Top 10 Best Camping Shower Bags in 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

One of the main challenges most campers face during camping is access to hot water for showering. The thought of showering with cold water is unbearable and has even made some people rethink the idea of going on a camping trip. Fortunately, the introduction of camping shower bags seems to be the answer to this problem.

A camping shower bag is designed with high-performance materials that absorb and retain heat to help keep the water inside it warm and perfect for showering. Furthermore, a camping shower bag is very easy to use since all you need to do is to fill it with water, hang it on a tree, and then you are good to go. The following top 10 best camping shower bags reviews discuss top-notch brands to help you with a few tips on how to end up with a proper product.

Best Camping Shower Bags – [Reviews & Buying Guide]

1. Coleman 5-Gallon Solar Shower

1. Coleman 5-Gallon Solar Shower

Coleman has been making quality products since it was established. Its products are mostly camping-related; making it the go-brand for any camping enthusiast. The manufacturer focuses on making your life away from civilization an easy one. Well, one of Coleman’s products is a 5-gallon solar shower.

With it, you will not miss a shower. It is large and holds a reasonable amount of water to let you have multiple showers. Ideally, this solar shower is not just perfect for camping but also great for emergencies when hot water may not be available. It uses solar energy to heat water. As such, you do not need to be concerned about electricity when you have it.

Key Features
  • 5-Gallon Capacity: It holds more than enough water to allow you to take multiple showers and observe crucial hygiene during camping.
  • Heat-locking material: The solar shower is made of heat-locking material, which warms the water when it is left in the sun. This means you will be able to enjoy a warm shower even on cool days.
  • Strong handle: Allows you to carry the shower bag easily and with confidence knowing that it will not tear. It also comes in handy when you want to hang the shower bag for convenient use.
  • On/off shower head valve: It is a handy feature that helps you conserve water.
  • Versatile Use: This shower bag is ideal for camping and emergency situations.
  • Heats up and provides surprisingly hot water
  • Great for the price
  • The shower bag is very easy to use
  • Holds a decent amount of water
  • Seems to heat water faster than expected
  • Drying the inside of the bag could be easier

2. ADVANCED ELEMENTS 5 Gallon Summer Shower/Solar Shower

2. ADVANCED ELEMENTS 5 Gallon Summer Shower/Solar Shower

ADVANCED ELEMENTS produce solar showers of different sizes and features to make sure there is something for everyone. It is a company dedicated to making your life away from home very convenient and memorable. Well, this 5-gallon summer shower is one of their products.

And it is here because it works nicely. Its dimensions are 20 by 6 by 2 inches, which is just fine. Moreover, this solar shower is not heavy and can even be carried with water inside, unless you have a bad back. Whether you are at the end of the trail, camping or on the deck of your boat, this camping bag is exactly what you need.

Key Features
  • Solar technology: This camping shower bag uses solar technology to heat water. This means you can use it anywhere there is the sun.
  • 4-ply construction: It is durable, and, therefore, enables the shower bag to hold up nicely to the unforgiving outdoor environment.
  • Reflector Panel and Insulator Panel: The reflector panel allows the shower bag to heat water much faster than anticipated, whereas the insulator panel helps keep water warm for a long time.
  • Side pocket: Offers a convenient place to put your shampoo and/or soap.
  • Water temperature gauge: Helps you know the exact temperature of the water.
  • Velcro straps: They are for wash cloths.
  • Heats water nicely to make outdoor shower great
  • The material it is made of is thick
  • Can be used to rinse dishes
  • The pressure is pretty nice
  • The handle is reinforced
  • The spout/nozzle tends to come off

3. RISEPRO 10 gallons/40L Solar Shower Bag

3. RISEPRO 10 gallons/40L Solar Shower Bag

If you thought that a 5-gallon camping shower bag is the largest, you have not seen the RISEPRO 10-Gallon Solar Shower Bag. It is twice as large; hence, it is the best bet for large families. What’s even more surprising is that the price of this camping shower bag is much cheaper than most camping shower bags with smaller volumes.

When placed under direct sunlight, this bag will heat water up to 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit) in 3 hours. It is only the best shower bags for camping that brings much better showering experience, and this bag right here is no exception.

