Top 10 Best Coffee Storage Containers in 2021 Reviews

Most homes in the 21st century will not miss a packet or two of coffee. And this is enough to tell you that coffee is loved across the globe. Coffee has several benefits such as keeping you in the mood and creating a good environment to spend time with your guests, among others. Nevertheless, there is always one problem with coffee, and that is storage. Yes, there are many ways to store coffee, but most of these ways normally do not preserve the flavor, aroma, and quality of the coffee.

They also do not keep coffee fresh for longer, thereby, leading to wastage of money since you will have to throw away your coffee because it is stale. Fortunately, this issue should no longer be a bother to coffee enthusiasts; thanks to coffee storage containers. These units are specially designed to keep coffee fresh, though there are some that are ideal for keeping other perishable goods as well. They allow carbon dioxide to leave the container and blocks away light and moisture, thereby, retaining the flavor and quality of coffee. Looking for one? Check out the following top 10 best coffee storage containers reviews.

Table Best Coffee Storage Containers

1. Coffee Gator Large Stainless Steel Canister Vault

1. Coffee Gator Large Stainless Steel Canister Vault

The Coffee Gator Large Stainless Steel Canister Vault gives you a chance to enjoy fresh and delicious coffee. It is produced by a reputable manufacturer, which knows that quality beans are not cheap; hence, you need to use a premium quality storage canister. The Coffee Gator Canister Vault is one of these top quality coffee storage containers. It is made of a stainless steel construction, meaning it will not just keep your coffee fresh but also enhance the looks of your kitchen. In addition, it keeps coffee safe from flavor destroyers by naturally emitting Carbon (IV) Oxide through its one-way valve, which channels carbon dioxide out but blocks air and light from gaining access to the stored coffee. The canister vault comes with a scoop and free eBook to make sure you know how to keep your coffee fresh for an extended period.

We like the fact that this coffee storage container is available in a variety of colors. These include Stainless Steel, Red, Pink, Gray, Gray/Stainless Steel, and Orange. The many different colors allow you to settle on something that will really improve your personal style.

Buying from a company that does not compromise on quality is very important. Luckily, Coffee Gator is one of those companies. Needless to say, expect this coffee storage container has great quality and we are certain it will meet your expectations. It offers a great way to retain the freshness of your coffee so every time you serve it both you and your guests get thrilled.

To prove to you that indeed this coffee storage container is built to satisfy your needs, the manufacturer offers 100-percent satisfaction promise. This promise states that if you find the coffee storage container unimpressive, you can return it either for a replacement or a full refund. Coffee should always be drunk in good condition, and this container helps keep it in the desired condition. So, wait no more and get it now.

Key Features
  • Stainless Steel Finish: Improves the elegance of the container; making it a great to any kitchen.
  • Freshness Valves: They are thoughtfully designed in the sense that they release carbon dioxide but retain oxygen so they can extend the lifespan of coffee.
  • Date Wheel: Will help you track best before or roasting date.
  • Bail Clasp: It is a quick-release, easy-seal clasp that helps make the container easy to use.
  • Zero-BPA Container: The container is safe to use because it has zero chemicals.
  • Customer service responds accordingly
  • Coffee remains fresh longer and tastes great
  • The container is reasonably priced
  • The latch seems sturdily built
  • Comes with directions on how to care for it
  • Those who drink coffee regularly might find the container too small

2. Friis Stainless Steel 16 Ounce Coffee Vault

2. Friis Stainless Steel 16 Ounce Coffee Vault


The Friis Stainless Steel 16 Ounce Coffee Vault is available in several colors, including black, red, and stainless steel. You will, therefore, easily choose one that best suits your needs. It is designed to maintain the flavor of your coffee naturally without the use of chemicals. Additionally, it comes with freshness valves that help vent out carbon (IV) oxide gas. The Friis 16 Ounce Coffee Vault also features an air-tight storage to make sure that released carbon (IV) oxide, light, and air do not get into the coffee. Plus it has a capacity of 16 ounces, meaning you will able to store as much coffee as you want. This unit comes with instructions, a one-year supply of Friis valves, and a booklet.

