Top 8 Best Motorcycle Scissor Jacks in 2021 Reviews

A motorcycle scissor jack is a machine used to lift a motorcycle to a certain desirable height where it can be checked during repair or maintenance. Although most people overlook them, this should not be the case. They make work much easier, as all you need to do is to fit them on your motorcycle and then adjust up to a desirable height. Best of all, motorcycle scissor jacks are not just designed for motorcycles, but also can be used for ATVs, trikes, and others.

These units are also made of sturdy materials, which enable them to lift heavyweight motorcycles and ATVs. They are without a doubt a must-have for anyone who repairs motorcycles in their garages, shops or anywhere. However, before you go for one, we advise that you have a look at the following top 8 best motorcycle scissor jacks reviews. Here, we have highlighted premium quality scissor jacks to make sure you have an easy time getting the best one.

Table Best Motorcycle Scissor Jacks

1. Extreme Max 1100 lb. Motorcycle Scissor Jack

1. Extreme Max 1100 lb. Motorcycle Scissor Jack


When you are looking for a high-end jack to get your motorcycle wheels over the ground, the Extreme Max scissor jack will not let you. Designed to meet your expectations, this model comes with a wide top platform that offers enough support for your motorcycle. The model also comes with a rubber padding that ensures optimal stability while also preventing scratching. It not only provides stability but also it is strong enough to withstand loads up to 1100 pounds.

Key Features
  • Wide top platform: It offers a safe and stable surface for your motorcycle.
  • Rubber padding: It adds stability as well as prevents scratching.
  • Strong steel frame: It is heavy-duty and strong enough to hold loads up to 1100 pounds.
  • Extendable height: It can be extended up to 14 inches high to meet your needs.
  • Manual operation: Allows for quick and easy use of the motorcycle scissor jack.
  • Easy to use as it is smooth operating jack
  • Very durable and sturdy jack
  • Features a comprehensive and friendly platform
  • Perfect design that does not require support
  • Solid  perfomance, so far we have nothing  negative to report

2. Liftmaster Wide Deck Motorcycle Scissor Jack

2. Liftmaster Motorcycle Scissor Jack (1100 LB)


Liftmaster is known across the globe; thanks to its ability to produce top quality products. Well, one of these products is the Liftmaster Motorcycle Scissor Jack, which is sturdy enough to lift motorcycles of various weights. With it, you will have an easy time maintaining and repairing your motorcycle. Say goodbye to heavy lifting, this unit comes with a simple crank operation that saves you time and energy. Moreover, the unit comes with a safety feature to promote your safety.

Key Features
  • Sturdy construction: It enables the scissor jack to lift motorcycles up to 1100 pounds.
  • Versatile capability: The scissor jack can lift several brands of motorcycles.
  • Compact size: Allows you to store the scissor jack after use.
  • Safety feature: It guarantees your safety during use.
  • Convenient design: The scissor jack is compatible with several bike lifts
  • Solid and durable steel build
  • Able to lift heavy equipment as the unit stable
  • 1100lb weight capacity is suitable for a range of motorcycle models
  • Wide deck design offers extra protection during operations
  • The jack may tend to move while lifting, and it is advisable to be sure, everything balances.

3. VIVOHOME Steel Motorcycle Scissor Jack

3. Dragway Tools 1100LB Motorcycle Scissor Jack


This easy-to-use scissor jack will help you repair or maintain your ATV or motorcycle within a cinch. Its platform measures 16-by-10 inches to help provide optimum stability. Ideally, this motorcycle scissor jack can be used in the garage, track or shop; thanks to its flexible performance. As expected, this model is crafted from high-end materials to ensure stability and long lasting performance. It is also compatible with several models including Can Am Spyders, trikes, cruisers, and ATVs.

Key Features
  • Adjustable height: It can be adjusted from 3.75 inches high to 13.25 inches high.
  • Rubber mat: it is on the lifting platform, and it helps add stability.
  • Versatile design: The jack is compatible with several motorcycle models.
  • Large lifting platform: It increases stability and balance.
  • Strong frame: The scissor jack can lift motorcycles or ATVs up to 1100 pounds.
  • Versatile unit
  • Simple maneuver to the precise height
  • Enhances stability
  • Elegant design and a stable construction
  • The crank tool is bought separately

4. Extreme Max Narrow Motorcycle Scissors Jack (5001.5047)

5. Extreme Max Narrow Motorcycle Scissors Jack (5001.5047)


Extreme Max is more than happy to introduce to you the 5001.5047 motorcycle scissors jack. Well, the unit is easy to use, as all you need to do is to place it underneath the motorcycle and then start adjusting the height to lift the motorcycle. Lift your quad or motorcycle to a comfortable work height with the Pit Posse Motorcycle Scissor Jack. A sturdy and heavy-duty unit works efficiently to help make your work easier. Ideally, it is designed for quads and MX dirt bikes, so expect it to come with everything you have been looking for.

