Top 8 Best Kitchen Automatic Soap Dispensers in 2021 Reviews

An automatic soap dispenser is an innovative unit that greatly relies on infrared sensor technology for peerless performance. It uses the technology to detect your hands and then dispenses the soap immediately, meaning you won’t need to touch anything to make the unit release soap. This helps eliminate the spread of viruses and bacteria. Additionally, an automatic soap dispenser is equipped with different levels of dispensing soap to help you choose the right level for your needs.

These units are also economical, with a good number of them capable of using batteries for up to a year. Moreover, they have convenient features that prevent them from spilling soap on the kitchen countertop. In addition, a good number of them feature a wide opening that makes them very easy to refill when they run out of soap. Automatic soap dispensers are great for adults and little ones alike. Here, we have narrowed down to the top 8 best kitchen automatic soap dispensers reviews. Have a look.

Table Best Kitchen Automatic Soap Dispensers

1. SVINZ 15 OZ. Chrome Automatic Soap Dispenser



The SVINZ 15 Oz. Chrome Automatic Soap Dispenser features a large capacity that enables it to hold enough liquid for the entire family. It also has a frosted reservoir, which shows the level of liquid as well as a wide opening that allows for fast and easy filling. Besides, SVINZ Manufacturer has equipped it with two adjustable levels to make it easy to use.

These levels have volume control switch that will allow you to adjust the volume without much hassle. The dispenser’s worry-free 12-month warranty covers parts and labor for 12 months from the date of purchase. In addition, the SVINZ 15 Oz. Chrome Automatic Soap Dispenser drips or trails; hence, will not waste your soap.

Key Features
  •  Made from high end materials: Ensures optimal performance
  • Water resistant battery operated soap dispenser
  •  Decent 17 oz. capacity: Reduces the need to refill
  •  Automatic soap dispenser: This enhances your convenience
  • Adjustable soap dispensing
  • Comes with a stylish attractive design
  • Hygienic dispensing
  • Simple to install almost anywhere
  •  None worth mentioning

2. simplehuman 8 oz. Sensor Pump


The innovative silicone valve of the simplehuman Brushed Nickel 13 oz. Sensor Pump prevents it from messing the entire area with spills. The dispenser also comes with a removable caddy to help you store your sponge after use. Plus it features adjustable volume control buttons, which make it extremely easy to use. The wide opening makes refilling a breeze, while the clear soap chamber allows you to check the soap levels at a glance.

The simplehuman Brushed Nickel 13 oz. Sensor Pump uses sensor technology to dispense soap automatically and requires 4 AA batteries (not included) to power it. It gives instant and accurate dispensing every time and you will love it for this.

Key Features
  • Touch free performance: Eliminate germs and smudges that are often left behind
  • Solid construction: Ensures optimal performance for year
  •  Has a high efficiency pump
  •  Comes with a two-year warranty: This makes it a great bargain for your money
  • Has a wide refilling opening
  • No messy drips
  •  The precise trigger ensures accurate, high-speed activation
  • Easy-access control buttons
  •  The batteries are not included


3. AicLuze Soap DispenserAutomatic Soap Dispenser



Safe and easy to operate, the AicLuze Automatic Soap Dispenser is the perfect package for kids and adults. It has a space-saving design, and this makes it ideal for use on the counter, kitchen, restroom, office, bathroom, or anywhere you would like to have a soap dispenser installed. Additionally, this automatic soap dispenser comes with two screws to let you mount it on the wall, so you can save even more space.

The smart motion infrared sensor ensures hands-free operation, thereby, preventing the spread of viruses and germs. This unit also has two adjustable levels (0.6ml and 1.2ml) to allow you to choose a desirable mode. In addition, it offers the best way to eliminate germs.

Key Features
  • Water resistant base: ensures optimal performance
  • Infra-red sensors: advanced sensors allows for hands free operation
  • Wide compatibility: works with all liquid soaps
  • Includes the wall mount: makes it easy to assemble
  • Smart, space saving design
  • Has a large filling top
  • Includes screws to mount on the wall
  •  Helps eliminate spread of germs and viruses
  • It has a smaller capacity


4. Zitronik Automatic Soap Dispenser



This automatic soap dispenser from Zitronik features an intelligent sensor that detects your hand to ensure hands-free operation. Furthermore, it has four different levels of soap liquid volume to help you determine the amount of soap that comes out. It also boasts a 10-ounce capacity refillable tank to eliminate the need to refill on a consistent basis.

The anti-leakage & waterproof technology prevents the dispenser’s circuit board from corrosion. Additionally, there is a 1-year warranty that covers original defects. The Zitronik Automatic Soap Dispenser is durable and promises to deliver for years to come. In fact, it can work around 15,000 times. The dispenser is also easy to use; as all you need to do is to place your hand under the sensor and it (the dispenser) will instantly start working.

