Top 7 Best Pro Gaming Monitors in 2021 Reviews

Every informed gamer cannot just stop talking about the pro gaming monitors; thanks to their performance. They are versatile and can be used for gaming, watching movies, and more. Ideally, they make gaming more fascinating than ever before by delivering clear images. They also have impressive contrast ratios that allow for brighter whites and deeper blacks. In addition, they are equipped with high resolutions, so gamers can vividly see the characters in the game.

Pro gaming monitors are also ergonomically designed with adjustable stand heights to help you get a suitable viewing angle. If you want to enhance your performance in gaming, these are the units to go for. They will give you the opportunity to enjoy quality game time and even to work on your gaming skills. You will also be able to connect these monitors to your computer and gaming consoles for optimum convenience. In this compilation, we bring you the top 7 best pro gaming monitor’s reviews to get the best product without breaking a sweat. Keep reading.

Table Best Pro Gaming Monitors

1. ASUS VS239H-P Gaming Monitor

1. ASUS VX238H Gaming Monitor (23-Inch)


Boasting of an elegant sundial inspired design, this full HD LED monitor delivers brilliant visual clarity, and the model also delivers in a super-fast 1ms response time to allow for smooth motion playback in games, videos, and movies. It also reproduces the brightest whites and the deepest blacks to bring images back to life. Similar to other high-end brand, this unit also has eye care technology that reduces fatigue that results in case of prolonged use. The unit also makes use of advanced LED technology that delivers brighter and clearer pictures while still conserving the electricity.

Key Features
  • 3-year warranty: It covers parts and labor for 3 years since the day of purchase.
  • Eye care technology: It reduces eye fatigue in case of prolonged use.
  • Dual HDMI Ports: They allow compatibility with different multimedia devices.
  • Video Intelligence Technology: It maximizes image settings.
  • LED backlit: It helps conserve energy and cut costs.
  • Ultra-slim design: It enhances the looks of the monitor as well as enables it to take up little space
  • Faster responsive time
  • Good contrast and colors
  • Excellent and quality image
  • An anti-glare coating that does not affect the clarity
  • None worth mentioning

2. ASUS VG245H Gaming Monitor (24-inch)

2. ASUS VG245H Gaming Monitor (24-inch)


Whether you are just starting to enjoy playing games or been playing for long, the ASUS VG245H Gaming Monitor is for you. It is engineered to suit gamers of all genres and can be used for both competitive and casual games. Thanks to the flicker free technology, this model will not hurt your eyes, and this makes it perfect for marathon gaming sessions. We also love the six preset display modes that maximize the visual according to the type of content you are watching. For added convenience, this unit also comes with dual HDMI ports, allowing you to connect your gaming console and another HDMA enabled device.

Key Features
  • Flicker-Free technology: It utilizes Smart Dynamic Backlight Adjustment to prevent low brightness levels.
  • Ergonomically engineered stand: It allows you to effortlessly find your perfect viewing position.
  • Six pre-set display modes: They maximize visuals according to types of contents.
  • Dual HDMI ports: They let you connect your game console to another HDMI-enabled device simultaneously.
  • GameFast input Technology: It minimizes input lag.
  • Ergonomic design
  • Game plus screen
  • Interface is intuitive
  • Rigid and responsive
  • Is a little dimmer

3. Acer 24-Inch Gaming Display (GN246HL)

3. Acer 24-Inch Gaming Display (GN246HL)


If you are for outstanding performance, then the Acer 24-Inch Gaming Display is for you. It is eco-friendly and uses energy sparingly to help cut costs. Forget the awkward looking screens, this unit boasts of a super slim profile that not only look gorgeous but also fit in compact spaces. Best of all, it boasts of a rapid response time which reduces drag, allowing you to enjoy your gaming experience. Equally important this unit comes with a DVI-D input that enables you to view copy-protected media. What’s more, the display also features a large viewing screen for optimum satisfaction.

Key Features
  • HDMI, DVI, and VGA inputs: They provide optimum compatibility.
  • 100,000,000:1 contrast ratio: It allows for a clear, crisp viewing experience.
  • X-shaped stand: It enables the monitor to fit in any space.
  • Super-slim profile: It brings in modernity and takes up little space.
  • 1920*1080 Resolution: It produces clear detail, making the display ideal for widescreen HD gaming.
  • Active shutter 3D technology: It makes the display perfect for home entertainment.
  • Low input lag
  • Features 100 million:1 ACM for good image quality
  • It saves energy as it has a white LED backlight
  • Wide range of applications like Blu-ray Disc console gaming
  • Lacks height adjustment or rotation

4. BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P Gaming Monitor

4. BenQ RL2455 Gaming Monitor


Say goodbye to ghosting or smearing by acquiring the BenQ XL2411P Gaming Monitor. It delivers clear images to make sure that you enjoy your favorite games to the fullest. The unit offers you with lightning fast refresh rate that ensures a smooth gaming experience. We also love the exclusive color vibrancy and equalizer that enables you to enhance the visual clarity easily. Similarly, this unit comes with multiple connectivity including display port, HDMI and dual Link DVI-D for wide compatibility. Moreover, the gaming monitor is built with convenience in mind making it compatible with console & PC platforms.