We are totally unsurprised to note that this container for storing coffee has made it to these reviews. Launched in 2008, the 16oz Stainless Steel Coffee Storage Canister has been around long enough to get the attention of most coffee connoisseurs. It has been featured in several magazines and online publications, including Real Simple Magazine and Wired Magazine. As if that’s not enough, the coffee vault has won “Most Innovative New Product” at CoffeeFest Seattle in 2009 by CoffeeTalk.

Well, we must say that we are impressed with the fact that the manufacturer supplies Friis valves for one year from the date of purchase. We are also happy that this coffee storage container comes with a lot of accessories so you can have the smoothest experience with it. Plus it is available in a wide range of colors.

What does this tell you? The coffee storage container is one of the best on the market. For this reason, we are certain you will not be disappointed when you buy it. The coffee vault canister measures 7-1/2 inches high by 5 inches deep and holds 16 ounces of coffee beans. It is safe to use, given that it is made of stainless steel construction and a BPA-free polymer lid.

Key Features
  • BPA-free Polymer Lid: It forms an airtight seal, thereby, keeping coffee beans fresh as well as helping to retain flavor.
  • Fries Freshness Valves: They help vent carbon dioxide gases, making sure the gases are away from your coffee bean supply.
  • Stainless Steel Base: Keeps the coffee bean sturdy and durable.
  • Measuring Spoon: Allows you to easily scoop out the amount you need for morning or evening cup.
  • 16-Ounce Capacity: The container holds a good amount of coffee to make sure you are supplied with great-tasting and nice-smelling coffee all the time.
  • Blocks out light, air, and moisture
  • Keeps beans and grinds really well
  • The price is reasonable
  • The coffee jar seals well
  • Easy to open and close
  • The build quality could be better

3. Tightpac America, Inc. Vacuum Sealed Coffee Container

3. Tightpac America, Inc. Vacuum Sealed Coffee Container


The Tightpac America, Inc. Vacuum Sealed Coffee Container is NSF-Tested and Certified. It is also FDA-approved to help bring in confidence during purchase and use. Besides, this coffee container is perfect for storing coffee grounds and beans. It has a 16-ounce capacity and measures 7-3/4 inches tall by 4-7/8 inches in diameter to help you keep large quantities of coffee. Moreover, the Tightpac America, Inc. Vacuum Sealed Coffee Container is equipped with a patented system that creates a partial vacuum seal, thereby, keeping coffee fresher for longer. With it, you will be able to maintain the aroma and rich flavor of your coffee. Despite its performance, this vacuum sealed coffee container is highly affordable. It also comes in several colors to make sure there is something for everyone.

Success and hard work go hand in hand. It, therefore, makes a lot of sense when someone comes and says, for you to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee, you need to work hard and put a lot of effort. Working hard, in this case, does not mean sweating and waking up at 4 a.m. It simply means storing your precious coffee beans properly.

And to do that, you need a high-performance coffee storage container like this one right here. It stores coffee beans as recommended, thereby, helping to improve their overall lifespan. Well, with fresh smelling and great-tasting coffee, expect to make coffee at home like a professional barista. In fact, everyone who tastes your coffee will want to taste it again. Given its purpose, this coffee storage container is a thoughtful gift for any coffee lover.

This container is FDA approved and NSF certified and tested. This means the container is very safe to use. It does not contain any substances that might be harmful to your health. Also, this container is cheaply priced for sweat-free purchase.

Key Features
  • Patented System: Creates a partial vacuum seal, which, in turn, helps keep coffee fresher for longer.
  • Attractive Design: Makes the coffee storage container blend neatly with other kitchen items.
  • 2-Way Valve: Allow carbon dioxide to escape slowly without letting oxygen in.
  • Solid and Tinted Design: Protects light-sensitive beans and tea leaves.
  • Press Button: It is on the cap and makes the container very easy to use. For instance, if you want to open the container, simply push the button and you are good to go.
  • Attractive and easy to use
  • The container is well designed
  • Arrives quickly and in good condition
  • The price is very affordable
  • Cleans and dries off easily
  • The vacuum technology is not fully functional, but this does not seem to interfere with the performance of the container.

