Top 7 Best Manual Burr Coffee Grinders in 2021 Reviews

If you have not yet found the coffee grinder of your preference or you just want to be fresh grinding your choice coffee beans manually at home, there are solid reasons for considering a good quality manual grinder. Generally, manual coffee grinder models are less costly than their electric counterparts are. However, they provide quite the same results, especially the top performance ones. There is a wide range of their models on the market today whose features and sizes can vary. For instance, some have plastic while others boast stainless steel or glass housing. As such, it might be a little confusing for inexperienced customers to choose their most suitable model. This article helps you cut through the maze and get the most valuable purchase without wasting time.

Most top quality models allow you to select specific settings to produce the desired grind results. If you want to change the ground coarseness regularly, you should then go for one that features easy-to-adjust settings. Moreover, considering the ease and convenience of handling the grinder is important. One with a non-slip bottom is safer. Check the grinding mechanism of your choice model, too. For example, ceramic burr grinders mostly provide performance efficiency and consistency, and they usually stay in good shape for longer. For the foregoing benefits and more, we bring you the top 7 best manual burr coffee grinder’s reviews from which you can choose your favorite. Read through to the end.

Table Best Manual Burr Coffee Grinders

1. JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder ( Stainless Steel )

1. JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder ( Stainless Steel )


The JavaPresse is a handy tool you will definitely appreciate. Whether it is fine ground espresso you want to brew or coarse-ground French press, it does not fail. It integrates an easy-to-adjust grind selector that has more than 15 settings. This gives you total control over the texture of your preferred grind. It further has functional quick-start guides, supportive how-to videos, and grind charts for helping you get the best from your grinder. The JavPresse has a design that fits well into a handbag, and it can be disassembled to make it even easier to pack as you travel. You do not require batteries or power cords to use it; therefore, you are not limited to enjoy your coffee made with freshly ground beans from anywhere.

Key Features
  • Built in adjustable grind with eighteen click settings
  • High-grade Conical burr mill and brushed stainless steel construction
  • Removable hand crank mechanism eliminates noise and ensures precision
  • Compact, lightweight construction makes it easy to store and carry
  • Adjustable settings for enhanced precision
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Manual coffee grind machine that does not require any battery
  • Small and portable design
  • None worth mentioning

2. Khaw-Fee HG1B Manual Coffee Grinder

2. Khaw-Fee HG1B Manual Coffee Grinder


Millions of people around the world who cannot go a day without coffee. For them, nothing can be better than the capacity to get a perfect grind for personal choice beans. Today, thanks to the high performance Khaw-Fee, you can aptly grind your beans precisely to your desire, manually at home, in office, and even while on the trail or from anywhere you need it. This burr grinder offers you the power and flexibility to make your grind perfectly for either pour over, French press, Turkish and regular drip, or espresso. Its top-grade ceramic conical burr delivers precise and reliable grind always. Moreover, an integrated grind selector offers you great control over the grind coarseness. Other highlights include a rubber top for preventing the beans from spilling over from the hopper. Since it comes apart seamlessly, it is a breeze cleaning.

Key Features
  • Solid stainless steel construction ensures a long lasting performance
  • The manual hand crank produces less noise than the electric grind
  • Infinitely adjustable grind settings enable you to get ultra-fine to coarse grind
  • The clear glass container lets you see the amount of the ground coffee
  • Allows you to make fresh, tasty coffee
  • It does not use plastic or nylon parts
  • Has a removable base for easy cleaning
  • The adjustable grind settings enable you to precisely grind to your preference
  • The container could be larger

3. KONA Manual Coffee Grinder

3. KONA Manual Coffee Grinder



Idyllic Homes brings you the KONA, a convenient small and light manual burr coffee grinder for two that is also ideal for travelers and campers. It features an ergonomic design manual crank handle, detachable for easier, compact storage. It is simple to clean static-free quality glass jar stores as much as 50-gram ground coffee beans for about three coffee cups. Any coffee maker will appreciate KONA’s 18 click easy-adjust burrs settings efficient in producing ultra-fine results for Turkish, pour over drip, espresso and other fine texture coffees to extra-coarse for French press, Aero Press and cold brew coffee making. Its design ensures stable operation, staying easy on our hands. Moreover, KONA has high-density conical burrs of quality ceramic that is able to stand against wear and other elements for long.

Key Features
  • Built-in Stabilizer with an adjustable course to fine grind selector with 18 click settings
  • The clear glass jar is able to store up to 50 grams of coffee
  • Quiet design eliminates over 90 percent of obnoxious noise synonymous with electric models
  • Comes apart easily, making cleaning a snap
  • Enhanced torque with less effort
  • It enables you to get flavorful, tasty coffee
  • It has a stabilized bur mechanism
  • Manual design minimizes mechanical failure
  • The capacity could be larger

4. Bassani Home Coffee Grinder

5. Bassani Home Coffee Grinder


Bassani Home’s Macinino is the newest release in the line of this great brand’s manual burr coffee grinders. It actually offers you the ultimate experience in coffee grinding. It is infinitely adjustable and versatile, making it deliver any size grind precise for the different coffee drink types—French press, espresso, pour over, cold brew, and other types. It is highly reliable and appreciable consistent in its performance in fresh coffee grinding. You can use from anywhere, whether at home or workplace or even on the go, since you do not need power to run it, for its portable design, and may be when you detest the noise produced by regular electric models. You might also want to know that its design, like many other quality models, blends so well with most interior décor.

