10 Best Beyblade Stadiums on the Market in 2020 Reviews

No one loves it when their Beyblade, instead of clashing with another, runs away. Fortunately, there is a solution to this – a Beyblade stadium. A Beyblade stadium ensures Beyblades clash and collide in a manner never seen before. The stadium is specially designed for this. As such, it always has features like small pockets in each of its corners. Also, some stadiums are double-tiered to make fun more exciting. In the following best Beyblade stadiums reviews, we have comprehensively discussed various Beystadiums so you can find a suitable one to buy.

Table Best Beyblade Stadiums

1. Beyblade Burst Evolution Battle Game Set

1. Beyblade Burst Evolution Battle Game Set

Beyblade Burst boasts SwitchStrike tops that give you a chance to switch up your striking powers. It is important to note that SwitchStrike features have an effect on the behavior of tops. Well, this is to help bladders customize the battle course. Beyblade Burst App is included in this set as well.

The app will help you scan code on the energy layers of Beyblade Burst tops. This, in turn, helps unleash the tops in the Beyblade Burst App. The app also lets you play with many different combinations of Beyblade Burst top Performance Tips, Forge Discs, and Energy Layers within the atmospheres of the stadium. This set is recommended for ages 8 and up.

Key Features
  • Beyblade Burst Star Storm Beystadium
  • 2-part forge disc works with other 2-part forge discs
  • SwitchStrike features include ground wheels and spinning wheels
  • Can burst into pieces during battle
  • Makes a nice gift for kids
  • The arena with the dome on top is nice
  • Not as noisy as the other arenas of Beyblade
  • Launchers are good quality
  • The cover inside the edge is pretty sharp

2. BEYBLADE Slingshock Battle Set Game – Rail Rush

2. BEYBLADE Slingshock Battle Set Game - Rail Rush

BEYBLADE Burst Slingshock has a two-system rail, which propels tops via the rails and into the ring. This sets up intense yet exciting head-to-head collisions. The rail system not only hurtles tops around the curves but also redirects them towards legendary burst moments.

You can launch in various sections of the Rail Rush Beystadium to vary the attack. The Beystadium is a detailed arena that features launch zones, speed cradles, dual rail system, and a head-to-head collision center. The speed cradles vary the attack strategies of the tops, while the dual rail system is for making the battle more exciting.

Key Features
  • 2 Slingshock right/left-spin launchers
  • 2 Slingshock right-spin battling tops
  • Different modes include Slingshock Mode and Battle Ring Mode
  • Beyblade Burst App allows you to scan the energy layers of the tops
  • The set is delivered on time
  • Arrives as pictured and described
  • Kids love it, and it makes a wonderful gift idea for them
  • Everything in the set is good quality
  • The beyblades, which come with the stadium, can be difficult to use at first

3. BEYBLADE Slingshock Battle Set – Cross Collision

3. BEYBLADE Slingshock Battle Set - Cross Collision

The Beyblade burst slingshock Tech in this set gives you a chance to indulge in head-to-head battling. There is a quadruple rail system that helps make battling with the set an unforgettable experience. The beystadium is another excellent feature of this set. It lets you launch in different sections so you can vary your attack.

The set also includes direction-changing clips and combination energy layers. These give you a chance to choose your Spin direction as well as to customize the energy layers of tops. There are up to 8 possible combinations. The set comes complete to make sure you have everything you need for a good gaming experience.

Key Features
  • Beyblade burst app allows you to compete in digital battles
  • Performance tips convert from battle ring mode to slingshock mode
  • Recommended for age 8+
  • Performance tips have specially engineered rail-riding capabilities
  • Holds up well to everyday use
  • Made of light yet sturdy plastic
  • Rails are smooth to make battles more action-packed
  • Great value for the money
  • Kids might find the beyblades difficult to assemble

4. BEYBLADE Burst Rise Hypersphere Battle Set – Vertical Drop

4. BEYBLADE Burst Rise Hypersphere Battle Set – Vertical Drop

Beyblade Burst Rise Hypersphere comes with a high-performance beystadium. The vertical beystadium has 3 sections that serve one goal – to provide you with great beyblade battles. These 3 sections consist of a vertical wall, a brink, and a battle ring. You can gain an edge over your challengers by climbing the vertical wall of the beyblade stadium to reach the brink.