Key Features
  • 2-year limited warranty: It protects against manufacturer’s defects.
  • Welded side brackets: They add stability, thereby, allowing you to work with confidence.
  • Flexible height: Enables the scissor jack to lift motorcycles from 3-5/8 inches high to 16-1/2 inches high.
  • Handy handle: It makes manual lifting a breeze.
  • Heavy-duty steel frame: It holds load up to 1100 pounds.
  • It can be used even on concrete surfaces
  • Adjustable jack adapter for flexible stretch lift
  • Jack adapter is removable for extra
  • The jack can support different types of motorcycles
  • The scissors have plastic bearings

5. OrionMotorTech Dilated Motorcycle Scissor Jack

6. OrionMotorTech Dilated Motorcycle Scissor Jack


If you are looking for a motorcycle scissor jack that can perfectly meet your needs, look no further than the OrionMotorTech Dilated Scissor Jack. It is well built and painted to make sure you do not have trouble using it. You will love the sturdy construction that ensures optimal performance. The jack is also compatible with most bikes, even the heavier bikes. The model is also super easy to use thanks to the simple crank system. Furthermore, the paint makes it resistant to grease, oil, and dirt; hence, ensuring easy cleanup.

Key Features
  • 1-year warranty: It protects against original defects and workmanship.
  • Durable steel body: It is heavy-duty and guarantees to hold motorcycles of different loads.
  • Safe rubber wide deck: It improves grip and adds stability.
  • Easy-to-clean design: The scissor jack is resistant to grease, oil, and dirt for quick and easy cleanup.
  • User manual: Takes you through on how to use the scissor jack.
  • A well-made jack that is sturdy and strong
  • The bike stays on balance while working on it with this jack
  • Features oil and dirt resistant surface
  • Includes a rubber layer for protection and safety from against slides
  • The jack might flex, and the screw may break.

6. LiftMaster 1100 LB Motorcycle Scissor Jack

7. LiftMaster 1100 LB Motorcycle Scissor Jack


If you find it hard maintaining your motorcycle, then the LiftMaster 1100 LB Motorcycle Scissor Jack is the unit to go for. It is sturdy enough to lift motorcycles weighing up to 1100 pounds. It has safety features that make sure you are safe when using it. Thanks to the heavy-duty construction, this unit is ideal for home garage as well as commercial use. It is also compatible with most bike brands, allowing you to buy with confidence. Moreover, the simple crank operation makes it super easy to use.

Key Features
  • 6” wide deck: It improves stability, thereby, promoting safety.
  • Versatile functionality: The scissor jack is perfect for most models of motorcycles.
  • Solid steel construction: It is finished in a blue and black powder coating for enhanced functionality.
  • Flexible height: It can be adjusted from 3.25 inches to 13.25 inches to suit your work height.
  • Simple crank operation: It makes the scissor jack extremely easy to use.
  • Excellent lifting capacity
  • Resistant to corruption and rust
  • Diverse use for a variety of bike models
  • Compact design with easy to use operative crank
  • Thread rod and bearing fail after prolong usage.

7. Goplus 300lb Motorcycle Scissor Jack

9. Goplus 1100 LB Motorcycle Scissor Jack


Meet this newly designed motorcycle jack lift designed to make the repairs and cleanups super easy. Goplus 300lb Motorcycle Jack Lift is the go-to product for anyone who values convenience. It is super easy to use and clean to make sure you are not inconvenienced in any way. As expected, this unit comes with a sturdy construction, making it ideal for lifting most motorcycle types. You will love the simple operation that helps you to get the bike’s feet off the ground in no time Moreover; it works perfectly with smaller ATVs and motorcycles.

Key Features
  • Red powder coated finish: It enhances the looks of the jack.
  • Large oil drain hole: It allows you to change the oil.
  • Base plate: It has a rubber pad that protects your machine.
  • 3-inch rubber locking wheels: They make it super easy to move the unit and they help protect the floor as well.
  • Safety Pin: It promotes safety when using the machine.
  • A lifting machine with a compact design
  • High-quality steel that lasts long
  • Resistant to dust and grease
  • Versatile and enhance stability
  • Assembling may be difficult

8. Stark Motorcycle Scissor Jack

10. XtremepowerUS Motorcycle Scissor Jack (1100Lbs)


Whether you want to repair your motorcycle or maintain it, the Stark Motorcycle Scissor Jack is the unit to go for. It boasts a convenient design that enables it to be used alone or with a motorcycle lift. This premium scissor jack has it all. It is easy to use and strong enough to lift motorcycles up to 1100 pounds. The scissor jack is, however, lightweight and weighs only 8 pounds, so you can move it around easily. Unlike other models, this unit is super easy to assemble. The solid construction materials also corrosion and rust resistant, making it worth every penny.

Key Features
  • Wide base: It is equipped with 3-inch wings on each of its sides to improve stability.
  • Two screw adapters: They help adjust the height of the scissor jack.
  • Simple design: It makes the machine very easy to use.
  • Lightweight construction: The scissor jack only weighs 8 pounds; hence, it is easy to move around.
  • Strong artisanship: Enables the jack to lift motorcycles up to 1100 pounds.
  • Works extremely well
  • Significant lifting of up to 1100 lbs. weight load
  • It comes with saddles, two adapters, and 3″ wings on both sides
  • Dependable jack for its durability and stability
  • The bolts tend to loosen up.


Motorcyclists who value convenience go for a motorcycle scissor jack. Well, these units are specially designed to help you lift your motorcycle without much hassle, so you can comfortably repair it. They, however, come in several brands; hence, getting the perfect one can be quite complicated. Nevertheless, we do not like to see you frustrated that is why we have narrowed down to the best motorcycle scissor jacks. You therefore, have an easy time choosing a suitable unit.


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