Top 7 Best Powered Car Subwoofers in 2021 Reviews

If you like listening to music while driving, then the best candidate for you is the car subwoofer. Car subwoofers boast powerful performance, making them appealing to most users. A good number of them also measure between 10 and 12 inches, so they can perfectly fit in any car. They also deliver hard-hitting bass, and this means you will be able to enjoy music to the fullest.

In addition, most car subwoofers are constructed with polypropylene materials, which make them durable and capable of withstanding the everyday rigorous use. Plus they come equipped with low pass crossover to make installation quick and easy. With them, you will be able to bring music to life and even enjoy your driving experience. However, before you choose one, we encourage you to have a look at the following top 7 best-powered car subwoofers reviews.

Table Best Powered Car Subwoofers

1. JBL 12-Inch Subwoofer System (GT-BassPro)

2. JBL 12-Inch Subwoofer System (GT-BassPro)


If you want to add high-output but low distortion bass to the audio system of your car, look no further than the JBL 12-Inch Subwoofer. Listen to your favorite music while driving with the JBL 12-Inch Car Subwoofer. It is easy to install, meaning you will focus less on installation and more on listening to music. Best of all, this convenient car subwoofer is compatible with any vehicle. It comes with an amplifier and wiring to make sure you have everything you need to add bass to your car. Even better, this highly functional unit delivers crisp, clear sound. Additionally, the subwoofer system is designed with convenience in mind, as seen through features like the remote control.

Key Features
  • Slipstream port design: It produces deep bass while reducing port noise.
  • Motor-structure venting: It protects the thermal.
  • Progressive spider: It ensures ultimate mechanical reliability.
  • Powerful amplifier: It delivers optimum flexibility and power.
  • Polypropylene cone: It works with a rubber to provide unmatched reliability.
  • Remote level control allows you to adjust the bass level while driving
  • Speaker-protection bars are oversized and keep the woofer cone safe
  • Powerful performance that handle up to 1200 watts of peak power
  • Solid construction and delivers a deep bass
  • None worth mentioning .

2. MTX TNE212D Dual Sub Enclosure

3. MTX TNE212D Dual Sub Enclosure BUY NOW FROM AMAZON

It is time to add bass to your vehicle’s system! If you are looking for a tried and tested model that delivers the best performance, MTX TNE212D Dual Sub Enclosure will not let you down. It is within an affordable range, meaning you will not break the bank to get it. Ideally, the sub enclosure delivers hard-hitting bass that makes it perfect for enthusiasts of all time. The model boasts of a stylish, modern design, that gives your vehicle a touch of class. We also love the compact yet powerful performance, ensuring optimal performance

Key Features
  • Classic look: Enables the sub enclosure to blend with your contemporary style.
  • 5/8” medium density fiberboard (MDF) construction: It is sturdy and guarantees long-lasting performance.
  • Polypropylene dust caps: They are durable and enable the sub enclosure to withstand the rigors of everyday use.
  • Spider Plateau Venting: It allows the sub enclosure to refresh the air around the voice coil continuously.
  • Large MTX Audio logos and embroidered terminator logo: They remind everyone about the brand of the subwoofer.
  • Solid MDF construction
  •  Combines powerful performance and sleek looks
  •  Available at a budget friendly price
  •  Includes a beautiful embroidered terminator logo
  • May require professional help for installation

3. Dual Electronics 12 inch Enclosed Subwoofers (BP1204)

4. Dual Electronics 12 inch Enclosed Subwoofers (BP1204)


Capable of handling up to 1,000 watts of peak power, Dual Electronics 12 inch Enclosed Subwoofers are without a doubt among the most powerful subwoofers on the market today. They deliver unmatched sound superiority as well as consistent low sounding bass. Ideally, these subwoofers measure 30 inches wide by 14.4 inches deep by 14.4 inches high. We love the curved Plexiglas windows that makes them stand out. The compact design makes also saves your trunk space.

Key Features
  • 1-year warranty: It protects against parts and labor for a period of 1 year from the day of purchase.
  • Brushed aluminum cones: They create a stunning viewing experience.
  • Ventilated Control Circuitry System: It keeps the subwoofers cool during optimum usage.
  • Specialized tuned port: It significantly increases output efficiency.
  • Top grade in-line carpet: It ensures streamlined sound quality.
  • Increased output capacity
  • Solid MDF construction
  • Digitally optimized subwoofers ensure optimal performance.
  • Built-in Crossover makes installation a breeze
  • Some find it too flashy

4. Kicker 8” Subwoofer Enclosure (11HS8)

5. Kicker 8” Subwoofer Enclosure (11HS8)


One great thing about the Kicker 8” Subwoofer Enclosure (11SH8) is that it can perfectly fit any tight space. It measures 13-7/8-by-9-3/8-by-3-1/8 inches, meaning it is compact enough to be installed anywhere. The unit also produces incredibly low frequency output to ensure enhanced performance. The Kicker 8” Subwoofer Enclosure (11HS8) will conveniently bring the much-needed pounding bass to your vehicle. Moreover, this unit is crafted from high-end materials that ensure optimal service for years.