Key Features
  • Wide compatibility: works with all liquid soap
  • Adjustable dispensing: Ensures optimal performance
  • Infrared sensors: this ensures hands free operation
  • Made from strong ABS materials for enhanced durability
  • Comes with adjustable soap dispensing quantity
  •  Ideal for both kids and adults
  • Easy to mount in the kitchen or bathroom
  • Helps economize soap while keeping you safe from germs
  • The batteries are bought separately

5. Simpleone Liquid Silver Touchless Soap Dispenser




Designed with energy efficiency in mind, the Simpleone Liquid Silver Touchless Soap Dispenser will last up to 1 year. Besides, it uses four alkaline AAA batteries (not included), so it can deliver when needed. The dispenser also has a silicone valve, which prevents clogs and messy drips. Even better, it boasts an infrared sensor technology to allow it to dispense soap automatically without touching anything.

The modern design makes this unit a perfect match for any modern bathroom or kitchen, while the wide opening makes it easy and fast to refill. This soap dispenser works with foam soap, hand sanitizer, liquid soap, shampoo, and kitchen hand soap. It features a windowed slot, which allows you to see the amount of soap remaining.

Key Features
  • Elegant design: the dispenser looks good in your bathroom or kitchen.
  • Automatic soap dispenser: eliminates smudges or leaving behind germs
  • Motion sensing technology: allows for fast accurate dispensing
  • Energy efficient design: the batteries lasts for long
  • Made from a reputable company
  •  Helps boost your hygiene levels
  •  Modern, sleek design
  • Fast, precise soap dispensing
  •  It does not have a beep sound

6. Araktin Nickel Automatic Soap Dispenser




When Umbra was designing this automatic soap dispenser, they made sure that it has everything to allow for optimum use. The model features a built-in sensor and pump mechanism that will detect the movement of your hand, and then dispense the right amount of soap. In addition, it is made of molded plastic and then finished with nickel to bring out its contemporary appearance.

The Umbra Nickel Automatic Soap Dispenser holds up to 177ml of soap and dispenses 2ml only, making it perfect for any economic-minded person. Moreover, it uses four AAA batteries (not included) to enable it to provide a reliable performance. This dispenser is the unit to go for if you want to live a germ-free life. It not only reduces the spread of germs but also conserves soap.

Key Features
  • Helps economize soap while keeping you safe from germs
  • Made from strong ABS materials for enhanced durability
  •  Adjustable dispensing: Ensures optimal performance
  • Fluid level indicator: it lets you know when it is time to refill
  •  Infrared sensors are fast and accurate
  • Helps reduces the spread of germs and conserves soap
  •  Decent capacity reduces the need for constant refilling
  • Takes little time to assemble
  •  A bit large for smaller spaces

7. GLAMFIELDS Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser



The sensor of the GLAMFIELDS Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser is functional enough to detect your hand in just one pass and dispense the soap immediately. Furthermore, the manufacturer has equipped it with four different levels to allow you to adjust the liquid levels of your soap.

The fact that this soap dispenser is automatic means it will not age. In addition, an innovative unit will not waste soap or mess up your countertop. The GLAMFIELDS Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser is easy to operate and really contributes towards the elimination of germs. It is backed by a 90-day refund or replacement guarantee as well as a 1-year hassle-free warranty.

Key Features
  • Hands free operation: helps curb the spread of germs
  • 177 capacity: this eliminates the need for refilling often
  • Fluid level indicator: it lets you know when it is time to refill
  • Large top opening: this allows for quick, mess free filling
  • Stylish design complements your kitchen décor
  • Superior construction for long lasting performance
  • Ideal for use in your home, office and other settings
  • Helps combat bacteria, germs and virus spread
  • The assembly instructions are a bit complex

8. Hanamichi Automatic Soap Dispenser



The EcoDefy Automatic Hand Soap & Sanitizer Dispenser is designed to help you reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria. It is automatic, and, therefore, eliminates the need to touch a dispenser during use. It also has a responsive infrared sensor that allows it to dispense soap automatically without touching it.

The EcoDefy Automatic Hand Soap & Sanitizer Dispenser comes with a 1-year warranty to help protect against defects and workmanship. Moreover, it features a brushed stainless steel to help it look elegant and bring luxury to your bathroom or kitchen. What’s more, its soap volume is easy to adjust and can hold up to 9 ounces of soap at a time to allow you and your kids to wash your hands without worry.

Key Features
  • Excellent craftsmanship: blends well with your décor
  • Waterproof and leak-proof: the sealed bottom ensures your safety
  •  Upgraded sensors: these promotes easy functionality
  • Works with any soap: This makes it convenient to use
  • Accurate dispensing for enhanced performance
  • Made using high end materials
  •  Super easy installation
  •  Comes with a decent capacity to avoid constant refilling
  • The mouth is a bit narrow


It is important that every household buy an automatic soap dispenser. Unlike ordinary soap dispensers, automatic soap dispensers use the smart infrared technology to allow for hands-free operation. They also display a low profile design that makes them a great addition to any kitchen décor. The above reviews highlight the best automatic soap dispensers on the market. In addition, this means you will get a premium quality brand that meets your needs.

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