10 Best Door Mats 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

No one likes it when they get into the house, look back, and find traces of mud, dirt, and grass. It is for this reason why you should be keen to buy a door mat. Made with materials that trap dirt, dust, grass, and mud, a door mat plays a huge role in protecting the floor. It is particularly great for when there are kids and pets around. To help you make an informed decision when it comes to buying one, we have compiled a list of some reputable brands in the following consumer guide.

Best Door Mats – [Reviews & Buying Guide]

1. J JULONE Indoor Doormat Front Door Mat

1. J JULONE Indoor Doormat Front Door Mat

J JULONE Doormat helps keep unwanted debris off of the floor. With it, muddy paws and boots will be the least of your concern. It is a good purchase for places that are vulnerable to moisture and dirt. These include and not limited to garages, entryways, and mud rooms.

Furthermore, this door mat is multipurpose. It is suitable for use as an indoor welcome mat, bath mat, front door mat, home carpet, and more. You can place the mat in the back door, office, living room, bedroom, etc. The mat measures 20 by 31.5 inches and comes with a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee.

Key Features
  • Extra-absorbent top layer traps moisture and mud
  • Plush pile is luxurious and protects feet
  • Low-profile design prevents doors from getting stuck
  • Made of microfiber strands that dry much quicker than ordinary non-slip door mat
  • Does not slip and stays in place
  • It is worth the price
  • The quality is great
  • Looks wonderful and does not show dirt
  • Thickness is not as expected

2. Gorilla Grip 29×17 Natural Rubber Door Mat

2. Gorilla Grip 29x17 Natural Rubber Door Mat

Gorilla Grip Door Mat is designed to be strong and durable, yet flexible and soft. This thorough construction makes the door mat ideal for various applications. The door mat measures 29 by 17 inches as well as featuring a ¼-inch slim and low-profile design.

That being said, this door mat is suitable for low-clearing doors and entryways. You can place it on the front door, driveway, home, living space, lobby, barn, office, business room, garage, patio, and other common areas. Cleaning the door mat is extremely easy. Simply sweep off the dirt with a broom or shake off the mat outdoors or on your garage bin. You can also use a hand-held vacuum.

Key Features
  • Made of 100-percent premium all-natural rubber
  • Nicely woven polypropylene fabric further improves durability
  • Rubber beveled border creates a retention dam to trap mud, moisture, etc
  • Dries quickly to prevent the daily wear and tear
  • Size is perfect for most doors
  • The pattern blends nicely with most decors
  • Does not slip or curl
  • The seller puts customer satisfaction first
  • Since it is made of rubber, the door mat may have a weird odor when new

3. Delxo Beige Magic Doormat (18”x30”)

3. Delxo Beige Magic Doormat (18”x30”)

Delxo Doormat is made of 45-percent microfiber and 55-percent cotton. These two fabrics enable it to absorb water and mud nicely. They are also eco-friendly and do not have any odors. This means the doormat will not just help keep your room clean but also it is safe and healthy.

With that said, the doormat is perfect for a home with kids and pets. Its dimensions are 18 inches wide by 30 inches long by 0.55 inches deep. It absorbs water perfectly as well as instantly wiping off mud, dust, sand, and grass. Furthermore, this door mat is very easy to clean by hand.

Key Features
  • 100-percent premium rubber backing makes the mat slip-resistant
  • Low profile design keeps the mat from snagging on swinging doors
  • Waterproof bottom makes the mat ideal for modern homes
  • Soft fibers create a wonderful play area for pets
  • Perfect for indoor use
  • The mat looks really nice
  • Stays put on the floor
  • Hides dirt very well
  • Sheds a lot when washed in the washer

4. Sierra Concepts Striped Door Floor Mat, 2-Pack

4. Sierra Concepts Striped Door Floor Mat, 2-Pack

Sierra Concepts Door Floor Mats measure 30 by 17 inches. They are wonderfully sized and will make an excellent addition to the front or back door of your home. These mats are also reasonably priced plus they are rectangular so they can cover as much area wherever they are placed as possible.

