being overly tired. We love the one-gallon design, which is large enough to cover a medium-sized area and compact enough to carry almost everywhere.

Next, this unit is designed using premium materials for enhanced durability and performance. It is compatible with most pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fertilizers and other chemicals. It doesn’t matter the formulation that you need to apply, this sprayer is up to the task.

Additionally, this model comes with an inline filtration system that prevents small particles from clogging your nozzles. The 28-inch hose is also an excellent feature as it helps you to access the hard to reach areas. In the same breath, the adjustable nozzles also enable you to fiddle with the spray pattern to meet your needs. Better still; the sprayer comes with a translucent tank that makes it easy for you to monitor the remaining solution.

Key Features
  • It features a translucent tank, which is easy to fill and clean
  • Ergonomic handle makes pumping easy
  • Has an in-tank filter so you don’t have to worry about blockages
  • Compatible with common weed killers, fertilizers, and pesticides
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Has a wide mouth opening that allows for easy filling
  • Professional, industrial style makes it stand out
  • Well-padded shoulder straps for enhanced comfort
  • None found

Compatible with pest control chemicals, herbicides and fertilizer, the Chapin 20000 lawn sprayer makes a handy addition to any home. The inner tank filter ensures a steady, even, and continuous spray. The ergonomic handle combined with effortless pumping mechanism enables you to cover a large area without being overly exhausted. Overall, this premium sprayer is versatile to use in all chemical spraying applications.

2. Smith 190285 1-Gallon Bleach and Chemical Sprayer

2. Smith 190285 1-Gallon Bleach and Chemical Sprayer

The effectiveness of an herbicide, insecticide, or soluble fertilizer is often determined by the gardening sprayer. The Smith 190285 chemical and bleach chemical is an effective pump ideal for commercial chemical applications. With it, you will never have to worry about coming into contact with the harsh chemicals. The main selling point is that it is crafted using chemical resistant materials. Ideal for both gardening and warding off insects, keeping your environment safe has never been easier.

One of the interesting features that stood out in this model is the pressure release valve. This makes the application of toxic chemicals safe. As a result, you never have to worry about spilling chemicals on yourself when refilling or cleaning the pump. The sprayer has a one-gallon capacity making it an excellent choice for people with a small yard/garden.

or an even chemical application, this sprayer comes with a powerful pump at 60 PSI, which ensures a reliable performance. We love the ergonomic shoulder straps that take off the weight from your hand. This allows you to apply the chemical with much ease. Even better, the sprayer features a commercial-grade shut off valve that improved your precision.

The handy lock-on feature allows you to spray continuously without having to push the trigger. Small, but large enough to cover a small size yard, this chemical-resistant sprayer offers you with years of reliable service. As expected, it comes with an inbuilt filter that ensures blockage free spraying. The nozzle system also accepts various nozzles for enhanced convenience.

Key Features
  • It comes with a premium non-corrosive construction
  • Includes various Viton seals and gaskets for enhanced durability
  • 36” long reinforced hose, with comfort grip
  • Premium poly adjustable nozzle and 15-inch poly wand
  • Straightforward to use
  • Versatile, making it usable for various applications
  • Designed for repeated use with tough chemicals
  • It boasts of a one-step assembly
  • Some find the trigger mechanism having high-speed response

Any gardening professional or dedicated landscaper will benefit from this sprayer. It features a large mouth opening to ensure spill-free filling and easy mixing. The premium inbuilt filters also ensures zero clogging while the poly tank is resistant to corroding. Use it to spray any chemical formulation and create a healthy environment for your family.

3. Field King Professional 190328 Backpack Sprayer

3. Field King Professional 190328 Backpack Sprayer

Are you looking forward to fighting perky insects or removal of stubborn weed from your yard? The Field King Professional 190328 is a dedicated backpack sprayer that delivers unrivaled performance for diverse applications. With it, the task of applying herbicides, pesticides, as well as soluble fertilizer becomes effortless. Unlike regular sprayers, the Field King sprayer comes with an advanced nozzle system that emits a smooth spray that ensures even chemical distribution.

Notably, you don’t need to use a separate container to mix your chemicals. With its funnel top mixing the chemicals has never been easier. Say goodbye to the stubborn clogs and chemical residues inside the tank, which makes cleanups time intensive. Equally, this is a well-crafted product to ensure the right balance between performance and durability.

