Top 8 Best Gaming Computer Cases in 2021 Reviews

Gaming on a PC always produces a lot of heat to the components of the PC. In addition, the reason behind this is that most computer games have large storage spaces; hence, the systems of the PC need to work almost twice to run the graphics and other functionality of these games. The heat produced during gaming is always so much that it can damage the components of your PC.

That is why a number of manufacturers have decided to produce a gaming computer case. These units provide a space to keep your PC components. In addition, it is in this space where there are fans to keep these components cool. In most cases, a gaming computer case will have an extra space for additional fans, considering that their primary role is to prevent the PC’s components from heating up. Today’s gaming cases are stylishly designed to add value to your room. Here are the top 8 best gaming computer cases reviews.

Table Best Gaming Computer Cases

1. Cooler Master RC-130-KKN1 Elite 130 – Mini-ITX Computer Case 

1. Cooler Master RC-942-KKN1 Full Tower Computer Case


The Cooler Master RC-130-KKN1  Computer Case is designed to deliver the performance you have been looking for in other units. It is perfect for housing modern and hottest graphics cards, motherboards, and CPUs. In addition, it works with USB 3.0 devices to ensure fast transfer of data. The Cooler Master RC-942-KKN1 Full Tower Computer Case also comes with specialized support and cooling for graphics cards. Its four gigantic fans move air massively, thereby, delivering outstanding results. The unit also boasts nine expansion slots that support three-way and four-way SLI and Quad Crossfire. The SATA dock makes installation a breeze by eliminating the need to remove the side panel. This innovative unit is without a doubt the best computer case.

Key Features
  • Mesh front panel ensures increased cool air intake
  • The case supports mini ITX motherboards and other models for easy profile builds
  • Unique HDD and SSD mounting brackets free up more space inside
  • Wide compatibility with long graphic cards
  • Superior build with excellent ventilation
  • Offers plenty of room to add your upgrades
  • Gorgeous design blends well with your gaming studio
  • It is equipped with powerful fans
  • No cons, the model is great for the price

2. ROSEWILL ATX mid Tower Gaming Computer Case

2. ROSEWILL BRADLEY M Tower Gaming Computer Case


People who want a gaming computer case that displays value, style and design go for the BRADLEY M Mid Tower Computer Case. Designed by BRADLEY, this unit is perfect for those who are looking for their first gaming case or those who want to upgrade their masterpiece. It is equipped with three case fans that come pre-installed and work quietly to avoid distractions. These fans increase the intake of cold air while releasing warm air out in order to keep the internal components cool. The unit also has room for two additional fans on the top and one additional fan on the bottom. In addition, its side window panel is transparent, so you can easily see LED fan colors, cable management skills, and internal components.

Key Features
  • Professional, classic design makes it ideal for gaming practice and hardcore games
  • All around airflow thanks to the cleverly designed ventilations
  • It has two pre-installed LED gaming fans and easy to customize interior components
  • Great expandability with plenty of space and seven expansion slots
  • Steel case construction for enhanced durability
  • Gives easy access to I/O ports
  • Compact, lightweight and stylish
  • Has a decent LED light in the front
  • Some find it too slim

3. Rosewill CULLINAN Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case

3. Rosewill CULLINAN Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case


This elegant computer gaming case is not just designed to keep your internal components cool but also it is engineered to add sophistication to your room. Its front and sides have a consolidated tempered glass to let you see the management skills and internal components. Ideally, it comes with four pre-installed operating fans that work quietly. The consolidated tempered glass also contributes to the quiet operation of this computer case. In addition, there are rubber cushions that make the installation quick and easy, as well as several tool-free HDD trays, which make HDD very easy to install. Rosewill has also equipped the unit with removable dust filters, so you can have an easy time keeping it clean.

Key Features
  • Have three sides of sleek sturdy tempered glass that show off the internal components
  • Ventilated PSU basement accommodates three fans to ensure excellent heat dissipation
  • Includes an optional 360mm radiator liquid cooling support
  • Large magnetic dust filter in front shields case
  • Well-made and Stylish Upgrade
  • It provides Extra Ventilation, ensuring optimal ventilation
  • Excellent cable management keeps your space clean and organized
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • The SSD storage slot is a bit large

4. Corsair Carbide Series Tower Gaming Case (SPEC-02)

5. Corsair Carbide Series Tower Gaming Case (SPEC-02)


This aggressive gaming PC has a superior air cooling system that makes it ideal for high-performance GPUs. As if that is not enough, it boasts an intelligently engineered interior that lets the built-in LED-lit front intake fan to channel cold air directly to graphics cards. The interior of this gaming case also provides a room for up to six fans to let you experience massive cooling potential. Ideally, there is a big side panel window, which gives you a chance to admire your components, dust filters, and the cable routing system. The Corsair Carbide Series Tower Gaming Case is easy to clean as well as put together with no tools required. Its dual front panel USB 3.0 connectors will allow you to enjoy the latest high-speed storage devices.