Moreover, these mats are covered by a 10-year no questions asked policy, which is amazing, considering their low price point. They are very easy to clean and maintain as all you need to do is sweep them, shake them, or hose them off.

Key Features
  • Steel grey/black color combination improves the home décor
  • Rugged ribbed polyester design makes it easy to scrape debris and dirt from shoes
  • Non-slip backing keeps the mat in place as well as preventing moisture from leaking
  • Suitable for kitchen, entryway, garage, bathroom, laundry room, etc
  • Customer service is amazing
  • Mats are delivered quickly
  • Durable enough to last longer than imagined
  • Mats look very neat
  • Not the thickest

5. PLUS Haven Pure Coco Coir Doormat

5. PLUS Haven Pure Coco Coir Doormat

PLUS Haven Coco Doormat is easy to use and very unique. As such, it makes a stunning gift idea for a loved one. It is also very easy to maintain, given that coconut coir is naturally resistant to bacteria.

The mat measures 17 by 30 inches and has a pile height of 0.6 inches. What’s more, this doormat is available in several colors and patterns. These patterns are amazing and will make visitors feel more than welcomed at your place. They include Natural, Bike, Home Sweet Home, and Yay! You’re Here, among others.

Key Features
  • Made of 100-percent pure coconut coir
  • Easily captures dirt, moisture, and other particles
  • Water-resistant and dries quickly for maximum convenience
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • The mat receives a lot of compliments
  • Perfect for scraping feet off on prior to getting into the house
  • Customer service is first-class
  • Appears to be very durable
  • The lettering seems to fade much faster than expected

6. Refetone 20” x 31.5” Indoor Doormat (Grey)

6. Refetone 20” x 31.5” Indoor Doormat (Grey)

Refetone 20 by 31.5-inch Doormat comes in stylish patterns and colors so you can easily find what blends with your décor. It is also nicely sized and measures 20 by 31.5 inches. Other sizes this door mat comes in are 20 by 32 inches, 32 by 48 inches, and 24 by 36 inches.

The mat boasts several applications, and this means you can place it in the bedroom, living room, laundry room, back door, floor mat, and kitchen rug, among others. Additionally, this mat is extremely easy to clean. Simply use a hand-held vacuum, a garden hose, or a broom to keep it clean.

Key Features
  • Premium polypropylene fabric absorbs mud and water
  • Polypropylene is slightly raised to scrap off sand, mud, grit, grass, etc
  • Non-slip design keeps the mat in place as well as preventing it from scuffing floors
  • Reinforced overlock edges and low-profile design
  • The door goes over it smoothly
  • Easy to clean and is of good quality
  • The grey color is perfect
  • The size is perfect for a normal doorway
  • Tends to come folded, but after 2 days, the mat irons out on its own

7. Notrax 109 Brush Step Entrance Mat (109S0035CH)

7. Notrax 109 Brush Step Entrance Mat (109S0035CH)

Notrax Entrance Mat is made with quality materials that enable it to hold up well to scratching and staining. It is a wonderful doormat that makes an excellent purchase for anyone with a pet. In fact, this mat is pet-friendly.

It hides pet stains well plus it makes vacuuming pet hair a no-brainer. It is also designed in such a way that it will not damage your floor. It measures 3 by 5 ft, and it is rectangular so it can perfectly fit most doorways. The mat also comes in many colors, including Charcoal, Slate Blue, Brown, Red/Black, and Hunter/Green.

Key Features
  • Poly fibers absorb moisture
  • Impermeable vinyl backing ensures no moisture reaches the floor
  • Minimalist look enables the mat to blend perfectly with any home décor
  • Unique double rib high/low design
  • The texture is wonderful
  • Lays almost completely flat right out of the box
  • The mat is easy to clean
  • Keeps the area clean
  • The price is a bit on the high side

8. SlipToGrip Universal Gray Door Mat

8. SlipToGrip Universal Gray Door Mat

SlipToGrip Door Mat looks beautiful in any home. It is well made and can be used anywhere, including patio, entryway, laundry room, and garage. The mat measures 42 by 35 inches; hence, it is large enough to perfectly fit large doorways.

