Top 10 Best Cam Walkers in 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Recovering from a surgery or injury is one of the most difficult moments in the life of a human being. The situation is even worse if the injury impedes your movement by preventing you to walk freely. While crutches are there to help us when recovering from foot, toe or ankle injuries, they are not very effective. Fortunately, the market now has a cam walker. Designed to protect the injured foot, ankle or toe, a cam walker prevents you from relying too much on crutches. It is the real deal for those looking to walk around without aggravating their injuries. In the following top 10 best cam walkers reviews, we take a look at the best-selling brands.

Best Cam Walkers – [Reviews & Buying Guide]

1. United Ortho Cam Walker Boot

1. United Ortho Cam Walker Boot

If you have just had a leg injury or undergone post-operative procedures, this cam walker is all you need. It offers maximum stability and support to make sure you recover nicely and quickly. What’s more, the air cam walker fracture boot is built with versatility in mind.

You can use it for soft tissue injuries, foot and ankle fractures, stable lower leg, ankle sprains, and, of course, post-operative use. Its sizing is as follows: medium fits women’s 8.5 – 11 and men’s 7 – 9.5. It is important that you refer to the size chart before buying to make sure you are getting an accurate size.

Key Features
  • 6-month warranty: The manufacturer offers a 6-month warranty from the date of purchase to make the experience easier.
  • Rocker sole and shock-absorbing insole: They allow you to walk more naturally while using this cam walker.
  • Air bladders: They offer proper compression and at the same time increases support and comfort.
  • Color: The cam walker is black, and, therefore, can be worn with any outfit.
  • Universal design: This cam walker fits both right and left foot.
  • Plastic molded uprights: They have steel reinforcement and help improve durability.
  • Weight capacity: The cam walker is designed to work with persons up to 300 pounds.
  • Has lots of extra padding
  • You will feel nice and secure in it
  • The compression feature is wonderful
  • Seems to minimize pain
  • The fit is as expected
  • The price is decent
  • Air valves could be more durable

2. BraceAbility Short Broken Toe Boot | Walker

2. BraceAbility Short Broken Toe Boot | Walker

Before you buy this short broken toe boot/walker, it is recommended that you view the size chart. The size extra-large fits U.S. men’s shoe sizes 14+ and can be worn either on the left foot or right foot. Additionally, it weighs 2 pounds and 14 ounces. Away from sizing, this toe boot/walker is super versatile.

It is perfect for a broken toe, stress fracture, metatarsal fracture, sprain or any other type of foot, ankle or toe injury, which requires foot immobilization without impeding movement. Other sizes this toe boot/walker comes in are X-small, large, medium, and small. Needless to say, regardless of which size you want, be sure to get it.

Key Features
  • Wide to bed and open toe design: They allow room for bandaging and swelling.
  • Deluxe foam liner: It is very comfortable, and, therefore, will help with the recovery process.
  • Rocker bottom: It is low-profile to provide a more natural step. This means you will walk naturally when you have this cam walker.
  • Medical-grade fastener straps: They are easy to adjust and allow you to customize the fit.
  • Polymer plastic reinforced shell: It is rigid and offers protection and support on both sides of the ankle and foot.
  • The boot is comfortable to wear
  • It helps injuries heal much faster
  • Takes the pressure away while allowing you to walk
  • The construction of the boot is very sturdy
  • Light and has a lower profile design
  • When worn without long pants or tall socks, the plastic will rub a little on the sides of the leg

3. EVENup Original Shoe Balancer/Leveler

3. EVENup Original Shoe Balancer/Leveler

The EVENup Original Shoe Balancer/Leveler is available in 4 sizes, which are small, medium, large, and extra-large. The small size is for soles of shoes measuring around 10 inches to 11.25 inches or shoe sizes measuring 5 to 8.5 for women’s and 6 to 8 for men’s. The medium is for soles of shoes measuring around 11.5 inches to 12.25 inches or shoe sizes measuring 9 to 11 for women’s and 8.5 to 10.5 for men’s.

The large size is for soles of shoes measuring around 13 inches to 14.5 inches or shoe sizes measuring 11.5 to 13 for women’s and 11 to 13 for men’s. Finally, the extra-large is for soles of shoes measuring over 14.5 inches or shoe sizes measuring over 13.5 inches for women’s and men’s.