This sprayer also features internal paddles that manages powders, liquid as well as water-soluble chemicals. One of the advantages of these internal paddles it that they will keep the solution premixed and ready for application.

Additionally, it comes with expertly designed nozzles that enable you to tinker with the spray or jet for even application. The pump accepts various nozzles including the Tee jet nozzles to expand its functionality. Besides, the pump has the capability of building a massive 150-PSI. This offers you excellent flexibility in controlling the spray pattern as well as the flow rate.

Key Features
  • High end, 21-inch poly wand with premium Viton seals
  • Premium, lockable shut off with an in-line filter
  • Includes four nozzles and even accepts Tee jet nozzles
  • Internal piston pump delivers up to 150 PSI
  • Available at a budget-friendly price
  • Compatible with multiple nozzles
  • It features a premium pump that doesn’t leak
  • Easy to repair and replace parts
  • Doesn’t have a pressure gauge

The Field King sprayer has fewer moving parts, thus reduced wear and tear. Therefore, you should expect a long-lasting reliable service. The high capacity tank also enables you to cover a larger area. As if this is not enough, the model also comes with comfortable straps and a lumbar support design for enhanced comfort. Moreover, we love the translucent tank and largemouth opening that allows for easy and spill-free filling.

4. VIVOSUN 1.3 Gallon Pressure Sprayer

4. VIVOSUN 1.3 Gallon Pressure Sprayer

Whether you are controlling weeds, keeping insects away from your patio or keeping pests from destroying your vegetables on your kitchen garden, the VIVOSUN garden sprayer got your back. Different from other models, this unit comes with several nozzles that make it versatile to use. It is compatible with common fertilizers, pesticides, as well as weed killers. Thanks to the two-stage filtration system, you don’t have to worry of nozzle clogs.

It is a great choice for people looking for a multifunctional sprayer. We love the practical design that makes it not only great for outdoor but also indoor use. The sprayer has a large bowl mouth and a funnel design. This allows for easy and safe mixing of chemicals as well as mess-free filling. For enhanced protection, the pump also comes with a secure lid that withstands the pressure to avoid accidents.

Forget having to shake the sprayer constantly to find the remaining solution. This model comes in a translucent tank with visible calibration scale. This enables you to check the solution level and refill when it is needed. The translucent design also makes it to premix the chemicals without having a separate container.

Similarly, the sprayer comes with an extra-long watering wand that allows you to reach high or other hard to reach places. You will love the well-padded shoulder straps and comfort grip handle with a shut-off valve. This allows for easy pumping action while the thickened bottom ensures improved stability and overall durability.

Key Features
  • Safety valve design stabilizes the pressure in the pump for easy use
  • Oversized bowl design prevents water and chemical spills
  • Adjustable nozzle enables you to control the jet and spray
  • 56.6 cm-long wand enables you to access hard-to-reach places
  • Works with most weed killers, pesticides and fertilizers
  • Premium design for less pumping
  • Heavy-duty shoulder strap
  • Simple one-step installation
  • Slightly heavier than other models

The VIVOSUN garden sprayer pump is designed to cater for a variety of chemical spraying. From lawn maintenance, gardening to warding off annoying bugs, this pump has the versatility to get the job done. We love the extra-wide mouth opening that not only makes clean up easy but also ensures spill-free fill-ups. What’s more, thanks to the heavy-duty construction, you can expect a service that you can rely on for years.

5. Roundup 190314 Backpack Sprayer for Fertilizers

5. Roundup 190314 Backpack Sprayer for Fertilizers

Make spraying efficient and easy with this simple yet effective sprayer. This is a compact manual sprayer with an advanced sprayer mechanism. With a few strokes, the sprayer builds enough pressure that allows you to spray a large area without pumping. By doing so, you can tackle a large area without much hand fatigue. Speaking of reduced fatigue, the sprayer is lightweight, ergonomic and includes a lumbar support design, which is easy on your back.

The manufacturer prioritizes your safety by integrating various safety features. First, this model has a wide mouth opening that allows for easy filling. This also makes clean-up simple. Next, this model comes with a large ergonomic design, which feels comfortable on your back. The straps are wide and well-padded for increased comfort.