Key Features
  • Advanced shower head: It has an on/off switch, which, in turn, features low to high water flow to make sure you enjoy showering to the fullest.
  • Temperature indicator: It is attached to the bag, and it will prevent you from guessing on water temperature.
  • Smart heat-absorbing design: It effectively absorbs the solar energy to heat the water inside the bag.
  • 10-gallon capacity: This camping shower bag can carry up to 40 liters of water. Having said that, expect an endless supply of water when you have it.
  • Premium materials: The materials used to make this bag are environmentally friendly and leak-proof. They are safe for human health; making the bag suitable for use.
  • Holds up to 10 gallons of water
  • Heats the water very well and quickly
  • Quality is great for the price
  • Water flow is impressive
  • Instructions on why not to hang from a single point are very clear
  • Would be better with a longer hose

4. Trofoty 5 Gallons/20L Solar Camping Shower Bag

4. Trofoty 5 Gallons/20L Solar Camping Shower Bag

Most campers tend to overlook showering until they need to shower. The Trofoty 5 Gallons/20L Solar Camping Shower Bag is designed to provide you with a great showering experience not just during a camping trip but also when you are at home.

It is insanely easy to use, given that all you need to do is leave it on the sun and when the water is warm enough, simply hang it and begin using it. Showering outdoors is good, but with this camping shower bag, it is better.

Key Features
  • Storage bag: The storage bag on this solar camping shower bag provides you with a nice place to put shampoo, soap, etc.
  • Temperature indicator: Provides you with the right information to eliminate the need to guess anything.
  • Shower head: Makes this camping shower bag very easy to use. When you want to shower, simply turn it on and when you are done, turn it off to conserve water.
  • Durable premium material: The material holds water safely without any leaks. Moreover, it stands the test of time.
  • Large capacity: The 20-liter/5-gallon capacity holds enough water to make sure you enjoy your shower to the fullest.
  • Versatile Function: This camping shower bag is ideal for beach, swimming, hiking, traveling, and camping.
  • The portable shower bag has lots of uses
  • Easy to store and works well
  • Heats up water quickly
  • Easy to fill with water
  • The handle is heavy-duty
  • Very easy to use
  • The shower nozzle, although works well, could be of better quality

5. Nemo Helio Portable Pressure Shower with Foot Pump

5. Nemo Helio Portable Pressure Shower with Foot Pump

It is evident that the price of this shower bag for camping is on the high side. However, you should really not complain because this pressure shower is more advanced than most comparable units. Its features are well thought out to make sure you have a nice time using it.

It is a complete system that includes a lot of accessories. In fact, its price tag for what you get is arguably low. Well, the aforementioned accessories are a 7ft. hose with spray nozzle, an 11-liter tank, a compact carrying case, and a foot pump. The Helio system is ideal for music festivals, rafting trips, camping, backpacking, and travel, among others.

Key Features
  • High capacity: The soft Helio tank has a capacity of 11 liters, and it uses sunlight to heat water.
  • Hands-free foot pump: It offers simple flow regulation as well as strong water pressure similar to a household showerhead.
  • Gravity-defying inflation system: Ensures you are supplied with great water pressure without having to hang the tank.
  • Versatile design: Makes this camping shower bag great for several uses such as watering plants, rinsing off gear, bathing pets, and washing dishes.
  • Trail-ready carrying case: Very easy to pack in and out. It makes your camping experience a breeze.
  • Made of super sturdy materials
  • The water inside the bag heats up quickly and efficiently
  • The Helio system is very compact
  • Holds a good amount of water
  • Very easy to use
  • Makes life away from home convenient
  • Very heavy when full

6. Ruipoo 5 Gallon Solar Shower Bag Camp Shower

6. Ruipoo 5 Gallon Solar Shower Bag Camp Shower

This solar shower bag camp shower heats water up to 45 degrees Centigrade in 3 hours when placed under direct sunlight. It provides you with a nice way to enjoy a nice and refreshing shower regardless of where you are.

What’s more, this camping shower bag has multiple uses. It is ideal for hunting, fishing, self-driving, outdoor camping, backpacking or hiking. You can also use it to put out the fire after campfire dinner. The weight of this camp shower bag is 1.04 pounds, and its size is 18.5 by 19.7 inches.

