Top 7 Best Bluetooth Sound Bars with Subwoofers in 2021 Reviews

Soundbar systems will revolutionize the way you listen to music and watch movies in your home. Despite having a compact design that doesn’t take much space as other systems, these systems provide you with high quality surround effects that makes listening to music and watching movie enjoyable. Moreover, most sound bar systems are backed with Bluetooth technology, meaning that you do not have to deal with wired speakers that make your room disorganized.

Today we have very many sound bar types in terms of design, size, and features included. Though a variety of choice enables you to pick the model that suits your needs best, it is also easy for one to get confused on the best model to choose. For this reason, we have taken out time to do the hard work for you and reviewed the highly rated models available today. We hope that going through them will help you in making a decision that is more informed. Here are our Top 7 best Bluetooth sound bars with Subwoofers reviews

Table Best Bluetooth Sound Bars with Subwoofers

1. VIZIO SB3821-C6 38-Inch 2.1 Sound Bar

2. VIZIO SB3821-C6 38-Inch 2.1 Sound Bar


VIZIO is a reputable brand when it comes to the production of the quality music system. Over the time, it has been in business this brand has always prioritized the user satisfaction for producing music systems that are reliable. This is a functional low profile sound bar featuring a multi-directional speaker configuration as well as a powerful subwoofer. This sound bar also boasts of latest innovation including Bluetooth technology that allows for seamless streaming from different devices. This model also lives to the manufacturer reputation and give you a performance that you will enjoy. One of the reasons that we prefer this model is the wireless connectivity that removes the need of use of unsightly wires that makes a room look disorganized. It utilizes Bluetooth connectivity, which is more practical.

Key Features
  • DTS TruVolume, Dolby Digital decoding, and DTS Tru post-processing
  • Wireless subwoofer with remote control
  • Seamless streaming through the in-built Bluetooth connectivity
  • Easily connectable to any digital device with no cable
  • High-quality sound with deep bass
  • In-built Bluetooth connection
  • 2.1 channel soundbar system
  • Expansive and quality audio
  • Occupies ample space due to its bulky size

2. VIZIO SB2821-D6 Sound Bar

3. VIZIO SB3851-C0 38’’ 5.1 Sound Bar


If you are looking for a deep rich bass and clear sound, then getting this 5.1 sound bar from VIZIO might be your best bet. You will get a 5.1 inches channel system with surround sound that gives you an enhanced listening performance. This system has a 38-inch sound bar that complements your flat screen look. Some of the features we love about this model are the clear sound performance with minimal harmonic distortion and inbuilt technology that enable you to listen music conveniently.

Key Features
  • Five-in-one audio system that ensures  enhanced  convenience
  • Satellite speakers and wireless subwoofer
  • DTS digital surround processing and Dolby digital
  • Mountable Soundbar with additional remote
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled
  • Impressive and tiny bar that works with Google assistant
  • In-built Bluetooth for wireless audio streaming from other smart devices
  • Crystal clear sound-producing best audio
  • It has no HDMI port

3. TaoTronics Sound Bar with Wireless Bluetooth Audio

4. TaoTronics Sound Bar with Wireless Bluetooth Audio


This 34-inch sound bar comes in a modern look that adds a touch of style to your living room. This sound bar is constructed using robust materials that enhance its performance as well as ensuring that it lasts for many years. When it comes to performance, this audio sound bars will complete your home theatre with two passive radiators that boost the bass and four range of the high quality speaker. Besides, this unit also comes with the dual operation mode (remote and touch control) for easy operation.

Key Features
  • Multi connection options through wireless using coaxial, optical, AUX, and RCA
  • Modern design makes it great for a contemporary home
  • Control can be remote or touch
  • A thoughtful craft that is easy to set up
  • Dual control mechanism
  • Multiple mounting options
  • 34 inches long with 2.0 channel
  • Modern design look
  • No auto-reconnect after restarting your device

4. LG SL5Y 2.1 Channel High Resolution Sound Bar

5. LG Electronics SH2 2.1 100W Sound Bar


This is probably the most attractive sound bar available in the midrange system. This model does not only come with a subwoofer but also deliver impressive sound. Some of the best features that are included in this system include Bluetooth streaming, adaptive sound control, and wired subwoofer. You will also enjoy using the Bluetooth remote app ad dynamic range control. Besides the host of advanced features enhances its performance, this system has an appealing design, giving your home a stylish design.