4. Planetary Design Airscape Coffee & Food Storage Canister

4. Planetary Design Airscape Coffee & Food Storage Canister


This 2-in-1 unit is perfect for storing both coffee and other foodstuffs. It is designed to extend the life of cereals, sugar, coffee, flour, cookies, nuts, pet food, perishable good, and herbs, among others. It has a patented lid that not only removes but also locks out air to help preserve flavor and protect freshness. Furthermore, the Planetary Design Airscape Coffee & Food Storage Canister is made of restaurant-grade stainless steel, meaning it is durable and easy to clean. The material is also BPA-free to ensure that your health is not compromised when you consume food from the canister. The clear airtight insert will allow you to see the amount of foodstuff left, so you can budget accordingly. This canister should not miss from your kitchen, especially if you want to save in the long run.

We are impressed with the versatility of this coffee storage container. The first paragraph clearly states that the coffee storage container is not just good for coffee but also great for cereals, sugar, flour, pet food, and perishable goods. Considering how versatility is valued in the modern world, we are positive you will find this container perfect for what you plan to use it for.

The container has the perfect size for your kitchen counter. It measures 5 inches wide by 7 inches high. From those dimensions, we can say that it is tall but not too tall to have difficulties fitting in your kitchen cabinet. Besides, the slim design does not sacrifice the capacity of this container, as it is still able to hold more than enough coffee beans. Another thing we would like to say is that the container is stackable.

The multiple colors, the container is available in, make it easy to settle on what matches the existing kitchen utensils and even the décor. The colors include Brushed Steel, Candy Apple Red, Mocha, Obsidian Black, and Turquoise. They are exciting colors that will add taste to your kitchen. Furthermore, this coffee & food storage canister comes in two different sizes, which are small and medium. These sizes, like the many color options, make it easy to choose what is suitable for your needs.

Key Features
  • Patented Plunger Lid: Removes and locks out humidity and air, thereby, increasing the lifespan of whatever is stored in the canister.
  • Two-way Valve: Releases carbon dioxide in order to preserve and protect flavor and freshness.
  • “Swoosh” Sound: Ensures you know that the storage container is working.
  • Exterior Paint Finish: It is durable, and, therefore, will greatly extend the lifespan of the canister.
  • Stackable Design: The coffee storage canister stacks easily for compact storage in the pantry.
  • BPA-Free Components: They give you peace of mind knowing that the canister is safe to use.
  • The design is really nice
  • Removes the air as promised
  • The quality of the canister is exceptional
  • Gaskets feel solid and seem like they will last
  • The rugged piece of rubber is a nice addition
  • The canister is smaller than anticipated

5. Coffee Gator Stainless Steel Coffee Storage Canister

5. Coffee Gator Stainless Steel Coffee Storage Canister


The mission of Coffee Gator is to make sure you drink better coffee every day. That’s why they have decided to produce the Coffee Gator Stainless Steel Coffee Storage Canister. This innovative model is perfect for keeping coffee fresher for longer. It emits carbon (IV) oxide, which according to research, is one of the gases that make coffee lose its flavor and become tasteless. Best of all, the canister is covered by a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee that allows you to be refunded in the event you are unhappy with the purchase. Its surgical-grade stainless steel body is very easy to clean and does not harbor chemicals. This canister also features quick-release bail clasp that helps keep light and moisture out.

Like most coffee storage containers in this article, this model is available in multiple colors. Well, these colors are Gray, Silver, Red, and Green. They may not be as many as other colors in other brands, but they are great enough to make an excellent addition to your kitchen. It is obvious that you would like fresh, great-tasting coffee every morning. And this container is to make that possible. Therefore, try the best you can to get it as soon as possible.