Key Features
  • ½” – 1” lift: Helps offset the extra height as a result of wearing an orthotic walking boot or other apparatus.
  • Universal design: The shoe balancer/leveler works on both the right and left foot. The universal design promotes great convenience.
  • 4 different sizes: They make it easy to settle on the size that fits you perfectly.
  • Versatile performance: This shoe leveler or balancer is the answer to knee and hip pain by walking with a wound care shoe or walking boot.
  • Lightweight construction: The leveler is extremely easy to walk in. You will not feel any kind of heaviness.
  • Prevents you from feeling off balance
  • Comes with two soles to choose from
  • Arrives quickly and is worth the money
  • It helps reduce hip and knee pain
  • The small size is perfect for children
  • Although the traction seems enough, the shoe balancer gets slippery when wet

4. MARS WELLNESS Short Air Cam Walker Stabilizer Boot

4. MARS WELLNESS Short Air Cam Walker Stabilizer Boot

We like products by MARS WELLNESS because the manufacturer always strives to make sure customers are completely satisfied. That being said, if you are not totally satisfied with its products, you can let it know so it can help you accordingly. One of its products is this air cam walker stabilizer boot that eliminates the need to rely on crutches completely.

It is designed with lots of features so it can deliver outstanding results. So, whether you are looking to protect and treat a metatarsal fracture, broken toe, post bunion surgery, sprain, stress fracture, etc, this air cam walker stabilizer boot is for you. It comes in several sizes to choose from, and these include X-small, X-large, large, medium, and small.

Key Features
  • Air bladder: It is inflatable and offers custom compression to the ankle and foot. By so doing, the bladder increases stability as well as reducing swelling.
  • Foam liner: It has hook & loop fastening straps that ensure quick and effortless fitting as well as adjustment.
  • Quick-release air valve: Helps you achieve the desired compression by accommodating swelling patterns throughout the recovery process.
  • Lightweight construction: Allows you to move easily in the air cam walker stabilizer boot.
  • Low profile rocker bottom: Allows for a more natural step.
  • The air pump works as expected
  • Does a good job of keeping the foot stabilized
  • Comes with 4 additional pads to further help with a customized fit
  • The rocker bottom is an important feature
  • The price is decent
  • Does not dry fast, but this is because it’s really not meant to be used in water

5. Aircast Walker Brace/Walking Boot

5. Aircast Walker Brace/Walking Boot

It is no surprise that this walker walking boot has a lot of customer reviews and a lot of questions answered about it. It is a high-performance walking boot that offers ultimate results in comfort, protection, and edema control. Like other top-notch cam walkers, this brand is loaded with features.

Each feature plays its own role, making the walking boot a complete package that will meet your needs accordingly. Additionally, this walker brace/walking boot is available in several styles, including standard, short, and elite. The different styles ensure there is something for everyone.

Key Features
  • Durable shell: It is semi-rigid and supports the limb while offering maximum protection to the shell. Since the semi-rigid shell is durable, expect it to last longer.
  • Universal fit: Allows you to wear the walking boot in either right or left foot. It eliminates the need for designation.
  • Sleek, open-frame: Offers ventilation, thereby, making sure your feet are well aerated even after hours of wearing the walking boot.
  • Non-marking rubber tread: It is skid-resistant and allows for longer wear and greater traction.
  • Duplex air cells: They overlap as well as lining the shell, thereby, offering intermittent pneumatic compression to help reduce edema 3 times much faster than expected.
  • Softstrike technology: Dissipates and absorbs shock to make every step comfortable.
    Rocker sole: It is lightweight and lab-tested to encourage a natural gait.
  • Fits securely and comfortably
  • The controls are on the side for easy use
  • It is easy to adjust the fit
  • Will help you walk with ease
  • Does not get hot
  • Getting air cells set right takes some effort

6. Ossur Air Walker Boot – with Pneumatic Pump

6. Ossur Air Walker Boot – with Pneumatic Pump

Different people want different types of cam walkers. We are, therefore, pleased to note that the Ossur Rebound Air Walker Boot is available in both high and low designs. This means whether your injury requires you to wear low or high cam walker, this is the air walker boot to go for.

Furthermore, this rebound air walker boot is available in innumerable sizes. And these include X-small, Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large. So, whether you are looking to buy one for a kid or an adult, be sure to find it. Size medium fits men’s shoes ranging from 7 – 10.5 and women’s shoes ranging from 8.5 – 12.