Even better, this sprayer is cleverly designed using corrosion-resistant materials. This makes it a great pick for all your spraying needs. Whether it is controlling pests, weeds or fertilizing your yard, the sprayer performs diligently. The tank, hose, spray ward, and nozzles are reinforced to avoid deterioration.

The sprayer also comes with numerous features that make it stand out. First, we love the adjustable padded straps, waist belts as well as the cinch chest strap that balances the weight and distributes it all over your back. Moreover, the unit comes with multiple nozzles that are adjustable for ultimate versatility.

Key Features
  • Heavy-duty poly wand with shut-off
  • Includes a handy lock for continuous spraying
  • Has an in-line filter to prevent blockages
  • Comes with well-padded straps and a waist belt
  • For added versatility, it includes three nozzles
  • Has an inbuilt lumbar support
  • The Viton seals and gaskets ensure long-lasting chemical resistance
  • Also, it works with tee jet nozzles
  • The spray hose could be longer

For easy pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers, this sprayer is not only convenient by also a reliable companion for daily use in your farm. Different from other models, this model comes with four interchangeable nozzles for improved versatility. Even better, the unique pumping mechanism saves you time and effort, as it requires fewer strokes when compared to traditional sprayers.

6. Solo 430-2G 2-Gallon Farm and Garden Sprayer

6. Solo 430-2G 2-Gallon Farm and Garden Sprayer

A lightweight, simple, and high-efficiency option that you can take to your lawn to spray pesticide or fertilizer and bring it indoors for disinfecting! Solo 430 garden sprayer boasts of a new and advanced design that incorporates a large filter to ensure clog-free spraying. For enhanced durability, this model comes with Viton seals, which makes it corrosion resistant and effective in handling highly toxic chemicals.

Durable and chemical resistant construction combined with the automatic pressure relief valve maintains the pressure at 45PSI for safe and precise distribution. It has a large pump handle that creates high pressure at only a few strokes. This gives your hands the much-needed break especially when covering large yards.

The sprayer has a long hose and spray ward that enables you to access tight and high spaces. Its inbuilt hose organizer also makes it easy to store. Additionally, it contains a unique storage compartment that has additional nozzles that ensure quick changes to meet your desired application.

As expected, the unit also comes with a large funnel top that allows for easy filling and cleanups. The commercial quality nozzles that are interchangeable also make this model a perfect pick for individuals who are looking for a dedicated chemical sprayer. Besides, it has chemical resistant seals that provide outstanding durability.

Key Features
  • Features a four feet high-pressure hose
  • Commercial quality nozzle system allows you to interchange the nozzles
  • Has a pressure relief valve that releases excess pressure
  • It has a long commercial wand
  • Easy assembly without requiring any tools
  • Comes with a high-density polyethylene tanks
  • Advanced pumping mechanism makes the process easy
  • Ideal for applying chemicals, insecticides, as well as fertilizers
  • Not ideal for spraying a large area

Maintain a beautiful and healthy yard with herbicides, insecticides and fertilizes with this dedicated sprayer. You can also ward off fungal diseases on your veggies and fruits by spraying fungicides. This multipurpose chemical sprayer works with most chemicals to keep your yard or property gorgeous and habitable. Moreover, this unit comes with a commercial shutoff valve as well as a lock-on feature that allows for hands-free spraying, minimizing your fatigue.

7. Scotts 190567 Lithium-Ion Battery Powered Pump

7. Scotts 190567 Lithium-Ion Battery Powered Pump

Save yourself from strenuous pumping action and opt for this battery-powered sprayer to take care of all your gardening, disinfecting and landscaping. Unlike other mediocre products, this model is powered by a high capacity lithium-ion battery that provides enough torque to spray up to 12 full tanks. Having been powered by a battery, this is one of the portable garden sprayers available on the market.

The sprayer features a flexible wand system that extends effortlessly to reach otherwise hard to access areas. This simplifies its convenience remarkably. Speaking of convenience, the sprayer has a thumb-operated switch that allows for quick and simple operation.

Having been designed to make the spraying a safe and fun task, the sprayer also comes in a perfectly balanced weight. It has ergonomic straps that are adjustable and well padded to enhance your convenience. The telescoping wand also enables you to spray a wide area.

Do you hate cleaning your sprayers? Well, this model comes with a large opening that saves you time and effort involved when cleaning a sprayer. Furthermore, it boasts of a heavy-duty construction and few moving parts, reducing wear and tear. It is also lightweight, easy to store and portable.