What we like about this container is that it comes with numerous accessories. Some of these are a measuring spoon and travel jar. The included accessories make the container easy to handle. We also like the fact that the container is neither too big nor too small. It is of medium size; hence, it is perfect for everyone.

It measures 6 by 5 by 6 inches, and it is available in a medium size. This means it perfectly fits the needs of everyone. In other words, the container is a great purchase for both regular and occasional coffee drinkers. The medium size stores the right amount of coffee; hence, making sure you are hardly inconvenienced. Given the amazing features it is equipped and what it can do, this container will serve you right.

Key Features
  • Stainless Steel Body: It improves durability as well as the elegance of the coffee storage container.
  • Wicovalve Valve: It releases carbon (IV) oxide, which is one of the main causes of flavor-stripping in coffee beans.
  • Date Wheel: Equips you with information about best before or roasting dates.
  • Medium Size: Enables the container to hold enough coffee without taking up too much space.
  • Airtight, Sealed Design: Keeps coffee safe from flavor-destroyers so you can enjoy good-tasting drinks every morning.
  • Well designed and easy to clean
  • The container is very durable
  • The dial on the top for selecting the date is a plus
  • Comes with a travel jar
  • Available in a variety of colors to choose from
  • The measuring scoop is quite on the large side

6. BlinkOne 18 oz Airtight Coffee Bean Container

6. BlinkOne 18 oz Airtight Coffee Bean Container


The BlinkOne 18 oz Airtight Coffee Bean Container was voted the best storage container, and there are a lot of reasons why this happened. First, the unit is made of a unique airtight silicone seal that preserves freshness. Second, it boasts ultimate versatility, considering that it can be used for roasted beans, ground coffee, sugar, tea, spice, salt, and more. It is also made of SS202 stainless steel construction that helps you store coffee with confidence, knowing that the container will not let in moisture, air or carbon dioxide. What’s more, the BlinkOne 18 oz Airtight Coffee Bean Container comes with a scoop to make your work easier. It also comes with an exclusive bonus PDF guidebook that takes you through on how to select and prepare better coffee.

Before we continue with the reviews, it is worth noting that this coffee storage container should be hand-washed only. This makes a lot of sense, given the unique design of the coffee storage container. Well, the fact that it can be washed is really great since we have seen some brands that the manufacturer recommends that they be cleaned by wiping them down.

What’s more, this coffee storage container is built with versatility in mind. It can be used as a storage container or as a food saver. Given how versatile it is, we are certain the container will play a huge role in making your life much easier than ever before. Its dimensions are 6.77 inches long by 5 inches high by 5 inches wide. And the weight is 15.90 ounces.

Compared to other coffee storage containers in the same class, this unit has a large capacity. To be precise, it has an 18-ounce capacity, which is way better than that of most brands, which have around 14 – 16 ounces. That being said, the container is great for those who drink coffee regularly.

Key Features
  • Unique Airtight Silicone Seal: Preserves the freshness of whole roasted beans and ground coffee on a daily basis.
  • SS202 Stainless Steel Construction: Gives you peace of mind knowing that there is no moisture penetration, air leak or carbon dioxide.
  • Versatile Functionality: The container is not great for keeping coffee but also ideal for storing tea, spice, salt, sugar, and other fresh ingredients.
  • Compact Design: Makes the storage container easy to store in the pantry.
  • Lifetime Guarantee: Protects the coffee storage container from defects and poor workmanship.
  • The feel and the exterior finish are impressive
  • Holds a nice amount of coffee
  • The included scoop is a bonus
  • Both the scoop and canister are well made
  • The container seals well and seems to preserve the freshness of coffee grounds as advertised
  • The plastic rim inside the container makes it quite difficult to get the last coffee grounds out of the container

7. Coffmax Coffee Storage Container with Free Scoop and eBook

7. Coffmax Coffee Storage Container with Free Scoop and eBook


Coffmax has equipped this storage container with an elegant design to make sure it matches the existing décor in your kitchen. They have also focused on the capacity of the container since this is what determines the amount of coffee you are able to store. In addition, the storage container boasts unrivaled versatility to store tea, flour, coffee, and other perishable ingredients. Its ergonomic lid is easy to open and close to spare you the hassle of fumbling with bags and locks. Besides, the Coffmax Coffee Storage Container is backed by a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee, which allows you to send it back for a full refund should you fail to like it. It is a high performing coffee keeper that will provide you with the best solution to keep your coffee fresh for longer.