What’s more, this set’s hypersphere tops feature Performance Tips that are specially engineered to battle in the beystadium. And, as seen in other Beyblade Battle Sets, the Hypersphere Vertical Drop comes with Beyblade Burst App. The app allows you to unlock the Energy Layers of the tops and then mix and match with other components.

Key Features
  • Includes 2 right/left-spin launchers and 2 battling tops
  • Makes a great gift for fans of the anime series
  • Tops are equipped with right-spin GT chips in the energy layers
  • Beystadium allows you to drop on your opponents for a high-intensity battle
  • It is shipped in time
  • The set comes with 2 beyblades
  • Perfect for intense battles
  • The beystadium is awesome
  • The stamina could be better

5. BEYBLADE Burst Evolution Switchstrike Battle Tower

5. BEYBLADE Burst Evolution Switchstrike Battle Tower

4 Beyblade burst tops of the BEYBLADE Switchstrike Battle Tower will let you unleash a battle royale. These tops are in 4-player modes and you can flip the tower to a 2-player mode when you want to face off with just one opponent. In this battle tower, you will see tops colliding and clashing. And in the process of collision and clashing, tops can drop to a lower level.

What’s even better, tops can drop to a lower level in both modes. The battle tower is the perfect purchase for those craving for multi-tiered battles. It is important to note that each mode has its own updated rules on how to earn points. That is to say; the first blader to hit 5 points wins the battle.

Key Features
  • 5-point gameplay system is designed for 2-tiered battling
  • Includes right-spin battling tops
  • 2-part forge disc is compatible with other 2-part forge discs
  • Designed with 2 levels per mode
  • The shape and transparency of the beystadium are fantastic
  • The plastic used is sturdy
  • Provides hours of fun
  • Makes a wonderful birthday or Christmas gift
  • The price is on the high side

6. BEYBLADE Burst Turbo Beystadium – Slingshock

6. BEYBLADE Burst Turbo Beystadium - Slingshock

BEYBLADE Slingshock includes a rail system and a stadium. The rail system ensures intense head-to-head clashes by propelling tops through the rails and into the Battle Ring. This set is recommended for ages 8+. You can get it for your kid, or, if you are a lover of anime series, you can buy it for yourself.

Once you have it, you can battle with tops to ride the rails. Unlike some models, this unit does not come with launchers and tops – they are sold separately. But again, this is not a deal breaker, as this beystadium works just fine. With it, you can defend your position in the Beystadium by keeping your Performance Tip in Battle Ring Mode.

Key Features
  • Scan code to unlock the corresponding digital rail system and Beystadium
  • Gives you a chance to battle with Beyblade Burst Slingshock tops
  • Rail system amps up Beyblade Burst battling
  • Slingshock Beystadium sets up an intense head-to-head clash between tops
  • The price is right
  • The stadium is exactly as described
  • Great for someone looking an extra stadium
  • The open design makes the stadium very easy to clean
  • Does not look authentic, but works for what it is designed to do

7. Beyblade Burst Battle Set Game – Epic Rivals

7. Beyblade Burst Battle Set Game – Epic Rivals

Battling tops compete like never before when they are in the Beyblade Epic Rivals Beystadium. However, it is not just the stadium you get when you buy this set. You will also receive 2 right-spin launchers and 2 right-spin battling tops. In other words, the set comes complete so you can begin playing right out of the box.

The tops of this set are inspired by animations to make battles even more fun. One of them is the Victory Valtryek attacking top and another is the Spryzen S2 balancing top. During the battle, tops can “burst” into pieces. Suppose this happens to your battling top, your opponent will get 2 points.