Key Features
  • Moisture-wicking softgood: Keeps your skin dry and comfortable, thereby, letting you wear the air walker boot for a long time.
  • Rocker bottom: Promotes a natural and stable gait. In other words, it helps ensure you walk naturally.
  • Semi-soft toe: It is trimmable and offers extra protection. Because of it, you will recover much faster than ever before.
  • Air pump: It is fully integrated and works with the release valve to provide easy and tool-free installation and deflation. By so doing, the air pump and release valve ensure fine-tuned and consistent compression.
  • Versatile functionality: This walker boot is ideal for fractures, ankle injuries, tendon injuries, and Achilles tendonitis.
  • The hard plastic shell is a nice feature
  • Customer service is excellent
  • Helps stabilize the ankle
  • Offers great cushioning on the toes and heels
  • The straps help keep it secure to the leg
  • Might take you some effort to figure out how exactly the cam walker works

7. Superior Braces Low Top, Low Profile Air Pump CAM Walker Boot

7. Superior Braces Low Top, Low Profile Air Pump CAM Walker Boot

Superior Braces know that people have different foot sizes. For this reason, they provide various sizes of this cam walker boot. These sizes include X-small, Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large. The different sizes make it easy to find a cam walker boot that fits you as expected.

The X-small size is for male’s shoe size up 4 and female’s shoe size up to 5-1/2. The Small size is for male’s shoe size up to 4-1/2 to 7 and female’s shoe size up to 6 to 8. The medium size fits male’s shoe size up to 7-1/2 to 10 and female’s shoe size up to 8-1/2 to 11-1/2. The large size is for male’s shoe size up to 10-1/2 to 12 and female’s shoe size up to 11-1/2 to 13-1/2. On the other hand, the X-large is for male’s shoe size up to 12-1/2+and female’s shoe size up to 13-1/2+.

Key Features
  • Inflatable compression bladder: It is in the liner of the boot and helps increase immobilization of the ankle, foot, and lower leg.
  • Low-profile design: It is lightweight and low profile to let you walk in the walker boot without any issues.
  • Plastic molded upright: Ensures greater stability as well as playing a role in keeping you comfortable.
  • Rocker sole: Combines with the shock-absorbing insole to keep you comfortable every time you wear this cam walker boot.
  • Additional foam pads: They come with the walker boot and help ensure a customized fit.
  • The size is as advertised
  • Helps stabilize the foot
  • The air pump feature is a nice addition
  • Does not have an odor
  • Very easy to walk around in
  • Would be better with more than one strap

8. Ovation Medical Air Cam Walker Walking Boot

8. Ovation Medical Air Cam Walker Walking Boot

Ovation Medical is a good company that does a great job of producing premium products. It is focused on helping people with various injuries recover quickly and in the right manner. One of the products this company produces is the air cam walker walking boot. It helps stabilize your foot, thereby, allowing you to walk comfortably without re-hurting the injured part.

What’s more, the sole of this cam walker walking boot is available in many different colors to choose from. There are blue soles, grey soles, red soles, black soles, and so on. The cam walker walking boot also comes in numerous sizes, including X-small, Small, Medium, and Large. All that being said, expect to easily find a cam walker boot that meets your needs.

Key Features
  • Rocker bottom: It works with rounded edges to allow for smooth rolling and walking motion. That being said, walking in this cam walker is a breeze.
  • Easy pump inflation bladders: They keep the ankle and foot stabilized. They also help get rid of the pain.
  • Bowed struts: They ensure a more comfortable fit around the calf. By so doing, the bowed struts allow you to wear the walker walking boot for long hours.
  • Colored soles: They will match your attire or the color of your favorite sports team.
  • Ultra-lightweight construction: Makes it easy to walk in the cam walker.
  • The cam walker straps on better
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • The quality and fit are impressive
  • The shipping is fast
  • The price is fair
  • The air pump could be more conveniently placed

9. Orthotronix Short Cam Walker Boot

9. Orthotronix Short Cam Walker Boot

We have included this cam walker boot in our reviews because we believe that it has everything you want for quick recovery. We also like the fact that although it performs as expected, its price point is surprisingly low. As such, this short cam walker boot makes a nice purchase for anyone looking to avoid the expensive doctor-recommended walker boots.

It is multipurpose; hence, perfect for soft tissue injuries, post-operative stabilization, stable fractures, and grade 2 and 3 sprains. This short cam walker boot also helps minimize edema, swelling, and pain. It is available in 5 different sizes, including X-small, X-large, Small, Large, and Medium.