Key Features
  • High capacity lithium-ion battery provides enough power to sprays up to 12 full tanks
  • It features 21-inch poly wand with Viton seals for enhanced durability
  • Teardrop-shaped tank for increased stability
  • Comes with 3-In-1 nozzle system that has three settings
  • Effortless operation and upkeep
  • Flexible wand system
  • Has a decent battery lifespan
  • Comes with ergonomic handle and an inline filter
  • Some find it too small especially when spraying large yards

Make the spraying a fun, quick and safe task with this battery-powered system. It is backed by a high capacity battery that enables you to spray a large area without having to refill. You will also love the flexible wand system and inline filter that allows for continuous operation without having to deal with nozzle clogs. Additionally, this unit accepts various nozzles for enhanced performance.

8. Hudson 92130 Wheeled Spray pump

8. Hudson 92130 Wheeled Spray pump

Designed for individuals looking for a multipurpose sprayer that works with pesticides, herbicides, sanitizing and bleaching agents, the Hudson sprayer makes a perfect pick. This is a three-gallon spray pump that is large enough to tackle a medium to large spaces without having to refill. Even better, you don’t have to deal with the heavy load on your back. This wheeled sprayer rolls on the surface smoothly for easy maneuverability.

No one likes dealing with the stubborn clogs and an overly dirty tank. With this in mind, the manufacturer integrated a quality inline filter that sieves all the particles that may cause blockages. The filters also restrict the residues to enter the wand, making cleanups fast.

True, this unit requires pumping to create pressure. However, unlike the traditional models, it comes with advanced pumping mechanism that requires fewer strokes to build enough pressure. This enables you to finish your task with less effort and quickly.

Along with these impressive features are the controllable nozzles. First, this model accepts various nozzles, making it applicable in various situations. You can also adjust the spray intensity and direction, enhancing overall productivity. Some of the other important features that come with this model include an oversized funnel top and a translucent tank that allows for easy level monitoring.

Key Features
  • Features a three-gallon translucent tank
  • Has an extra-long 72-inch hose
  • Versatile set of four nozzle types
  • 18-inch spray wand and a rains-oft shower spray head
  • Comes with a wide-mouth opening for easy refills
  • Extra-long spray wand and hose makes it easy to access hard to reach places
  • Easy maneuver thanks to the wheeled design
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Hard to use in uneven surfaces

With numerous advanced features and modern technology, the Hudson sprayer is practical to use for a variety of gardening and cleaning application. The lightweight and easy to use design makes it easy to use almost everywhere. It also comes with large wheels that allows for simpler maneuverability while the extra-long spray wand allows you to reach the hard to reach places.

9. Flo-Master by Hudson Battery Powered Sprayer

9. Flo-Master by Hudson Battery Powered Sprayer

With a streamlined, compact design, this sprayer is a convenient tool for use in small gardens. Better still, this is a battery-powered sprayer, meaning that you will never have to worry about having to pump. Since you will use little effort, this model also makes a perfect pick when looking to spray a large garden, or spaces where you will need to apply the chemical regularly.

With so many upgraded features, you can expect a solid performance. First, this model comes with a three-stage filter that works perfectly with the cleverly designed nozzle. This eliminates the chances of the sprayer clogging. Next, this model comes with three easy to swap nozzles that enable you to configure the spraying pattern to meet your needs.

Similarly, this unit comes with a long hose and spraying wand that enables you to reach hard to reach areas. As the name indicates, the pro-master sprayer is designed not only to ensure prolonged use but also optimal comfort. We love the deluxe padded back straps, chest support, and lumbar support that reduce the back strain and enable you to carry it for prolonged periods.

Also, this unit comes with a padded grip that offers your hands extra comfort. Another thoughtful feature is the extra-wide opening that enables you to fill the chemical solution without any spillage. This feature also makes it easy to clean the tank thoroughly.

Key Features
  • Has a 1.3-gallon translucent tank that enables easy fluid level monitoring
  • Adjustable nozzle enables you to choose between straight streams to a fine mist
  • Deluxe padded shoulder straps and lumbar support
  • Battery operated sprayer saving you from having to pump
  • Thumb-operated power switch resides your efforts significantly
  • Comes with double telescoping wand
  • Triple filtration system
  • Very durable construction that lasts for many years
  • Slightly higher price tag

With a 12V lithium-ion battery, this chemical sprayer offers you with a decent power that sprays up to eighteen tanks without having to recharge. Even better, it features a premium construction with integrated Viton seals that enables it to handle different chemical solutions. Additionally, this sprayer is lightweight and highly portable.