Key Features
  • Unmistakable design with a unique, dynamic look makes your system stand out
  • The tempered glass show off your hardware
  • Has an inbuilt light and 120mm cooling fan for enhanced cooling
  • Decent cable routing tie downs and cutout allows for easy cable management
  • Comes in a stylish modern design
  • Wide compatibility with various components
  • Easy access control panel and ports
  • Impressive ventilation ensures optimal performance
  • It does not come with an exhaust fan

5. CORSAIR Carbide SPEC-04 Mid-Tower Gaming Case

6. Corsair White/Red Mid-Tower Gaming Case (SPEC-ALPHA)


The bold exterior design of the Corsair SPEC-ALPHA model brings out its uniqueness. The unit displays an asymmetrical look with great color combinations. Best of all, Corsair has not just put all its concentrations on the looks of this case but also it has designed it to outplay all other brands in the same class. It has equipped this gaming case with a direct path, so it can offer better cooling all the time. It has also equipped it with a large side panel window to elegantly display your hardware. What’s more, the Corsair White/Red Mid-Tower Gaming Case comes with a 3-speed fan controller to let you control cooling. Moreover, it features three 120mm fans to improve airflow.

Key Features
  • Modern angular exterior design with a tempered glass window
  • Roomy interior that accommodates up to 5 120mm cooling fans
  • The cable routing cutout enables you to keep your space uncluttered
  • Intuitive side IO panel with high-speed USB 3.0 ports
  • Impressive design with a LED light and tampered glass
  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Comes at a decent price tag
  • It is compatible with various components
  • Slightly noisy at the full fan speed

6. Thermaltake CA-1G1-00M1WN-00 Gaming Computer Case (Versa N24)

7. Thermaltake CA-1G1-00M1WN-00 Gaming Computer Case (Versa N24)


The Versa N24 does not just offer personality and style but also it guarantees versatility and unrivaled performance. It is specially designed for gamers who value convenience and performance. Additionally, the unit has two 120mm fans at its front and top to ensure advanced ventilation. It also has numerous storage options including an external 5.25-inch drive bay and two 2.5-inch/3.5-inch internal drive bays. The two internal drive bays have an HDD tray to enhance performance. Moreover, this gaming computer case supports up to 240 mm radiator liquid cooling. It is designed to make sure you are not inconvenienced whether you are playing the game or not. All of its ventilation holes feature dust protection to keep the interior free of dust.

Key Features
  • Designed for hardcore gamers, the model allows for easy customization
  • The front-top control panel features fast USB 3.0 and standard USB 2.0 ports
  • All intake ventilation holes have a dust protection, including a removable dust filter at the chassis bottom of the chassis.
  • Advanced cable management design
  • Sturdy construction ensures optimal performance
  • Wide compatibility allows for easy customization
  • Comes with an innovative tool free drive bay design
  • Compatible with at least six drives
  • Not ideal for beginner gamers

7. Corsair Compact ATX Mid CC-9011101-WW Gaming Computer Case

9. Corsair Compact ATX Mid CC-9011101-WW Gaming Computer Case


Corsair knows how to keep your gaming components cool. It achieves this by producing the Corsair Compact ATX Mid CC-9011101-WW Gaming Computer Case. This unit comes equipped with a two-panel tempered glass, and it is compact enough to fit in nearly any place. It also has a direct airflow technology that allows cool air to bring a cool breeze to internal components. Besides, this model provides room for activities to ensure fun use. Its SP120 RGB fans offer vivid illumination and outstanding performance. The Corsair Compact ATX Mid CC-9011101-WW Gaming Computer Case is stylishly built, and very easy to set up. You will love its readiness to perform as well as its ability to make a bold statement regardless of where it is placed.

Key Features
  • Beautiful glass panel displays all the components of your build
  • Includes a SP120 RGB fan with excellent performance and illumination
  • Clean modern design with mid tower design that accommodates full sized ATX boards
  • Full dust filtration on the top, bottom and front
  • Impressive cable management keeps you space free of clutter
  • Great thermal performance
  • Includes quiet fans and a inbuilt fan controller
  • Great form factor with impressive LED illumination
  • Some find the interior a bit small for large graphic cards

8. Silverstone Technology PM01W-RGB ATX Tower Gaming Computer Case

10. Silverstone Technology PM01W-RGB ATX Tower Gaming Computer Case


The Silverstone Technology PM01W-RGB is the perfect gaming computer case for anyone looking to build his or her PCs with trend-setting aesthetics and rich feature set. It is the advanced version of PM01 Gaming Computer Case, which was one of the best cases in 2016. Unlike its predecessor that has LEDs, the PM01W-RGB features RGB variants that help enhance its performance. It also has a full tempered glass, which makes it more luxurious and dazzling. In addition, it features RGB fan guards, which are controlled via LED control button to change colors and lighting modes. Apart from providing excellent cooling performance, the Silverstone Technology PM01W-RGB Gaming Computer Case looks good and brings in a deeper personal customization. It is easy to install and operate.

Key Features
  • Include three 140mm LED fan guards with RGB LED strips
  • The oversized front panel gives the case a unique modern look
  • Full tempered glass panel displays all the interior components
  • The roomy interior supports a variety of high-end components
  • Excellent fit and finish
  • The oversized fans ensures optimal cooling
  • Solid construction ensures years of service
  • Beautiful tempered glass panels
  • Not a true dual-chamber design


A gaming computer case is an innovative unit that prevents PC components from heating up during gaming. It has fans, which increases the intake of cool air to make sure your components remain cool and safe regardless of how long you play your favorite game in a day. If you are a serious gamer, these products are for you.


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