Key Features
  • Built-in adjustable grind selector is easy to adjust to deliver your preferred size grind
  • High quality conical ceramic burr mill for enhanced durability
  • Versatile and reliable to use at home, camping and other outdoor settings
  • Easy dismantling makes it easy to clean up and maintain
  • Includes a free cleaning brush
  • Comes in a light, compact, easy to carry design
  • Excellent value for your money
  • It is made using premium materials
  • Some find the adjustments are too fine

5. Hario Mini Mill Coffee Grinder

8. Hario Mini Mill Coffee Grinder


The Hario Mini is a super-efficient but slim hand-operated burr coffee mill you can never get bored with. Thanks to the reliability it consistently delivers, you can enjoy the wonderful and refreshing taste of freshly and perfectly ground coffee at home or while on the trail. Its great ceramic motor is odor and rustproof. Again, to your convenience, you can easily set your preferred grind coarseness by just turning the knob. Additionally, calibrating the amount of your powder is made easier thanks to the unit’s see-through bottle. A secure and apt design renders grinding your choice beans fun and easy. It is also worth noting that since you can easily disassemble the parts of this too, you will not find any trouble cleaning it. Moreover, for its slim design, you save a lot of storage space.

Key Features
  • Manual coffee grinder made using superior grade ceramic burrs
  • The adjustable grind settings allows you make a more consistent grind
  • The superior burrs don’t transfer heat and shave the coffee
  • Sleek, compact design looks great and is easy to store
  • Easy to clean, easy to use
  • Decent 2 Cup Capacity
  • It is made to last
  • Helps you get fine to coarse grinds
  • Hand wash only

6.  Infinite Coffee’s Grind-and-Brew Master

9. Infinite Coffee's Grind-and-Brew Master


Enjoy infinite performance whenever you want to grind your beans for a fresh cup of coffee today. When you choose Infinite Coffee Grind-and-Brew Master, you have virtually all the services of a traditional manual grinder, plus an innovative integrated brewing system. All that you are required to provide is your choice coffee beans and the right boiling water. This machine has a compact and simple to carry design, and packs anything you require for brewing a great and revitalizing cup of coffee. It is a great pick for campers and travelers who want to have their fresh coffee while out there. It features adjustable premium-grade ceramic burr grinder for consistent grinds, a fold-in handle for safe handling and easier storage, convenient metal pour-over filter, and includes an air insulated travel cup with a functional lid.

Key Features
  • Complete, functional coffee grind with a brew master system
  • Ceramic burr body with adjustable grind settings
  • The insulated go cup with a lid offers a decent capacity
  • The superior construction protects the ground coffee beans integrity
  • Stylish, modern design
  • It is made using high-end materials
  • Detachable design makes it easy to clean
  • Comes with an ergonomic handle, making it easy to use
  • Slightly heavy, making it a bit challenging to carry

7. Porlex JP-30 Coffee Grinder

10. Porlex JP-30 Coffee Grinder



A Japan based company specializing in food grinders; the Porlex does not compromise on quality. Their commitment brings you Porlex JP-30, a stainless steel burr coffee grinder with a great, well thought out convenient design. It features an inner spring that is handy in helping to keep your coffee grind consistent, even if you are grinding for coarse coffee brewing. Its quality stainless steel body makes it very strong as well as static free. Moreover, like other top performance models, Porlex JP-30 boasts ceramic conical burrs which last long, are easy to clean, and are impressively resistant to rust. It is an ideal choice for both home and outdoor coffee grinding use since it can be easily carried from place to places.

Key Features
  • Ceramic conical burrs with a wide range of grind
  • 30 gram capacity with a clear window to show the ground amount
  • Features a stainless steel, static free body that ensures optimal durability
  • Slip free base makes it easy to grind
  • Easy to disassemble for easy cleaning
  • Comes with various versatile features making it ideal for grinding coffee and herbs
  • Compact, lightweight design for easy portability
  • Very easy and convenient to use anywhere
  • It has a small viewing window to see the ground coffee


Now you do understand how easy it is for you enjoy strikingly refreshing coffee made with freshly ground beans thanks to any of the machines highlighted in the above 10 best manual burr coffee grinders reviews. Dear inveterate coffee lover, maximize on your beverage moments by sipping it fresh and the way you need it. You only need to purchase your own grinder today. For the best quality and performance versatility and reliability, choose yours from the above options.

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