10. ITISLL Garden Pump Sprayer

10. ITISLL Garden Pump Sprayer

The ITISLL garden pump sprayer is undoubtedly one of the high-end sprayers thanks to its solid construction that is built to withstand harsh agricultural chemicals. For these reasons, this model has become a personal favorite for professional landscapers and serious gardeners. Besides using it for gardening, this model is also great for home maintenance. Its multipurpose design also makes it a perfect pick for applying bleach or sanitizing your home.

How you clean your sprayer often determines a sprayer efficiency especially if you are using it to spray various chemicals. As expected, this model comes with a large opening that ensures no spills filling. The wide tip also makes it easy to clean the inside and ready it for the next chemical application. Speaking of efficiency, this model also comes with a locking trigger on the handle. This does not only reduce fatigue but also enables you to spray efficiently for extended periods.

Compact, lightweight and comes with well-padded shoulder straps, carrying the sprayer is super easy. This makes it a great pick for homeowners when does a lot of spraying regularly. We love the ergonomic handle that allows for quick pumping without exerting too much effort.

Super portable and multipurpose! Thanks to the premium design, this sprayer is useful in cleaning cars, pet bathing, and plant irrigation as well as home cleaning. It also includes a handy brass nozzle that is adjustable from mist spray to direct injection. Additionally, this model comes with a comfortable, long hose and extended spray stick that enables you to reach tight spaces.

Key Features
  • Portable and Multi-Purpose Pressure Sprayer
  • Features high-end brass nozzle that is adjustable
  • Has a super long hose and spray stick
  • Convenient to use thanks to the ergonomic handle as well as a locking trigger
  • Strong and Comfortable Pressure for efficient application
  • Largemouth opening allows for mess-free filling and easy cleanups
  • Comes with a pressure release valve for enhanced safety
  • Ideal for applying various harsh gardening and home maintenance chemicals
  • It is not compatible with the Tee nozzles

With a high-quality PE material construction, this chemical sprayer works well with highly toxic chemicals. The PE material is also translucent allowing you to see the remaining solution and replenish when the need arises. Moreover, this model features wear-resistant rings, seals as well as anti-clogging filter to allow for simple maintenance and extended durability.

Factors to consider when selecting the Best Chemical Sprayers Reviews| Buyers guide

Despite having similar appearance, chemical sprayers have numerous components that not only dreaminess their performance and their application. Some models work with particular chemicals while others provides a reliable general-purpose functionality. Below are some of the crucial features that you should check out before purchasing a chemical sprayer.

The size of the area you intend to spray

Chemical sprayers are handy tools for controlling weed, pests, applying fertilizer in your garden. They also enable you to sanitize indoor spaces. Before making your choice, you should consider the size of the area where you intend to use it. A model with a small tank often struggle when dealing with a large area. On the other hand, you don’t need a high capacity sprayer if you intend to spray a smaller area.

The construction materials

Next, you will need to consider the construction materials. Obviously, a model made from high-end materials offers you with elevated execution, durability, and glitches free performance. Chemicals usually react with metals therefore, we recommend going for a model that is made of plastics. However, not all plastics cut; ensure that the plastic is tough enough to handle repeated applications.

The Pump Action

On the other hand, you should look at the pump action. True, chemical sprayers often come as compression sprayers. However, the pump-action differs from one model to the other. Models with oversized levers often create enough pressure with only a few strokes. This minimizes the effort used while spraying a large space. Another handy feature worth checking is pressure relief pressure. This feature is handy especially useful when opening the sprayer for cleanups. Remember accumulated pressure may scatter the remaining chemical all over your body and space. However, with this feature, you can release the pressure before opening the sprayer.


Chemical sprayers are essential tools for most homes and offices. Unlike the gardening sprayers, these models are designed using tough materials that are corrosion resistant. They work with various chemical solutions making them ideal to use for gardening as well as sanitizing your spaces. The above chemical sprayers are not only durable but also portable. Take your time to go through the models carefully and pick a model that suits your needs. All the best!

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