It is reasonably priced, which is great, considering that it can be the difference between happy mornings and moody days. With it, such thing as being greeted by a sip of stale coffee will be a thing of the past. Nothing should get in the way of your rich, perfectly balanced coffee. And this coffee storage container is here to help you achieve that.

It is designed by a manufacturer, which knows that your mornings are precious and should be kept that way. The coffee storage container comes with all the essentials to make sure making coffee is so easy you can do it with your eyes closed. The container also does not look cheap or bulky. Having said that, expect to have an easy time storing it.

We are happy to note that the price of this storage container is budget-friendly. Best of all, the low price is not at the expense of the quality. This means when you buy this product, you will not just spend less but also you will get a proper storage container with lots of amazing features.

Key Features
  • Ergonomic, Easy Open and Close Lid: The lid is comfortable for all sizes of hands; meaning will stop fumbling with locks and bags.
  • Multipurpose Versatility: The container is great for keeping coffee and anything fresh, including tea, flour, etc.
  • Large Capacity: Provides you with enough room to store up to 0.8lbs of whole beans or 1lb of ground coffee.
  • Elegant Design: The container has a brushed stainless steel exterior that looks sleek and will be a great addition to your kitchen.
  • 100-Percent Satisfaction Guarantee: Proves that the manufacturer believes in the quality of this coffee storage container.
  • The company’s customer service is very responsive
  • The container is stylish and looks great
  • It is made of premium material
  • Seems capable of keeping coffee fresh for a long time
  • The included scoop is a plus
  • Not the best product for those looking for something big and completely airtight

8. Braviie Gorgeous Stainless Steel Container with Scoop

8. Braviie Gorgeous Stainless Steel Container with Scoop


Ground or whole coffee beans should be properly stored. This is because coffee can only be enjoyed when it is fully fresh and has all the flavors. The Braviie Stainless Steel Container is a well-designed coffee storage canister that has all the features to help preserve the freshness and flavor of the coffee. This means if you want to start each morning with a fresh brew, this container is exactly what you should go for.

It is 7.5 inches tall, meaning it has just the perfect size for any counter space. It holds 22.8 ounces (1.4 pounds) of whole coffee beans and 19 ounces (1.2 pounds) of ground coffee. In our opinion, we think this container has the right capacity to hold the right amount of whole coffee beans or ground coffee. Like most storage containers in these reviews, the canister comes with lots of accessories.

Well, these accessories will ensure you have the smoothest experience with the canister. Another thing we would like to tell you is that the coffee storage container is fully backed by the manufacturer. This means if you do not get a 5-star experience, you are free to return either for a full refund or replacement. The 100-percent satisfaction promise shows that the manufacturer truly believes in the quality of this product.

Like we have seen with other products, we think it would be better if the manufacturer produces the canister in a variety of colors/finishes. This gives buyers the freedom to choose a container with a color that matches other items in the kitchen. All in all, this is a good coffee storage container.