Key Features
  • Built-in speakers: They produce great sound to take enjoyment to the next level.
  • Slip-resistant base: It offers a perfect place for storing the controller.
  • Black equalizer: It optimizes visibility in dark areas without overexposing bright areas.
  • Zero Flicker & Low Blue light filter: It reduces eye fatigue and strain to allow for intensive gaming sessions.
  • Smart Scaling/Display Mode: It simulates the sizes of the screen.
  • Quality graphics display
  • Presets with Comes with RTS Mode for RTS games that are useful
  • Excellent Port selection and graphics
  • Good actual color
  • There may be color shifting.

5. ASUS VP278QGL 27”Gaming Monitor

6. ASUS 27-Inch HD Gaming Monitor


If you want better gaming experiences, then you should try going for something bigger Featuring HDMI interface, the ASUS 27-Inch HD Gaming Monitor promises the finest color and image quality. It is also user-friendly and boasts a modern sophistication that enables it to blend perfectly with any contemporary styling. Whether you want to watch a movie or play a game, this is the monitor to go for. It is designed to give you a big HD picture that will make you satisfied. Ideally, it comes with a modern stand to bring in ultimate convenience and allow for easy usage.

Key Features
  • LED backlight: It is energy efficient and produces brighter luminance.
  • Full High-Definition Display: It delivers amazing visual clarity to optimize viewing experience.
  • 1ms response time: It ensures smooth motion playback.
  • 3-year system and panel warranty: Protects the monitor from the unfortunate.
  • Advanced connectivity: It allows you to connect the monitor to your notebook or PC.
  • Built-in power adapters: They save space to ensure convenience.
  • Fantastic monitor build
  • Outstanding and accurate color
  • Features Free Sync/G-Sync that are compatible
  • Great gaming with OSD feature
  • Lacks USB hub

6. LG Electronics 25-Inch LED-lit Monitor

7. LG Electronics 25-Inch LED-lit Monitor


Make your life good with the LG Electronics 25-Inch LED-lit Monitor. It not only performs well but also features a modern design that enables it to blend perfectly with any contemporary décor. If you love gaming, you are likely to spend hours playing. For added convenience, this gaming monitor has anti-glare technology, keeping your eyes safe. This encourages longer gaming sessions, making it the perfect package for anyone who enjoys gaming. Besides, this monitor is super versatile; hence, can be used for watching and other things. What is more, the monitor is packed with several features such as three gamer modes and Dynamic Action Sync, among others.

Key Features
  • In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology: It improves the performance of liquid crystal displays.
  • 21:9 Aspect Ratio: It is ultra-wide and makes games and movies more entertaining than ever before.
  • Dynamic Action Sync: It allows you to experience every moment in real time.
  • 2560*1080 Resolution: It delivers crisp and clear details.
  • Black Stabilizer: It makes dark areas bright.
  • Two convenient sizes: The monitor is available in 25” and 34”.
  • Widescreen for a gaming experience
  • Beautiful IPS panels
  • Easy to multitask on this ultra-wide monitor
  • Superb display and color calibration
  • The build is not robust enough.

7. Dell 27.0” LED-Lit Monitor (S2716DG)

10. Dell 27.0” LED-Lit Monitor (S2716DG)


Dell monitor are a favorite for hardcore gamers and for obvious reasons. For starter, this unit offers bright, clear pictures making gaming more memorable than ever before. The monitor also has optimized resolution that enables it to deliver great quality detail. Its non-glare technology makes it safe to use and offer the comfort you need allowing you to use it for long hours. Better still; the monitor has a fast refresh rate that takes your gaming skills to the next level. With so many advanced features and latest technology Dell 27.0” LED-Lit Monitor will undoubtedly make gaming fun.

Key Features
  • Input Connectors: They include DisplayPort and HDMI to help enhance connectivity.
  • 1000:1 Contrast Ratio: It contributes to clear display of pictures.
  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio: It allows for edge-to-edge gameplay.
  • 144Hz Refresh Rate: It prevents moving images from being distorted.
  • Ergonomic engineering: Allows you to game for long hours without feeling any discomfort.
  • Two screen sizes: The gaming monitor is available in 27” and 24”.
  • Sharp image and good WQHD Resolution
  • Excellent design with thin bezels
  • The tremendous and sturdy foot stand
  • Excellent processing
  • Limited viewing angles in vertical


Forget ordinary monitors! The market now has top quality pro gaming monitors that have everything you have been looking for. Well, some of these monitors are listed in this compilation and you will really love them. They are affordable, durable, and boast unrivaled precision. They also have ergonomic features to allow for comfortable viewing experience. It is time to introduce something new to your style of gaming, and these monitors will help you achieve that. So, be sure to get one today.

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