Key Features
  • PVC material: It is non-toxic and eco-friendly. It efficiently absorbs the solar energy to make sure the water inside the bag is heated much faster.
  • Temperature gauge: Provides you with accurate information about water temperature, thereby, ensuring safe usage.
  • Large capacity: The shower bag can carry up to 5 gallons of water, which is enough to provide you with great showering experience.
  • Advanced shower head: The upgraded shower head has an easy on/off switch featuring low to high water flow.
  • Strengthened plastic tubes and strong handles: They prove how durable this camping shower bag is. They deliver solid performance to make sure you are fully satisfied with the results.
  • Front pocket design: Holds shampoo, soap, and other shower accessories.
  • The water heats up nicely
  • The quality of the bag and handle is impressive
  • The water inside heats up really well
  • Perfect for those who like a quick outdoor shower
  • The price of this camping shower bag is great
  • Should be cleaned properly lest it will get moldy

7. Stearns 2000005826 Sunshower 4.0

7. Stearns 2000005826 Sunshower 4.0

Although this camping shower bag does not have the largest capacity, it is still worth spending some cash on. It is well sized and will come in handy every time you want to take a shower on your camping trip. And it’s not just camping this innovative bag is suitable for; you can also use it during an emergency when hot water proves hard to come by.

It is loaded with lots of amazing features that combine to make it one of the highest-performing camping shower bags you have ever seen. Furthermore, this camping shower bag has pretty many reviews, which is enough proof that it is a quality bag that works as advertised.

Key Features
  • 4-gallon capacity: It is not the largest capacity in the industry, but it holds enough water to allow you to shower multiple times.
  • Strong handle: Allows for reliable carrying and hanging. What’s more, it gives you peace of mind knowing that the handle will not get torn faster than expected.
  • Handy on/off valve: It is connected to the shower head and makes the camping shower bag very easy to operate.
  • Built-in thermometer: Allows you to see the exact temperature of the water inside the bag before turning on the valve. No unpleasant surprises when you have this unit.
  • Heat-locking material: Warms the water when the camping shower bag is left in the sun.
  • Makes shower nice and warm
  • Durable and seems well made
  • The shower bag has a lot of uses
  • Heats the water very fast
  • Has a good water control system
  • The valve is a bit hard to operate when your hands are wet and/or soapy

8. WADEO 4 Gallons Portable Outdoor Camping Shower Bag

8. WADEO 4 Gallons Portable Outdoor Camping Shower Bag

An outdoor shower should be refreshing and entertaining. However, to enjoy your outdoor shower, you must invest in a quality camping shower bag. That’s where this portable outdoor camping shower bag comes in handy. It has a newly-designed foot pump that plays a massive role in enhancing its overall performance.

Apart from showering, this well-thought-out bag is ideal for washing cars, gardening, rinsing dishes, bathing pets, etc. It is very versatile and will no doubt make your life a breeze not just during camping but also at home.

Key Features
  • Newly-designed foot pump: Enables the camp shower bag to produce water at a steady speed so you can enjoy endless shower outdoors.
  • 15-Liter/4-Gallon Capacity: Provides you with enough water to make sure you are not inconvenienced at all.
  • Press-Type Nozzle: Let’s you control the water flow effortlessly so you can shower at your own pace without worrying about draining the water.
  • High-grade waterproof fabric: Ensures unrivaled water tightness, thereby, delivering leak-free performance.
  • Protective strap: It is conveniently placed at the top, and it prevents the water and cap from popping out.
  • Zipped carrying bag: It is included in the package that comes with this camping shower bag, and it ensures maximum mobility.
  • Easy to fill and use
  • Cleaning the shower bag is easy as well
  • The water pressure is exceptional
  • Easy to fold and store in the included bag
  • Holds a nice amount of water
  • It is worth the price
  • The material is sturdy
  • If the rubber ring inside the nozzle gets lost, the camping shower bag will be leaky

9. Spy Tec Portable Camping Shower for Outdoor Activities

9. Spy Tec Portable Camping Shower for Outdoor Activities

On-the-go quick cleanups and road refreshments need a high-performance camping shower bag like the Spy Tec Portable Camping Shower. It is a reliable and unique camping shower that you will find handy for lots of activities and not just an outdoor shower.

You will find it suitable for washing your pet, watering your garden, washing your car, traveling, and more. When you are not using it, simply store it in the backyard and when you plan to use it on the go, put on the backseat. Using this camping shower is insanely easy. All you need to do is to unfold the bucket; fill it with water; attach the hose; flip the switch, and then enjoy your shower.