Key Features
  • Open-toe design: Makes the walker boot more breathable as well as making sure it fits comfortably. By keeping the walker breathable, the open-toe design helps control and manage odor.
  • Quick-release fastening straps: They are easy to manage and will help you enjoy a customized fit.
  • Universal fit: The short cam walker boot fit either the right or left foot.
  • Lightweight and low rocker: Improves comfort as well as allowing you to continue with everyday activities.
  • Inflatable liner: It features easy-release technology that increases comfort as well as ensuring customized compression to further immobilize your lower leg.
  • Cushioned heel: Provides exceptional shock absorption, thereby, letting you walk normally.
  • The price is amazing
  • The Velcro straps hold up well
  • The boot is lightweight and fits well
  • Allows you to walk comfortably
  • Easy to put on
  • The base where the foot is placed is pretty hard, but not to the extent of causing all sorts of discomfort.

10. SUPERIOR BRACES High Top Low Profile CAM Walker

10. SUPERIOR BRACES High Top Low Profile CAM Walker

This protective boot is a nice purchase for anyone looking to recover quickly and nicely. It has a lot of uses and comes in numerous sizes to choose from. These are large, small, medium, X-large, and X-small. The X-small is perfect for kids, whereas the x-large is ideal for those who have a really swollen foot or those with large feet.

The X-large is great for men’s shoe size ranging from 10-1/2 to 12 and the women’s shoe size ranging from 11-1/2 to 13-1/2. The manufacturer advises that if your foot is swollen, you should go for a larger size. The cam walker boot treats and stabilizes ankle sprains and fractures.

Key Features
  • Low rocker profile design: It is lightweight and offers incredible patient comfort. Having said that, expect to walk comfortably in the cam walker.
  • Wide rocker bottom: Promotes smooth energy, thereby, conserving gait. As such, you will be able to walk normally.
  • Extra foam pads: They come with this cam walker and helps customize the fit.
  • Universal design: Allows you to put on the cam walker either on the right or left leg.
  • Cushioned heel: It offers unrivaled energy absorption.
  • Inflatable bladder: Increases immobilization of the foot, lower leg, and ankle.
  • The price is wonderful for what you get
  • The cam walker is very well made
  • It is delivered quickly
  • The size is good
  • Very comfortable and keeps the foot in place
  • The cam walker provides great support
  • A little higher than most models, but this is in the description

A Look at the Features of the Best Cam Walkers

The best cam walking boots have certain features that you will not find in normal boots. The features help them deliver peerless performance. Without further ado, let’s take a look at them.


Quick-release Straps
Your cam walker should have quick-release straps because they help ensure a customized fit. And when your cam walker fits as promised, expect nothing but exceptional. Ideally, quick-release straps are easy to use.
Air Pump
An air pump in cam walkers is very important; hence, the boots you choose should not miss them. An air pump allows you to adjust the cam walking boot to the comfort level of your liking. In a nutshell, it helps make a cam walker comfortable to wear.
Universal Fit
Investing in a cam walker that fits either right or left leg should not be overlooked. Such a cam walker promotes convenience. It is also cost-effective in the sense that in the unfortunate event that you hurt your other leg, you will still be able to use it.
Cushioned Heel
One of the reasons why you are buying a cam walker is that you want to recover as fast as possible. Therefore, be sure to go for a brand with a cushioned heel. Such a cam walker is able to absorb shock and energy, thereby, keeping you comfortable all through.

How to pick a Good Cam Walker

Knowing the features of a good cam walker will get you closer to settling on a suitable item. So, once you have done that, the next step is to check out the factors that make one cam walker better than the other one. In this article, we have discussed the following factors.

The Size of the Cam Walker

Cam walkers are available in various sizes, including extra-small, large, medium, small, and extra-large. Therefore, when buying one, it is recommended that you look at the size chart first. Ideally, you should go a size large than what you normally wear if your foot is swollen.

Lightweight and Low Profile

Choosing a lightweight and low-profile cam walker is highly recommended because such a cam walker is very easy to walk in. It will not get in the way, thereby, allowing you to walk more naturally.

Weight Capacity

If you do not choose a cam walker with the right weight capacity in relation to your weight, you are likely to buy another sooner rather than later. So, be sure to check the weight capacity of the cam walker you are interested in before you purchase it.


Although doctors provide cam walkers, they are more expensive than cam walkers we have reviewed here. Moreover, doctor-recommended cam walkers tend to be heavy, and, therefore, may not serve their purpose. The above cam walkers are not just affordable but also they are versatile. Needless to say, we believe they are exactly what you are looking for.

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