Key Features
  • Airtight Lid: It keeps out light, oxygen, and moisture. By so doing, the airtight lid helps preserve the freshness of the coffee.
  • One-Way Carbon Dioxide Release Valve: Vents harmful CO2, thereby, improving the lifespan of the stored coffee.
  • Stainless Steel Construction: It is high-grade and has zero BPA. Well, this means it will not react with your coffee; hence, it will keep it delicious, full-flavored, and balanced.
  • Handy Date Wheel: It is on top of the lid. It allows you to select the expiry or purchase date so you can keep track of the freshness of your coffee.
  • 1/8 Measuring Cup: It is made of stainless steel for solid performance. Its role is to make sure you get the perfect scoop of coffee every time.
  • Arrives first and well packaged
  • The canister is well made
  • The company responds quickly to inquires
  • The seal is really tight
  • Does not have a big, annoying logo on the side
  • The included travel cup is handy, especially during camping
  • Would be better if instructions were included

9. Star Coffee 22oz Container Airtight Coffee Storage

9. Star Coffee 22oz Container Airtight Coffee Storage


All coffee lovers will strongly agree with us that freshly-roasted coffee flavors are one of the things that make them start every morning with a cup of coffee. But there is a problem. Keeping your coffee flavors fresh and in perfect condition is quite tricky unless you have an airtight coffee storage container.

But again, we all know that airtight coffee storage containers do not deliver the same results – some are better than others. The Star Coffee 22oz Airtight Coffee Storage Container, for instance, is large, and, therefore, can keep a large quantity of coffee grounds or beans. Furthermore, this container is packed with other features that contribute greatly to improving its performance.

Some of these features are built-in calendar, lightproof stainless steel construction, and CO2 vent valves. The container also comes with bonus gifts, and this makes a stunning present for anyone who cannot go a day without having a cup of two of coffee. These gifts are an eBook guide on how you should prepare the most flavorful cup of coffee and the smoothest microfiber cloth for quick, easy cleaning.

Despite being equipped with loads of features and even coming with bonus gifts, the container is very affordable. Besides, the bonus gifts included in the package are very useful. The grey finish of this container is also worth pointing out. And this is because it is laid back and goes with everything.

Key Features
  • BPA-Free, Food-Grade Lid: It closes securely and does not contain any chemicals that might be dangerous to your health.
  • Airtight Seal: Prevents oxygen from contaminating your precious coffee beans.
  • Smart & Gorgeous Design: Makes the container look really nice on the counter. It also improves its performance.
  • Risk-Free Lifetime Guarantee: Will give you peace of mind knowing that the manufacturer stands behind this product.
  • Stainless Steel Measure Scoop: It is one of the bonus gifts that come with the coffee storage container. It helps you get the right amount of coffee for your morning beverage.
  • Fingerprint-Resistant Oil Coating: Gives the container a shiny, smart, crystal-clear look all the time.
  • The construction of the container is solid
  • Does a good job of keeping coffee fresh
  • The design is quite attractive
  • The included bonus gifts are very useful
  • Does not take up much counter space
  • The company’s customer service is fantastic
  • Packaging could be better – most customers have complained about receiving the product without some of the advertised bonus gifts.

10. Zurich Large Stainless Steel Coffee Container

10. Zurich Large Stainless Steel Coffee Container


This large stainless steel coffee container from Zurich will help keep your coffee fresh. It is designed to preserve the taste of your coffee for a pretty long time and make sure you are able to drink a delicious cup of coffee every time. It has a one-way valve that locks out moisture, light, and carbon dioxide to ensure your coffee does not lose its flavor. The one-way valve works by offering sealed container protection while channeling carbon dioxide out of the vault. This coffee container also comes with a spoon to help you get the exact coffee measurement. Plus it is large enough to store up to 16 ounces of roasted coffee beans or 21 ounces of freshly ground coffee.

With this well-designed coffee storage container, you will be able to create your own coffee shop in the comfort of your home. It was developed with coffee aficionados in mind, and this means it has what it takes to help you enjoy strong and smooth taste every morning. Zurich, its manufacturer, knows that coffee was meant to be kept fresh. Therefore, if you have it, expect to achieve that without breaking a sweat.

Apart from this canister storing coffee and keeping it in a drinkable state, it helps add elegance to the kitchen. Therefore, in our opinion, it is a good product worth investing in. Besides, the canister is made by a manufacturer that wants nothing but the best for its users. How do we know this? The manufacturer encourages buyers of this container to reach them in case of any issues.