Key Features
  • Velcro-fastened nylon straps: They ensure secure installation and easy removal.
  • Molex plug & harness: It features signal, power, and remote turn-on.
  • Phase-cancelling switch: It delivers maximum output.
  • High- and low-level inputs: They enable the subwoofer enclosure to integrate with almost any factory or aftermarket head unit.
  • Remote bass control helps you to fine-tune the bass levels
  •  Ultra tight construction saves your space
  • Easy installation without the need of professional help
  •  Built to last for years
  •  Not as powerful as other models

5. Rockville SS8P 400w 8″ Slim Under-Seat Subwoofer 



The Rockville model is designed to help you take your music experience to the next level. It is powerful and produces high quality sound. Besides, it is designed to fit your car, meaning you will not have problems installing it. The subwoofer also promises years of performance and reliability. As mentioned, this model comes with a slim under seat design, helping you save your space. The enclosure is also made from aluminum material, which is not only sturdy but also remains cool all the time.

Key Features
  • Rubber Surround: It protects the subwoofer to ensure long-lasting performance.
  • Polypropylene woofer cone: It is durable enough to withstand extreme everyday use.
  • Convenient length: The subwoofer is 12 inches long fitting perfectly in your car.
  • Sleek design: Enables the unit to blend with your car seamlessly.
  • Slim under seat design
  • Has a decent 400W peak handling
  • Cast aluminum construction keeps it cool
  • Has an adjustable input sensitivity
  • Not ideal for large vehicles

6. Kicker 12” Car Subwoofers (44DCWC122)

7. Kicker 12” Car Subwoofers (44DCWC122)


Kicker wants to bring entertainment to your vehicle. It achieves this by producing one of the best car subwoofer sets on the market; the Kicker 12” Car Subwoofer Set (44DCWC122). These units are durable and powerful enough to provide you with a hard-hitting bass. Elevate the music experience in your car with the powerful bass and clear highs. They are powerful and designed to produce quality bass. Best of all, these car subwoofers are super affordable to make sure you have an easy time purchasing them. They also display unique styling to help add elegance to your vehicle.

Key Features
  • Compact size: Allows you to install the unit anywhere even in tight spaces.
  • Ribbed polyurethane surround: It eliminates distortion and flex.
  • Slot vents: They help you create optimum volume.
  • Polypropylene cone: It is durable; hence, will last longer.
  • Sleek, modern design
  • Includes a wiring kit
  • Lightweight construction makes it easy to handle the subwoofers.
  • The car subwoofers boast 1200 watts for peerless performance.
  •  Slightly higher price tag

7. Rockford Fosgate 8” Audio Subwoofer (PS-8)

8. Rockford Fosgate 8” Audio Subwoofer (PS-8)


If you want to quickly add bass to your system without taking up too much space, then all you should look for is the Rockford Fosgate 8” Audio Subwoofer (PS-8). It is the perfect candidate for any music enthusiast; thanks to its premium quality features. It is also within an affordable range as well as very easy to install. The quality bass output brings entertainment right at your driver’s seat. It is uniquely designed and has quality features for unrivaled performance. If you like listening to music while driving, then this is the package to go for.

Key Features
  • Optimized amplifier: It delivers high output power.
  • Remote bass level control: It lets you fine-tune the output of the unit without moving to where it is.
  • Safety features: They include reverse polarity, thermal, and short circuit protection.
  • Industrial-grade vinyl covering: It protects the subwoofer from outside objects.
  • Sleek look: Enables the subwoofer to blend with any contemporary style.
  • It looks great, and it is durable enough to last longer.
  • Modern styling enhances the visual looks of the subwoofers.
  • Powerful output ensures ultimate convenience.
  • Low pass crossover makes the subwoofers super easy to install
  •  The installation is a bit complex


You can now listen to your favorite music while driving; thanks to the above powered car subwoofers. They feature compact sizes that make them easy to install and fit in the car. They also have stylish designs, so they can be a stunning addition to your car. Ideally, these subwoofers have deep bass and remote bass level control for easy operation. Wait no more and grab one today!

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