Key Features
  • Beyblade Burst components can be interchanged with other Beyblade Burst tops
  • Set has everything to start battling and spinning
  • Recommended for 8 years old and up
  • First player to reach 3 points wins the game
  • Tops are fairly heavy
  • Pits in each corner of the arena make battles more exciting
  • The stadium holds up well to abuse
  • Perfect for someone with 2 kids of the same (or nearly the same) age
  • Metal parts make this set potentially dangerous

8. Beyblade Burst Beystadium (Basic) – Chaos Core

8. Beyblade Burst Beystadium (Basic) - Chaos Core

Beyblade Chaos Core is a high-performance octagon-shaped arena. It has a unique shape that enables it to make battles more exciting than ever before. Additionally, this beystadium is very cheap. As such, it is a wonderful purchase for someone looking for an extra beystadium. And, since it does not come with Beyblade burst tops, the beystadium is suitable for someone who already has the tops.

The Beyblade Burst app comes with beystadium. The app gives you the opportunity to get access to the corresponding beystadium. All you need to do is scan the code. Like other beystadium, the Chaos Core is recommended for those aged 8 years and up. It provides a nice platform to launch a hellish attack on your opponent and claim the victory.

Key Features
  • Makes Beyblade Burst top battling super fun
  • Your opponent’s top can “burst” into 2 pieces, thereby, earning 2 points
  • You win the game when you are the first to achieve 3 points
  • Scan-able code gives you access to the tops on the app
  • The beystadium does not falter or break easily
  • The small pockets in the corners are amazing
  • The stadium is larger than imagined
  • Ensures beyblade tops are well confined during battles
  • The ribs in the middle seem to do more harm than good

9. Beyblade Battle Set – Samurai Cyclone

9. Beyblade Battle Set – Samurai Cyclone

Samurai Cyclone Beyblade Set comes with everything you need for hours of fun. It includes an exclusive Cyclone Beystadium, 2 collector cards, 2 exclusive Shogun Steel Beybattle tops, and a couple of exclusive Shogun Ripcord Launchers. The set also comes with an instruction guide to make sure you get to know how to play and enjoy beybattle.

What’s more, this set is meant for ages 8 and above. It is also crucial to note that, since the tops are made of steel, you should not lean over the stadium when they are battling. Besides, this set boasts amazing Synchrome Technology that provides double metal power. Get it now and watch Ninja Salamander and Samurai Ifrit clash on an epic scale.

Key Features
  • Components of each Beybattle top can be mixed and matched to come up with entirely new creations
  • Snychrome Technology allows you to customize
  • Samurai Ifrit features a Spin Track part with wings for maximum stability
  • Ninja Salamander has a Spin Track part that allows you to switch from attack to defense
  • The round stadium is perfect
  • Matches easily get wild
  • Beybattle tops are easy to put together
  • There are 2 little compartments in the stadium for storing the blades
  • Packaging leaves a lot to be desired

10. Beyblade Burst Beystadium – Evolution Colossus

10. Beyblade Burst Beystadium – Evolution Colossus

Beyblade Evolution Colossus Beystadium is one of the largest stadiums in Beyblade. So, if you are looking for a decent space to unleash terror on your opponent, this is the arena to go for. It may be more expensive than most arenas in the market, but this is nothing compared to the fun it brings.

During battles, Beyblade Burst tops (each sold separately) can “burst” into pieces. In case the battle top that has burst is your opponent’s, you will be awarded 2 points. It is imperative to note that burst rates may vary. You should also note that this product is recommended for ages 8 and up.

Key Features
  • Surface area is over two times to make sure you have as much space as possible
  • Scan-able code allows you to unlock corresponding digital stadium
  • Vibrant color improves the look of the Beystadium
  • Great for more serious actions
  • A nice gift for beyblade-loving kids
  • Big enough to accommodate 3 – 4 players
  • The design of the stadium is amazing
  • Lightweight and is exactly as pictured
  • Not the sturdiest, but serves its purpose


Some Beyblade stadiums do not come alone – they come with other pieces such as battling tops, launchers, and even instruction guides. Others, on the other hand, come solo. Well, those that come solo are much cheaper than those that come in a set. In the reviews above, we have provided you with everything so you can stay on a budget and still get what you were looking for.

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