Key Features
  • Scientific design: You do not need to hang this camping shower with bucket on a tree. It rests on the ground and provides impressive pressure for whatever activity you want to use it for.
  • Hassle-free design: This unit is easy to transport and sets up quickly for different uses.
  • 4-gallon capacity: Enables the camping shower bag to hold enough water so you can have a nice refreshing shower.
  • Compact size: Makes this camping shower bag easy to take carry and use on the go.
  • Pop-out expanding bucket: It saves space during storage, thereby, promoting unrivaled convenience.
  • Very convenient and easy to use
  • Customer service is exceptional
  • It has good water pressure
  • Makes watering plants a breeze
  • The shower is delivered fast and works as promised
  • Would be better if it had a long cord to the switch

10. OnTrackGear Outdoor Portable Camping Shower Kit

10. OnTrackGear Outdoor Portable Camping Shower Kit

When you have this outdoor portable camping shower kit, you will be able to stay clean without much hassle. It is great for outdoor sports, giving your pet a bath, camping trips, and emergency situations that make access to hot water almost impossible.

OnTrackGear provides its customers with innovative gear, which ensures that changing from rugged activities to everyday look is a breeze. That being said, we are positive you will love this camping shower kit. It has incredible features that make it super versatile and very handy for various activities.

Key Features
  • Functional Pump: It helps you build up pressure before you begin using the camping shower.
  • Shower head: Allows you to control the pressurized spray. Ideally, the head specially designed to maximize pressure while conserving water.
  • 1.2-gallon capacity: It is obviously not the largest, but it holds enough water to ensure thorough cleaning.
  • Compact and portable design: Keeps the camping shower bag small enough to carry easily from place to place.
  • Easy refill design: Makes this shower perfect for multiple showers. It also makes it extremely easy to clean.
  • Spring-loaded relief valve: It automatically prevents damage due to over-pressurization of the system.
  • Appears to work as advertised
  • The compact size makes the bag easy to store
  • Ideal for camping and beach recreational activities
  • Customer service is awesome
  • Shipping is unbelievably fast
  • Convenient and simple to use
  • If the valve is kept open longer, the water pressure reduces

What Features Should I Look For When Choosing a Camping Shower Bag?

For a camping shower bag to be universally accepted as good, it must have certain features. Ideally, the features must be more advanced than an average camping shower bag. In these reviews, we have some we would like you to know. So, let’s get started.

Best Camping Shower Bag

Strong handle
The best shower bags for camping are equipped with a strong handle that holds up well to regular use. Needless to say, if you do not want to be disappointed, you should settle on a camping shower bag with a well-made, sturdy handle.
Temperature Indicator/Gauge/Thermometer
Your camping shower bag should have a temperature indicator/gauge/thermometer. This feature will provide you with accurate information about the temperature of the water you are about to use. This means because of it, you will not have to guess anything.
Shower Head
Most, if not all, camping shower bags have a shower head. But we say, go for a unit that has an advanced shower head. Well, an advanced shower head is one that releases water with good pressure to make sure you are able to shower as expected.

Which Factors Should I Consider When Buying a Camping Shower Bag?

There are numerous factors to consider if you want to bring home the best ever camping shower bag. However, we’ll only look at key factors. And they include the capacity of the shower bag, portability, and material.

Shower Bag Capacity

Choosing a shower bag with large capacity is a good idea. But before you pick one, remember that such shower bags can be a bit heavy to hang on a tree or pole. Storing such shower bags can also be pretty tricky. As such, unless you have a large family, go for a shower bag with a capacity of around 5 gallons or less.

Shower Bag Portability

A shower bag may be large but that does not mean it is less portable. The market today has modern camping shower bags that fold neatly to allow you to easily store them in the car trunk. Besides, some shower bags come with a bag to further improve portability.


You cannot buy a camping shower bag without having a look at the materials used to make it. That being said, you should choose a shower bag made of a material that absorbs solar energy and retains it so water can heat up quickly. The material should be durable to stand adverse outdoor conditions.


Camping shower bags are not just ideal for camping but also they are suitable for hiking, traveling, and other household applications such as washing a pet, washing a car, watering plants, and so on. This means it is a handy item you should seriously consider investing in. It will no doubt make your life a breeze.

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