What’s even better, this mat only needs a door clearance of ¼”. Plus it is made with eco-friendly and 100-percent safe materials that make it ideal for homes with kids and pets. The mat is available in many different colors, which are Grey, Taupe, Brown, and Black.

Key Features
  • Poly Mesh effectively captures debris and dirt
  • Moisture-resistant and waterproof to deliver ultimate performance
  • PVC material is extremely easy to clean
  • Free of BPA and phthalate for peace of mind during use
  • It is shipped on time
  • The size is great
  • The texture and feel are amazing
  • They are not uncomfortable to walk on barefoot
  • The company ships it folded, and this causes creases

9. AAZZKANG Welcome Door Mat with Nonslip Backing

9. AAZZKANG Welcome Door Mat with Nonslip Backing

Although the AAZZKANG Door Mat is made with durable materials, it is still flexible and versatile enough to meet the various needs of people. It measures 18 by 28 inches, which despite not being the largest size, still makes the doormat very useful for doorways of different sizes.

If you are certain size 18 by 28 inches will not fit your doorway, try size 24 by 36 inches. The doormat is also available in a variety of colors, which are Black, Red, and Grey. Each of these colors has the prints “Home Sweet Home” on them.

Key Features
  • The backing is made of premium natural rubber
  • Low profile design prevents tripping as well as providing easy door clearance
  • Absorbs debris, dust, and dirt easily
  • Made of top-notch polypropylene fabric
  • The mat is exactly as described
  • Appears to be shipped faster than anticipated
  • Soft and very adorable
  • Makes a great gift for Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc
  • Not the best for outdoor use

10. ubdyo Extra Durable Door Mat (30×18)

10. ubdyo Extra Durable Door Mat (30x18)

ubdyo Door Mat has an excellent size of 30 by 18 by 0.5 inches. The ½” low-profile design means the mat will not curl up or get stuck under the door. The size is perfect for every entrance; thereby, making this mat versatile.

You can use it as an indoor welcome mat, front door mat, dog mat, and home carpet. It is suitable for office, lobby, garage, laundry, back door, and shop entryways. What’s more, this door mat is available in a wide range of colors, which are Yellow, Grey, and Brown.

Key Features
  • Rubber stripes capture mud and dust perfectly
  • Special pattern absorbs moisture nicely
  • Materials do not cause any allergic reactions
  • Design and materials make cleanup a breeze
  • The price is great
  • The mat stays in place
  • Customer service is nice
  • Can withstand high temperatures with no issues
  • Thinner than imagined

Buying Guide for a Good Quality Doormat

Here, we have talked about the factors to have at your fingertips when buying a door mat. They are detailed and will play a huge role in not just increasing your chances of getting a suitable door mat but also providing you with basic knowledge about these must-have dirt-trapping items.

The Size of the Mat

You do not want to end up with a mat too large that some of its edges will have to be folded so it can fit your doorway. Also, you do not want to invest in a mat too small that it will fail to provide nice coverage and protection. With that said, make sure you know the measurements of your doorway before buying a mat.


When buying a doormat, it is recommended that you choose a brand that blends nicely with the décor of your home. Also, make sure the patterns on your mat are more than just for decoration – they should also help in trapping dust, dirt, and mud.

Ease of Cleaning/Maintaining

Your door mat should be very easy to wash. Well, such a door mat is normally made of high-quality material such as rubber and/or polypropylene. It can be cleaned with a broom, a hand-held vacuum, or even tossed in the washer.


A door mat is a nice purchase for someone with a pet as well as those who simply want to keep their homes clean. It traps dust, dirt, grass, grit, sand, and mud, among others. Moreover, an entrance mat is within an affordable range for sweat-free buying.

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