Key Features
  • The innovative technology of adaptive sound control
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Compact design with light speakers
  • Slim and sleek soundbar design
  • Easy to stream mp3 audio through Bluetooth from a mobile device
  • Excellent audio quality with easy configuration
  • Uses adaptive control technology
  • Simple to set up the unit and start using it
  • 100 watts power is not the top-flight quality audio for those who love the loud sound

5. Sony HT-S350 Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

6. Sony HT-CT80 Sound bar


This home speaker may not give you the best performance when it comes to bass, but it will surely fill your room with high-quality sound. We love the Bluetooth technology that connects the sound bar with the 2.1 inches subwoofer eliminating the use of unsightly wires. The Bluetooth technology also enables the system to connect with other devices and stream music wirelessly. Another reason why you might consider purchasing this model is that is super easy to set up as it has included digital and analog inputs as well as a systematic guide.

Key Features
  • Two-in-one channel subwoofer system that is USB compatible
  • Digital amplifier for clear and powerful sound with less audio distortion
  • Great wireless Bluetooth feature and remote control
  • Comes with remote control with batteries, optical cable, two brackets wall mount, and user manual
  • Automatic clear audio adjustment with a balanced audio response
  • Flexible placement with multiple inputs
  • Comes with everything needed in a soundbar through one-touch connectivity
  • Powerful sound with a sleek and slim profile
  • Inconvenient auto-shutdown feature

6. Klipsch Bar 48 Sound Bar + Wireless Subwoofer

9. Klipsch Reference Series R-4B Sound Bar


Klipsch is another brand that has been on forefront of technological innovations. This wall mountable sound bar system makes use of the Bluetooth technology for seamless connection with various devices. Regarding connectivity, you can connect this system with other devices through the optical digital and USN inputs. The built-in Dolby digital decoder also enhances the quality of sound giving you with clear sound ideal for listening to music as well as watching movies. Some of the features we love about this unit include the virtual sound; night modes, as well as voice, enhance modes.

Key Features
  • Wireless 2-way soundbar
  • Includes; Bluetooth with aptX audio coding connectivity, one Optical digital, and one Stereo RCA
  • 3-D surround sound mode
  • Minimal black details soundbar looks good with keyhole mounts and detachable feet
  • Easy set up through Bluetooth technology
  • High output audio sound
  • Bluetooth compatible for computers, TVs, phones, and other audio devices
  • In-built Dolby digital decoder

Shorter Bluetooth range

7. Klipsch Cinema 400 Sound Bar 

10. Klipsch R-20B Bluetooth Soundbar


This is another sound bar system from Klipsch that is designed to deliver crisps high sound. It is a great choice for individuals who are looking for a sound bar that delivers deep and powerful bass. This true two way sound also features a Tractrix horn that delivers distortion-free sound making listening to music enjoyable. Additionally, this unit is compatible with the Bluetooth enabled devices including Smartphones, computers, and audio devices for wide range use. Besides, this unit is backed with AptX coding technology that ensures high-quality streaming.

Key Features
  • Big quality build subwoofer
  • Highs, mids, and lows frequency separation
  • 3-inches 4 mid-range drivers
  • Bluetooth aptX decoding
  • Works with most Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Easy and simple set up and use it
  • Remote control for easy access to soundbar settings
  • Crisp high-end audio sound and a powerful bass sound
  • Awkward design with no ports


Soundbar system is the latest music system that offers you with high-quality sound. Unlike the home theatres, sound bar system has a stylish look and will match well with most flat-screen televisions. The products listed in our guide are by far the best models that you can find on the market. Luckily, they are reasonably priced making them affordable. Regardless of the sound bar system you choose from the above list, you can be assured to get a serious performance boost. Best of luck!

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