What we find quite bothersome with this canister is that it is not available in numerous colors like most containers we have we talked about in these reviews. However, this should not be enough to make you overlook it. This is because it features a stainless steel finish that is elegant and blends seamlessly with the existing utensils.

Key Features
  • Sturdy Construction: It proves that this storage container is designed to last.
  • Airtight Design: Prevents oxygen from getting inside the container to mess with the freshness of your coffee.
  • BPA-free Components: They give you peace of mind knowing that your coffee is stored in a safe place.
  • Moisture-proof Technology: Enables the canister to preserve the freshness and flavor of coffee even in a humid kitchen.
  • Quick-Flip Lid: It is very easy to open and close. This means you will take the shortest time possible to access your coffee.
  • Comes with a measuring spoon
  • Light in weight, and, therefore, easy to handle
  • Has a date monitor
  • The lid is easy to open
  • Looks great on the counter
  • Quality appears to be good
  • The title of the product is a bit misleading

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Coffee Storage Containers

Keeping your coffee fresh so you can enjoy every sip each morning can be quite tricky. This is because a lot of things can damage the freshness and flavor of the coffee. Some of these include light, oxygen, and humid conditions. That’s why we have recommended that you consider the above coffee storage containers. They work by keeping oxygen and light at bay to make sure your coffee is always fresh. But even with the above reviews, you can still have a hard time deciding which container you should pick. Therefore, we have further made things simpler by writing the following factors.

One-way Vent

The one-way vent not only allows a coffee storage container to emit carbon dioxide but also prevents the same carbon dioxide from getting back into the container. As a result, it enables the storage container to keep coffee free of carbon dioxide, which is one of the main gases that can make coffee lose its flavor and taste quite fast. This means that when buying a coffee storage container, you should try your best to make sure whatever you are taking home has a one-way vent. It has proven to work better than other containers with two valves or so.

The Capacity of the Container

It is good to choose a coffee storage container with a large capacity because this will help you keep large quantities of coffee in one go. In addition, a large capacity will help you save a lot of money in the long run, given that it will encourage you to buy coffee in bulk. It is, therefore, safe to say that a container with a large capacity is economical. Nonetheless, you should only consider such a container if you know where you are going to place it because it is likely to take up a decent amount of space. This means if you have loads of space in your kitchen or pantry, go for it.

The Quality of Material Used

Most coffee storage containers are made of either plastic or stainless steel or both. Stainless steel material is easy to clean and does not contain harmful chemicals that can compromise your health. Buying a stainless steel coffee storage container is, therefore, highly recommended. You can also go for coffee storage containers made of BPA-free plastic because they are also safe and easy to care for. Ideally, regardless of the material you have chosen, make sure it is sturdy and can stand the test of time. Stainless steel leads in sturdiness, but also containers made out of it are likely to be more expensive than those made of plastic.

Ease of Cleaning

Although some manufacturers recommend that you simply wipe down your coffee storage container if you feel that it is dirty, we do not think this is right. Yes, they have good intentions because wiping down a container will definitely prevent rust since it will not come to contact with water. But remember, these containers are meant to store something we consume directly. What do we mean? If you are looking for a coffee storage container, go for a brand that is easy to clean. Well, to know whether a brand is easy to clean, look at the design – it should be simple without unnecessary features that tend to complicate the cleaning process.

Ergonomic Design

The best coffee storage canisters have airtight seal technology that enables it to deliver the desired results. However, it is this technology that makes most containers pretty difficult to handle. Therefore, we advise that as much as you want something that seals completely, make sure you do not overlook the ergonomics aspect of it. For instance, you definitely do not want to take hours opening and closing the lid of your coffee storage container because it seals too tight. Well, when choosing a container for storing coffee, ensure it feels very comfortable when held, and it is fairly light in weight.


If you are an economic-minded person, a coffee storage container should not miss from your home. These units preserve coffee so well that you will be amazed at their performance. They are perfect for storing other items like cereals, sugar, tea, flour, and more. Here, we have brought together different products from different manufacturing companies to make your selection easier.

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